Review by Mephistofun

Reviewed: 05/18/11

A re-imagining of the franchise that faithfully recreates the flaws too.

Over the top death moves? Check.
Delightfully cliched main story? (and in that I mean that it is brilliant). Check.
Move spamming end boss? Check.
Occasionally random player movement? Hang on. That was never in the original.

The Xbox 360's standard pad very nearly kills this game at times. The D Pad is atrocious. Bad players, this is your game. You really can blame the pad. And it isn't the games' fault. On a D pad where up can sometimes get translated to towards and down, special moves and dodging projectiles can be a bit hit and miss. Throw in the odd sticking moment when the pad decides you really ought to be running in one direction and you've got a recipe for disaster.

That said the moves on Mortal Kombat are more simple to pull off and it fairs better than Streetfighter when the player is fighting to get the pad to do what it's told. I only mention this because if you are paying good money for this but have less patience than me, you'll need a pad too, thus doubling the cost. Is it worth it then?

Well multiplayer options look okay on paper but waiting for a match can be a nightmare. I fell asleep whilst waiting on a number of occasions. It had less to do with connection speed and more to do with the lack of online players and how long the game takes to match them.

Luckily single player and local multiplayer, split screen especially, is a nostalgic gem. Controller issues aside the game rarely frustrates, even if you're rubbish, and the art style and detail in the game is worth the asking price alone. It isn't graphically the best but for sheer imagination and fun with it's horror genre, nothing beats it (up).

The challenges are typically bonkers for the Mortal Kombat universe and well worth investing your time in. Provided you aren't too fussed about online play and can forgive the spammy end boss this will last you ages. (Can somebody just make an end boss that is just more intelligent and powerful rather than changing the rules of the game to put the player at a disadvantage please developers?)

Graphics 8
Gameplay 6 (nothing new? Slow to get online. Single Player and two player scores much higher though)
Sound 9
Longevity 6. (Not long online but at home it'll last for months)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Mortal Kombat (EU, 04/21/11)

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