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    Character Min-Max Guide by FrozenCascade

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    Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
    [01] - Introduction
    [02] - Basics
    [03] - Statistics Overlay
    [04] - Perk Overlay
    [05] - Gameplay
    [06] - Legal and Contact
    [01] - Introduction
    This guide contains information to assist you in creating a character that can
    pretty much dominate the wasteland. It covers the areas that are going to be
    maxed, what you absolutely must do in order to obtain them, and outlines your
    require progression through the game. 
    [02] - Basics
    There are several factors to note at the very start. The first, playing on the
    Game of the Year Edition, is that you need all the DLC up and running at the
    beginning of the game. Also being taken into account are the S.P.E.C.I.A.L
    stats, the 13 skill stats, damage resistance, radiation resistance, poison
    resistance and fire resistance. These will also be accentuated with perks that
    assist you in the best way possible.
    The game will also be played on Normal difficulty. It doesn't really matter
    what you decide to play it on, but you'll have 29 levels to obtain and the
    harder the enemies the more experience you earn from killing them. Shifting it
    up and down depending on the situation can work out quite well.
    It is also worth noting that you'll have to do a lot of specific things at the
    very start of your game simply to give yourself a better boost and also to set
    yourself up for specific perks or quests. Normally low stats early on prohibits
    you somewhat but it can be managed, just don't go trigger happy.
    [03] - Statistics Overlay
    The main concern is not to waste skill points during a level up and to be in
    the right position for perks. There are many variables that effect skill
    points, so to get 100 on each, some preparation is needed in determining where
    you put your points earned.
    - S.P.E.C.I.A.L
    When available, place your points like so:
    Strength	6
    Perception	6
    Endurance	6
    Charisma	1
    Intelligence	9
    Agility		7
    Luck		5
    This will give you the highest amount of skill points per level, maximising
    what you have to distribute. There is no sense wasting them. Having a low
    Charisma will affect your Speech skill very early on, however, you have the
    ability to use quicksave and quickload, so it is not much of a loss at all.
    For level 30, choosing the perk Almost Perfect automatically makes all of your
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats hit 9. Intelligence, at 10, will stay there. By waiting
    until you have this perk to collect the related Bobbleheads, you can bring all
    attributes to 10.
    This takes all S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes to 10.
    - Skills
    There are 13 skills that can be taken up to a maximum of 100. To work out the
    best placement for your skill points on level, some reverse-engineering is
    needed using skill point gains not received from levelling.
    With S.P.E.C.I.A.L maxed at 10 in each attribute, your skills gain:
    Barter		100 - 25 =	75		
    Big Guns	100 - 25 =	75
    Energy Weapons	100 - 25 =	75
    Explosives	100 - 25 =	75
    Lockpick	100 - 25 =	75
    Medicine	100 - 25 =	75
    Melee Weapons	100 - 25 =	75
    Repair		100 - 25 =	75
    Science		100 - 25 =	75
    Small Guns	100 - 25 =	75
    Sneak		100 - 25 =	75
    Speech		100 - 25 =	75
    Unarmed		100 - 25 =	75
    Total Left		975 / 1300
    Each skill also has a unique Bobblehead that grants +10:
    Barter		75 - 10	=	65		
    Big Guns	75 - 10	= 	65
    Energy Weapons	75 - 10	= 	65
    Explosives	75 - 10	= 	65
    Lockpick	75 - 10	= 	65
    Medicine	75 - 10	= 	65
    Melee Weapons	75 - 10	= 	65
    Repair		75 - 10	= 	65
    Science		75 - 10	= 	65
    Small Guns	75 - 10	= 	65
    Sneak		75 - 10	= 	65
    Speech		75 - 10	= 	65
    Unarmed		75 - 10	= 	65
    Total Left		845 / 1300
    There are also stats from the G.O.A.T, perks and items to include:
    Barter		65		65
    Big Guns	65		65
    Energy Weapons	65 - 10	=	55 - Cyborg
    Explosives	65 - 15	=	50 - G.O.A.T
    Lockpick	65 - 18	=	47 - G.O.A.T/Covert Ops
    Medicine	65 - 5	=	60 - Daddy's Girl
    Melee Weapons	65		65
    Repair		65		65
    Science		65 - 23	=	42 - G.O.A.T/Daddy's Girl/Covert Ops
    Small Guns	65 - 3	=	62 - Covert Ops
    Sneak		65 - 10	=	55 - Silent Running
    Speech		65 - 10	=	55 - Yew's Bear Charm
    Unarmed		65		65
    Total Left		751 / 1300
    Finally, there are the skill books littered around the world:
    Barter		65 - 23	=	42
    Big Guns	65 - 25	=	40
    Energy Weapons	55 - 25	=	30
    Explosives	50 - 25	=	25
    Lockpick	47 - 25	=	22
    Medicine	60 - 25	=	35
    Melee Weapons	65 - 25	=	40
    Repair		65 - 25	=	40
    Science		42 - 25	=	17
    Small Guns	62 - 25	=	37
    Sneak		55 - 25	=	30
    Speech		55 - 25	=	30
    Unarmed		65 - 25	=	40
    Total Left		428 / 1300
    The only way beyond what you're given is to add skill points you earn from
    levelling. Intelligence plays a big part in this. There are 29 levels and
    escaping Vault 101 gives you one of these already. By running right to Rivet
    City and collecting the Intelligence Bobblehead, you are given the maximum
    amount of points.
    (1*19)+(28*20) = 579
    Removing the necessary skill points needed to take all skills to 100 leaves us
    with 151 skill points gained by levelling that are free to use after reaching
    level 21 or 22. In this instance, they simply replace the need for hunting down
    the skill books you would have otherwise had to find. The amount you must place
    in each skill is listed below, and must be followed. What you put points in
    must also align with perks that have certain requirements, too, so do not waste
    them by working from top to bottom as you level.
    Barter		42
    Big Guns	40
    Energy Weapons	30
    Explosives	25
    Lockpick	22
    Medicine	35
    Melee Weapons	40
    Repair		40
    Science		17
    Small Guns	37
    Sneak		30
    Speech		30
    Unarmed		40
    This takes all Skills to 100.
    - Damage Resistance
    Damage resistance has an in-game cap of 85% that cannot be passed. To get to
    the cap is actually rather straightforward:
    Perks:		Given	Total
    Cyborg		+10%	10%
    Toughness	+10%	20%
    Survival Guru	+6%	26%
    Barkskin	+5%	31%
    Pitt Fighter	+3%	34%
    T-51b Armour	+45%	79%
    T-51b Helmet	+10%	89%
    This takes Damage Resistance to the 85% cap.
    - Radiation Resistance
    As before, there is a cap of 85% with Radiation Resistance unable to be passed.
    Thankfully, reaching it is not an issue.
    Stats:		Given	Total
    Endurance at 10 (10-1)*2 = 18%
    Cyborg		+10%	28%
    Survival Guru	+6%	34%
    Booster Shot	+10%	44%
    Pitt Fighter	+3%	47%
    T-51b Armour	25%	72%
    T-51b Helmet	8%	80%
    Rather than sacrifice a perk or other armour to reach the cap of 85%, it is
    best to simply take Rad-X to boost the last 5% you need. Regardless, if you
    cannot survive at 80% Resist, you will not survive at 85%.
    This takes Radiation Resistance to the 85% cap.
    - Poison Resistance
    Despite this being a rather irrelevant defensive attribute because of the lack
    of usage by enemies, there are still several perks that cater to it.
    Stats:		Given	Total
    Endurance at 10 (10-1)*5 = 45%
    Cyborg		+10%	55%
    Survival Guru	+6%	61%
    This takes Poison Resistance to the 61% limit.
    - Fire Resistance
    Not really used much beyond fire ants and Enclave Hellion soldiers. The
    majority of resistance comes from a perk and items. There is Enclave armour
    that has resistance, but the T-51b outshines it in much, much better ways,
    making it redundant.
    Perks:		Given	Total
    Ant Might/Sight	+25%	25%
    Fire ant nectar +25%	50%
    This takes Fire Resistance to a 50% limit.
    - Other stats
    It should be noted that there are other welcome increases to other stats also.
    These include:
    - Carry Weight
    Stats:		Given	Total
    Strength at 10 (10*10)+150 = 250lbs
    Strong Back	+50lbs	300lbs
    Giving you a 300lb carry limit.
    - Health
    Stats:		Given	Total
    Endurance at 10 (10*20)+(30*10)+90 = 590HP
    Life Giver	+30HP	620HP
    Buffout		+60HP	680HP
    This can offer you 620 assured Hit Points, while boosting with Buffout for even
    more should the need arise. Though, at maximum level with everything so far, it
    really adds to how hard you are to actually kill.
    [04] - Perk Overlay
    At each level you'll gain the ability to choose a perk to augment your char. At
    several points through the game during side-quests and DLC you'll also gain
    others with little to no effort. For the most part, there are a lot to choose
    from and so it becomes no small task to narrow down what to get, when to get it
    and to be prepared to get it.
    There are 72 perks available to you via levelling. Without bothering to list
    them all, there are 47 perks that become useless or redundant. These include
    ones that give skill points, radiation resistance or otherwise unecessary
    effects and can be discarded for more personally improving perks. This gives
    us 29 opportunities for perks and 25 to choose from via levelling.
    Since you unlock a new range of perks every other level, the beginning often
    doesn't give you much in the way of choice. When it does, you have to be ready
    to obtain them otherwise you risk losing out more. The ideal path of perks is:
    Level  2 - Black Widow
    Level  3 - Daddy's Little Girl [4 INT]
    Level  4 - Entomologist [40 Science 4 INT]
    Level  5 - Iron Fist 1 [4 STR]
    Level  6 - Bloody Mess
    Level  7 - Toughness [5 END]
    Level  8 - Strong Back [5 STR 5 END]
    Level  9 - Commando
    Level 10 - Finesse
    Level 11 - Gunslinger
    Level 12 - Silent Running [50 Sneak 6 AGI]
    Level 13 - Sniper [6 AGI 6 PER]
    Level 14 - Cyborg [60 Science 60 Medicine]
    Level 15 - Robotics Expert 1 [50 Science]
    Level 16 - Action Girl [6 AGI]
    Level 17 - Better Criticals [6 PER 6 LCK]
    Level 18 - Life Giver [6 END]
    Level 19 - Demolition Expert [50 Explosives]
    Level 20 - Grim Reaper's Sprint
    Level 21 - Demolition Expert 2 [50 Explosives]	***
    Level 22 - Demolition Expert 3 [50 Explosives]	***
    Level 23 - Iron Fist 2 [4 STR]			***
    level 24 - Iron Fist 3 [4 STR]			***
    Level 25 - Quantum Chemist [70 Science]		***
    Level 26 - Nerves of Steel [7 AGI]
    Level 27 - Paralyzing Palm [70 Unarmed]		***
    Level 28 - Ninja [80 Sneak 80 Melee]		***
    Level 29 - Pyromaniac [60 Explosives]		***
    Level 30 - Almost Perfect
    The perks marked with *** can be obtained in any order to suit you, as
    the only perk you should really aim to get as soon as possible is Nerves of
    Steel at Level 26.
    With the starting S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats the only attribute you need to worry
    about increasing is Luck before level 17 so you can obtain Better Criticals. As
    you can see though, a lot of the skill requirements are quite high early on.
    That said, they can be made with ease as long as the skill points gained by
    levelling are distributed properly and your exploration for skill books is neat
    Though you start off slightly weaker and at a disadvantage because of this, by
    the time your level reaches the mid-point, you should be more powerful as a
    There are a handful of other perks that also provide you with beneficial
    results when obtained through quest completion or dialogue options. These
    Hematophage		Blood Packs heal 20 instead of 1.
    Ant Might 		+1 STR, 25% Fire Resist
    Wired Reflexes		+10% Accuracy in VATS
    Power Armour		Lets you equip Power Armour
    Barkskin		+5% Damage Resistance
    Rad Regeneration	Extreme radiation poisoning heals crippled limbs
    Survival Guru		+6% Poison, Damage and Radiation resistance
    And extras from DLC include:
    Covert Ops		+3 Science, Small Guns, Lockpick
    Booster Shot		+10% Radiation Resistance
    Pitt Fighter		+3% Radiation and Damage Resistance
    Auto Expert		+25% Damage with Auto-Axes
    Xenotech Expert		+25% Damage with Alien weapons
    Punga Power		Reduced radiation from Punga fruit
    Superior Defender	+5 Damage and +10 Damage Resistance when stationary
    Ghoul Ecology		+5 Damage
    Leaving you with a total of 44 obtained perks by the end of levelling, talking
    and questing through both the story and DLCs available. Combined with all the
    other improvements you'll gain from levelling, these really help to push you
    into an untouchable state of existance.
    [05] - Gameplay
    The beginning of the game is going to be the trickiest to navigate. You're
    under-powered, short on funds and low on everything else. There are a handful
    of things you have to accomplish. These range from simply giving you a better
    chance of success to being a necessary action to help you on your way.
    - Growing up
    Make sure your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats are 6, 6, 6, 1, 9, 7, 5 and your G.O.A.T
    bonuses are placed in Explosives, Lockpick and Science. It is also preferrable
    to be a female character instead of male, since the Black Widow perk helps out
    a lot more in giving you an edge.
    - Escape Vault 101 without killing anyone
    You'll exit the vault with enough experience to hit Level 2. With your skill
    points you should make sure Repair is at least 30 to allow you to fix up the
    leaking pipes in Megaton later. Getting Science to 40 is also preferred as you
    won't have to worry about perk requirements until level 12.
    - Get the Intelligence Bobblehead from Rivet City
    You have to do this before you hit level 3. Pushing Intelligence to 10 will
    give you 20 skill points per level from this moment on instead of 19. And do
    not speak to Doctor Li either. As you should know, you'll jump about a third
    of the storyline by doing so.
    - Create a steady income of caps
    Since you start off broke, building up some cash becomes a necessity. You can
    sell the junk you find, but it is much more effecient to search for Pre-War
    Books for Arlington Library and keeping all your scrap metal for Walter. As you
    shouldn't need to spend a lot of money at the start of the game, it should soon
    add up. Make sure to use quicksave and quickload for those hard speech checks
    too, since the difference between 100 caps and 500 caps from Lucas Simms is
    well worth a little time.
    - Stay ahead of perk requirements
    This means during the early game you'll have to put enough points in skills per
    level to make sure you'll have the requirements for perks like Silent Running
    and Cyborg. That said, you should also follow the points per skill limit given
    above. Because of this you'll need to find relevant skill books to give you a
    tiny nudge over the threshold.
    - Focus on exploring over questing
    There are a lot of locations over the world map. While it may seem tedious and
    boring, simply questing to grind experience isn't going to help you much,
    especially when the majority of locations not covered by quests contain skill
    books and other items to help you along. I prefer to save quests for that last
    boost of experience to the next level, especially if I am completely prepared
    for the level up perks and skills.
    - Operation Anchorage DLC
    I recommend doing this whenever you are comfortable. The reason for it is that
    the armour you recieve at the end, the Winterized T-51b Power Armour, is the
    best in the game and you'll be using it for your entire journey. Not only does
    it boost your Damage and Poison Resistance, but due to a mix-up, it has 10
    million HP. You'll also automatically get the Power Armour Training perk to
    wear it.
    - Use the wiki
    The fallout wiki has an obscene amount of information for you as well as a
    section for notable loot on many if not all of the locations you're going to
    explore. Not only does this help you isolate skill books, but it saves you time
    in backtracking and allows you to plan ahead with quests that may need a bit
    more effort to complete.
    For example, getting the Damage Resistance from the Survival Guru perk from
    Moira requires you to have high Strength and Endurance to give the 'Tough'
    replies. Contracting advanaced radiation poisoning lowers your endurance by 3
    which can be counteracted using +1 Endurance outfits and Buffout.
    - Make use of clothing and items
    As the game continues you are given access to items of clothing that increase
    skills such as speech. Keeping these on you and switching to them for a check
    will increase your chances of success, which again saves time. There are also
    things that will increase stats, such as Timebomb's Lucky 8 Ball, which you
    will need before level 17 for a perk prerequisite. Just remember to remove it
    after, since you do not need it on you all the time and it can mess with the
    Almost Perfect perk at your end game.
    [06] - Legal and Contact
    - Those in whole or part creation to Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2012 - James Sharp
    Contact: FrozenCascade@gmail.com

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