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"A Monument To All Your Sins."

To start off, this is an amazing ganme, not including the multiplayer, I'm just going to skip over that. I'm focusing on the campaign.

Game Play: The game play in Reach is incredible, better than any of the Hlo games combined. The fights against the covenant are intense, epic battles for your life. But on normal, you will breeze through things, sort of shrug bullets off as if they were nothing; but in legendary, you will be begging for forgiveness, on your knees, asking yourself why you even tried this. The achievement 'A Monument To All Your Sins' was pretty hard to get, and I will say that the elityes have gotten alot tought from just a couple levels up from normal. The grunts, even, take SEVERAL bullets to take down and they come in damned swarms. It's not even enjoyable. And don't even get me started on Lone Wolf, that mission is terrible on legendary. If you get more than 2 kills, you are awesome and you deserve some sort of medal. But game play gets a shiny 9 out of 10.

Story: The story in this game is amazing, as usual for Bungie. They put you in the mind of a new character, the new guy for the noble team. And I still love how Bungie gives you a 'faceless character' if you want to call it that, because it really gives you the sense that you ARE doing all of this, you ARE defeating the covenant and saving Reach. The story is a little bit depressing though, how the characters slowly die off and leave your team, especially Kat. People hate Kat because she is apparently useless, I think that's crap. She has helped me alot and it shocked me when she died. BUt for all of the deaths, there is an epic cutscene for it. So I'll give story, a 9 out of 10.

Grpahics: I almost fell over when I saw the graphics, they are simply wonderful, and some may say beautiful and I would agree. Bungie has put so much detail into the landscaping for Reach that it's mindblowing, even in A Long Night of Solace when you're flying a Spectre around space, that amount of open area that you can fly around in is incredible and the amount of detail is even more so. I will have it to you, Bungie, you have made a great game, almost perfect in terms of graphics. So I'll give this a 10 out of 10.

Forge World: Now, Forge World gets it's own catagory because it is simply too big to put into any of the others, and I mean it when I say it's huge. Forge World is humongous. They have the Gulch back, and plenty of fun things. Me and a couple friends sat down and created bases all around forge world and had an all out war, it was anything I could've imagined. Now, I have one complaint about this, the budget. For such a huge place, they should've given us a bigger budget, or at least made everything cost less because I can't even build on half of it without running out of budget within a small timeframe. But other than the budget issue, they have made rotating objects alot easier and placing them as well. And now they have a phasing option, there you can phase objects together to make it easier to build tall buildings or massive maps. It's alot easier than in Halo 3 when you had to place an object, then end the game and mess around with the item spawn properties; and Forge World is just so much easier. So I will give Forge, a 9 out of 10.

Overall: This game is simply amazing, they couldn't have done a better job without knowing a couple little flaws that no one really pays attention to. The Achievements are reasonable, though some of them harder to get than others, and they all come in good time. Reach simply amazed me, and I give a full salute to Bungie for giving us this, and hope that one day they do rule the world, and maybe pick up one more Halo masterpiece for us ;) This gives us a 9.25 out of ten, rounding down to 9 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/10

Game Release: Halo: Reach (US, 09/14/10)

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