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"Is it worth your money? found out in my review!"

Well, Like everyone I was extremely anticipating Halo reach, So I can pawn some noobs to make me feel better about my insecurities. In fact, I watched all the gaming videos of my Nice Major League Gaming brothers and sisters. In fact Major League Gaming is the only reason I play video games, I follow the quote that we all should live by in video games "Go Big or don't play at all and that includes casually". Anyway, I went to gamestop and showed them my Major League Gaming pass and they gave me my halo reach game and the Cleric winked at me and I said "I don't date non-Major League Gaming Losers" because I'm so nice like the other pro Gamer Girls/guys!

Story: It's starts you off when you're on a planet and you investigate some "disturbance" , Go to some place that looks like a commie run country where poor people are being attacked. You investigate further and you found out its some aliens attacking, It doesn't feel epic at all.
This story feels very original and nobody else could of made a better story than bungie.

ganeplay: Its very well balanced, I enjoyed talking crap with my friends, hitting ON anything with a HOLE between its leg, because that's what MLG people like me do. Also I loved how I got a jet pack and owned these 99 kids and MLG girls in a match, It was epic, when I pulled the "You're just mad because I stopped the estrogen flow in your body by beating you NOOB!" on some Major League Gaming girl Then Posted it on YouTube because I'm pro then heavily edited to make me seem like a nice/good guy like all the MLG girls/guys do!

Sound: It sounds fine, The Music is very good. It made me feel like I was transported to a world where war means "attack that 1 spartan with 3 - 4 of our aliens every couple of seconds and don't ever attack him with an army of 100 or more or the xbox360 would melt and set the xbox360 on fire." Truly Bungie has grasped the art of making me feel like in a war. That game Shogun total war 2 never could.

Fun factor: Its only FUN if I WIN, I feel entitled to win every match, Nothing is ever my fault, Its always my team mates fault.

Conclusion: Its the best game ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/30/11

Game Release: Halo: Reach (US, 09/14/10)

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