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"Halo Reach is a decent game but nothing special"

Although many people may find this rating a little harsh I would say I was very fair with the rating I've given this game. I honestly didn't feel like this game added anything more to the Halo franchise and that many fans would be disappointed with what there is to offer. The way this Halo was promoted it made it sound like the whole package but I really didn't feel like the game was an improvement over ODST. Sure the "classes" you can choose add something to the game but not much. There are now less maps then before and nothing else has really changed. I'm sure map packs will come out for the game but does anyone feel like paying more money for a multiplayer package that doesn't seem improved over the previous title. It's nice that they tried to take a little bit of everything that was good about each Halo game and tried to make it fit into the perfect Halo game but, the little tweaks didn't change the fundamental Halo experience. The game is still playing like Halo 3 from 2007 which played a lot like Halo 2 from 2004 which just makes the game feel dated.

I have been playing Halo since the first ones release and this games multiplayer has changed the most from the rest. But, I really don't feel like all the fancy new modes or the perk add anything to the game. The game still feels like I am playing Halo 2 back in 2004. Assassination Kills are nice but really just a gimmick, taking out double weapons is a bit of an improvement but it's not like they ruined the game before and, putting back in the health bar honestly doesn't do much. Some of the maps from 2 have even returned which just shows how little the franchise has changed since then. I mean if you liked Halos multiplayer back then you will probably like this one but after playing the same thing over and over for 6 or so years straight it gets tiring. And personally I don't like the maps in this Halo as much as the maps in 2 and 3.The new modes make it seem like the game will automatically be a big improvement over the old Halos. Although there are new modes, it's all the same modes as before just with little tweaks. Right now there is 13 maps to the multiplayer and each map only suites a certain number of modes. It starts to feel a little tiring playing the same map over and over again especially if you like 1 certain mode.

Of course there's more to the multiplayer than the versus in Halo Reach. The firefight mode is a nice addition but it's not really any better since ODST. The matchmaking is really great but the whole thing feels less challenging then it did in ODST because you no longer have just health bars. The forge has also improved but it's you really need friends to get a game going in that and how fancy you make the maps and game modes won't fix the fact the fundamental game play is so stale. In fact there are probably to man game modes which can be very confusing. When I play online a lot of people are asking each other what is this mode.

Sure the multiplayer is disappointing but a good single player could redeem the game. Sadly that is the most disappointing aspect of the whole game. The single player was much more interesting and challenging in ODST. Halo Reach has some new vehicles and let's you go to the a variety of environments but, the new vehicles are really just gimmicks and the environments may be different but you're doing the same thing over and over again. The story also really isn't any good I mean if you played any other Halo you know whats going to happen. The game doesn't have the strong story 1 has and it doesn't have the characterization ODST has. The game also feels too short and easy which is very disappointing.

As for the presentation of the game it's very good looking and the best so far in the series. The shields look a lot different and the enemies are alot more detailed. The weapons look great and the assassination kills are very satisfying. The is one level in particular that is very tall and has tower that looks just awesome. But, the graphics aren't as good as some other FPS games that came out recently like Killzone 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

If you love Halo you will probably like this game but, I don't think it will win over any new fans. I really don't understand why this game is getting as high of ratings as it did. The game play feels very dated and dull. Halo really has lost all of it's appeal at this point, it's still a fun game but honestly I liked the previous titles a lot more.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/01/10

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