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    FAQ/Move List by IceQueenZer0

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    ------------------------------ [ SAMURAI SHOWDOWN SEN ] -----------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    ----------------------------------- [ XBOX 360 ]-------------------------------
    Note: This movelist is a little cluttered which I am aware of. I do have plans
    on reformatting it similar to that of my King of Fighters 12 guide in the near
    future. That way, that 79 character per line limit won't be a pain in the ass.
    After so many delays, Samurai Showdown Sen has finally been released for the
    Xbox 360. I confess that I'm a PS3/Wii person but with Samurai Showdown Sen as
    a Xbox 360 exclusive title currently, I'll hop on the other side of the fence
    since I love making FAQ/Movelists and I prefer to keep the original Japanese
    names since English names seem to be inaccurate.
    For an easy $50 that GameFAQs is offering for the FAQing of this game, you know
    damn well I could not pass the chance up on cashing in on this opportunity. I
    eventually would have made an FAQ/Movelist for Samurai Showdown Sen but now I
    got 50 reasons to work on it sooner. Ti ji ji ^v^ (Actually, this FAQ is really
    a guide I worked on and scrapped in 2008 but I fortunately had my old file on
    my SD card so I was able to convert it to Xbox360 standards). 
    Samurai Showdown Sen and its characters are trademarks of SNK n' all copyrights
    belong to them.
    This FAQ/Movelist is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo and 
    cannot be put on other sites or posted without given permission nor can it be 
    reproduced w/o proper consent.
    u = up
    uf = up/forward
    ub = up/back
    b = back
    f = forward
    d = down
    df = down/forward
    db = down/back
    ~ = charge the direction before it.
    Press u, uf, or ub to jump
    Press d, df, or db to crouch
    Press b to move backwards (away from opponent)
    Press f to move forwards (towards opponent)
    Press b to block attacks that aren't low
    Press db to block low, non-air attacks
    X = Horizontal Slash
    A = Vertical Slash
    B = Kick
    Y = Special Action
    RB = Super Horizontal Slash
    RT = Super Vertical Slash
    LB = Guard Breaker
    LT = Kick + Special Action
    Left Thumbstick Press (LTP) = Taunt
    Left Thumbstick Press (LTP) = Rage Explosion when bar is full
    Special stuff
    Y = shove
    Y, b = pull
    b + Y = deflect
    db + Y = deflect down
    d, df, f + RB during Rage Explosion
    tap u or d = sidestep
    Completed Haohmaru and Black Hawk's movelist. Worked on Genjuro's moveset.
    Finished Genjuro and Ukyo movelist.
    Finished Nakoruru and Galford movelist.
    Finished Hazno and Kyoshiro movelist.
    There are two types of movelist inputs: just inputs and fastest inputs. Just
    inputs are when you do the motion and press the button afterwards. Fastest
    input is when you press the button around the same time you finish the motion.
    Some moves become more powerful when fastest inputs are used and sometimes they
    have different names so if you see two moves with the same motion then one is a
    just input motion and the other is a fastest input motion (1) and (2). Some 
    motions are slightly different inputs (3)
    A traveling swordsman with an allegiance to no one and nothing except his own
    honor, Haohmaru wanders about Japan perfecting his fighting technique. Some
    years ago he saved Takechiyo's village from bandits and taught the youth the
    ways of the sword. Takechiyo has grown much since that time and battle between
    the two seems inevitable but Takechiyo delays their fight to continue searching
    for a wayward princess from Amori.
    Yodokai Kiri: RB
    Zankousen: LB
    Nagi Ashi: d, df, f
    Senpuuretsuzan Rei Shiki: f, d, df + X - FI (1)
    Senpuuretsuzan Ichi Shiki: f, d, df + X - JI (2)
    Senpuuretsuzan Ni Shiki: f, d, df + delayed X
    Kogetsuzan: f, d, df + A
    Enkyaku: f, d, df + B
    Chiretsuzan: f, d, df + B, A
    Chiretsusen: f, d, df + B, X
    Retsushinzan: d, db, b + A
    Nagi Kaeshi: X, X
    Yokozanri Chinagi: X, d + X
    Mumyou Tsuukushi: b, f + X, X, A
    Dake Kanmekizan Ha: b, f + X, X, d + A
    Kimen Wari: df + X, A
    Senran Jin: b + X, X
    Gokumon Toushi: b, f + X, X, A
    Senwari: db + X, A
    Dake Okuru: b + X, X, RB
    Oni Taosu Kyaku: df + X, B
    Gokumon Zanha: b, f + X, X, df + B
    Senpuu Souha: b + X, A
    Senpuu Ha ~ Nagi Ashi: b + X, df
    Hien Okuri: A, A
    Yokozanri Chinagi: A, A, b
    Tatezanri Oisaki Kyaku: A, B
    Haoh Tsuki: f, f + A
    Ouji Daketsue: f, f + A, RB if counterhit is successful
    Onidama Fuuji: db + A, X, A
    Tsukagashira Otoshi: db + A, (df afterwards for Nagi Ashi)
    Jigoku Okuri: b + A, A, RB
    Naraku Okuri: b + A, X, B
    Tenchi Kuzurezan: During stand up, A
    Higi Chiretsusen: During stand up, d + A
    Zuii Hajiki: sidestep, A
    Sune Uchi: d + B
    Sliding: df + B
    Harai Kyaku: db + B
    Shuu Ochi: b + B
    Tenha Fuujinzan: Rage Explosion: d, df, f + RT
       Genjuro Kibagami
    A sword for hire and former friend of Haohmaru, Genjuro claims to have killed
    his own family and a thousand or so others. He has no remorse and sneers at
    idealistic beliefs. One night Genjuro awoke to an attack by assassins. He
    dispatched of them easily, but one survived by chance and told him that the
    attack was a test and the his skills were much sought after by the mysterious
    and sinister Golba. For Genjuro there was no question of following another. He
    smiled ominously at the events that had begun to set in motion.
    Yasha Muonsatsu: RB
    Shura Kyoushinzan: RT
    Gaki Messatsu: LB
    Oni Okoshi: f, d, df + X
    Gokouzan: Oni Okoshi, RB
    Kirisuburu Mikyouyaiba : f, d, df + A
    Oni Kuruma: f, d, df + B, B
    Nagi Kaeshi: X, X
    Rashoumon: X, B
    Oniyaiba Kou: b, f + X
    Oniyaiba Mikyouyaiba: b, f + X, X, A
    Tou Kyaku: b, f + X, X, B
    Onizanha ~ Onizan Tenkoku: df + X, A
    Onizanha ~ Onizan Chisou: df + X, B
    Eki Harai: db + X, RB
    Sen Arashi Jin: b + X
    Sen Arashi Jin ~ Sen Suburu Kon Kari: b + X, A, X
    Sen Arashi Jin ~ Sen Suburu Kon Tome: b + X, A, B
    Taterenzan: A, A
    Tenchuu Satsu: b + A, A, A
    Oni Chuugeki: b + A, B, RT
    Onitsuraki: f, f + A
    Hyakki Satsu: f, f + A, RB
    Gokumon: b, f + A
    Sanren Satsu: db + A, X, RB
    Hiensen: df + A
    Zui Hajiki: Sidestep, A
    Hien Yaiba: During stand up, A
    Kousen Otoshi: df + B, B, B
    Ashi Harai: db + B
    Sanren Satsu: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
        Ukyo Tachibana
    Ukyo is an expert in iaijuistu, a quick-draw style of swordsmanship. Though
    extremely talented and much sought after by women, Ukyo is also afflicted with
    tuberculosis and does not have long to live. Ever aware of his limited time,
    Ukyo resists his love for a married noblewoman named Kei and instead fights for
    her honor. When Kei's husband goes missing during a mission to meer secretly
    with foreigners she breaks down and Ukyo is moved to discover his fate. With
    what little time he has left he fights for her sake once more, no matter the
    cost to himself.
    Musou Kou Ichimonji: RB
    Musou Tate Ichimonji: RT
    Shun Tou Retsuzan: LB
    Tsubame Kaeshi: d, df, f + A, RB
    Sasame Yuki: d, df, f + X rapidly
    Ame Sakura: d, db, b + A (1)
    Ouka Issen: d, db, b + A (2)
    Joudan no Kamae: X + Y
    Shippuu: Joudan no Kamae, X, X, (Y to return to JnK)
    Age Nuki~Sune Barai: Joudan no Kamae, X, d + X
    Yuki Okoshi: Joudan no Kamae, A, A, (Y to return to JnK)
    Kerifumi: Joudan no Kamae, B (R to return to JnK)
    Kogarashi: Joudan no Kamae, RB, X, A, RB
    Yukikaze: Joudan no Kamae, RB, X, A, (Y to return to JnK)
    Kazeguruma: Joudan no Kamae, RT, X, A
    Kazemichi: Joudan no Kamae, X, X
    Tsubame Gaeshi: Joudan no Kamae, axis step, d + X
    Sayamaki: Joudan no Kamae, Joudan no Kamae, LTP or axis step, b + A
    Sayamaki Hensoku Tsubame Gaeshi: Sayamaki, RB, RB
    Chifumi: Sayamaki, RT
    Hana Fubuki: Sayamaki, LTP
    Tsuyubarai: db + X, A, RB (1)
    Shimo Harai: db + X, A, RB (2)
    Shiranami: b, f + X
    Yuki: b, f + A
    Tsuka Uchi: f, f + A
    Tsuka Uchi Age: df + A
    Hiken Sasame Yuki: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
    A warrior maiden of the Ainu people of Japan, Nakoruru is a champion of nature
    and fights alongside her hawk, Mamahaha. One day her younger sister, Rimururu,
    said that the voice of the Holy SPirit had gone silent and ran away from their
    village. Fearing for her sister's safety and sensing a terrible calamity ahead,
    Nakoruru gave chase.
    Notak Rera: RB
    Notak Ruyanpe: RT
    Nochi Uchurakuune Chup Rimuse: LB
    Mamahaha Ride: d, db, b + R
    Yoko Kiri: Mamahaha Ride, X
    Kamui Mutsube: Mamahaha Ride, A
    Oritekara Kazan Mawashi Kyaku: Mamahaha Ride, B
    Oriru: Mamahaha Ride, Y
    Lela Mutsube: f, f + A
    Annu Mutsube: f, f + X
    Retsu Hane Sharin: f, f + B, B
    Retsu Hane Senkyaku: f, f + B, B, d + B
    Yuki Subeki: d, df, f
    Senwa: Yuki Subeki, axis step, X
    Emushi Otoshi: Yuki Subeki, axis step, A
    Een Rera: Yuki Subeki, axis step, B
    Shin Tsuki: Yuki Subeki, X
    Kuugatsuzan: Yuki Subeki, A
    Midare Sakura, Yuki Subeki, B, A, RB
    Kyaku Shougeki: X, B or d + X, B
    Tenchi Rengeki~Ukotwipa: X, A, X, A, RB
    Retarai Merah: df + X, A, A
    Kodachi Renzan~Totsu Taka Tsume: X, A, d + A
    Kodachi Renzan~Yoko Retsuzan: X, A, df + X
    Kubikari~Shougekizan: X, A, X, df + A
    Rasen Tsubasa Ha~Kururi Kasanezan: X, A, A, X
    Rasen Tsubasa Ha~Hishousen: X, A, A, A
    Rasen Tsubasa Ha~Ootori Renkyaku: X, A, A, B
    Yokokiri Kokuusen: X, d + X
    Ofuku Binta~Matanki Kurytekeha: b + X, X, RB
    Ofuku Binta~Sune Kyaku: b + X, X, B
    Emushi Ruyanpe: A, X, A, RB
    Karunpan Upan: A, X, B, A, RB
    Tatekiri~Satsu Kiba: A, A
    Tatekiri~Midare Setsuna: A, B
    Yupuke Emmerah: db + A, A, A
    Nubek Koru Ai: b + A
    Rera Kolrap: df + A
    Shipiri Kanonno: db + A, A, X
    Yupukei Merah: db + A, A, A
    Mawashigeri Karengeki: B, X, or B, A
    Chikoikupu Amihi: df + B, A
    Mukei Hatsu Kyaku: f + B, B
    Tenkai Kyaku: b + B, Y
    Rera Rimuse: db + B, X, X
    Nishi Kotoro Rimuse: db + B, X, A
    Gottsui Annu Mutsube: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
    An American sailor who, after the death of his father, became fascinated with
    stories of the ninja of Japan and set off for the isolated country to learn
    their ways. Though techically an illegal immigrant and painfully, obviously
    foreign-looking, Galford settled down in Japan to learn the mysterious art of
    ninjustsu and styles himself an agent of justice. After learning of a ship of
    foreigners harbored secretly off the coast of Japan, he investigated the vessel
    and discovered that his father's murderer was among them In the name of justice
    Galford began to pursue the assassin from his past.
    Justice Slash: RB
    Justice Slayer: RT
    Lightning Judgement: LB
    Sonic Slide: d, df
    Moment Move Behind: Sonic Slide, X
    Moment Move: d, df + X
    Rising Impact: d, db, b + A
    Rising Impact: d, db, b + A [chargeable] (3)
    Kunai Nage: d, db, b + X (1)
    Sonic Blade: d, db, b + X (2)
    Rush Dog: d, db, b + R
    Lightning Impact: d, df, f + A
    Strike Heads: LT
    Spring Back: b, b + Y
    Side Slay~Reverse Blade: X, X
    Thunder Attack Combination: db + X, X, RB
    Killing Saber: b, b + X, A (1)
    Darkness Slash: b, b + X, A (2)
    Burning Horizon: df + X, B
    Shining Horizon: df + X, d + B
    Shining Horizon~Ninja Slide: df + X, df
    Rising Thunder Kick Combo: db + X, B, B
    Boltech Combination: b + X, X, A
    Boltech Combination~Ninja Slide: b + X, X, df
    Sky Ray: while standing up from crouch, X
    Combo Ligning Storm: A, A, A
    Combo Lightning and Earth Break: A, A, B
    Sway Style ~ Rising Knuckle: b + A
    Lightning Knuckle: b + A (df to Ninja Slide)
    Leg Breaker: Lightning Knuckle, B
    Spring Back: Lightning Knuckle, b, b
    Ryuugeki: d + A, A, X (1)
    Sazan Cross Blade: d + A, A, X (2)
    Senkai Geki: f + A, X (1)
    Sonic Rush: f + A, X (2)
    Senkaze Geki: f + A, B (1)
    Grand Wheel: f + A, B (2)
    Rising Thunder: Grand Wheel, A
    Strike Heads: Grand Wheel, LT
    Combo Tornado Edge: db + A, X, X
    Rising Star: df + A
    Moon Slash: while standing up from crouch, A
    High Kick: B
    Combo Hurricane Attack: f + B, B
    Hurricane Kick~Bolt Charge: f + B, RB
    Boltech Crow: Hurricane~Bolt Charge: RB
    Fake Spin: Hurricane~Bolt Charge, B
    Ninja Slide: Hurricane~Bolt Charge, df
    Sway: Hurricane~Bolt Charge, b
    Combo Lightning Plasma: d + B, A, A
    Fake Kick High: df + B, B
    Fake Kick Low: df + B, df + B
    Break Loud: b + B, B
    Leg Breaker: db + B
    Tornado Kick: f, f + B
    High Side Kick: while standing up from crouch, B
    Punishing Beat: During Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
         Hanzo Hattori
    Hanzo is a subordinate of the Tokugawa shogunatae and the leader of the Iga
    clan of ninja. He is the greatest warrior of his people and excels in the art
    of assassination and misdirectrion. During a time of relative calm in Japan,
    Hanzo received word from the Tokugawa shogunate that a foreign ship was illega-
    lly moored off the coast of Japan and threatened the sanctity of that peace.
    Ordered to investigate and also keep the matter quiet, Hanzo followed many
    leads until he discovered the intent of the foreign vessel. It seemed they were
    in pursuit of a princess of Amori and would employ any means to retrieve her.
    Unable to reach the princess before she mysteriously disappeared, Hanzo set off
    to find her from the foreign threat.
    Engetsusen: RB
    Kazaguruma Kiru: RT
    Shakyudou Yaburi: LB
    Mozu Otoshi: LT
    Kumo Ashi: d, df
    Mozu Otoshi Kai: d, df + Y (can do it while running)
    Mozu Otoshi Kai: Kumo Ashi, df + Y (3)
    Suigatsu: d, df + A
    Zoukan: Kumo Ashi, A
    Oboro Utsushi: d, df + X
    Ninpou Utsuhi Oboro Touchi: Kumo Ashi, X
    Hishou Kyaku: d, df + B
    Gyakugatsu: Kumo Ashi, B
    Ninpou Reppushuriken: d, db, b + X
    Tappisen: d, db, b + A [chargeable]
    Shurin Retsukyaku: d, db, b + B, B, B
    Kuuchuu Mozu Otoshi: d, db, b, f + Y
    Yami Retsuki: X, X
    Kage Kaeri: b + X, X
    Kage De Mozu Otoshi: b + X, LT
    Tsuchi Hebi Gekichi: db + X, X
    Tsuchi Hebi Mushina Kaeri: db + X, Y
    Tsuchi Hebi Kumo Ashi: db + X, df
    Kiba Messatsu: df + X, B, RB
    Kiba Kuzushi: df + X, B, B
    Zangetsu: axis step, X
    Karakubi Otoshi: standing up from crouch, X
    Taterenha: A, A
    Tate Hachisetsu Kyaku: A, B
    Ten Tsuyuharai: b + A
    Kimen Toushi: df + A
    Gyaku Retsu: db + A
    Kimon Tsurane Uchi: f, f + A, A
    Tsurane Tsuchi Geki: f + A, A, RB
    Tsuchi Geki ~ Kumo Ashi: f + A, A, RB, B
    Ninpou Oboro Utsushi Kagetou: axis step, A
    Ninpou Oboro Utsushi Sarumai: axis step, A, u
    Ninpou Oboro Utsushi Shizune: axis step, A, b
    Karasu Hane Bakutachi: standing up from crouch, A, A, RT
    Karasu Hane Kumo Ashi: standing up from crouch, A, A, df
    Kuutotsu Kyaku: B
    Chisen Kyaku: db + B
    Kurubushi Senpuu: b + B
    Iga San Ren Shuu: df + B, B, B
    Iga Ren Shuu Tou: df + B, B, d + B
    Iga San Ren ~ Kumo Ashi: df + B, B, (neutal), df
    Mima Gyaku Tsuki: f + B, B, B
    Ni Gyaku Tsuki ~ Kumo Ashi: f + B, B, df
    Santei Nagare: f + B, d + B, B
    Kage Tachi:  d + B, A
    Tsuru Ashi Hitou: d + B, d + B, B
    Tsuru Ashiryuu Mai: d + B, d + B, d + B
    Iizuna Kaeshi: f, f + B, B
    Iizuna Otoshi ~ Kumo Ashi: f, f + B, df
    Chisou Kyaku: axis step, B
    Mushina Kaeri: b, b + Y
    Ninpou Bakuen Ryuu: During Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
       Kyoshiro Senryo
    Kyoshiro is a master of the Japanese art of Kabuki and utilizes its artful
    interpretations and majestic actions to construct a "beautiful fighting art."
    Obsessed with popularizing Kabuki and being declared the warrior with the most
    aesthetic fighting style, Kyoshiro wanders around Japan performing and fighting
    One day Kyoshiro received an invitation to perform indefinitely in Europe by
    the mysterious Golba, a name linked to a revolutionary movement. Determined to
    share his art with the world, but suspicious of the offer, Kyoshiro decides to
    pursue the matter more directly and see what truths may be found.
    Genkodoudan: RB
    Goukai Chisen: RT
    Kaen Kyokubu: LB
    Choubi Jishi: d, db, b + B
    Kaiten Kyokubu: d, df, f + X rapidly
    Kaiten Kyokubu ~ Gokuraku Kyouwaza: Kaiten Kyokubu, A
    Chuunori: d, df, f + A
    Yokonagi ~ Aori Kaeshi: X, X
    Nagare Dai Uzu: db + X, X, X
    Uzu Shibuki: db + X, X, A
    Hassou Sandan: df + X, A, X
    Hassou Ge Sandan: df + X, A, A
    Tenjou Okuri: b + X, A
    Daikaitenzan: f, f + X
    Senryou Yakusha: b, f + X
    Senryou Yakusha Roppou Tsuki: b, f + X, A, A, A, A
    Kabuki Harite: axis step, X
    Komo Kiru: standing up from crouch, X
    Naginata Uesanza: A, X, X
    Naginata Sanza: A, X, A
    Naginata Gesanza: A, X, d + X
    Rasen Nagi: db + A, X
    Nagi Shishi: db + A, B
    Roppou Tsuki: d + A, A, A, A
    Uchidashi: df + A
    Higan Watashi: b + A, A
    Higan Kaiten Kyokubu: b + A, X, X, X, X, X
    Jishi Shi Renda: b, f + A, A, A, X
    Kaimoku Geki: f, f + A
    Shin Kabuki Messatsu: Kaimoku Geki, RB
    Budai Okuri: axis step, A
    Naraku Senda: standing up from crouch, A
    Joudan Kyaku: B
    Ashi Harai: db + B
    Gedan Kyaku: d + B
    Chuudan Kyaku: df + B
    Naki Benkei: axis step, B
    Keriyame ~ Roppou Tsuki: standing up from crouch, B, A, A, A, A
    Ichibandaiko: During Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
    A general of great strength in China and an indomitable fighter, Wan Fu can
    defeat any enemy but is powerless to cure his son of the deadly disease killing
    him. Unable to find a worthy doctor in China, Wan Fu sets his sights on Japan..
    Kikou Senpuuzan: d, df, f + A
    Kikou Daikisatsu: d, df, f + X, X, X
    Heki Saishou: axis step, X
    Kouga Enkaizan: standing up from crouch, X
    Wan-Fu Teki Kobushi Ranbu: f, f + A, RT
    Wan-Fu Dai Shouten Geki ~ Ichi: b, f + A, A, A, A
    Wan-Fu: Dai Shouten Geki ~ Ni: b, f + A, A, A, X
    Wan-Fu Atama Geki: f, f + A
    Dai Senpuuzan: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
    France was in political disarray and consumed by the rebellion. Warring parties
    struggled against each other until the royalist faction finally gained the
    upper hand against the civil army with the aid of a mysterious group. As a
    fighter in the civil army, Charlotte undertook a mission to uncover the nature
    of the secretive group and the information she discovered was startling. Her
    sources pointed to a small island in the East as the location of the group, so
    the blond swordswoman took up arms and departed for Japan...
    Power Gradation: d, df, f + A, X
    Level Slayer: d, df, f + X, X
    Valeria Fleuret: b, f + X, X, X
    Valeria Roll: b, f + X, X, B
    Valeria Kudreaux: b, f + X, X, A
    Moon Slayer: db + X
    Quick Ray: df + X
        Kazuki Kazama
    A ninja of the Kazama clasn and younger brother to Sogetsu. Kazuki also has a
    sister named Hazuki. One day the village Kazuki and his sister Hazuki lived in
    was visited by a strange woman with blond hair. The young woman seemed troubled
    by something but became friends with Hazuki during her time there. However,
    when Kazuki returned from a trip to the city a few days after her arrival he
    found his sister wounded and the blond woman gone. Before she fainted, Hazuki
    was able to tell her brother that the girl was kidnapped and that she wished
    for him to help her. Determined to fulfill his sister's wish he set off to
    rescue the strange girl.
    Rakyou Bakufun Geki: d, db, b + A, RB
    Rakyou Kouhi Geki: d, db, b + A, RT
    Rakyou Haze Kyaku: d, db, b + A, B
    Ouga Baku Honoo Tenoshira: b, f + A
    Ensenka: d, df, f + X
    Netsuten Bakufun Geki: d, db, b + B, B, A
    Gouen Nenshouken: LB
        Sogetsu Kazama
    Sogetsu is a member of the Kazama ninja clan and has the ability to manipulate
    water. As an incredibly skilled ninja he is being considered to take over the
    role of clan leader when the current leader passes. His is also Kazuki's older
    brother. When a strange foreign ship arrives off the coast of Japan the Kazama
    ninja are dispatched to investigate at the order of the shogunate. Seeing the
    mission as an opportunity to prove his worthiness to assume command, Sogetsu
    accepts and sets out.
    Oboro Sanshi: b, f + A, X, A, X, X
    Shougetsujin: d, df, f + A
    Tsukinage: d, df, f + X
    Senka Nagarestsuki Kei: Tsukinage, RB, X, X, X
    Suigetsu Kiba: f, f + A
    Kerigeki SHiranami no Kata: f, f + B
    Rakugetsu: b + A
    Gestu Ten Yasha: LB
    Gesshou Suichou Ha: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
        Kim Hae-Ryeong
    A warrior of the Korean dynasty Kim Hae-Ryeong is a man with a personal mission
    to fight evil whenever and wherever he sees it. One day he came across Angelica
    as she fled her persuers, and he witness the beautifil assassin as she killed
    the man who chased her. Taking up his weapon Kim confronted her and they fought
    for some time. Perhaps worried that the fight was allowing her persuers to get
    closer, Angelica abandoned her battle with Kim and fled into the night. To
    dispense the justice his honor required after witnessing her crime and sensing
    an evil around the woman, Kim decides to chase after her.
    Hienzan: d, df, f + B
    Tenshouzan: d, df, f + A
    Rasensou: d, df, f + X
    Hangetsuzan: d, db, b + B
    Hiryuu Houyou: d, db, b + A, X
    Houyou Kyaku: b, db, d, df, f + B
    Hiten Houou Kyaku: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
    Takechiy's a farmer turned warrior-in-training who once studied under Haohmarus
    tutelage in swordplay. Like his idol, he travels the land in hopes of improving
    himself. One day after a ship he was traveling on was rammed and sank, he was
    saved by Suzu when he swept ashore. Two months after his rescue, however, he
    heard of Suzu's disapperance from her home. Annoyed at the distraction to his
    training but determined to repay the debt to her, he sets out in search of the
    missing princess.
    Ryuusen: d, df, f + X
    Yoku Ryuusen: d, df, f + A
    Ryuuhou Ichidan: d, db, b + A
    Dou Kudaki: df + X
    Sekinoe: b, b + A
    Yasha Gari: db + B, X, RB
    Yama Tetsu: b, f + X, X, B
    10 years ago off the coast of Japan a child was saved from the wreckage of a
    foreign ship and adopted by a lord of Amori. The child was renamed "Suzu" and
    raised as a daughter of that noble house. A decade later she came upon an 
    injured Takechiyo and nursed back to health. During her rescue he told her of
    the ship which rammed his own boat and revealed it bore a certain crest. Suzu
    seemed to recognize the symbol and quickly set off in pursuit of a lead to her
    Zanretsu Ikkaku: b, f + A, A
    Zanretsu Touhatsu: b, f + A, X
    Itsuu Setsuna: b, f + X
    Tsukyo no Hitofuri: b, b + X, X
    Sakura Kino Yuugi: b + A, A, A
    Koutetsu no Hakugetsu: d, df, f + X, X, X
    Anun wo Waru Kaminari: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
    Going by the simple moniker of "J," this Lesphian sailor miraculously survived
    the sinking of his ship when it was near the island of Japan and made his way
    ashore when he slowly learned to live among the inhabitants. Despite his poor
    skills when he first arrived, J managed to perserve at fighting due to his
    incredible physical prowess. He wandered for many years improving on his sword
    technique and eventually fell in love with a geisha. In order to secure her
    freedom, however, he was instructed to procure an enormous sum of gold. The
    destitute wanderer had no choice but to accept a job to bring back a missing
    princess from Amori in order to release his beloved. With his trusty sword
    "Elvis," J set out in pursuit of Suzu.
    Speed Cut: f, f + A
    USH: RB + Y
    Overdive Cannon: USH, any button
    Calamity Combo ~ USH: d + X, A, Y on hit
    Liner Washer ~ USH: b, f + X, A, Y on hit
    Paulo Slash: df + X, Y on hit
    Trained as an assassin from early childhood by a mysterious organization,
    Angelica is well-versed in the arts of death and infiltration. After many years
    of service, however, she sought her independence and fled the organization. Her
    benefactors sent hunters after her, but when she was finally caught she was
    allowed to live by her persuers on two conditions - The first required her to
    bring back a young woman named Suzu from Japan and to secure a treasured sword.
    The second was to return with a samurai fit to take over for the organization's
    failing leader.
    Air Dance: d, db, b + X
    Spin Stab: d, db, b + A
    Escape The Heaven: b, b + X
    Stun Shot: f, f + A
    Mute Kick: b + B, B, B
    Nondeer: d + A, A, A
    Pronounced Valter
    Walter hails from the Mond und Sonne Drache Empire and is a knight in the
    "Crimson Lion Troop." He and his company were ordered to help contain the
    revolution in France and keep it from spreading over all of Europe. While
    preparing for the expedition, Walter became aware of a conspiracy to overthrow
    the empire once the knights were sent out. Under orders from his commander he
    began to investigate the rumors and left Europe to follow wherever the trail
    led him.
    Sharf Flugel: d, df, f + A
    Schneide Tifun: d, df, f + X, X, X, X
    Perfekt Butsui Wing: df + B, A, B
    Stark Reiz Stechen: b, f + A, A, A, A
    Kraut Wolke: b, f + A, A, A, df + A
    Turn Kick: b, f + A, A, A, B
    Tiger Nagel: df + A, A
         Black Hawk
    Black Hawk is a proud and powerful Native American Warrior. Many years past,
    during the American Revolution, Black Hawk's father was murdered by an officer
    of the military. Now old enough to avenge his father's death, Black Hawk seeks
    out the advice of a tribal shaman who tells him to seek the man in Japan.
    Jump Smash: RB
    Grave Hammer: RT
    Call of Death: LB
    Hawk Position: Sidestep, X + Y
    Murder Wing: Hawk Position, X, Y to return to HP
    Hawk Dive: Hawk Position, A, Y to return to HP
    Slide Shoot: Hawk Position, B
    Sky Hunter: Hawk Position, Y
    Body Press: d, df + B
    Death Mount: Body Press connects
    Tomahawk Swing: X (Y to enter HP)
    Double Tomahawk: X, X
    Eagle Rush: b, f + X, X, B
    Clip Smash: d + X, RB
    Strike Turn: On stand up, X, X
    Step Through: Sidestep, X
    Break Axe: f, f + X (Y to enter HP)
    Hit to Blast: d + X, RB
    Hit to Kick: d + X, B (Y to enter HP)
    Slugger Stomp: db + X, RT
    Low to Crush: df + X, RB
    Burn Smash: b + A (Y to enter HP)
    Burn Smash: b + A, RB (2)
    Ignite Needle: f + A
    Divider: df + A
    Genocide Smash: b, b + A, A, RB
    Strike Dead: b, b + A, A, B
    Double Strike: b, b + A, A, (Y to enter HP)
    Double Strike: b, b + A (3) (Y to enter HP)
    Slay Needle: A, A
    Slay Loop: A, B
    Volt Smash: df + A, RB, B (Y to enter HP)
    Volt Smash: df + A (3) (Y to enter HP)
    Volt Attack: df + A, RB (Y to enter HP)
    Volt Air Break: df + A, RT (Y to enter HP)
    Twin Edge: On stand up, A
    Hawk Symbol: f, f + A (Y to enter HP)
    Axel Smash: d + B, A
    Axel Kick: d + B, B
    Axel Feint Kick: d + B, d + B
    Axel Stomp: d + B, RT (Y to enter HP)
    Sky Revolution: d, u + B
    Rage Hawk Dive: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
        Jinbei Sugamata
    Jinbei is a retired samurai who now serves as a retainer in Amori that is
    tasked with watching over princess Suzu. One day, however, after she rescued
    Takechiyo, Suzu disappeared and suspicion was cast upon the old retainer. He
    sought after her and learned from Takechiyo that she had left in pursuit of a
    foreign ship. Worried for her safety, Jinbei follows after the wayward princess
    Gagun Shuuchuu Tsuki: d, df, f + A, A, A, A, A
    Gagun Nakashita Tsuki: d, df, f + A, A, A, A, d + A
    Tobi Yagura: b, b + A
    Yagura Otoshi: b, b + A, A, RB
    Ichi Tetsu: f, f + A
    Homare: d, db, b + A
    The descendant of northern Vikings, Garros was once a pirate and pillaged any
    ship that dared sailed in his territory. He and his crew were feared throughout
    the seas. His pirating days passed, however, and he married a woman named Agnes
    But one day after a terrible fight, she left him and departed for another
    country. He sought for any news of her after their quarrel and rumors brought
    him word of a woman bearing her description in a land called "Japan." A fear-
    some warrior still, he declared Japan his next destination and set off to
    reclaim Agnes and as much treasure as he could plunder along the way.
    Cyclone Axe: d, df, f + X, X 
    Cyclone Dance: d, df, f + X, RT, A
    Cyclone Driver: d, df, f + X, B, A
    Whale Driver: d, df, f + B
    Whale Crush: d, df, f + A
    Grief Strike: b, f + A, A
    Hurricane: b, b + A, A, X, X, X, X, X, X
    Revival Storm: f, f + A, X
    A skilled bullfighter with no fear, Kirian met a mysterious blond woman after
    one of his matches. The woman, Charlotte, began to critique his reckless style
    but was interrupted by an assassin seeking her life. Intrigued by the encounter
    Kirian decides to follow Charlotte and discover the meaning behind the assault.
    Espada: b, b + X
    Trio de Replica: df + X, B, A
    Corrida de Toros (Running of the Bulls): db + A, B, B
    Rising Phaser: b + X
    Tercio de Muerte: d, df, f + A
    A medium of the Ainu people of Japan and younger sister to Nakoruru, Rimururu
    can sense and commune with the great spirit of the land. One day, however, the
    voice of the Holy Spirit fell silent and Rimururu was troubled. Never before
    had she not been able to hear or feel its presence. Not wanting to involve her
    sister and determined to discover the cause on her own, she set off in pursuit
    of the truth.
    Konru Rimuse: d, d + A, B
    Okimunbelli Rimuse: d, df + B, A, A, A
    Kau Kau Kolui Ranke: d, df + B, A, A, A
    Emshi Rimuse: b + X, A
    Lupshi Teke: d, df, f + A
         Jubei Yagyu
    Jubei is a one-eyed master of Yagyu Shinkage-ryu style of swordsmanship and
    friends with the elusive ninja, Hanzo. He also doubles as a master of his own
    dojo and as an agent for the bakufu (government). One day, after receiving a
    report from Hanzo, Jubei learned of a foreign ship secretly harbored off the 
    waters of Japan. The ship's purpose, it seemed, was linked to a princess of
    Amori and some other undisclosed errand. Ordered by the bakufu to deal with the
    matter quietly, Jubei left Edo.
    Yagyu Step : d, df, f
    : Yagyu Step, X
    Hasshou Happa: Yagyu Step, A, A, A, A
    Hasshou Happa Tsuika Geri: Yagyu Step, A, A, A, A, X
    Hasshou Nitouzan: Yagyu Step, A, A, A, A, A, X
    Yagyu Ryoutou Ranbu: d, db, b + A, A, A, RB
    Yagyu Shingan Tou Souha: b + X + Y
    Yagyu Shingan Tou Tenra: db + X + Y
    Kuruma Shinzan: b + A, A, X
    Katana Sen Neguri: db + B, RB
    Shingan Itou: Rage Explosion, d, df, f + RT
    Ogre Slide: d, df, f
    Ogre Swing: Ogre Slide, X
    Kenny Rush: Ogre Slide, B, B, B
    Quadrapule A (ACE) ~ Stinger: b + X, X, X, A
    DIV (Double Impact Viper): b, f + X, A, A
    Burst Bride: b, b + X
    Ancestry of phantom bird (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Kim Hae-ryeong 
    Beautiful strong man (20)
    To complete the Story mode with Kyoshiro 
    Bloody hands (20)
    To kill 13 men in Survival mode 
    Bushido (40)
    To win in Xbox LIVE fighting for 20 times (in Ranked match) 
    Cold-blooded death (20)
    To complete the Story mode with Angelica 
    Dancing man in death place (20)
    To complete the Story mode with Kirian 
    Eternal war girl (20)
    To complete the Story mode with Charlotte 
    Golden wild wolf (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Claude 
    Great! (9) 
    To kill the opponent when you are dying (in Ranked match) 
    Handing sword princess (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Suzu 
    Kill thousand of men (50) 
    To kill thousand of men (in any mode) 
    Legendary hierophant (40)
    To complete the Story mode with all characters (with the highest difficulty) 
    Living war god in the west (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Jinbei 
    Nightmare of Lesphia (25) 
    Golba unlocked (complete Story mode with 24 characters) 
    Noble warrior on the earth (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Blackhawk 
    North Sea Unsinkable Ship (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Garros 
    One-eyed guardian (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Jubei 
    Samurai of thundercloud (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with J. 
    Samurai spirit (20) 
    To win in Xbox LIVE fighting for 5 times (in Ranked match) 
    Senior swordman (10) 
    To launch Slash 50 times successfully (in all modes except practice mode) 
    Succeed tradition (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Takechiyo 
    Super swordman (25) 
    To launch Slash 100 times successfully (in all modes except practice mode) 
    Sura spirit (50) 
    To win in Xbox LIVE fighting for 50 times (in Ranked match) 
    Survivor (10) 
    To kill 5 men in Survival mode 
    Swordman (5) 
    To launch Slash 10 times successfully (in all modes except practice mode) 
    The Cool-Perfect Killer (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Sogetsu 
    The crimson murderousness (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Genjuro 
    The day of defiance (20) 
    To provocate the opponent for 50 rounds (in all modes except practice mode) 
    The Heat-Fury Sword-Way (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Kazuki 
    The Huge Continental Wall (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Wanfu 
    The Impact Blue of Justice (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Galford 
    The invincible (30) 
    To kill 26 men in Survival mode 
    The lightning kicker (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Hanzo 
    The native cheerful girl (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Rimururu 
    The nature like mediums (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Nakoruru 
    The Solid-Steel Fortress (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Walter 
    The sparkling destiny (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Ukyo 
    The Toughest warrior of Japan (5) 
    To kill the opponent with full HP (in Ranked match, within 1 round) 
    The Toughest warrior on earth (15) 
    To kill the opponent with full HP (in Ranked match, within 1 match) 
    Unknown opponent (10) 
    To have Xbox LIVE fighting for once (regardless of the result, in any match) 
    Wandering strong swordman (20) 
    To complete the Story mode with Haohmaru 
    Wild Beast in the Wilds (25) 
    Draco unlocked (complete Story mode with 12 characters) 
    God - created everything
    GameFAQs - hosting this FAQ
    You - reading it.
    Guard Master - Achievement Points Info
    Kuro_Shurado - pointing out mistakes and gave me the idea of how to organize
    the moveset.
    SNK - creating the game
    Xseed - publishing it.
    Samurai Showdown official sites for the story.
    BBS livedoor for the majority of the original JP movenames.
    JDIC for translations
    My sisters Renea and Chigura Castillo aka Roja Calor and Kage Negra for helping
    me make the guide.
    I got tons of guides under my belt. I tend to write a lot of them for the old
    school games that are even older than my parents since retrophoria runs in the
    family. But with the success of my latest new-school guide Final Fantasy 13
    (1 million hits and counting) with the help of my co-writer, Split Infinity, I
    figure from here on out I will cue you guys in on some up and coming new-school
    games I plan to FAQ for in no particular order.
    Metroid: Other M
    Mario Galaxy 2
    King of Fighters 13
    Sonic 4: Episode 1
    Super Street Fighter 4
    Final Fantasy Versus 13
    Blazblue Continuum Shift
    Toki (Wiiware)
    Salamander Rebirth
    Jackal Rebirth
    Bonk Brink of Extinction
    God of War 3
    New Super Mario Bros Wii
    Megaman 10
    I will always be posting up old school games but I won't name any since I post
    them at random and if a new-school game not on the list catches my eye or if
    there's a bounty for it, then I'll probably FAQ it too though that too is also
    random just like this SS Sen FAQ was a random thing. Ti ji ji ^v^
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