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    Freeman by Omega Cosmo

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    Freeman FAQ V 1.03
    For Garou: Mark Of The Wolves Arcade.
    By Omega Cosmo (Andreas "Andy" Borgelind / Andersen)
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 Omega Cosmo
    Character Freeman and game Garou: Mark Of The Wolves is copyright of SNK.
    Mail: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
    Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ky2/omega/newfirst
    (If you like my way of writing, then you will love my website to death... 
    check it out why doncha?)
    KMegura's official copyright protection follows:
    (With the alteration of yours truly)
    This document is for private and personal use only--it cannot
    be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
    form (written or otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be used
    in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
    it away as a gift. This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
    anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
    my express written permission. This FAQ was created and is owned by
    me, Omega Cosmo. All copyrights and trademarks are
    acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.
    This FAQ should only be existing at:
    GameFAQ's = http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker = http://www.neoseeker.com
    Shin Creative Heaven = http://www.angelfire.com/ky2/omega/newfirst
    If you want to use my FAQ, you must have my written permission.
    Adress: a_borgen80@hotmail.com
    Latest version of this FAQ can always be found at these places.
    1. General Info / Controls
    2. Freeman Bio
    3. Quick Move List
    4. Detailed Move List
    5. Combos
    6. Colors
    8. Story
    9. Thanks / Credits
    10. Revision History
    1. General Info / Controls
    Omega Cosmo here again.
    This time I have with me a Freeman FAQ from the game
    Garou: Mark Of The Wolves.
    I hope you enjoy it.
    Although it doesn't contain as many extras as my Ramon FAQ (for King of 
    Fighters 2000)
    it does include some pointers which might make you a better Freeman player.
    And if it doesn't, at least you'll get some enjoyable reading...
    Pro's :
    + He is quite fast...
    + ...and also quite strong. (In other words, balanced stats)
    + His moves come out very fast and surprising.
    Con's :
    - Some of his moves lacks priority.
    - He has a hard job in a projectile fight.
    Finally, reading this FAQ, I assume you know all the basic controls and 
    other things you need to know
    to play Garou: Mark Of The Wolves.
    Just to insure that I won't get mails in which I can read "What is that and 
    what is that..."
    If you wanna know how to play the game, there are other FAQ's for that 
    With that said, on to the controls:
    ub   u   uf    Jump Backward         Jump Up      Jump Forward
      \  |  /        (up-back)             (up)         (up-forward)
    b -- n -- f    Retreat / Block       Neutral      Approach
      /  |  \        (back)                             (forward)
    db   d   df    Crouch Block          Crouch       Offensive Crouch
                        (down-back)           (down)       (down forward)
    [ Button Layout ]  -----------------------------------------------------
      B  C  D                   Weak Kick    Strong Punch    Strong Kick
    A              Weak Punch
    [ Other Notation ]  ----------------------------------------------------
    dir.   :  Any of the eight directions can be used: u (up), d (down)
              b (back), f (forward), ub (up back), uf (up forward)
              db (down back) or df (down forward).
    qcf    :  Roll the joystick from d to f  (d,df,f)
    qcb    :  Roll the joystick from d to b  (d,db,b)
    hcf    :  Roll the joystick from b to d to f  (b,db,d,df,f)
    hcb    :  Roll the joystick from f to d to b  (f,df,d,db,b)
    AB                              -  low dodge attack
    d + AB                          -  high dodge attack
    During T.O.P. mode, CD          -  T.O.P. Attack
    f, f                            -  dash (front step for some characters)
    b, b                            -  back dash
    Tap u quickly                   -  small jump
    When close, f or b + C          -  throw
    Right when grabbed, f or b + C  -  Throw Escape
    A, right before down            -  Down Evade - forward (small)
    B, right before down            -  Down Evade - back (small)
    C, right before down            -  Down Evade - forward (big)
    D, right before down            -  Down Evade - back (big)
    f + AC or d + AC                -  Feint Move
    Start Button                    -  Taunt
    Game Features (by Orochi K)
    There are some new features in the game and you need to know them well to
    understand the guide. Here's a brief explanation for each of those.
    FEINT MOVES - These are moves which you use to confuse the opponent and to
                  give them the false impression that you are going to use a
                  move. Basically, a feint move is the starting animation of
                  a special move except that the character will not really
                  perform the move.
    T.O.P. - A new feature to the game. Before each match, you'll be asked to
             set your T.O.P. gauge along with the opponent. Your life bar is
             divided into 3 parts for this purpose and it is up to you where
             you'll place it. When you reach that part, your character will
             flash as long as his life end in this particular region. Once
             he loses more life such that the gauge disappears, the character
             stops flashing.
             Here's what happens during this time:
                      * Your offensive power increases.
                      * Your recover some life while you are not being hit.
                      * You can use your T.O.P. attack which is specific to
                        each character by pressing CD.
    JUST DEFENDED - Another new feature, this one will occur when you defend
                    a move at the very last second. Your character will flash
                    briefly and the words "Just Defended" will quickly be
                    displayed on your side. When this happens, you recover
                    some life and you can use guard cancel to hit the opponent.
    GUARD CRUSH - This occurs when you block too many moves in quick succession.
                  Once the guard crush is about to occur, your character will
                  flash red and you must avoid blocking any more more for the
                  next 3-5 seconds. If you do so, your guard will break and
                  the opponent's following attack will connect.
    S. POWER - S. Power is needed to pull out your character's super move.
               When you pull out the move, the background vanishes to leave
               a black screen and the animation freezes for a second or so.
    P. POWER - P. Power refers to Potential Power. These are stronger versions
               of your super moves. The screen turns back once more but here,
               you'll also see some kick-ass light effects which are definitely
               worth a look. The animation also freezes when you pull these.
    2. Freeman Bio
    Age:               24 years old
    Height:            185 cm
    Weight:            80 kg
    Birthday:          November 21
    Blood Type:        Unknown
    Nationality:       England
    Fighting Style:    Ga-ryuu Kakutoujustu (self-style fighting) "Zanki" + 
    Hobbies:           Popping bubble wrap
    Specialty:         As long as his head can fit, he can slip through anything
    Most Important:    His drill necklace (he likes it)
    Most Unpleasant:   Flowers with a lot of pollen
    Likes:             The edges of needles and blades
    Dislikes:          The middle of a big crowd
    Favorite Food:     Fish & Chips
    Favorite Music:    Heavy Metal
    Best Sport:        None
    3. Quick Move List
    Freeman, Origin Of Life/Death
    Gore Fest                     When close, f or b + C
    Nightmare                     qcf + P
    Crow                          qcb + K
    Phobia                        f,d,df + P
    V.O.D.                        qcb + P (up to 3 times)
    Morbid Angel                  hcf + K
    Full Blast                    qcf,qcf + A (hold)
    Creeping Death                qcf,qcf + B
    Full Blast                    qcf,qcf + C (hold)
    Creeping Death                qcf,qcf + D
    TOP Attack                    Overkill
    Feint Full Blast              f + AC
    Feint Phobia                  d + AC
    4. Detailed Move List
    I will write down how many hits and points of damage each attack does.
    Points of damage were found by playing the games Practice mode.
    Moves were tried out on a standing Terry which takes normal damage and is
    tall enough to get hit by all hits.
    120 Points = Full Life Meter.]
    Gore Fest
    When close, b / f + C
    1 Hit 14 Points
    Freeman grabs the enemy and slices his chest, easy as that.
    Just a normal throw.
    (Rating: N/A)
    =Special Attacks=
    qcf + P
    A 1 Hit 17 Points
    C 1 Hit 21 Points
    Freeman slides forward and slices his enemy up with his nails.
    A fairly surprising and effective move which should be used whenever you
    get the chance to use it.
    People tend to forget that it doesn't hit low.
    The C version travels farther than the A version and is also stronger.
    A version should be used when you are unsure of what your enemy is going to 
    (Permitted that he is close to you of course, since the recovery time of
    the A version is faster than the C version.)
    (Rating: ****-)
    qcb + K
    B 2 Hits 18 Points, 17 Correct
    D 2 Hits 20 Points, 19 Correct
    Freeman jumps up in the air, comes down, slices his enemy two times and
    then goes back to normal stance.
    I 'think' that this is an overhead, I am not sure however.
    It's quite fast and has decent damage, but I do not use it frequently 
    I tend to stick to the ground ;D.
    (Rating: ***--)
    f,d,df + P
    A 1 Hit 18 Points
    C 1 Hit 22 Points
    Freeman performs a fast and strong overhead slice.
    This move is VERY GOOD in close combat.
    Partly because overheads tend to rock (:P) and also because it's fast AND
    I personally like to abuse this move when I get a chance to.
    Although I find it a bit slow to use in advanced combos...
    (Rating: ****-)
    qcb + P (up to 3 times)
    A 1-2-3 Hits 8-16-24 Points, 8-15-21 Correct
    C 1-2-3 Hits 8-16-24 Points, 8-15-21 Correct
    Freeman does a fast hit with his fierce nails followed by two more if
    you repeat the qcb + P move two more times.
    A cool and useful move which I tend to use a lot aswell.
    The only difference between A and C versions is 'where' he hits.
    This also doesn't have any real meaning to it, although I think that the
    A versions second hit hits low...
    Go figure...
    (Rating: ****-)
    Morbid Angel
    hcf + K
    [NOTE: This move only connects if used when standing directly besides your 
    B 1 Hit 21 Points
    D 1 Hit 21 Points
    Freeman does a somersault in the air, escaping.
    D version makes him jump farther.
    Only way to actually make him damage his enemy while doing this move is to 
    EXACTLY besides him when executing it.
    It's surprising and strong, but I mostly use it to joke around.
    (Rating: **---)
    =S-Power Moves=
    Full Blast
    qcf,qcf + A (hold)
    1 Hit 35 Points
    Freeman charges energy, then realizes it in a wave of negative energy.
    It's a usual move, I often use it when the enemy is jumping against me,
    which is a very good strategy.
    However, charging it up doesn't seem to make it stronger...
    (Rating: ****-)
    Creeping Death
    qcf,qcf + B
    3 Hits 35 Points
    Freeman says "Ikuzo" in a dark tone, then starts walking forward.
    If he gets hit while walking forward, the move is executed.
    Then Freeman releases a flurry of dangerous punches and kicks, damaging the
    enemy in a hard way.
    Well, what can I say about this move?
    It's strong and dangerous alright, but connecting with it might prove
    a challenge when fighting someone that isn't a beginner...
    (Rating: ***--)
    =P-Power Moves=
    Full Blast
    qcf,qcf + C (hold)
    2 Hits 50 Points, 47 Correct
    Exactly like the other version, with the difference that Freeman hits two 
    and the damage is better.
    Stick to it and remember to use it when the enemy is jumping in on you!
    (Rating: *****)
    Creeping Death
    qcf,qcf + D
    7 Hits 65 Points, 48 Correct
    Exactly like the other version, with the difference that it's stronger and 
    course more hits!
    Use it in the same manner as the other version of course.
    (Rating: ***--)
    =TOP Attack=
    (when in T.O.P. mode) CD
    1 Hit 17 Points, 29 Correct
    Freeman forms some kind of shield around him, damaging the enemy.
    A good T.O.P. attack which should be mildly abused when your in T.O.P.
    It ticks your opponents off real good if used correctly.
    (Rating: ***--)
    =Feint Attacks=
    Feint Full Blast
    f + AC
    A feint version of the Full Blast that can be used to avoid low attacks.
    Can be VERY useful.
    (Rating: ****-)
    Feint Phobia
    d + AC
    A feint version of the Phobia that can be used to avoid high/mid moves.
    Can be VERY useful aswell.
    (Rating: ****-)
    5. Combos
    A bunch of combos.
    The lower down the list they are, the harder they are to perform.
    Need I mention that Freeman is not so comboable?
    Reasons to this might be slow moves and the fact that he only
    has one comboable DM, which is pretty hard to connect as it is.
    1. B > D = 2 Hits
    2. A > D = 2 Hits
    3. Low B > Low B > Low B > Low B = 4 Hits
    4. qcb + A > qcb + A > qcb + A = 3 Hits
    5. qcb + C > qcb + C > qcb + C = 3 Hits
    6. (Close) A > A > A = 3 Hits
    7. A > qcb + A > qcb + A > qcb + A = 4 Hits
    8. C > qcb + C > qcb + C > qcb + C = 4 Hits
    9. D > qcb + A > qcb + A > qcb + A = 5 Hits
    10. D > qcb + C > qcb + C > qcb + C = 5 Hits
    11. A > qcf,qcf + A = 2 Hits
    12. D > qcf,qcf + A = 2 Hits
    13. D > qcf,qcf + C = 4 Hits
    14. A > D > qcf,qcf + A = 3 Hits
    15. A > D > qcf,qcf + C = 4 Hits
    [From MGA:]
    16. Jump+C, D, qcf+A
    17. Jump+C, D, (qcb+C 3 times)
    18. Jump+C, D, (f,d,df+A)
    19. Jump+C, D, qcb+B {difficult to hit opponent}
    Cute little "combo tree" by MGA that shows Freemans
    "awesome" comboability:
    6. Colors
    A weird section where I shall cover all the colors / outfits of Freeman.
    This followed by my comments.
    (My personal comments of course, you probably have a different opinion)
    A = Default outfit.
    Orange hair, black "shirt", white pants with black stripes, white necklace.
    (He looks a bit odd, but it's a decent color.)
    B = Evening outfit.
    Yellow hair, black "shirt", red pants with black stripes, red necklace.
    (Looks ready to party (oO) aka a nice color.)
    C = Cold outfit.
    White hair, black "shirt", blue pants with black stripes, blue necklace.
    (Looks cool, I really like the color blue so wtf ;D.)
    D = Vampire outfit.
    Red hair, dark green "shirt", green pants with dark green stripes, gray 
    (My favorite outfit.
    Damn he looks evil :D.)
    The win quotes that Freeman has to his disposal.
    vs. Terry: Is there a tomorrow that can exceed today?
    vs. Khushnood: The day must end... Follow it's example!
    vs. Dong Hwan: Such a fine night.
    vs. Freeman: Toodle-doo!
    vs. Gato: Enough suffering. Die!
    vs. Hokutomaru: I'll teach you the joy of an instant death.
    vs. Hotaru: Dying innocent is such a luxury...
    vs. Tizoc: I love a slaughter!
    vs. B.Jenet: Don't fight it. Die...
    vs. Jae Hoon: Why do you hang on to such a pitiful life?
    vs. Kevin: Aren't you dead yet?
    vs. Rock: Boy, do you know death?
    vs. Grant: Accept my gift...a gorgeous death.
    vs. Kain: Dying is a learning experience, too.
    8. Story
    The complete MOTW story for Freeman.
    Spoilers here, of course.
    *****Mid-Boss: Kevin Ryan*****
    [Freeman and Kevin stand at the edge of a army base. There are helicopters
    doing exercises in skies]
    That hair... Hey, it's you! A year ago, you killed a cop!
    So. He died a blissful death!
    Ah, it is you! Watch me, Marky! This is what vengeance is!
    [Freeman and Kevin fight. Freeman wins]
    Oh...Wimp! Too weak for me!
    I did so want to kill you, but not today! Had a blast!
    You! Wait! I'll bust you! Someday...
    *****Grant's Intro*****
    [Freeman stands is a dimly lit room]
    No lights, huh?
    You fight for pleasure... But can a psychotic like you possible beat me?
    ...Hah!...Let's see!
    [A large figure stands before Freeman]
    I am Grant...The Martyr of Might... Now show me your awesome power...show me
    all you have.
    *****Grant's Defeat to Kain's Intro*****
    [Freeman stands before a defeated Grant]
    Oooh. So that's it! The destruction of battle...fully realized to it's
    ultimate potential...by one consumed with the fanatical fire of fury.
    I'm sick of you. Just go ahead and die, scum!
    [Grants eyes stop glowing]
    Kain! What a pity! ...Oooohgyaaaaaaaaah!
    [Grant disappears]
    [The screen goes black]
    To end decadence here...all the weak must die.
    [A well dressed man in white with long blonde hair stands with his hand in 
    The truth of humanity is found only in bloody battle! Grant lost? So what 
    [The man stands with his back to Freeman]
    So, you're Kain. This could be fun.
    [Kain turns around. There is a large portrait of a woman with blonde hair to
    his back]
    Straddling life and death... How truly pathetic of you! But less so than a
    coward, who only has safety in mind.
    Just what're you on, freak? Enough prattle. Let's get this over! Not the
    philosophical type, are you, Freeman?...
    [The two evil men fight]
    [Freeman stands in front of a injured Kain]
    ...Indeed...Hasty...But the genuine article...
    But...those eyes...Black pits of a dark soul...
    [Kain's mansion begins to crumble]
    ...Farewell, dark one...
    [Kain's mansion collapses]
    [Freeman is shown standing on top of a old house with his arms outstreched.
    The moon is in th background]
    [A close-up shot of Freeman, then a shot of a sniper scope aiming at 
    Female Agent:
    The snipers have confirmed the target to be Freeman...
    [A Inspector with a mustache and a female agent with blonde hair holding
    binoculars are shown. Two snipers are in the background]
    Female Agent:
    Inspector, are we go?
    Of course we are. I'll take responsibility. That scum killed so many of my
    men, it must end here!
    [The inspector screams]
    Take the shot!
    [Freeman is shot in the heart]
    He fell in the river! Find him!
    [The inspector is in a boat. A soldier is in the water]
    What's going on? How long'll the search take?
    Inspector, he disappeared. We've found no trace of him.
    What? That can't be! Keep searching! Find him!
    [The inspector and the female agent are in the boat. Several other police
    boats are in the area. The house is in the background]
    This can't be! Where did he go!
    [One last shot of the house is shown]
    [Credits roll]
    9. Thanks / Credits
    - Because I wrote this.
    - My star on the online heaven.
      Rock on girl *L*.
    - Just because she is cool.
      Peace out :D.
    - Because I would be beaten if I didn't include him.
    - Same as Evil_Shingo.
      Kinda =P.
    - What can I say, everyone who are there are trustworthy.
      You all rock.
    SNK       (www.neogeo.co.jp)
    - For making Garou: Mark Of The Wolves and loads of other excellent games.
    GameFAQ's (www.gamefaqs.com)
    - It's the ultimate FAQ place. Period.
    - For Freemans bio and move names.
    - For the Quotes and Story sections.
      (Too lazy to check them myself ^.^;)
    - Parts of the Combos section.
    Orochi K
    - Game Features section.
      (Again, too lazy to write it up myself!!!)
    Evil Shingo
    - Pointed out what the Feint moves can be used for.
    10. Revision History
    Version 1.03 (2nd January 2001)
    - Minor correction that was pointed out by
      Evil Shingo.
    Version 1.02 (29th December 2001)
    - Got Game Features section up.
      Corrected some typos.
      Added more stuff to the Combos section.
      Added rating to the moves.
      Expect a VS guide in the future.
    Version 1.01 (28th December 2001)
    - Finally updated, and it's a massive update!
      Got the Story and Quotes section online,
      and fixed the Combos section.
    Version 1.00 (10th November 2001)
    - Most things added, but (as usual) in
      need of combos!
    End of FAQ
    / Omega Cosmo 2001

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