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    Kevin Rian by Gunsmith

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                                  Kevin Rian Guide
    0.5 more combos and misc info.  Yeah, I'll clean up later.
    0.7 mess mess with combos.... tactics....
    0.8 Did you notice if you do one 360+A with Tizoc, the opponent
        lands EXACTLY in the range for a empty hop -->360+A...
        damn me Hotaru does damage.. oh mama....
    qcb b, a crawler is comboable?????
    qcb a is cancellable??? into ANYTHING with D! D, or QCF D, etc...
    damn! Rock can cancel his AB overhead attack! Damn him!
    Section 1 (Tactics) by Gunsmith
    Section 2 (Bio etc) by James Kuroki
    [SECTION 1]
    Okay, let's get one thing straight here.  
    1.  Stop reading this now if you are a moron.
    2.  If you are not a moron, you can only be one other thing, if you wish
        to continue to read... YOU ARE KEVIN RIAN.
    After realising what a horrible mistake it was to dye your hair white
    and buy orange combat trousers, prepare for battle with some
    mental exercises.
    Bounce a ball on the floor.  One of those REALLY bouncy ones.
    Can you catch it?  Can you bounce it so it goes directly up and down
    vertically?  Easy, huh.  Well, close your eyes and bounce it.  Can
    you still catch it?  Not so easy, huh.  Not impossible, but much more
    difficult.  You need to BE that bouncing ball as an opponent.  Your
    opponent is trying to catch you.  You are trying to blind him.
    Not happy with that idea?  Let's look at it this way.  Every character
    has strengths and weaknesses.  You have to capitalise on EVERYTHING.
    EG: Pick out a common opponent, eg: Rock Howard.
    Analyse him (Yes, you can start groaning now, it's gonna be hard)
    Let's narrow down Rock's Anti-air manuevers to:
     a:- Counter
     b:- Rising Tackle
     c:- Just Defense
    Let's narrow down Kevin's anti-ground attack options to:
     1:- Jump D
     2:- Just Defense 
     3:- Empty hop, HCF+P
    You can see how each option can cancel each other out, right?
    Welcome to the MIND GAME.  The next step to utilise the mind game
    is PATTERN.
    Let's take a look at a probable round blowdown.  Each event is 
    the same situation (Kevin jumps at Rock).  Let's also assume
    that the opponents do not know each other.
    i.    [a1] occurs (Rock counters Kevin's jump D).
          Kevin is immediately wary of jumping and attacking.
          YOU have to guess what kind of opponent you have.
          Is your opponent going to randomise or try the same
          thing again?  If Rock starts busting out counters
          in this order, LOW, HIGH, LOW, HIGH, high chances are
          your opponent is counter happy.  Jump in and throw
          the punk.
    ii.   [b1] [b3] Kevin gets smacked.  When I get hit by a Rising
          Tackle, I think the opponent has switched from Geese mode
          to Terry mode (Geese and Terry mode... isn't that scary?)
          so next time, Kevin jumps in waiting to just defend.  If
          Kevin meets a [2a] or [2c] situation he can quickly turn
          it into a [3a] or [3c]!
    If you're getting beaten up, don't worry.  Just watch and learn
    the opponents pattern.  A good opponent's pattern will try to 
    outmatch yours.  Just randomise, even if it seems stupid- even
    if you get off worse, your opponent will have more difficulty
    predicting you- He might think you're stupid but you are 
    actually studying his tactics.....
    Scouting is also a good tactic.  Stand behind your opponent
    and watch them play someone else.  *snigger*
    KOF players take note, the combos in this game are SOOOOO easy 
    to do, even stuff like low B, Stand C, QCFx2 + P!!!  Just do it!
    (Some quick stuff you can use.  This half-assed faq is just to 
    establish any qualms about who wrote what first! Childish, isn't it?)
    Can't remember if this is in the other faq, but anyway,
    even if you get P Power, you can use just S Power in your combos
    by using the A or B buttons.  Why??? Use S Power so Kevin can do 
    his gatling Freezer twice [QCFx2 + K]....
    [DP + A], good anti air, but you need a little anticipation. better anti
    air is  [Dwn + A+B] hmm this is a dodge attack isn't it?
    Fwd B, you can cancel it into HCF+A.  If they see it coming, don't cancel
    and let them get hit by the Fwd B second hit.
    you know, James Kuroki's move descriptions are sweet enough as they
    are! Go down to his section and read up.  I'll be back later with
    specifics on versus opponents and mind TRAPS.
    Stand B is a great poke, but it's not instant.  If the opponent
    is so close to you but you panic and want to press something,
    hit A.  Then keep them back with B.  Bare in mind, there is a 
    thing called GUARD cancel... but these suck the power bar,
    so they can't use this against you all the time.
    QCB+ A.  Used at range, you may notice opponents going to sweep you.
    Thus, because Kevin steps back before doing the move, charge it
    a little so it hits the opponent in the recovery frames of their
    sweep that missed!
    QCB+ D:  Hmm I'm training this now.. get out of the corner?
    >----------------------------Dirty Tricks-------------------------------<
    QCB+ B, cancel with C- Raise your P Power quick!
    Tell your (new) opponent that QCB + C is unblockable so they freak out
    and get hit trying to jump out of the way.
    Tell your (HK comic reading) opponent that Officer Rian is actually
    Orochi Yashiro undercover looking for Kain.  Always pick color B or D.
    Level 8 versis CPU
    VS Hotaru
    BITCH! DIE!  er... Jump A against her and knock out her DP attack.
    Or you could just defend it- but my timings gone shitty.  poke
    and wait for her multi palm thing.  Watch out when she jumps-
    check Gato tacs too.
    Gato: will jump, and hop again to kick you.  Will sweep with 
    precision.  Out poke the barstard.  Use Dwn AB for anti air.
    Use QCB + A to try and guess his pokes...
    Stuck in the corner?  Guard cancel into QCB +A!  but watch out
    for his SWEEPS!!!
    Remember the AI is not totally dumb.  If they try a tactic
    on you that doesn't work, they will change and try something
    different. A typical example is Gato who will run at you and
    do two things
    1. Run up to you----> a. keep running 
                          b. QCFx2 + B/D
    even from (a.) he will most probably
    a. Stand in front of you  ----->   i.   pause then Stand D
                                       ii.  immediately Stand D
                                       iii. Vertical Hop D
    Terry: poke this bastard to death.  He'll jump after being 
    kicked in the chest a few times, so ready the DP + A
    Kim Don Huan (I know the spelling is wrong- it's a personal joke)
    He loves to jump so punish him with QCFx2, then DP + C
    poke poke QCB + A, mix DP A and you'll soon finish him
    Pretty damn easy!  Stand D, Vertical Jump D, outpoke easy.
    You can even get in a few HCF+ A, if you jump attack successfully
    once or twice.  Just try Jump D HCF +A  hahahha
    General Pattern:
    Stand B x2/3 Stand D or DP A.  The idea is you poke them so much
    they want to jump.  Do this tactic once in a while (as with all tactics)
    After AB overhead, stand B like a rabid fish ^_^ , then next time low D
    How to force opponent to block.
    HOP in with A.  Then next time you can try for a empty hop with HCF A.
    Creeper foolery
    Do the high one, then the low one.
    you can dummy an opponent into thinking you're going to do a creeper
    (qcb+B) by doing it once normally, then cancel with C.
    >From far away, do the creeper, then cancel then do 
    QCB + A <--- It looks like Kevin's about to do another creeper.
    Do creeper low hit, then HCF + A (if you're opponent's dumb
    enough to still block)
    ----------------------Just some misc info.
    Geese "copulated" (ie: did "IT", shagged, had rumpy pumpy, etc) with Marie.  
    Marie's little brother is Kain.  The painting of the woman in Kain's castle
    is Marie.
    Geese and Marie's son is Rock.  I'd say Geese died most in RBF, as the
    ending where Terry tries to save Geese is in the intro to MOTW.  He
    was DEFINITELY dead by RB2, where in the ending his ghost leaves the will 
    to Billy and Hopper that Kain talks about.
      all the stand B combos I use end with the far stand B
     out of corner
     Stand C, QCF B (AB Brake) DP A 9 (3 hits) 4600 learn this one first
     stand B x 3, QCF B 3100 [4 hits] (Grab misses)
     stand B x 3, QCB A 4900 [4 hits] (opponent is not knocked over)
    =- stand B x 3, QCF B, AB Brake, DP A 5800 (5 hits) <---- This is the one
       you should learn when you've mastered Kevin...
    TOP Mode: 
    Dwn +AB, CD 4 hits 18000  (you can leave your joystick held down throughout!)
    everything hurts more: 
    Stand Bx3,QCF B, AB Brake, DP A now takes 11600 damage!
    (HEY! I can't do these anymore!  Is it because it's versus Terry?)
     jump C, stand B x2, QCB + A 5300 [4 hits] 
    -=DM combos=-
     jump C stand C QCFx2 C 14900 [8 hits]
     jump C, Stand C, QCB + C 4900 [3 hits]
    If you hit with QCFx2 + A, use DP +C to follow up as
    it takes more damage
    Watch for the counter!
    If you hit an opponent in the air with DP + A/C or QCB + A/C and 
    they don't get knocked down that means you got a counter
    and can follow with anything.  COUNTER pops up, but more often
    than not I'm not watching that corner of the screen....
    Correct if I'm wrong but C feint low C combos only work
    in the corner???
     Down A+B, QCF + B (AB Brake) QCF + B 4900
     Stand C, QCF + B (AB Brake) QCFx2 + B 8900
     Stand B x 4, QCF + B.  Heck it just looks nice.
     stand B x 3, QCF B, AB Brake, QCF B (5 hits) (Grab hits) 5100
     stand B x 3, QCF B, AB Brake, DP A 5800 (5 hits)
     stand B x 3, QCF B, AB Brake, QCB A  (5 hits) 5900
    Looks like Tizoc can take an extra stand B hehe...
    QCFx2 +A can juggle with anything.... in corner
    you can catch with QCF + B... but of course, DP + A takes more
    (not a combo)
     stand B, QCF A (escapable)
     stand B, Fwd B (cancel) HCF + A (escapable)
    QCFA has more range than QCF C 
    I don't know for sure, but the only HOP combo I know is
      hop B, stand B x2, QCB A
     [More patterns]
     stand C, QCB C, Stand B...
       [Secret section]
               Their is no escape from Kevin???
    HCF+ A
    Set your practise dummy to jump.  Now try and grab him/her...
               You can do it after knocking down oppoent after DP + A...grab them as they get up.
               Fly Kick and you can grab as you both hit the floor.
               You can let them jump, grab as they come down (easiest), and again before they 
     jump again (hardest).  
               damn I can't do it three times in a row yet, but I think it's possible.
    So far I would say this only works on an opponent who is defending-
    The wake up attack opportunity is earlier than the blocking.  Weird isn't it?
               A: Blue Suit, Blond
               B: Orange Suit, Blue Jacket, White Hair
               C: Red Suit, Black Jacket, Blond
               D: Green Suit, White Hair
    ----= Endround Speech vs: =------
    Kim Jun Hoon
    "I'm impressed, how 'bout teaching me tae kwon do?"
    K Dong Huan
    "Hey, you're slouching! Stand straight here!"
    "I gave up Karate, too much preaching for me."
    "You're Tizoc!, yes! I beat a real wrestler!"
    "How about it, kid?  How about being Marky's pal?"
    "You've got a look about you.  I'll remember your name."
    Terry is Kevin's last opponent.
    Kevin:     I found you hippy head!  Why did you kill Marky's father?
    Terry:     You nuts? I've killed no-one!
    Kevin:     Don't play the fool with me!  I'll make you tell all.
    -after fight-
    Kevin:     Burning Kncukle? You Terry Bogard? Forgive me, I'm always jumping to conclusions
    Terry:     7439"£&( Bad dump!           ..
    Kevin:     he was just over there. Could it be? Sorry Terry, gotta go!
    -at the temple-
    Kevin:     Marky!? Damn where did he go?
    Grant:     To think someone who got some so far would be such a whiner.. 
               even a mercenary becomes a father before his child.
    Kevin:     Hey, who's there? Where's Marky? Tell me or you'll pay!
    Grant:     I am Grant ... the matyr of might, large pants, Silent Hill etc...
    Grant:     C'mon copper, take me if you can!
    Kevin:     Oooh, you sure can fight. Answer me! Where's Marky?
    Grant:     Oof, Kain knows, where your brat is.
    -at Kain's castle-
    Kain :     Ooooh I'm a pretty boy, kill alll ugly people etc...
    Kevin:     Wait! Marky! Are you Kain?  Tell me where he is and I'll let you go!
    Kain :     Stupid Cop! Grant lost? So what now?
    Kevin:     What?
    Kain :     So. I'll set this city free and let the mighty rule!
    Kain :     Someone like me lost?  (Why does every SNK boss say this!!!)
    Kevin:     It's your last chance. Where's Marky?
    Kain :     You really care for him. Relax. Your boy is safe.
    Kevin:     Well, where is he?
    Kain :     The boy's.... from here... under here....
    -castle collapses: blackout-
    Kevin:     Marky!! Where are you! Terry, let go of me!
    Terry:     No! You'll die in there! Marky!  Marky! Why?
    -crash: after the rubble-
    Kevin:      Marky! Why?  You promised to my partner until we got revenge!
    Terry: ......
    Kevin:      Marky! Come back!  I can't do it alone!  AAAAH!
    -Terry looks suprised-
    Terry:      Unh....  Hah!
    Kevin:      Terry, you dirty... What's so funny?
    I wont spoil the rest.
    ------=Kev's TOD=-------
    conditions: P Power!
    Kevin's TOD 100%
         Jump C, dwn C, QCFx2 + B, Jump C, dwn C, QCFx2 + B, jump C, Stand C 
         cancelled into Fwd +A+B cancelled into Dwn + C cancelled into 
         QCF + B braked by A+B into DP+ A
    [SECTION 2]
    Age:               37 years old
    Height:            187 cm
    Weight:            89 kg
    Birthday:          December 17
    Blood Type:        B
    Nationality:       America
    Fighting Style:    SWAT Mercenary Techniques
    Hobbies:           Collects goods of a certain Sci-Fi movie
                       (he says he saw all 6 movies on the premier
    Specialty:         Paint Ball
    Most Important:    His best friend
    Most Unpleasant:   Medicine (he refuses to take them even when 
                       he's sick)
    Likes:             Loose, leisurely clothing
    Dislikes:          Tight, formal clothing
    Favorite Food:     Spare Ribs
    Favorite Music:    Jazz
    Best Sport:        Darts
    --------------------------[ Throws and Holds ]---------------------------
    Poli-Throw                          when close, f or b + C
    ----------------------------[ Command Moves ]----------------------------
    Poli-Kick                           f + B
    ----------------------------[ Special Moves ]----------------------------
    Hell Rotor (weak)                   qcb + A (hold for 3-level power up, 
                                                 D to cancel)
    Hell Rotor (strong)                 qcb + C (hold for 3-level power up, 
                                                 D to cancel)
    Hell Arrest (weak)                  when close, hcf + A
    Hell Arrest (strong)                when close, hcf + C
    Hell Trap (weak) (BR)               qcf + B
    Hell Trap (strong) (BR)             qcf + D
    Hell Snipe (weak)                   f, d, df + A
    Hell Snipe (strong)                 f, d, df + C
    Abide Mine                          qcb + D
    Creeper                             qcb + B
           >cancel                      >during Creeper, C
           >low attack                  >during Creeper, A
           >mid attack (overhead)       >during Creeper, B
    -----------------------------[ Super Moves ]-----------------------------
    Lucky Strike                        qcf, qcf + A
    Gattling Freezer                    qcf, qcf + B
    --------------------------[ Potential  Powers ]--------------------------
    Lucky Strike                        qcf, qcf + C (hold)
    Gatling Freezer                     qcf, qcf + D
    ---------------------------[ T. O. P. Attack ]---------------------------
                                  BLAST CHARGE
    -----------------------------[ Feint Moves ]-----------------------------
                          f + AC            Hell Snipe (?)
                          d + AC            Hell Rotor (?)
    Move Name:    Poli-Throw
    Command:      when close, f or b + C
    Description:  Shoulder throw.
    Move Name:    Poli-Kick
    Command:      f + B
    Description:  Does a low kick and then with the same leg, a side kick.
                  Both can be blocked high or low, I think, and the two
                  hits don't even combo.
    Move Name:    Hell Rotor (hold for 3-level power up, D to cancel)
    Command:      qcb + A or C
    Description:  Kevin turns his back, and spins toward the opponent.
                  Weak is a straight backhand, and strong is an overhead
                  backhand, but it has less range than the weak version,
                  and cannot be combo-ed.  Charging it up will make it
        stronger, but not unblockable.  Pressing D while holding
                  it will cancel it, but you will automatically kick (or do
                  an Abide Mine is you cancel early).
    Move Name:    Hell Arrest
    Command:      when close, hcf + A or C
    Description:  A command throw.  Kevin does an uppercut followed by a
        straight, knocking the opponent back.  Good against those
                  who keep blocking.  Use often as a Guard Cancel, it's
                  easy to do(since it starts from back) and effective.  Use
                  the strong due to it's damage (weak has longer range).
    Move Name:    Hell Trap
    Command:      qcf + B or D
    Description:  Low kick --> grab and knee.  You must block the low kick
                  low.  The grab can grab in the air, but it's not worth it
                  (timing's too hard and damage not enough).  Good to use in
                  combos, but watch out; the range is a little short, so
                  no long combos.  Braking into a Hell Snipe works good.
                  Also, Braking works good if the opponent blocks the low
                  kick, since you cancel the miss animation.  The
                  difference between weak and strong is the change in
                  range.  Strong can only connect from strong attacks, but
                  weak can combo from weak attacks.
    Move Name:    Hell Snipe
    Command:      f, d, df + A or C
    Description:  Kevin jumps up, and punches downward.  Weak does a small
                  hops while strong does a normal jump.  At first it looks
                  useless, but in fact is a great anti-air.  Unlike the
                  normal anti-air where you do it when you see the opponent
        jump, you must anticipate the opponent's movement.  It
        seems hard, but it is very useful, as well as this move. 
    Move Name:    Abide Mine
    Command:      qcb + D
    Description:  Kevin rolls forward.  He is invincible only at the very
                  beginning of this teleport move (I think).  You can roll
                  around the opponent, cofusing them by switching block
    Move Name:    Creeper
    Command:      qcb + B
    Description:  Kevin starts to crawl a la army style.  It can go
                  under a lot of move.  Pressing A during Cleaver does
                  a low attack (sweeps with his hand).  Use this often,
                  especially when dodging moves, since it comes out the
                  quickest.  Also you can follow up if it is a counter
                  hit.  Pressing B makes Kevin do a spinning heel kick
                  (overhead).  It comes out quick, but not as quick as the
                  low attack.  Pressing C cancels Cleaver.  Cancelling into
                  the Hell Arrest is a good strategy.
    Move Name:    Lucky Strike (S)
    Command:      qcf, qcf + A (with S power)
    Description:  Kevin rolls forward (the roll hits) and pulls off a 
                  punch and an uppercut (with explosions) knocking the
                  opponent into the air.  You can follow up after this
                  move.  Great in combos, since he goes forward in this
                  attack.  Invincible in the beginning.
    Move Name:    Gatling Freezer (S)
    Command:      qcf, qcf + B (with S power)
    Description:  Kevin kicks up, with a bunch of explosions.  If it hits
                  on the ground the opponent is frozen for a short time,
                  giving you a chance to combo.  If it hits in the air, the
                  opponent SLOWLY (I mean slowly) fall to the ground,
                  giving you a chance to follow up.  Decent in ground
                  combos, but range is very limited (and I think it can be
                  ducked under).  As an anti-air, you cannot do it too
                  early (it's quick, so you'll miss) or too late (for a
        split-second Kevin poses, and can be hit out of the
        super), so watch it.
    Move Name:    Lucky Strike (P)
    Command:      qcf, qcf + C (hold) (with P power)
    Description:  Same as the S. version, but with an added explosive
        straight after the uppercut, which means no follow up.
                  You will probably not use this Potential (or the other,
                  you'll see...).
    Move Name:    Gatling Freezer (P)
    Command:      qcf, qcf + D (with P power)
    Description:  Exactly the same as the Super version, but more
                  explosions.  Plus a frame rate of zero.
    Move Name:    Blast Charge
    Command:      During T. O. P. mode, CD
    Description:  Shoulder charge --> spinning heel kick.  Quick to
                  come out, but a little slow to recover.  Pretty good
                  in combos, but lower guard crush damage.
    Entrance:          (with Marky) He reads the paper. "O!  Yaru ka!" 
                       (Oh!  Let's do it!)  Marky:  "Kate yo!"  (Win, ok?)
                       Kevin:  "Ryoukai!"  (Roger!)  They knock fists.
                       Marky jumps into the background.
    Entrance 2:        (without Marky)  "Kyou wa hiban daze!"  (Today's my
                       day off!)
    Win:               Puts his hands on his waist.  "Ochitsuke yo."  (Calm
    Final Win 1:       (with Marky) Marky:  "Mission!"  Kevin:  "Complete!"
                       They high five.
    Final Win 2:       
    Taunt:             Pulls his gloves up and says something.
    Post-Win Taunt 1:  Salutes and say something
    Post-Win Taunt 2:  "N! N! N--!"  As he winds up his arm.
    Hell Trap:         "Arayotto!"
    Hell Snipe:        "Ochina!"
    Hell Rotor:        "Dodai?!"
    Hell Arrest:       "Au?"
      >hit:            "Tsukameta"
    Creeper:           "Hmm, hm, hm, hmm" (Humming)
    Lucky Strike:      "Ukete mi na!"
    Gatling Freezer:   "Ikuzo!"
    -------------------------------[ Combos ]--------------------------------
    Crouching C --> Hell Trap (Brake) --> weak Hell Snipe
      -If you start with the Jump C, the grab of the Hell Trap will not
       connect, so Brake it.
    Jump C (deep) --> Crouching C --> Gatling Freezer (S.) --> Jump C (deep)
    --> Crouching C --> Gatling Freezer (S.) --> Jump C (deep)--> Crouching
    C --> Hell Trap (Brake) --> weak Hell Snipe
      -Big combo here!  The Jump C's must hit deep, or else the Gatling
       Freezer will miss.  You can just omit the Jump C's and start from a
       crouching C instead.
    Jump C --> Crouching C --> Lucky Strike (S.) --> Gatling Freezer (S.)
    --> weak Hell Snipe
      -A much easier combo, due to the fact that the Lucky Strike can combo
       from a Jump C --> Crouching C, without hitting deep.
    Entrance:          (with Marky) He reads the paper. "O!  Yaru ka!" 
                       (Oh!  Let's do it!)  Marky:  "Kate yo!"  (Win, ok?)
                       Kevin:  "Ryoukai!"  (Roger!)  They knock fists.
                       Marky jumps into the background.
    Entrance 2:        (without Marky)  "Kyou wa hiban daze!"  (Today's my
                       day off!)
    Win:               Puts his hands on his waist.  "Ochitsuke yo."  (Calm
    Final Win 1:       (with Marky) Marky:  "Mission!"  Kevin:  "Complete!"
                       They high five.
    Final Win 2:       
    Taunt:             Pulls his gloves up and says something.
    Post-Win Taunt 1:  Salutes and say something
    Post-Win Taunt 2:  "N! N! N--!"  As he winds up his arm.
    Hell Trap:         "Arayotto!"
    Hell Snipe:        "Ochina!"
    Hell Rotor:        "Dodai?!"
    Hell Arrest:       "Au?"
      >hit:            "Tsukameta"
    Creeper:           "Hmm, hm, hm, hmm" (Humming)
    Lucky Strike:      "Ukete mi na!"
    Gatling Freezer:   "Ikuzo!"
    Thanks for reading.
    Thanks to James Kuroki for usage of Kevin Rian info from his outstanding
    MOTW FAQ.  Check it out at gamefaqs now!
    Minor contributors:
    suggested links
    http://w3.to/wu-tech : Also check out the bulletin board there for MOTW

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