Alternate costumes/colors for DLC Characters?

  1. I'm quite sure there is NO "Costume2" for DLC characters (Kenshi, Scarlet, Rain, Freddy).
    But alternate colors? I mean, picking Costume1 with Player2's color scheme by selecting them with the START button? Is it possible at all?


    User Info: _eraserhead_

    _eraserhead_ - 5 years ago

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  1. Here is how to choose the alternative colors on the DLC Characters:
    First, pick a regular character that already has an alternate costume. Then choose that character's alternate color by pressing START (like you already mentioned). Now go press the B-BUTTON to go back, and then select one of the DLC Characters by pressing A. You will now play with the alternate color.
    By the way, you can also do this trick with the regular characters if you have not unlocked their second costume yet.
    Please tell me if my explanation was bad.

    User Info: igiuLoiraM

    igiuLoiraM - 4 years ago 1 0


  1. There are statements made on the MK Wiki that there is a possibility that there will be alternative costumes for the DLC characters, however, I haven't confirmed this myself, but this may only be for the PS Vita version of the game only.

    User Info: timo4142

    timo4142 - 4 years ago 0 0

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