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    Achievement Guide by Cynas19

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 
    Turtles in Time Reshelled
    Achievement Guide
    I   Introduction
    II  Achievements
       1)  "The Inflatable Reptilian Hero"
       2)  "Seen My Bones?"
       3)  "Invincible"
       4)  "Turtle Tantrum!"
       5)  "Slow as a Turtle"
       6)  "Turtle Power"
       7)  "Heroes in a Half Shell"
       8)  "Lean, Green, and Mean"
       9)  "Ice, Ice, Turtle"
       10) "Staying Alive"
       11) "Toe Be, or not Toe Be?"
       12) "I Will Survive"
    III Legal
    I.  Introduction
    A long time fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, I couldn't do
    without this one.  If you haven't heard, it's a remake of the classic arcade
    version of TMNT:TIT - NOT the SNES Version!
    Being an avid gamer, I decided to see if I could set out to help better the 
    gaming community by contributing this guide to gamefaqs.com. Hopefully this
    will be a stepping stone to larger games and walkthroughs in the future!  
    Hopefully this guide will help you through some frustrating parts of the 
    achievements in TMNT:TITR!
    August 24th, 2009 - Version 1.0: Everything Listed.  Further versions will 
    contain corrections.
    II.  Achievements
    I've arranged these from what I consider to be the relatively easiest to the 
    hardest to unlock.  Unless otherwise noted, achievements can be unlocked on ANY
    difficulty, from easy to hardcore.  Good Luck!
    1)  "The Inflatable Reptilian Hero" - 5 Points
    It goes against intuition, but the objective here is to get squashed.  This
    can be accomplished by multiple events in the game, including the giant
    wrecking balls on stage 1 (likely the easiest and first place you'll find to
    do it)
    2)  "Seen My Bones?" - 5 Points
    Another counterintuitive achievement, but just as easily accomplished.  You can
    do it in stage one when Super Krang pops up and shoots eye lasers, or you can
    wait until stage eight where you'll encounter a pair of laser guns and rock
    soldiers with laser weapons.  Just put the stick in your mouth, and hope your
    turtle heart doesn't stop!
    3)  "Invincible" - 5 Points
    Back to the realm of logical, challenging achievements, this one requires you
    to finish a level without collecting a health restoration or whirlwind pizza.
    Easy enough if you're on your own, made even easier if you're playing with
    4)  "Turtle Tantrum!" - 5 Points
    This one actually took me a little while.  All explosive objects in the game on
    any difficulty will kill any foot soldier (but not rock soldiers) in one blast.
    This achievement can be challenging in that usually you won't get 5 foot
    soldiers on screen, let alone pining for a relationship with an explosive 
    barrel.  You can make this easier by playing with friends and hoping you get to
    the barrel first, OR, strikingly easily, turn your game onto the HARDCORE
    difficulty and go to the first explosive barrel in the Big Apple level.
    Hardcore difficulty ups the number of enemies, but not their health!
    5)  "Slow as a Turtle" - 10 Points
    This achievement should come easily; you just have to focus on doing it.
    Either of the first two levels are the best to do this one.  Just charge
    through as fast as you can, and don't worry about killing all of the soldiers -
    just kill enough to advance.
    6)  "Turtle Power" - 25 Points (Normal Difficulty or higher)
    Just finish the game in story mode.  It definitely goes more smoothly online,
    but certainly feasible to do by one's self with a little practice.
    7)  "Heroes in a Half Shell" - 30 Points
    Probably the most involved achievement, since it requires a minimum of four
    playthroughs (one with each turtle).  Note that this can be done on easy
    difficulty, if you want, but you might as well try and combine your progress on
    other achievements with this one if you can.
    8)  "Lean, Green, and Mean" - 20 Points
    You need to score 8,000 points in one game.  This is actually rather difficult
    under what are usually easier conditions.  In multiplayer, you're dividing the
    number of enemies, so it's less likely that you'll reach 8,000.  Also, easy
    mode has fewer enemies... which means fewer points (and you lose points each
    time you die).  I find that this one is easily done on Normal difficulty, even
    if you don't finish the game.  You should hit 8,000 right around early-mid
    Starbase level if you're playing on your own.
    9)  "Ice, Ice, Turtle" - 20 Points
    By now, you've probably realized that the last four here can be real buggers.
    Single Player Quickplay mode, and easy difficulty are your friends here.
    Having more players on your screen increases the likelihood that you'll get
    confused as to your position on the screen, or someone else will occupy the
    space you want.  Hey... people have been killed over less!
    I find that doing this one at the top of the screen is best.  Make sure you
    kill all the foot soldiers on the left first, so that you're sure you can
    advance through without fighting in the middle.  Watch the top three , and when
    they've all passed, make a mad dash to the right.  DO NOT JUMP!  Contrary to
    popular belief, running is faster, and a dash at the end will give you a quick
    speed boost.  While the single jump kick will give you the same boost, the jump
    before the kick will slow you down to walking speed.  That would be bad.  Don't
    do it.  Trust me.
    10)  "Staying Alive" - 25 Points
    Ah, Shred-head.  Only this time, you have to fight him as though it's real life
    - no second tries if he stabs in the face with his sword, or manipulates space
    and time to turn you into a drooling, poopy-pants infant again.  A more
    detailed strategy can be found in my boss guide, but for now, this is what you
    need to know:
    There are pizzas at the top-left and top-right of the arena.  I wouldn't go
    lower than 1.5 bars before retrieving one.
    He can block and counter your attacks.  He tends to retreat first before
    countering, trying to bait you into continuing your attack.  Do not fall for
    this.  The safest way to win is to hit him twice, then retreat (use your
    special attack or jump kick AWAY from him).  You should start moving back
    toward him right after your retreat, and be able to connect with him and
    counter his counterattack.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Oh, and when he floats in the
    air, stand below him on the screen... he should never hit you then.
    11)  "Toe Be, or not Toe Be?" - 20 Points
    Now this one is a pain in the ass.  You cannot be struck by spike walls OR
    spike debris to complete this achievement.  Do this one on easy mode, for sure.
    Typically, the traps alternate between one spiked wall, and one set of floating
    spikey debris, but I find it easiest to hang out near the bottom left corner
    for both.  The spike wall is easy to avoid, because it hits offscreen to the
    left on the last stroke.  If you're at the bottom of the screen, it's easy to
    avoid for sure.  The spike debris can be tricky, since foot soldiers and pizza
    monsters will be trying to throw you off course.  Once again, staying the whole
    way at the bottom will help considerably.  There is only one piece of spike
    debris that can hit you at the very bottom, and it's considerably far into the
    "set", so you should know when it's coming.  Make sure to double jump to make
    sure you clear the spikey debris, then clean up the foot soldiers around you.
    12)  "I Will Survive" - 30 Points  (Normal Difficulty or higher)
    The culmination of TMNT:TITR achievements.  This one WILL be a thorn in your
    side.  Make sure you leave a solid 45 minute window per attempt for this one.
    Do it on your own - other people will only get in your way, and screw up the
    boss patterns.  I strongly suggest checking out a boss guide (mine, if you
    please!) to help you through this one.  I personally prefer Mike to do this,
    but Leo is another good choice.  Just remember to attack,attack,special attack
    frequently... if you go to the third attack, there's a bit of lag time that
    leaves you wide open for a counter by almost any enemy.  Using the special
    attack not only closes that opening, but moves you away from danger, as there
    is a bit of travel associated with special attacks.  Also, there's a good
    chance that if you repeat pattern, you'll get a body slam and clear out some
    other foot soldiers!  Remember that the body slam will kill any other enemy in
    one hit!  Keep mashing your attack button until the slam is over!
    It may seem obvious, but make sure you prioritize your enemies - the rock
    soldiers and robots should go first.  After that, all the foot soldiers are
    basically the same, except the green ones who can really mess you up from a
    distance (allowing other colors to hit you), so make sure to put them high up
    on your list.
    Make good use of your pizzas!  There's one in the middle, and one at the end of
    every level.  Make sure that you wait to use them until you're low on health,
    or that you've eliminated all the enemies in the area and cannot proceed
    without losing the pizza.  As far as boss fights go, consider the health you
    have without the pizza a bit of "rhythm" time to help you slip into the boss
    pattern and do some damage.  Don't wait any longer than 1.5 segments of health
    before picking up the pizza!  You never know when the bosses will get a crazy
    lucky hit, especially since you're going to breaking the boss pattern to get
    the pizza.
    Lastly, play it safe.  This isn't a points competition, it's a survival mode.
    Use your special attacks and jump kicks to escape and regroup if you have to!
    If you're on the ground, they can still do damage to you, so make sure you get
    up and get moving ASAP!
    III.  Legal
    This faq is posted with permission at www.gamefaqs.com, and may not be
    distributed electronically or in print for any purpose.  It may be downloaded
    to a user's hard drive for use by the owner of the hard drive and immediate
    family.  This guide is authored and acredited to Kyle R. Hess, alias Cynas19,
    with all the rights and priviledges thereunto.  For ease and security, only
    emails containing major corrections should be send to cow_exchange@hotmail.com.
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the intellectual property of Mirage
    Studios, and TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled is copyright Ubisoft.  I have no
    affiliation with either of these companies.

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