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"Beware... Mortal Kombat is back in da hood baby! - Fight!!!"

Today's been the launch of part nine of one of my all time favorite sagas: Mortal Kombat.
It's been named just as "Mortal Kombat" because it's something like the reboot from the series.

I really can't tell how out of breath I am for such a big event especially because after taking my hands on the game I could personally verify that it's definitely going to be tournament competitive.

The controls are sweet and flawless. Never since the introduction of the series to the 3D era were the controls as responsive and as easy to learn. There are lots of combinations for the newcomer and the veteran player all alike.

The game's graphics make use of the Unreal Engine and you can notice they've been polished to please even the most die-hard critic.

The game's Story is by far the best that's been told in a MK game. For us people who were following the main storyline ever since its beginning stages as well for people that's just got into Mortal Kombat by choosing their destiny to own a copy of the game, the Story Mode alone could make up for a single standing game. It looks like a movie for the great planning it surely had during its development.

The Sound & Music are a perfect combination. From the moment you connect a punch to your opponent's face, to the moment there is 4 players fighting 2-on-2 on a scenario that's got its own sound effects in the background, you're definitely going to get immersed once you hear those grunts and melodies.

The fighters, the scenarios, the details, the gore, the music, the AWESOME Story Mode, the Challenge Tower, the Krypt, the Easter eggs that have been carefully placed all over by developers and that are aimed to please us MK fans to a level of excitement only felt in the 2D era of the game... Part of my childhood is back!

All I can say is: Finally!!! It's about time they finally did something like this with a saga that was craving to retake its place amongst the top fighting games in the industry! This is like a rebirth from the saga's own ashes...

Coming from someone who's lately been very good at video game predictions: Mortal Kombat has come all the way here to stay big time!

And well, that's it. Thanks for reading this review, maybe you didn't like my writing style at all, but I needed to tell the world just how great this game is, and how excited I feel about it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/20/11

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (US, 04/19/11)

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