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"Mortal Kombat, once again showing why it's the best fighting franchise"

Mortal Kombat (9) is the latest game in the franchise, where everything has been changed. Many good, a few aggervating, all brutal, gorey fun.

This is usually the main part in games, but as Mortal Kombat is a fighting game, this takes a back seat. Overall they did what the could, considering the last canon game had Armageddon, literally. They basically rewrite the game history, as some characters change alliance, some change form, and some are just rehauled (I'm looking at you Kabal). They did a decent job with it, up until the third act, then if this story is canon, they shot themselves in the foot. With how the ending is, Mortal Kombat 10 is going to fight hard not to suck.

Now THIS is the main thing for the game. They did well with making everything fluent, as the only times I've had alot of problems with doing the moves was because of my controller malfunctioning. I didn't give this a ten do to cheesiness from certain characters (Reptile, Baraka), and that new thing where if you hit a boss while they're in the process of doing a move, it doesn't affect them. That's REALLY aggervating when you hit a boss and they hit you right afterwords, as you don't get much time to affect them with a move. But I digress. The new X-Ray moves are BRUTAL, and generally easy to perform, which also means hard to avoid. They made it very simple to do, by pressing two buttons at the same time when your special bar is full. The enhanced moves is a nice bonus, though there are many times where I find myself perfering you just save the bar and using the X-Ray move rather than doing an enhanced move. I can safely say the X-Rays are a great addition to Mortal Kombat. Time for everyone's favorite thing about the games, the Fatalities! They heard the fans say how much they hated the kreate a Fatality in MK Armageddon, and how boring most Fatalities were in MKvsDC. Stupid Teen rating. They heard the complaints, they listened, and they made the fatalities so brutal and disgusting amazingly gorey that some fans gag and look away when the Fatalities happen. If you aren't new to the franchise, you've seen the dismemberments and the burnings, the stabbings and the cannibalism...ings. They took it to whole new, utterly sadistic levels. Kung Lao decapitating someone? Seen it. Decapitating them then cutting them in half while their innards spilt in slow motion. Yes, they did that. Stryker tazing some one before shotting half their head off? Awesome! Smoke jabbing his fingers into someones eyes, emitting a type of acid somke causing them to melt? I love it! There isn't a single thing to complain about with what they did with the fatalities. They are perfect

Graphics and Sounds-10/10
They made this so realistic and lifelike that it's amazing, and I found myself just staring at the screen in awe at it. They made the men manlier and the women....booblier. Yeah, they dressed the women up to the point where a slight gust would cause a wardrobe malfunction, and that they defy gravity with their clothes. You can beat them up so badly that the outfits couldn't exist. Hell they made them so small one of Mileenas outfits is string. That's it. Ed Boon is aware that this franchise is primarily loved by men. Every guy in the gane (except Cage) looks like they could destory you with one finger, and some don't even need that. They could shatter any normal being, and that's what the creators wanted. No one looks weak, and everyone is awesome. Seriously though, why are the women so close to naked? It's not bad, but it's gonna cost them female fans. The designs for the levels bring back serious nostalgia, and I love it! The levels were made for the fans from the beggining to enjoy, and we do. The sound is nice, but a bit muffled from the grunts of the characters, and the players screaming at eachother or the screen

Basically everybody who's anybody from the first four games is here, and it doesn't disappoint with what they did to them. They have new moves, new fatalities, altered designs, and it all works. The only problem is that there isn't a new character. Yes, there's Kratos, but that's PS3 exclusive, so I won't say anything other then he fits into the franchise. Seriously though, why didn't Xbox get anything in compensation? Maybe have a free DLC character for us? Regardless, rumors are stating that a new character will be available soon enough, and she is from the second game as a glitch, so it ties in well. They picked all the right characters for this game

Unlockable Kontent-8/10
There isn't much to unlock in this game. Beat the story mode and you now have every last character. You can buy alternative costumes,but I've noticed that many of them are slight modifications, with only a few being major costume changes. Smoke's alternative is him with his hood on. That's it. Cyrax and Sektors however are of their complete human form, which is awesome! Overall, other then the costumes, the only things to unlock is character drawings. It's nice, but there should be more to unlock, like new stages

Other things-10/10
I say other things as these are the things that were added, that I didn't want to throw into the mix with the other sections. First off, this game is four player. That's right, four people at the same time. And offline too!! They actually have most of the stuff for online on offline too, the only exception being King of the Hill. Now, the four player is restricted to tag team, another new feature for the main games, and another great thing, but that's for a little later. It means you and a buddy can tag up and fight two other friends to the death. It's amazing! Now for a touch of online, the only new thing for online that isn't in offline is King of the Hill, as I've previously said. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds interesting, and it sounds like it could work well as a match type. They brought back the 2D fighting, which is great, as it works so well, and is less of a pain to deal with. It keeps the flow going better, and just makes everything more fun

Pre order bonuses-8/10
As this game already came out, the only way to get the pre order bonuses is online stores (eBay, craigslist, etc), but it's worth reviewing. The additional things are the Klassic Scorpion costume and fatality from Gamestop normal pre order, which looks cool, but I personally didn't get the fatality, and I don't know if others have had this problem, but it's aggervating. Amazon had a Reptile Kassic costume, and I don't know if it did or didn't have the fatality too. I got the Kollector's Edition from Gamestop, and that came with the cool Ermac klassic skin (no fatality), Scorpion and Sub Zero bookends which look nice, a 100+ page artbook, and a Scorpion costume for the Avatar. I thought it was a cool, but due to the malfunctions I got, I lowered the grade

Buy or Rent?
Buy it. Buy it, buy it,buy it. This is the best fighting game out for the modern systems, and the only reason to rent it is so you can play while you save up money to buy this game. Everyone that has this game loves it from what I've heard, and with good reason. This game is so great, and with minor flaws, that it was worth the $100 for the kollecters edition, it's worth the $60 for the regular, and it's what fighting games should be.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/22/11

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (Kollector's Edition) (US, 04/19/11)

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