I need Fatilities numbers @ the krypt?

  1. In order not 2 waste my money.

    User Info: husambt

    husambt - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. DL-5 jades 2nd
    DL-21 ermacs 2nd
    DL-37 kabals 2nd
    DL-79 johnny cages 2nd
    DL-92 jaxs 2nd
    DL-120 cyraxs 2nd
    HI-4 barakas 2nd
    HI-12 shang tsungs 2nd
    HI-18 kanos 2nd
    HI-28 liu kangs 2nd
    HI-39 quan chis 2nd
    MD-2 nightwolfs 2nd
    MD-11 sektors 2nd
    MD-21 sheevas 2nd
    MD-31 kung laos 2nd
    MD-42 reptiles 2nd
    BM-2 mileenas 2nd
    BM-8 noobs 2nd
    BM-14 raidens 2nd
    BM-23 kitanas 2nd
    BM-26 smokes 2nd
    BM-35 sonyas 2nd
    BM-44 sindels 2nd
    BM-57 strykers 2nd
    BM-63 cyber sub zeros 2nd
    BM-72 scorpions 2nd

    User Info: vooreesnickers

    vooreesnickers - 6 years ago 0 0

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