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"A Multiplayer Review...Epic Failure"

Let's face it, a large number of people care about multiplayer for games like this. I am only rating versus matches. Not Firefight or anything else. Halo Reach is an abysmal failure. Below I merely highlight SOME of the issues with the game.

Lag - Can be severe without appearing severe. Sometimes you can stand behind a guy running and pump away into them and kill them with a single clip. Other times it might take two clips because the game is laggy and some of the shots just aren't registering correctly.

Grenades - In close quarters, it's all about grenade spam. Grenades seem to be very unpredictable as well. I've went back to watch a few games in the replay mode only to see that grenade damage is somewhat random. Sometimes I would be right next to a grenade and take very little damage, other times I'd be several feet away and die when I had nearly full shields both times.

Ammo - Halo gives you a decent amount of ammo, but considering that it takes an ENTIRE clip of almost any gun to kill ONE person, it can run out pretty fast. Throw in lag that makes half the shots look like they hit on your screen without actually hitting them and it's a problem.

Credits and Unlocking Armor - Great concept, horrible execution. It takes FOREVER to level up. It just feels so slow. Not to mention that the armor parts are very expensive and add NOTHING to the game. If I'm going to spend that much effort unlocking stuff, then the parts should have minor bonuses attached to them. It just kinda feels like I'm wasting my time.

Game Pace - SLOW. I repeat....SLOW. Characters are very slow unless you have sprint. Combat is also somewhat slow thanks to reticle bloom. The game forces you to shoot slowly. More on that below.

Scope Flair / Reticle Bloom - Bungie's dumbest idea yet. It makes the reticle bloom (aka expand) and become increasingly less accurate the more you shoot. In other words, the game makes you shoot VERY slowly or else you just shoot in the general direction of the person and hope the game hits thanks to the decrease in accuracy.

Controller - You can't customize things and the button placement just feels out of place. It feels very awkward and I constantly find myself hitting the wrong button thinking it's something else.

Playlists - Very few. You have to HOPE that others playing the game mode you select want to play the game type you select. Gone are the days of choosing only flag games or only assault games. Now it's a mixed bag of ALL objective games. Same goes for team slayer stuffs. Just plain awful. The reset times on flags and bombs is ridiculous too.

Overall, Halo Reach is an epic failure of a game in terms of multiplayer. It's laggy, slow, and frustrating. And should a teammate quit before the match starts, the game will still START!!! It won't stop the countdown and find a new player, you just get to play 3 vs 4. Oh, and if you want to quit, PENATLY time. Quit too many times in a short time span and boom, you can't play for awhile. I'm sure I missed some things that are problematic too. Save yourself the money and just avoid this game if you want good multiplayer combat b/c this game is trash.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 09/27/10

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