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"Halo: Reach"

Halo: Reach, the icing on top of the Bungie cake. This game was to have Bungie go out with a bang. I'm sorry but they more or less went out with more than a couple sparks. Halo: Reach is a great game but with some flaws. Let's start with the campaign.

Campaign: First off, the campaign is by far the best out of any of them. The storyline was great, the AI was pretty ridiculously smart, except for the Ally AI but we'll get back to that later. The enemy AI as everyone knows was updated and had some great intension and for good reason. I played the campaign on Normal first to get the feel of the game considering the controls were different and I haven't touched a controller to play Reach related material since the beta. The storyline was great and twisted into the Master Chief storyline greatly. The campaign is actually pretty darn good. No real flaws except for the fact that you're a Spartan, an awesome super-soldier of the future, and Elites on the other side, hte Covenent to all you noobs out there who don't know, will just run up to you and say, "Here, eat this" and punt kick the freaking crap out of you like an NFL player! But besides that, the campaign was pretty solid. Next, the Firefight.

Firefight: This is by far one of my most favorite things to do on any video game ever! Now everyone knows about Firefight from ODST, but being limited to only 4 invited friends was pretty dumb and Bungie tweeked it and now there's matchmaking for it. Wanna kill some grunts with random strangers on Xbox Live and get credits at the same time? Go to Firefight matchmaking. But like the campaign, the AI of course are the same in firefight and now it comes with customizable game variants! Now you can choose what waves of what attack, how many will attack and what guns, loadouts, etc. you can use. In the end, Firefight is pretty solid.

Multiplayer (Not counting Firefight or Score Attack): This is where Bungie didn't really go out with a bang and Halo 3 constantly has like, 1,000,000 people online while Reach has like, 300,000. Basically, There are a lot of flaws in the multiplayer and Bungie has noticed this and just like Halo 3, you need to give it time and they'll have it fixed in no time. Of course there's the DMR, a great semi-auto fire weapon but 1, it shoots just a wee bit too slow, just speed it up a tad bit and you find yourself having to shoot 350297460293587 rounds and then having to switch to your pistol to kill him because you don't want to reload. It needs to be powered up too just a tad bit because everyone knows that it needs 5 shots DIRECTLY to the face to kill someone but that actually rarely happens because unless it's right in the face, it's 7 to kill them. In 3 the BR took 4 bursts to the face/chest to kill them and that was great. In this, people may not figure this out yet, but there's a thing in the game where when you die there's a split second where you can hit the trigger and even though you get shot and you're obviously dead and falling, the last shot in the game will ring out. You will find yourself in this predicament in SWAT a lot because you'll shoot someone and as they're falling, a random round from their DMR will hit you in your facial features and kill you. They need to re-think that and get rid of it. FO REAL! But besides that, I find myself enjoying the Multiplayer and I will always come back to this more and more unlike CoD and don't hate on me because I said that.

Thank you for reading this and have a good day,

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/05/10

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