How do you use Scorpions alternate costume and fatality?

  1. The preorders from Gamestop kome with a Kode on the reciept that allows you to download an alternate Kostume/Fatality(Toasty) for Skorpion.

    I've used my Kode, and downloaded the kontent, but idk where to find it in the game. when I go to the kharacter selection screen, I'm only able to use Skorpion's standard kostume and default fatality.

    how is this kontent suppose to work?

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    samuraistatus - 6 years ago
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    Yes, you are both right, it seems I am a Noob Saibot. I was able to figure this out later on my own. I rarely ever press start to select a kharacter, but I finally thought to try pressing start, and yes, pressing start allows you to select alternate kostumes. The fatality is still unknown though.

    User Info: samuraistatus

    samuraistatus - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Wait so to select an alt. Costume just hit start? Is that supposed to bring up something where I pick the costume or is it automatically done just by pressing start? Because when I press start it's just selecting the fighter. I'm only referring to the classic reordered scorpion since I haven't unlock any others yet.

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    BeaverFever502 - 6 years ago
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    no thanks to gamefaqs I had to go and search the internet on how to do the toasty fatality, but since several people were actually trying to help me out here, I will share what I discovered.

    The gamestop reciepts show a website that gives you the combo. the fatality will not show up in the list of fatalities until after it has been performed. this is the website you get when typing in the url off the reciept.

    the combo on this site lists the combo as "while holding BLOCK, press DOWN, UP, UP, release BLOCK, press BACK PUNCH. this is however WRONG!!! there is no blocking involved, in fact, you have to execute the fatality while jumping. someone f***** up big time on that one. It's really DOWN, UP, UP, Y while jumping.

    confused now? this toasty fatality is ridiculous hard to pull off at first, but after you master it, it's the easiest one to do in the game.

    listen to me on how to do this, the combo is to be performed in 2 parts. Unlike other fatalities were you quickly try to input the entire code, the toasty fatality has a break in it due to the jump. the description is not specific as to what part of the jump the combo is suppose to be executed. therefore instead of reading it as Down, Up, Up Y. It should be read as Down, Up...Up Y. the animation is duck, jump, and then pressing Up, Y while you're in the air just before you land.

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    samuraistatus - 6 years ago
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    Can you close the question please, Thanks.

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  1. I think the start button selects it

    User Info: aspohn

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  1. Aspohn is correct. To select any alternate costume for any character, simply press 'start'. As for the Original Fatality... I wish I knew. :(

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  2. For the costume you may have to to go the necropolis to unlock it go where the scorpion character is and press a it will tell you that you unlocked a costume and then press start when you select your character for the classic fatality down up up y on a jump distance

    User Info: mduquet

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  3. Actually, the code is printed on the receipt. You input in the "Redeem Code" section on the Xbox live menu on your xbox. Then you start up your game, and press start to select it. Just like you said.

    As far as the fatality goes, If you hold block Scorpion won't jump and it makes the fatality 3 times easier. Just let go on block right as you press Y.

    User Info: Omega_Pyro

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  4. According to what I've seen and read, the fatality must be performed at jump distance. (That's one jump away from your opponent.) You don't actually have to be in the air when performing it.

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  5. The blocking is so you don't move while trying to perform it, and works with any character's Fatality for the same purpose,
    HOWEVER, the Fatality will only work if you release block BEFORE the input of the last button (in this case, BP).

    User Info: Zephadus

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  6. To preform Scorpions Toasty fatality, you must be playing as Scorpion in his MK1 alternate costume. To do this, while at the character selection screen, highlight Scorpion and press start and scroll over to MK1. To preform the fatality, once prompted with "Finish Him" walk right up to your opponent, jump back once, and press: Down - Up - Up - Y. Some people claim you must block to get this to work properly, but as with any other fatalities including the Up command, if you press the buttons fast enough the game will register that you are preforming a fatality and not trying to jump. Hope this helps.

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