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"Bungie's last hurrah is a hurrah indeed!...Or is it?"

Halo: Reach is Bungie's last entrant into the Halo series, after 8 years of Halo madness, is Bungie's last hurrah everything it was expected to be? Well let's see...

First off let's talk about the multiplayer, the multiplayer in Halo: Reach is basically Halo Multiplayer, nothing much really changes. A few new features have been added such as armor abilities which give your character extra abilities such as the ability to run faster, use a jetpack or turn invisible. but otherwise it's calssic Halo Multiplayer.

The game's multiplayer feels much like Halo 2 without dual wielding. Which has been a dying feature since Halo 3 was released, and in this game it's simply gone. Many classic game modes are back such as Slayer, Assault, CTF and more...Race makes a return after an 8 year hiatus. (Race was a gamemode that was only used in Halo 1 until Halo: Reach was released) and new game modes are in this game as well such as headhunter and invasion.

Halo: Reach packs new customization features such as the ability to buy new armor for your character. Now speaking of customization...Forge makes it's return in Halo: Reach, new and improved! More pieces, bigger budget and new features make Forge in Halo: Reach much better than it's Halo 3 counterpart.

Bungie has added features to forge such as the ability to change an object's physics to it will stick no matter where you place it, make it so it can't phase through other objects and much more! They have also added finishing touch features to make it easier to line up pieces to create new things.

The new forge might be a bit confusing to people at first, but if you start small, simple and basic and work your way up to more advanced methods you'll be building maps like a pro in no time!

The multiplayer maps in Halo: Reach are simple, but provide the same fun as always, and remakes of classic favorites make their appearances in Halo: Reach, remakes of maps such as: Blood Gulch/Coagulation (Halo 1&2), Ascension (Halo 2), Ivory Tower (Halo 2) and more! Now...Bungie has made a map specifically for forge, called "Forge World" this map is by far the biggest map in Halo history, when you first see this map you may be intimidated by it's size...But really it's just 3 maps in one, pick an area and build in it.

And finally...The campaign...This is where the game has a major disappointment...The campaign is short and can be beaten in 4-6 hours (Depending on difficulty, number of players, etc.). Now if you've read the Novel "Halo: The Fall Of Reach" like I have, you already know the main story to Halo: Reach, the game just provides a side story to "The Fall Of Reach" following another Spartan team instead of Master Chief's team.

The story leaves much to be desired, the story has a constant loop until the end, and that is: Kill waves of Covenant, complete objectives, watch cutscene, move on to next level, repeat. The story is simple, and seems to be very lazy on Bungie's part...As if they put more effort into the multiplayer than the story. The story basically gives a little info and moves on. Almost no character development, and they expect you to feel emotions the game is trying to set for you when you know nothing about the characters. How can you feel emotion towards a character you know nothing about?

So the story falls a bit short, but the multiplayer and forge more than make up for it. So prepare for 40-100 hours of endless fun in Bungie's last hurrah! "Halo: Reach" is definitely worth picking up if you are a Halo fan or just love online shooters. If you want story though...This game is not for you.

Overall I give this game a 9/10.

Detailed ratings:

Gameplay: 9/10
Music: 10/10
Features/Customization: 9/10
Story: 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/11/10

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