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Alright Halo Reach the ultimate swan song to the halo franchise.Or is it??DOM DOM DOOOM!!
Not quite but it's pretty darn close. I am partial to the Halo Series but I'm not a fanboy I see flaws.

Other reviews: Don't make sense

I decided to make a review because of all the lies I've seen, so this part is to clear things up. First off halo reach allegedly has the least maps of any of the Halo games this is not true by technicality it has the most maps BUT some of these maps were creations that were made using forge 2.0 which I'll get into later. Also that the campaign is short???? If you can do the legendary campaign in less than 8 hours YOU SIR are MLG pro with a cherry on top. Also lots of people have complained how there is no custom game matchmaking well you know how people used to do it? check your recent players for a custom game also. Nobody payed enough attention to see that you can now upload the map and other people can download things under categories such as most downloaded which is pretty good, hey if it ain't broke...

This was easy for me to call because of a couple new things. Everyone else keeps saying it's the same as halo 3.... no it's not. Now you have armor abilities which change the way you play the game in a surprisingly dramatic way. 2 examples holograms: You walk up to a door you saw a guy walk through, you think he's hiding behind the door? Send a hologram into the room =, he goes to hit hologram you stab him the back with an assassination pretty awesome. Then warthog with three people comes barreling at you and you armor lock right when it hits you it explodes on impact triple kill, sounds cheap? It's not because it's not easy to act that quick out of reflex. Assassinations which are just cool animations that show you stabbing an enemy are just downright fun to do, I mean who does not like making the enemy watch an animation of them getting stabbed in the face? Lastly with the addition of headshot weapons the game actually depends on skill and your ability to pull off a headshot or stick with your teammates. So guess what team deathmatch yeah you won't be fighting alone because then you'll get killed. Lastly the new classes are simmilar to call of duty in the fact that they are classes, that's it in every other aspect they're completely different because call of duty classes are chosen with the mindset I'm going to get kills with my noobtube and get a killstreak by myself. Halo classes are set while thinking Ok drop shield I gotta let my teammate know that if we're shooting it out I can drop this.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are outstanding every gun has received a complete facelift and the armor now looks cool especially those elites. The landscape is breathtaking bungie truely has managed to create the feeling of falling civillization. So why 9/10? Because every once in a while the game itself has a graphical hiccup that can get pretty annoying. But besides that, the graphics are too nice to let it slip any further. Also characters, guns, vehicles, facial configurations, and everything else are all filled with loads upon loads of polygons. What does that mean? It means the game looks pretty!

Sound: 9/10
Marty O' Donnel has once again created one of the most outstanding musical soundtracks to a game of all time. He somehow manages to make violins, violas, and basses if that's how it's spelled, and the sound of shooting aliens or watching a civillization crumble all come together beautifully to make a truely immersive experience. The guns now all have realistic sound effects ok not reallistic but intimidating, getting shot at by a huge plasma cannon actually sounds like getting shot at by a huge plasma cannon. Only flaw is sometimes it's a bit too quiet in certain situations but that's me also the few occasions where it sounds like your playing a broken record whenever there's lag.

This was the first time a video game has ever really made me feel a deep empathy for my teammates and they're situation. Bungie did a fine job of making you actually feel emotionally connected to noble team. This will be one of the few times that you will play a halo campaign that you will want to take in every last cutscene and thuroughly enjoy the story that is being told. Not only that but the action sequences that have added are incredible and if Kat, one of your teammates thought of a plan to hit the coveanent hard, you'll be listening intently the whole time.

This is the first time in a halo game that I played multiplayer alone and I want to go back and continue to play by myself again and again if my friends arent there. I don't know how but Bungie improved on their halo multiplayer formula and I mean they really did make it so that when your team wins even if you're on the bottom of your team's scoreboard, you're still happy to be on the winning team's scoreboard. Once again it actually feels like your fighting with a team, in the words of noble 1 Carter "you better leave that lone wolf stuff behind" unless you're playing rumble pit of course. Headshots feel really rewarding because you get that nice little symbol and you feel like you're good and accurate. Armor abilities truely change the multiplayer experience and change the way you play dramatically. Lastly and I'll say it again who doesent like gloating with a good ol' assassination to show who's getting stabbed in the face.

Forge 2.0:10/10
Well although they're are some things I may have liked to be in forge I really can't complain with what I got. Phasing objects through each other will truely make you wonder how did you bear to make maps in halo 3 and that's an amazing question. Coordinate editing will be more helpful than you think. That and the fact that me and my friend made a bet to see if I could make a good griffball map in one day and I did it. AND I'M AWFUL AT MAKING MAPS that means a speck of dirt can most likely do it as well as me!!!!! The level of customization by the way is astounding although there is not matchmaking you can make friends, search, or search on the game it's self really it's not rocket science you just have to look.

Everything you wanted and more. Now you can customize loadouts and say What weapons you can start with or what weapons the enemy will start with. The ability to matchmake in firefight is another new thing that I find interesting because now if you can't find that fourth person well guess what? You can search for him. The idea it's self has remained the same except for the addition of versus mode and score attack. Score attack I believe is the name not sure I own the game by the way I just don't play score whatever seems simple enough compete see who gets more points. But versus was a fascinating idea which turned into something awesome because now there's a whole new spin you may want to search it up for more details. But what it basically is is two teams of up to four one elite and one spartan. The elites fight with coveanent with unlimited lives. While spartans fight as a team with set lives but as they kill enemy players they gain lives. Then when all lives have run out they switch and see who can do it better. Problem is you can't matchmake in that so your gonna need to get some friends together on that one.

Final: You already read it but 9
The game is an amazing game that.. oops forgot to mention the armory and ranking, scratch that this was about armory and ranking: 10/10. The new armory allows for a new level of customization because you can now customize your character in new ways there is alot of details that went into the making of the armory practically every part of your armor is customizable and elites look downright awesome. Ranking is smooth as always and that huge amount of credits you will accumulate will make you feel really good.

Final: 9 out of ten again, no rhyme intended
The game is nearly perfect although it has a few flaws. It will provide years of entertainment and I strongly recommend it because it will last years due to the new level of customization that will provide a different gameplay experience each time. One last statement to really clarify one thing, many people say that this copies COD or this has no replay value or this game is horrible, well..... you already read my review so you know that I'm partial to the series but I'm truthful and I mean did I come out screaming this game will make your life worth living? No because that's weird and because it's not perfection but it's the closest to perfection I've seen a game get in a while.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/04/10

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