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"GET OVER HERE! And play this game!"

This game is great for Mortal Kombat fans and newcomers alike! It brings the style of the original Mortal Kombat arcade games to get to know the graphics and technology of the modern-age consoles. You should really, really play this game:

GAMEPLAY--9/10: The gameplay in Mortal Kombat is almost perfect, unlike the most recent games in the series, this installment has returned to the classic 2D arena gameplay, this is, in my opinion: Very good! In the recent games, projectiles like Raiden's bolts or Kitana's thrown fans were becoming almost useless, purely because of the fact that they could be dodged, simply by sidestepping. with the return to 2D arenas this cannot be done and so projectiles with ACTUALLY BE OF USE again in PvP. The fighting engine itself has been deeply refined, making it smoother and faster: Meaning that you can string together incredible combos with out looking like a bit of an idiot. It really makes the game so much better! but, over the good points, many of which I have not mentioned purely for the sake of this being a quick review, loom some shadows: The online play. It is amazing, the online play has evolved from watching names move up and down, to people actually being able view the fights happen, and even get their avatars in there to cheer them on (yes, you can make your avatar cheer and jump up and down at the fight). BUT: The online lag can be an absolute game killer. The lag is a horror when you're trying to create cool combos. Another bad point about the gameplay would be the overpowered bosses. Bosses that spam and spam. As soon as a battle with Shao Khan starts, he begins lobbing endless hammers at you! otherwise AWESOME GAMEPLAY!!!!!

HOW DOES IT LOOK? -- 10/10: This game is beautiful. Some of the best graphics I've ever seen, also if you are a returning fan, then you will be glad to the see the return of Klassic Mortal Kombat maps such as the Acid Baths of the Dead Pool. With EXTREME environmental fatalities. I need not say much about it because there are, In my opinion, no problems with the looks of this game. The backgrounds even move and are much more interesting, on one of them ,there is a dragon flying around the arena while the city it is set in burns.

HOW DOES IT SOUND?--10/10: The game sounds brilliant, each punch gives great satisfaction to your ears not to mention your eyes. Raiden even makes that awesome sound when he does his superman-ish flying move. "Oh yo wye eeh!" My only quarrel with the sound of this game (which is COMPLETELY PERSONAL) is that when Liu Kang executed his famous bicycle kick, he does not make his awesome bicycle kick sound.

OVERALL--9.5/10: But I'm afraid that's not an option on the GameFAQs review system, so we're going for 9/10 (officially) PLAY THIS GAME! ------------ FINISH HIM!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/10/12

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (EU, 04/21/11)

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