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    Achievement Guide by OmegaMustard

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    GAME: Perfect Dark XBLA
    By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)
    Email: omegamustard1@yahoo.com
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    I. The Achievements
    A. How's That For Starters? 
    B. Both Barrels
    C. Act Your Age, Joanna 
    D. Double 64
    E. Camera Shy
    F. Deadly Laptop
    G. Paci-Fist
    H. Tools Of The Trade
    I. Versatile
    J. Golden Days
    K. Prime Target
    L. A Friend Indeed
    M. ...Who Needs Enemies?
    N. dataDyne Specialist
    O. Carrington Institute Specialist
    P. Maian Specialist
    Q. Agent
    R. Special Agent
    S. Perfect Agent
    T. Crowning Glory
    II. Other Unlocks - Avatar Awards, Gamerpics, Theme
    III. Closing Statements - Contact, Donations, etc.
    I. The Achievements
    Perfect Dark for the Xbox Live Arcade has 20 achievements worth 200 
    gamerscore.  To aquire this game, you must have Xbox Live.  Gold or
    Silver membership.  This game currently costs 800 Microsoft points.
    A. How's That For Starters?
      - Complete dataDyne Central - Defection.  10G
      - You have to complete the first level of the game on any
        difficulty.  If you want this fast, just play the level on
        Agent.  The only objective is to get to the elevator leading
        to the underground lab.  As soon as you start jump down off
        the helipad.  Shoot the guard and enter the building.  Shoot 
        the guards until you get to the main office floor with
        Cassandra's office on it.  Hit A on the elevator to the left 
        of her office.  Now just stay in it until it takes you to
        ground floor.  Get off the elevator and kill enemies.  Make
        your way to the door on your left while heading down the
        stairs.  Go through and kill the enemies and make your way
        around the wall on the right.  Now head straight and a wall
        should open up to show the hidden elevator.  Enter and this
        is yours.
    B. Both Barrels
      - Kill an enemy when dual-wielding  5G
      - This can be done on any difficulty in Solo, Co Op or even
        the combat simulator.  Only small guns can be dual wielded.
        On the first level, you can get dual silenced falcon pistols.
        Once you get into the building, make your way down to the 
        third floor of offices.  You will run into a guard that is
        wearing a mask.  He is using dual falcons.  Kill him and
        pick them up.  Now just kill an enemy while holding both
    C. Act Your Age, Joanna
      - Destroy Carrington's wine collection.  5G
      - This is done on level 4, Carrington's Villa.  As soon as
        you enter the basement of Carrington's house, you will
        first have to cut on the Wind Generator.  Once that is
        done, you will enter a room with a lot of bottles on
        shelves.  You must destroy every single bottle.  There
        are a few shelves with bottles on them.  Try to destroy
        all bottles as you come to them because if you go to
        far, the level will end.  The achievement will unlock as
        soon as all bottles are destroyed.
    D. Double 64
      - Kill 128 enemies using secondary fire mode.  10G
      - To change to your secondary function, press Right Bumper.
        The secondary function will show a yellow box down in the
        lower right corner of the screen.  Easiest to do with the
        Cmp150.  The secondary function allows you to lock on to
        enemies by aiming at them with Left Trigger.  This doesn't
        have to be done with just one gun.  Accumalates amongst
        all guns.
    E. Camera Shy
      - Destroy 5 security cameras.  10G
      - Depending on difficulty depends on the number of cameras
        on a level.  Level 1 will have I think 3 cameras if you
        are playing on Perfect Agent.  You must destroy different
        cameras.  Each camera only counts once.  So if you shoot
        the three cameras on level 1 and then shoot 2 others on
        a different level, this will unlock.  You just can't 
        repeat the same level and destroy the same cameras because
        that doesn't count.
    F. Deadly Laptop
      - Kill 50 enemies using the laptop in sentry gun mode. 10G
      - To put a laptop gun in sentry gun mode, you must hit the
        Right Bumper and then throw the gun with the Right Trigger.
        You will get your first laptop gun on Carringtons Villa
        if playing on Perfect Agent.  YOu also start with one on 
        Mission 6.1.  There is also a secret one located on level
        1 on Perfect Agent.  YOu have to get the hacker to unlock a 
        door beside the elevators to get it.  This can also be done
        in the combat simulator once you have unlocked the Laptop
        gun in single player.  Start a big game on Felicity against
        8 Peace sims with nothing but Laptop guns on.  Now just
        deploy 1 gun at a time because deploying another will destroy
        you other one.  Laptop guns only have 50 bullets in them
        before running out.
    G. Paci-Fist
      - Complete any Solo Mission on Special Agent or harder using 
        only your fists.  10G
      - This is easiest done on Mission 1.  As soon as you start
        put away your falcon and make your way down the helipad.
        Set your fists to disarm and disarm all guards that seem to 
        be a threat.  This way they can't shoot you without their
        gun.  throw the ECM Mine on the computer as soon as you 
        enter the building.  Then make your way to Cassandra's
        Office and punch her to knock her out.  Then jump on an
        elevator.  Get down to ground floor and make your way down
        the stairs and go in the room on the right.  Throw an ECM
        Mine on the wall mounted computer on the left of the standing
        computer screens.  Now make your way back out and into the
        room that was on the left and get to the elevator.  Make
        take a try or two to get down.  You can't shoot anyone, you
        can kill with your fists though.
    H. Tools Of The Trade
      - Get a Bronze rating or better with all 32 weapons in the 
        Firing Range.  10G
      - First off you have to unlock all 32 weapons in the campaign.
        Play through the game on at least agent and try and use 
        every weapon you find.  Might as well go ahead and kill
        with everything to work on the specialist achievements as
        well.  Once you have completed the game and feel you have
        found all guns, in the main area when not in a mission. 
        exit the room with the mission computer and make your way
        to the elevator.  Go down to the first floor and go left.
        The targeting range is the first door on the right.  
        Getting at least bronze for each weapon is really simple.
        It doesn't get bad unless you are going to gold on each
        mission.  Just aim for bulls eyes because they are worth
        10 points a piece.  For explosives, you need to destroy
        targets, points aren't really a factor in those.
    I. Versatile
      - Complete a Combat Simulator game using each of the six 
        Scenarios.  10G
      - What this means is you have to play each gametype.  You
        can set score limits to 1 and then just put on an easysim
        to go against.  The gametypes are Combat, Hold The Briefcase,
        Hacker Central, Pop A Cap, Capture the Case and King of the Hill.
    J. Golden Days
      - Complete a Combat Simulator game on Felicity, Complex or 
        Temple using Classic Weapons. 10G
      - Just when in combat simulator, go to Advanced settings and
        put weapons any of the following, PP9I, CC13, KLO1313, KF7,
        ZZG 9mm, DMC, AR53, RC-P45 and then play on Felicity, Complex
        or Temple.  Complete the game and this is yours.
    K. Prime Target
      - Complete every Challenge up to and including 29, the 
        10th Prime number. 10G
      - In combat simulator, there are challenges.  They start out
        easy but get way harder before the end.  They are challenges
        of Player Vs. Simulants.  You can play with friends and do
        these.  The number of simulants are based on how many human
        players there are.  Here is a list of the challenges, remember
        simulants are based on number of players, these are the 
        simulant numbers if playing alone.
      * 1 - Combat v Meatsims (1) on Skedar
      * 2 - Combat v Meatsims (1) on Area 52
      * 3 - Combat v Meatsims (1) on Pipes
      * 4 - King of the Hill v Meat & Easysims (1) on Skedar
      * 5 - Combat v Meat & Easysims (1) on Complex
      * 6 - Hold the Briefcase v Meat & Easysims (4) on Area 52
      * 7 - King of the Hill v Easysims (1) on Warehouse
      * 8 - Capture the Case v Easysims (1) on Skedar
      * 9 - Combat v Normalsims (1) on Ravine
      * 10 - Capture the Case v Easysims (1) on Temple
      * 11 - King of the Hill v Normalsims (1) on Complex
      * 12 - Combat v Hardsims (1) on Skedar
      * 13 - Combat v Normalsims (1) on G5Building
      * 14 - Capture the Case v Normal & Easysims (2) on Area 52
      * 15 - Hold the Briefcase v Normal & Meatsims (2) on Grid
      * 16 - Combat v Perfectsims (1) on Felicity
      * 17 - King of the Hill v PerfectSims (1) on Temple
      * 18 - King of the Hill v Perfect & Mediumsims (2) on Villa
      * 19 - Combat v Hard & Normalsims (2) on G5 Building
      * 20 - Combat *Normalsims v Hardsims on Sewers
      * 21 - Hacker Central v Hardsims (1) on Grid
      * 22 - Hold the Briefcase v Perfect & Normalsims (2) on Base
      * 23 - Combat v Hardsims (2) on Complex
      * 24 - Capture the Case v Easysims (4) on Fortress
      * 25 - Combat v Hardsims (1) on Ravine
      * 26 - King of the Hill v Perfect & Hardsims (2) on Ruins
      * 27 - Hacker Central v Perfectsims (1) on Sewers
      * 28 - Capture the Case v Darksims (2) on Villa
      * 29 - Combat v Darksims (2) on G5 Building
      Help at
    L. A Friend Indeed
      - Complete any mission in Co-operative Mode.  10G
      - This can be done on any level online co op or offline
        splitscreen co op.  Any difficulty.  When it says
        mission, this means all parts of the levels on a
        mission.  Example if you do the datadyne levels for
        mission 1, you must do the first 3 stages because
        they are all part of 1 mission.  Best to do on
        Carrington Villa because it is a single mission.
    M. ...Who Needs Enemies?
      - Complete any mission in Counter-Operative Mode.  10G
      - This can be done on any level online counter or offline
        splitscreen counter.  Any difficulty.  The person that
        is playing as Joanna must complete the level.  Fastest
        way to do this is to just play level one and let Joanna
        get to the end.  The person that is playing as the enemies
        can run around killing all other enemies or just take
        suicide pills to kill everyone.  When it says
        mission, this means all parts of the levels on a
        mission.  Example if you do the datadyne levels for
        mission 1, you must do the first 3 stages because
        they are all part of 1 mission.  Best to do on
        Carrington Villa because it is a single mission.
    N. dataDyne Specialist
      - Kill at least one enemy with each of the dataDyne weapons. 10G
      - You will get this while trying to collect every weapon in the
        game if you are killing at least one enemy with every weapon
        as you go.  There are a total of 10 dataDyne weapons.
      * CMP150 – Most guards use these in Missions 1.1-3
      * DY357 Magnum – Strong guards on Mission 3.2 have this gun.
      * Shotgun – Found on Cassandra’s bodyguards on Mission 1.3
      * K7 Avenger – In the training area on Mission 1.2.
      * Dragon – A few guards use these on Mission 1.2
      * Superdragon – Strong guards in Area 51 have these.
      * Rocket Launcher – Can be found on mission 1.3 on Special Agent
      * Devastator – Destroy the boxes on the helipad in Mission 4.
    O. Carrington Institute Specialist
      - Kill at least one enemy with each of the Carrington Institute 
        weapons 10G
      - You will get this while trying to collect every weapon in the
        game if you are killing at least one enemy with every weapon
        as you go.  There are a total of 8 Institute weapons.
      * Falcon 2 – Starting gun on Mission 1.2
      * Falcon 2 (Silencer) – Starting gun on Mission 1.1
      * Falcon 2 (Scope) – Starting gun on Mission 1.3
      * Laptop Gun – start with on Mission 6.1
      * AR34 Assault Rifle – Starting gun on Mission 7
      * Sniper Rifle – Starting gun on the Mission 2
      * Laser – Start with on Mission 7
      * Crossbow - Start with on Mission 5.1 - must use insta kill
    P. Maian Specialist
      - Kill at least one enemy with each of the Maian weapons. 10G
      - You will get this while trying to collect every weapon in the
        game if you are killing at least one enemy with every weapon
        as you go.  There are a total of 3 Maian weapons.
      * Phoenix – There is one hidden in Mission 4.2 and Mission 9
      * Callisto NTG – start with one on Mission 9
      * Farsight XR-20 – In Mission 6.2 on Special or Perfect Agent
    Q. Agent
      - Complete the Solo Missions on Agent 10G
      - Complete the game on Agent difficulty.  There are a
        total of 17 levels.
    R. Special Agent
      - Complete the Solo Missions on Special Agent. 15G
      - Complete the game on Special Agent difficulty.  There are a
        total of 17 levels.
    S. Perfect Agent
      - Complete the Solo Missions on Perfect Agent. 20G
      - This will take some time to do if you are new to the game.
        It is all about knowing enemy locations and item locations.
        There are more enemies and they have higher accuracy on
        Perfect agent.  There is no health regeneration.  You must
        complete each level on 1 bar of energy.  Must use cover
        and be tactical, don't just run out and start shooting.
        Enemies will come to you.  Here is a link to some great
        walkthroughs of each level.  Also, difficulty achievements
        are not stackable so you must complete each difficulty. So
        you will have to complete the game at least 3 times.
    T. Crowning Glory
      - Earn all the Leaderboard Crowns.  5G
      - This is a new feature in Perfect Dark XBLA.  When you
        press start, go to Help and Options, then go to Awards 
        and you can see a list of pictures.  These are level
        specific challenges that you have to complete for this
        achievement.  Only a few can be unlocked in Co Op.  Most
        have to be done Solo.  Here is the list of all leaderboard 
        crown requirements.
        Single Player Levels
        1. No Help Needed dataDyne: Defection, 15 kills with auto aim 
           disabled on Perfect Agent
        2. Close Proximity dataDyne: Research, Get 3 or more kills 
           with the hidden Proximity Mine on Agent
        3. Good Enough For Clint dataDyne: Extraction, 8 headshots 
           with the hidden magnum on Agent
        4. Way Of The Assassin Carrington Villa, No Scope Headshot 
           5 enemies with the hidden sniper rifle on Perfect Agent
        5. Quickly Does It Chicago, Complete all three objectives 
           in rapid sucession of each other - Agent
        [Co-Operative Workaround] Player one waits at the case, player 
        two uses the BombSpy to blow up the four guards at the exit. 
        P1 picks up the case, while P2 exits the level
        6. Bow To The Audience G5 Building, 8 kills with the 
           hidden crossbow (Insta Kill) on Agent
        7. Rapid Radar Shut Down Area 51: Infiltration, Blow 
           up the radar in less than 60 seconds on Special Agent
        8. Master Of Disguise Area 51: Rescue, obtain and 
           wear the lab coat in under 1:30 on Special Agent
        9. Easy Rider Area 51: Escape, Leave the base via 
           Hoverbike in under 30 seconds on Agent
        10. I Want To Be Sedated Airbase, Use the Drug spy 
            on 6 people in less than 30 seconds on Special Agent
        11. Presidential Predication Air Force One, Complete objective
            3 first then finish the level quickly (co-op) on Agent
        12. Magnum P.D. Crash Site, Use Trent's golden magnum 
            to kill the clone on Agent
        13. Tick Tick...Boom Pelagic II, Kill 4 enemies with 
            1 N-Grenade on Agent
        14. Can't Touch This Deep Sea, Beat objective 1 
            without taking damage on Perfect Agent
        15. Run And Gun Carrington Institute, complete objectives 
            1 & 2 in less than 1:30 then finish (co-op) on Agent
        [Co-Operative Workaround] First off, you CAN use boost, but 
        you CAN'T use the secondary function of the RC-P120 (cloak). 
        Player one reactivates the turrets while player two starts 
        to free the hostages on the top floor. Complete the first 
        two objectives in under 1:30 min and finish the level.
        16. Against All Odds... Attack Ship, Kill the big Skedar 
            (dual maulers) on the bridge with the slayer in 8 mins 
            on Perfect Agent
        17. RockedSkedar Ruins, complete the first objective w
            within 30 seconds on Perfect Agent
        Special Assignment Levels
        18. Invisibility Factor Mr Blonde's Revenge: Do 
            not use the Cloaking Device on Special Agent
        19. Magnum Forced Maian SOS: use the Psychosis gun on the
            dual gold magnum guy then let him kill 5 enemies 
            on Perfect Agent
        20. Three Kings WAR: beat the level in 1:40 killing each 
            king with a charged up mauler headshot on Perfect Agent
        21. Perfect Head The Duel: Headshot all 3 enemies within 
            25 seconds on Perfect Agent
        22. Ninja Pending - Melee kills in Combat Simulator
        23. The Name's Dark...Perfect Dark. - Complete the whole
            Solo Campaign on Perfect Agent without Auto Aim on.
        24. Bronze - Complete all 21 levels on Agent in 0:48:00 total
        25. Silver - Complete all 21 levels on Secret 
            Agent 1:09:00 total
        26. Gold - Complete all 21 levels on Perfect Agent 
            1:35:00 total
        27. Gamer Picture 1 - Get all 4 Multiplayer awards in 
            one match
        28. Gamer Picture 2 - Reach 201 Percent on the leaderboards.
            That is beating the whole game on solo Perfect
            Agent without Auto Aim on.
        29. Avatar Award 1 - Any Level, Kill any enemy with
            a headshot
        30. Avatar Award 2 - Complete any Special Assignment
            on any difficulty
        31. Perfect Dark Theme - Get at least 1 kill with all 
            32 weapons in any mode
    II. Other Unlocks
     - Avatar Awards
       - Perfect Aim T-shirt - Headshot an enemy on any level
       - Elvis Plushie - Complete any special assignment
         -Complete the game on any difficulty and then complete
          one of the special new assignments that is unlocked.
     - Gamerpics
      - Joanna Dark Pic - Get all 4 medals in one match of
        combat simulator.  To get this start a game up of
        splitscreen Combat.  Put all guns as the Farsight XL.
        Set kills to 1 and start the game.  Now pick up a gun
        and switch to the secondary function.  Now aim and
        find your 2nd player and just shoot him in the head.
      - Maian Pic - Reach 201 Percent on the leaderboards.
        That is beating the whole game on solo Perfect
        Agent without Auto Aim on.
     - Theme
      - Perfect Dark Theme - Get a kill with all 32 weapons.
    III.   Closing Statements
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    if you would like to use my Guide on your site, message me and let
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    includes format.
    You are not allowed to use my guide for any profit or personal gain.
    Information Help from Xbox.com, Xbox360achievements.org
    Don't send me friend requests on my xbox360 gamercard.  They
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    My Gamercard is OmegaMustard
    My Website is omegamustardx360.tripod.com
    My email is omegamustard1@yahoo.com
    Thanks for using my Guide.  Hope This Helps

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