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    Hokutomaru by Mathonwy

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    Garou - Mark of the wolves
    Character Faq:  Hokutomaru
    by Mathonwy (mathonwy@crosswinds.net)
    Last update:  4/12/00
    Update history:
    v1.03 4/20/00
       *  Minor corrections.
       *  Added to Kim Dong Hwan tactics.
       *  Added to Grant Tactics
    v1.01 4/12/00
       *  Added a few more things to character speficic tactics, mainly to
          strategies against Kain and Gato
       *  Fixed several small errors throughout the faq.
    v1.00 4/02/00
       *  Added all of the character specific tactics in.
       *  EEK!  I accidently used some material from the general Garou faq
          by James Kuroki (orochi@ix.netcom.com), without his permission!
          Oops.  I have since gotten his permission to include portions of
          his faq here.  Portions included are the character background and
          the "quick" move list.
    v0.95 3/21/00
       *  Added some more stuff to "general strategies", and added some more
    v0.90 3/20/00 Initial release!
    Unpublished work copyright March 2000 Chris Cornell
    This is a document intended for free use.  It may be reproduced, so long 
    that this disclaimer or the above copyright is not removed, or modified 
    in any way.  This must also be free, and cannot be used to make a profit.  
    This FAQ may not be used for promotional purposes, which include (but 
    not limited to) prizes at tournaments, or magazine articles.  Please do
    not plagurize.  It's dumb.
    If you want to use this FAQ anywhere, please contact me first,
    Chris Cornell (mathonwy@crosswinds.net)
    Garou, Hokutomaru, and all the other charcters are copyrights of SNK of 
    Japan and America.
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFaqs:
    If you havn't already figured it out from the top of this document, this
    is a faq for the most excellent game "Garou - Mark of the wolves" from
    the most excellent company "SNK", maker of much fighting gaming goodness.
    In particular, this faq concentrates on the virtues and strategies of that
    most adorable kid ninja, Hokutomaru.  So if you are looking for a general
    faq, then you missed.  If not, however, read on!
    ---Move Notations--------------------------------------------------------
       f      :  move joystick foward (towards opponent)
       b      :  move joystick back.  (away from opponent)
       u      :  move joystick up.
       dn     :  move joystick down.
       db     :  move joystick diagonally down and back.
       ub     :  move joystick diagonally up and back.
       df     :  move joystick diagonally down and forwards.
       uf     :  move joystick diagonally up and forwards.
       qcf    :  Roll the joystick from d to f  (d,df,f)
       qcb    :  Roll the joystick from d to b  (d,db,b)
       hcf    :  Roll the joystick from b to d to f  (b,db,d,df,f)
       hcb    :  Roll the joystick from f to d to b  (f,df,d,db,b)
       (air)  :  move is possible in air
       (BR)   :  move is a Brake Move, and is cancellable with AB
       A      :  A button (go figure)
       B      :  B button (surprise)
       C      :  C button (Fa!)
       D      :  D button (Fa!  Fa!)
    ---A note on my [nonexistant] japaneese skills---------------------------
    I do not speak japanese.  Therefore, the "true" names of the moves sound
    like gibber to my uneducated ears.  They still sound cool, but they mean
    little to me.  Therefore, to prevent myself from having to keep looking
    back to see which move is which, (and to prevent you, the reader from
    having to do the same) I have refered to most of the moves by far more
    descriptive (I hope) names.  So instead of seeing me talking about some
    move called Rakka-Zan - Jitsu, I'll talk about "that teleport-fall-slash
    with-stick thingie".  And instead of Kuu Ha Dan, I'll call it "leaping-
    arc-kick-ala-andy-bogard-thingie".  So there.  If for some reason, you
    cannot stand the thought of calling the moves by anything other than
    their original names (or you're one of those rare and inexplicable
    people who doesn't think "leaping-arc-kick-ala-andy-bogard-thingie"
    sounds very cool, then just go get another faq.  Or learn to cope.
    So there.
    Also, when I talk about moves that can be done at any time, I call them
    "moves" or "special moves".  When I talk about moves that can only be
    done by using up one or more power bars, I call them "super moves" or
    "supers".  Just so you know which I mean.
    ---Assumptions made------------------------------------------------------
    To save time, I am assuming that you know several things in this faq.
    I am assuming that you know what the game Garou is.  I'm assuming that you
    have some means of playing it.  And I'm assuming that you are bright enough
    to go to said means, get the coin in by yourself, and select Hokutomaru,
    whom this faq is written for.  If any of the above are false, you might want
    to do more research before reading this faq.  Just so you know.
    I'm also assuming that you know gameplay basics, such as blocking, "just 
    defense", T. O. P. gauge, etc.  If you don't understand these yet, then go
    read the execellent general faq for the game that was written by
    James Kuroki (orochi@ix.netcom.com).
    As far as I know, a copy of his faq can be found at the following locations:
    Gamefaqs                                                 www.gamefaqs.com
    About.com Guide to Video Game Strategies           vgstrategies.about.com
    Under the Neo Geo Moon                      welcome.to/undertheneogeomoon
    King Of Fighters Millennium                      welcome.to/kofmillennium
    And finally, it would be nice if you've played Hokutomaru at least a little
    bit, so you can understand just what in blazes I am refering to when I want
    to discuss Hokutomaru's "leaping flaming tornado super".
    All of that said...
    on to the fun stuff!
    HOKUTOMARU Background:
    from the Garou faq/movelist by James Kuroki (orochi@ix.netcom.com)
    Used with permission.
    Age:              14 years old
    Height:           154 cm
    Weight:           40 kg
    Birthday:         October 7
    Blood Type:       O
    Nationality:      Japan
    Fighting Style:   Koppou and Shiranui-ryuu Ninjustu (Shiranui-style
    Hobbies:          Going to the hot springs in the mountains with 
    Specialty:        He can climb the tallest tree in the mountains
                      in 16.3 seconds (now attempting to break the record)
    Most Important:   His master and all the Shiranui-ryuu people
    Most Unpleasant:  Shiranui "Oneechan" (big sister)
    Likes:            Hot springs
    Dislikes:         Hairy caterpillars
    Favorite Food:    
    Favorite Music:   Japanese Kotone (Shiranui Oneechan plays it for him)
    Best Sport:       Athletics
    Reasons to play Hokutomaru:
    * Your playing strategy favors annoyance over direct damage.
    * Zantetsu and Hanzo were too "grim", you want a "happier" ninja.
    * How can anyone resist someone with a move that can be described as
    "the monkey munch"?!?
    Strengths of Hokutomaru:
    * Fast and quick
    * Versitile
    * Ability to punish mistakes from nearly anywhere
    * He rules the skies.
    * He wins almost all projectile wars.
    * He's a NINJA!   NINJAS ARE COOL!
    * His throw makes [arguably] the coolist noise in the game.
    Weaknesses of Hokutomaru:
    * Very few single large sources of damage.
    * [Almost] all of his most damaging moves have lag if you biff.
    * His projectiles are kickable.
    * He was trained by Andy Bogard.  (What the @#$@#$?  When did ANDY learn ninja
    "Quickie" Move list:
    (Borrowed with permission from the excellent
    faq by James Kuroki (orochi@ix.netcom.com))
    --------------------------[ Throws and Holds ]---------------------------
    Hikkaki                             when close, f or b + C
    (a.k.a.  "the monkey munch")
    Non-men Tsukuri                     in air close, anything but u + C
    ----------------------------[ Command Moves ]----------------------------
    Sliding                             df + B
    Kuuten Keri                         df + D
    Ni-dan Jump                         in air, jump again
    ----------------------------[ Special Moves ]----------------------------
    Karakusa-Giri (weak)                qcb + A (hold A to abort)
    Karakusa-Giri (strong)              qcb + C (hold C to abort)
    Rakka-Zan - Kyou                    qcb + B (air)
    Rakka-Zan - Jitsu                   qcb + D (air)
    Kuu Ha Dan (weak) (BR)              qcf + B
    Kuu Ha Dan (strong) (BR)            qcf + D
    Shuriken (weak)                     qcf + A
    Shuriken (strong)                   qcf + C
    Kuuchuu Shuriken (weak)             in air, qcf + A
    Kuuchuu Shuriken (strong)           in air, qcf + C
    -----------------------------[ Super Moves ]-----------------------------
    Chou Hissatsu Shuriken              qcf, qcf + A (AB to finish early)
    Ougi - Chou Hissatsu Tatsumaki      qcf, qcf + B
    --------------------------[ Potential  Powers ]--------------------------
    Chou Baku-en Kunai                     qcf, qcf + C (AB to finish early)
    Kyuukyoku Ougi - Chou Bakuen Tatsumaki qcf, qcf + D
    ---------------------------[ T. O. P. Attack ]---------------------------
                               NIN-POU BAKUEN JUMP
    -----------------------------[ Feint Moves ]-----------------------------
                          f + AC            Chou Hissatsu Shuriken (?)
                          d + AC            Ougi - Chou Hissatsu Tastumaki
    --------------------------------[ Taunts ]-------------------------------
    Normal taunt:  (start button)
    Hokutomaru dances back and forth, sticking out his tongue, and making
    weird, chittering "monkey noises".  Thats the best way I can describe it.
    Note that unlike many other people's taunts, you cannot cancel out of it
    by simply moving the joystick.  So only use when you are SURE you are not
    going to get hit for it.  (End of the round is safe)
    Special taunt #1:  (fd + start button, at end of round)
    Hokutomaru sneezes, and seems to make a sort of weird face, with his
    tongue stuck out.  Kind of cute.
    Special taunt #2:  (bk + start button, at end of round)
    Hokutomaru vanishes, just like he's doing a teleport.  Then, as soon as
    the opponent hits the ground, he appears standing over them, and pulls
    out his wooden sword/stick thing.  Brandishing it high overhead, he puts
    one foot on his now vanquished foe, and shouts something triumphant in
    Japanese.  Unfortunatly, since I don't understand Japanese, I have no
    idea what he's saying.  It sure sounds triumphant, though!  According to
    the faq by James Kuroki, he is saying "Kattari", which translates into
    "I won!"
    ------------------------------[ Entrances ]------------------------------
    All translations were taken from James Kuroki's excellent Garou faq, with
    Appears in a puff of smoke, all black and covered with soot.  He coughs once,
    and makes a confused sounding noise, then shakes the soot off.
    Cut scene for Hokutomaru's stage:
    A scene of Hokutomaru perched upon a streetlight, looking for a place to jump
    down.  Finally he seems to find one, and jumps.  There is a sudden sound of
    traffic crashing, and horns blaring, and quite a bit of stuff gets flung up
    into the air.  (including cats, tires, and people)
    Entrance when on Hokutomaru's stage:
    He points accusingly at the enemy and yells "Ko-natta no mo ome-- no sei da
    zo!" ("It's your fault that this happened!" according to the faq by James
    Kuroki), and then a tire lands on his head, sending him into a hurt silence.
    VS. Kain, Bonne Jenet, and possibly others:
    Hokutomaru stands there, looking angry, and swings his fists around for a
    minute, yelling "Ikkuzo!"  ("Here we go!")
    ------------------------------[ Win Poses ]-------------------------------
    All translations were taken from James Kuroki's excellent Garou faq, with
    Won a round, but not the match:
    Hokutomaru does a flip, ending a kneeling pose, and starts to say "Kore zo!
    Shiranui Nipo..."  ("This is Shiranui Ar...") and then his scarf falls over
    his head, obscuring his vision.  He quickly shakes it off, looking sort of
    relieved, and laughs, embarassed.
    Won a match #1:
    Pulls out a handful of apples, and starts tossing them into his mouth one by
    one.  The last one is actually a firecracker, and (of course) it detonates
    immedietly after contact with his mouth, leaving him smoking, and very
    surprised looking.  While doing this, he says "Kore ga... oira... no...
    hitsuryoku da!  Are?!?".  ("This is... my... skills!  Huh?!?")
    Won a match #2:
    Goes through a series of poses for the camera, while saying something in
    japanese that I can't understand, perhaps because I do not speak japanese.
    In Depth Move list/evaluation:
    --------------------------[ Throws and Holds ]---------------------------
    Hikkaki                             when close, f or b + C
    (a.k.a.  "the monkey munch")
    Hokutomaru climbs up onto the opponents chest, and begins scratching and
    clawing away, while making noises that before this game, I would have sworn
    no human being could make.  (But I must believe now, since all of these guys
    in the game are real people, right?  Right?)
    From a gameplay point of view, this throw is pretty much like everyone
    else's...  It is an unblockable attack which can only be done at close
    range, and does about 11% damage.  However, from a psychological point
    of view, it is much MORE....  Use it, and watch your opponents quiver
    with rage at the indignities that their character is enduring, while
    they incredulously exclaim "What in the WORLD is that NOISE he is making?!?"
    A real winner.
    Use this throw as much as you can get away with.  Actually, that is not a
    bad idea from a gameplay point of view either, since several of
    Hokutomaru's moves end up with him right next to them, and if they're not
    expecting it, you can often get off a throw before they can hit you.  And
    besides...  It... looks...  soooo...  COOL!
    Non-men Tsukuri                     in air close, anything but u + C
    A standard air throw, just like everyone has... It isn't as easy to hit with
    as the ground throw, of course, (since people are almost always attacking
    while in the air) but still it is good to keep it in mind, since it does
    fairly decent damage, and can come as a fun surprise if your opponent is
    not expecting it.
    ----------------------------[ Command Moves ]----------------------------
    Sliding                             df + B
    Our hero slids forward, one foot extended, sort of like Vega used to.  It
    goes a fair distance, and is low enough that you can dodge quite a few
    projectiles with it.  (Anything from Marco, Kain, Hotaru, or Hokutomaru)
    Be warned, however, that the "hit area" is not as wide as it looks; they
    don't actually get hit until somewhere around his ankle.  In other words,
    don't play it too close with the range, it doesn't go _quite_ as far as it
    Kuuten Keri                         df + D
    A nice, two part kick into the air.  Can be something of a surprise to people,
    and it is cancelable into all SORTS of amusing things.  It's resonably safe,
    too, since if they block you can still surprise them by whipping a shuriken
    into their eye if they're not watching.  Fun for the whole family!
    Ni-dan Jump                         in air, jump again
    One word:  AWSOME.  Even though it's not a direct attack, this is arguably
    Hokutomaru's best ability.  More on it's uses later.
    ----------------------------[ Special Moves ]----------------------------
    Karakusa-Giri (weak)                qcb + A (hold A to abort)
    Karakusa-Giri (strong)              qcb + C (hold C to abort)
    Hokutomaru leaps forward (further with the C version), and slashes with his
    wooden stick sword.  He slashes once with the A version, and twice with the
    C version.  The 2 attacks from the C version are fast enough that they combo
    with each other.  I have heard rumors that you can combo into the A version
    of this move, but I have not yet been able to do this myself, so I cannot
    verify this.  This move is good for several reasons, but it should not be
    overused.  It is good because it is a good way to close to your opponent,
    and because it does very good damage if it connects.  (or even if it doesn't.
    It has very good block damage, especially in the C version)  It also is high
    enough to go over almost all sweep moves, so if you know your opponent is
    going to sweep you, go nuts with it.  A word of caution though, if they block
    it (or worse, "just defend" it) you're going to get smacked.  Which is why
    you might want to...
    Yes, if you hold down the button you used to initiate the move, then upon
    reaching the end of his jump, Hokutomaru will not slash his sword.  He will
    in fact, do nothing at all.  This makes this a wonderful mind game move.
    Since if they sit and block, waiting for the slash that never comes, then
    you can waltz right up and throw them, and laugh as they writhe in agony as
    their character endures... the dreaded "monkey munch".  (see above).  So hah.
    Rakka-Zan - Kyou                    qcb + B (air)
    Rakka-Zan - Jitsu                   qcb + D (air)
    Another excellent move for Hokutomaru.  He vanishes, and appears at the
    top of the screen in a puff of smoke, and falls gracefully to the earth.
    In the D version, he also delivers a nasty whap with his stick/sword on
    the way down, too.  If it gets blocked, he is fairly vulnerable.  But if
    they get hit by it, they feel it.  If you use the D version, you appear
    directly over where they were when you initiated the move. (all the better
    to hit you with, my dear!)  The B version, on the other hand, makes you
    appear above where YOU were, and can do no damage directly.  It is
    mainly useful as a fake out, if they start getting too good at anticipating
    your teleports.
    And finally, the thing that makes this move so awsome... You can do it
    Standing, jumping, falling, whatever.  You can do this.  Which means that if
    your opponent EVER does anything even REMOTLY compromising...
    This includes foolish actions such as:
    * Throwing projectiles
    * Taunting
    * Missing with a move
    * Attacking with any manuver that has recovery lag
    * Anything else which will prevent them from blocking for the next couple of
    A word of caution, however.  You can NOT use this as punishment for jumping.
    Hokutomaru only swings his sword at head height for a person standing on the
    ground.  Which means that if the opponent is jumping, you will miss.  And if
    the opponent is jumping and attacking, you will get smacked.  Be warned.
    Kuu Ha Dan (weak) (BR)              qcf + B
    Kuu Ha Dan (strong) (BR)            qcf + D
    A nice attack, that is basically the same as Andy Bogard's trademark leaping
    kick thingie.  Hokutomaru sort of rolls, and launches himself into a feet
    first kick, in a big arc.  Can hit multiple times.
    Use this for several reasons:  For one thing, it is good damage, and easily
    comboed into.  For another, it has fairly little recovery time, even if they
    block it, so you can still often get away unscathed even if they anticipate
    it.  And finally, it is good because it is...
    (yes I know, it looks like it should be spelled "breakable", but that's how
    all the other FAQs spell it, and far be it from me to go against peer pressure)
    If you push AB durring the first two hits of the move, then rather than
    continue with the whole move, Hokutomaru will do a nifty looking little "ninja
    shadowy blinky thing", and cancel, with virtually NO RECOVERY TIME.  So if you
    are fast and prepared with the AB buttons, you can do this move with almost
    NO RISK.
    Darned nifty.
    And even more fun, you can do it, hit with the first hit or so, then cancel out
    of it, while they are knocked up into the air, and then smack them around with
    some amusing juggles.
    Shuriken (weak)                     qcf + A
    Shuriken (strong)                   qcf + C
    Kuuchuu Shuriken (weak)             in air, qcf + A
    Kuuchuu Shuriken (strong)           in air, qcf + C
    Ahh, what fighting game ninja would be complete without the trademark ninja
    projectile?  On the ground, the A version just whips out a single shuriken
    at the opponent.  The C version takes a moment longer to start, but our
    hero whips out THREE shurikens, all of which will usually hit if the first
    one does.  They'll also do fairly respectable damage, too.  Especially for a
    projectile.  And yes, they do count as seperate projectiles, meaning that if
    you get into projectile wars, the first will cancel the opponent's projectile,
    while the other two bury themselves in his/her forhead.  Yay!  Ninjas are cool!
    The air versions are basically the same thing, except for two main differences.
    #1:  It is done in the air.  (duh)
    #2:  Only one shuriken is flung, no matter which punch you use.  Also, the
    speed seems to be constant, no matter which punch you use.  (contrary to what
    several other faqs I have read said)
    So NOW how much would you pay for these wonderful shurikens?  Well, just as
    every rose has it's thorn, this projectile isn't QUITE perfect...  There is
    one major faw in this otherwise wonderful sharp piece of metal:  It can be
    knocked out of the air... by PUNCHES.  And other normal attacks.  So if
    you throw a throwing star at someone who is jumpkicking you, the jump kick
    will WIN, and they will not even get counter-hit.  Bummer.  And I've seen
    Rock Howard go through a whole line of three to punch me with that rush-punch
    thingie of his.  I guess this is compensation for the Shuriken's other
    benifits (such as the ability to throw them anywhere, and up to 3 at once!)
    So use with some caution.  But even so, don't let that stop you from flinging
    them as often as you can get away with.  (Although watch out for people who
    are too good at "just defense".  The best solution for these people that I've
    found is to throw them in groups of three. That way, even if they "just
    defend" the first, they still take tick damage from the next two, so it pretty
    much evens out in terms of total damage.  And as far as we have been able to
    tell, it seems to be virtually IMPOSSIBLE to "just defend" all 3 of them.  The
    best you can do is get the first one.)
    -----------------------------[ Super Moves ]-----------------------------
    Chou Hissatsu Shuriken              qcf, qcf + A (AB to finish early)
    Hokutomaru goes psycho, and starts flinging throwing stars like MAD, ending
    with one BIG one.  Although it doesn't do as much tick damage as it looks
    like it should, this move still has it's uses.  For one thing, it is fast
    enough to combo into. :) :)
    For another thing, you can use it to punish people across the screen who
    don't realize how fast it is to come out.  (or who do foolish things like
    throw projectiles at you)
    It does suffer from the classic bane of "combo specials" (i.e. specials that
    rely on multiple small hits to do damage).  If your opponent is in the air
    when it connects, they will likely not take full damage, but will instead
    be juggled along the top of the stream, and take fairly little damage.  Foo.
    Note that you can end the move at any time by hitting AB.  As soon as you
    do so, Hokutomaru will throw the big "finishing star" and end the move.
    A good thing to do if they have dodged the stream and are flying towards
    your head with a jump kick.  It's also useful in a few other situations, but
    more on that below.
    Ougi - Chou Hissatsu Tatsumaki      qcf, qcf + B
    Hokutomaru stuffs a scroll into his mouth, and jumps up, twirling, and
    surrounded by a mini-ninja-tornado.  People who get too close will be
    caught and juggled for up to 9 hits, and around 37% damage.
    This move is a lot better than it looks at first glance.  At first glance,
    it seems to be nearly impossible to hit with all 9 hits.  The first dozen
    matches I used it in, I'd get maybe 5 hits on average, and maybe 2 when I was
    really unlucky.  I finally figured out that you have to wait until they are
    practically touching you before you initiate it.  Luckily, this move comes out
    FAST.  I mean MEGA-FAST.  So you can do this with impunity.  Just make sure
    that you hit, since if you don't, you slowly float back down, practically
    inviting your opponent to kick in your head.  And it does really lousy tick
    This move is most useful as an anti-air, but it has other uses as well.  You
    can also use it to catch people on the ground who arn't expecting it.  For
    example, even though it doesn't look like it, you can do Hokutomaru's leaping
    Andy Bogard-esque kick, and then as SOON as you land, do this super... you
    will be close enough to hit, and if they are trying to hit you back after
    blocking your super, they will get hit for full damage.  (And a counter, if
    you're really lucky!)
    --------------------------[ Potential  Powers ]--------------------------
    Chou Baku-en Kunai                     qcf, qcf + C (AB to finish early)
    This is just like the shuriken super above, except that it takes up 2 super
    bars to do, does more damage, and instead of shurikens, he whips out lots
    of flaming ninja-knife thingies.  It also looks a bit cooler too, since they
    end up flaming at the end of it.
    Kyuukyoku Ougi - Chou Bakuen Tatsumaki qcf, qcf + D
    Just like the tornado scroll jump thing above, but it takes up 2 bars, does
    up to 10 hits, and does more damage.  Oh, and he's surrounded by flame this
    time.  LOTS of flame. :)
    ---------------------------[ T. O. P. Attack ]---------------------------
                               NIN-POU BAKUEN JUMP
    For those who don't know (and didn't go read some other faq like I suggested,
    T. O. P. attacks are done when your life bar is in the "flashing red" zone.
    (which is wherever you put it at the start of the game.).  While your life
    is in this zone, push BC to do the T. O. P. attack.  Hokutomaru's goes like
    this:  He stands for a moment, with a ninja scroll in his mouth.  Then there
    is an explosion on him, and he rockets upwards at about a 40 degree angle.
    It has some delay, but is excellent anti-air, and anti-people-who-don't-know-
    what's-comming.  It also does resonable damage.  But as usual, if you biff,
    you'll get hit.  So don't overuse it.
    General stuff
    ---------------[Combos any Hokutomaru fan should know:]------------------
    First of all, use Hokutomaru's standing C as much as possible.  If you do
    the "near" one, he does two hits, and this is extremely combo-able, after
    either one.  A few things that you can combo after a close standing C
    (which connects, obviously)
    * A single (A version) shuriken
    * A leaping-arc-kick-ala-Andy-Bogard-thingie (either version)
    * Hokutomaru's multi-shuriken special.
    * Hokutomaru's multi-flaming-ninja-knife special.
    A few things that CAN'T be comboed off of a standing close C, but that look
    like they should be able to:
    * Hokutomaru's teleport/slash
    * 3 shurikens.  (C version)
    * Leap forward/sword slash (either version)
    * Leaping-spinning-tornado super
    * Leaping-spinning-FLAMING-tornado super
    Useful combos when you have a super bar or two:
    Deep jump kick, standing C, multi-throwing star super.
    Deep jump kick, standing C, multi-flaming ninja knife super.
    Deep jump kick, tornado super.
    Deep jump kick, flaming tornado super.
    (these will NOT work if you throw in the extra standing C in the middle.
    Even if you are in the corner, it will still push you too far away!)
    df D (His 2 part pop-up kick), shuriken.  (throw shuriken while in air,
    IMMEDIETLY after 2nd hit).  You can also throw the shuriken if you miss,
    to keep them distracted while you land.  You can also teleport out of
    this move, (hcb B/D) but it won't combo unless you're in the corner, and
    even then it is extremely hard to do every time.  (At least for me).  So
    I don't recommend that combo, unless you have considerably better luck
    with it than I have.
    df D, then either the "tons and tons of shurikens" super, or the "tons and
    tons of flaming ninja knives" super.  Note that they will bounce along the
    top of the stream, and take less than full damage... UNLESS... you cancel
    the stream early.  If you time it right, they will bounce once off the
    stream of projectiles... Then you cancel, and as they fall the second time
    they get hit square on with the large "ending" projectile, that completes
    the move.  (and does a large percentage of the damage)  The ninja knives/
    shurikens don't do QUITE as much damage this way, but they still do a
    respectable amount.  And of course, it looks cool when you pull it off. :)
    If you ever hit someone who is jumping with a shuriken, they will likely
    end up flung high into the sky.  If you do this, IMMEDIETLY throw out the
    tripple shuriken, and if you do it right, they will catch all 3 before
    hitting the ground again.  Not only does it look cool, but it does enough
    damage to be significant, and make them think twice about jumping.
    [in corner]
    df D (2 part kick again), and then as SOON as you land, either the
    leaping tornado super, or the leaping flaming tornado super.  An
    excellent combo if you can keep them in the corner long enough to do it.
    Also fairly safe, since you have pleanty of time to make sure you hit
    with the kick part before you waste a super bar or two.  And if they
    block the kick, you can always throw a shuriken or teleport to keep their
    mind off of hitting you back.
    [from across the screen]
    single throwing star, teleport/slash.  This does not always work for me.
    I am not sure exactly what the pattern is, but sometimes it works, and
    sometimes it doesn't.  They might have to be in a corner, or pressed up
    against the screen.  I've had >>slightly<< better luck in these conditions,
    but even there it still often fails for me.  I only include it because
    it it is cool when it hits.  (yay!  Ninja-ness!)
    -------------------[General Hokutomaru strategies:]----------------------
    *  RULE THE AIR.  Between Hokutomaru's double jump, his ability to throw
    shurikens in the air or on the ground, AND his ability to teleport in the
    middle of a jump, he has the potential to completely dominate the air.
    With the added height you get from double jumping, you can go over almost
    ALL of other player's anti-air moves.  And since (as long as you havn't
    attacked yet) you can use your second jump whenever you want to,
    Hokutomaru is probably one of the safest characters to do jump-ins with,
    since you have that added way to escape.  (In addition to the teleport!)
    If you double jump enough, and unpredictably enough, you can make it
    EXTREMELY dificult for your opponent to hit you.  (And they often leave
    themselves open for poking when trying, as well!)
    This is quite an advantage, and cannot be understated.  Since jumping
    foward is the most common way to advance in the game, if you can deprive
    your opponent of that ability, then you can dictate the range of the match.
    If you want to stay close, there is almost nothing they can do to keep you
    out of their face.  And if you want to get away, there is nothing they can
    do to keep you.  This is a marvelous ability, particularly when coupled
    with the fact that Hokutomaru is one of the best distance characters in the
    game.  Which brings us to point #2:
    *  DOMINATE PROJECTILE WARFARE.  Hokutomaru has (arguably) the best
    projectile in the game, particularly in it's tripple version.  USE IT!
    Feel free to fling projectiles whenever you get bored, or are waiting for
    your opponent to do something.  And if they start throwing back
    projectiles of their own, then either start flinging your groups of 3, or
    just teleport onto their head and give them a nasty whap for their trouble.
    Either way, don't let them get away with thinking that they're allowed to
    throw projectiles.  That's YOUR department.
    Also, whenever you knock someone down, it's usually safe to fling a group
    of three shurikens at them, as a wake up "present".  That way, if they try
    anything immedietly after getting up, they get smacked.  And if they sit
    and take it, then you do a bit of free block damage.  And if they use
    "just defense" against it, then you'll usually tick off enough damage with
    the second two to pay for the life gain, so it costs you nothing.
    (Obviously don't use this against people who are good enough to "just
    defense" all three of them)
    *  PLAY MIND GAMES.  Hokutomaru has some wonderful mind games he can play
    with people.  Use them!  One of the easiest is the old "leap foward with
    stick, but cancel and throw instead".  This is discribed with more
    detail above, under that move.  But you can go much deeper than that.
    The teleport is the key.  Use it when jumping away after a successful
    attack.  Use it after jumping in, but before attacking, so that the
    blow comes about a second after they expect it.  Use it after you double
    jump off the screen so that they can't see that you've vanished.  In other
    words, ABUSE IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  (Until they start to catch on, of
    course ;)
    Also, use shurikens frequeltly.  A good time to use them is just before
    landing.  That can throw a lot of people off.  Also, when you double-tap
    away, to leap back, that counts as a jump.  So... you can use teleports
    and shurikens in the middle of it.  A wonderful thing to try is every so
    often double tap back to jump away, and throw a shuriken mid-jump.  Most
    people are NOT expecting an attack in the middle of an evasion, and are
    often caught by surprise.  More fun!
    Finally, the most important part of mind game tricks:  Vary your attacks.
    Don't use the same one more than once or twice in a row, or your opponent
    will start to catch on, and develop counter strategies.  ("just defending"
    at best, clobbering you good at worst)
    *  DON'T BE AFRAID TO GET CLOSE.  Finally, even though a lot of his moves
    focus on sudden attacks from distance, don't be afraid to get in close
    with Hokutomaru.  Although this works worse for some people than others...
    (for example, when facing Griffon Mask, it might be better to keep your
    distance after all...)  When in close, you CAN hold your own just fine...
    just use pleanty of standing C hits, leaping-andy-bogard things, (canceled
    if blocked) and throwing stars.  (which work perfectly well at point blank
    range and in combos, as long as you don't try to trade hits with them)
    Character specific tactics:
    VS. Rock Howard:
    Rock is a fairly good all around player.  A large part of his strength lies
    in the fact that all of his moves are fairly damaging, and that he can hit
    hard and fast from across the screen.  The biggest things to watch out for
    are his rushing punch things, which are good both by themselves, or in combos.
    He does have a projectile, but it isn't nearly as good as Hokutomaru's, so
    don't lose too much sleep over it.  I've already detailed what to do if your
    opponent gets too overconfident with projectiles, so I won't repeat it here.
    Watch out for Rock's uppercut move (Rising Tackle).  It's not a *great* move,
    since it is a charge move, and can't always be done in time if they're not
    paying attention, but it is still something to watch out for.  (Especially
    since Hokutomaru is such an air-intensive player)  One thing you can do to
    discourage Rock players from using too many Rising Tackles is to use your
    double jump to fake them out.  Jump in, and then jump away before you hit the
    rising tackle.  Or just jump straight up, so you are too high, and come down
    on Rock with a drop kick or something.  Watch out for Rock doing jump-ins,
    since he has an ok command throw.  It is often strung after a jump since it
    requires a 720 motion on the joystick.  You probably don't want to stay too
    close to Rock if you can avoid it.  Just play hit and run with him, and you
    should be fine.
    VS. Terry Bogard
    Hmm.  For the trademark character of the fatal fury games, they certainly
    didn't make Terry too powerful.  It could be just that I havn't yet met
    someone who uses him well, but as far as I can tell, he isn't anything overly
    special.  He has a fireball move, similar to Rock's, but most of his moves are
    mediocre at best.  In particular, his "Power dunk", (jump up, hit you into the
    air, and slam you down with yellow energy punch) is EXTREMELY hard to hit with
    from the ground.  You're a lot more likely to see Terry players using his
    other moves more, such as his "Burning Knuckle" (Dash across the screen with
    yellow energy punch) and his "Crack Shot" (Nifty flip forward kick thing).
    The Crack Shot in particular is often used as an anti-air move, since it is
    very fast to come out, and has fairly little delay if it misses.  And it has
    good priority to boot.  The other threat to jumping you have to watch for is
    Terry's trademark "Power Geyser", where he punches the ground, and a big burst
    of energy comes out.  This move is fast, and fairly damaging, so be cautious
    jumping towards terry.  The biggest thing to watch out for with Terry is that
    you don't let him get in too many free hits with burn knuckle from across the
    screen because you weren't watching.
    VS. Kim Dong Hwan
    Kim Dong Hwan is NASTY.  Be careful of this one.  He is mainly an up-close
    character, so you can try to play keep away with shurikens.  Unfortunatly the
    "just defense" makes this less useful.  So does the fact that Kim has lots of
    good moves that advance him, and protect him from shurikens.  (since he'll
    just kick them out of the air)  So you'll probably end up having to fight him
    at least somewhat.  Also, he doesn't have all that many moves with lots of
    delay, meaning that it is hard to punish him much with your teleport.
    Basically, you're most likely going to have to fight him up close at least
    somewhat.  The biggest thing to watch out for when he is close is his high-low
    game.  He has an electricity kick that must be blocked low.  And if you don't
    block it, it can be comboed into either a special jump-foward-electricity-kick
    or into a SUPER.  Mean.  But he also has a simple jump-foward-electricity-kick
    that he can use instead, which must be blocked high.  And this one comes out
    faster.  So basically the best thing to do is block high, unless you see him
    start to look like he is going to stomp his foot.  Then block low.  The
    problem however, is that both of these moves have almost no delay after them.
    You might be able to get in a light punch if you're lucky, but they still can
    often block.  A better thing to do is walk up and monkey-munch throw them.
    Since most of the time they will expect to be hit back afterwards, they will
    almost always sit and block after these moves, leaving you free to wander up
    and claw their eyes out.  Yay!  Also watch out for Kim's air-super.  It does
    lots of damage, and can be a very nasty surprise if you forget that he has a
    super move he can do in the air.  The other thing to remember about Kim is
    that he is one of the few characters in the game who is better at air to air
    combat than you are.  He can jump as high as Hokutomaru, (thanks to his super
    jump and corner bounce) and if you meet in mid air at equal heights, his kick
    will win out, every time.  It takes some getting used to, since vs nearly
    everyone else, Hokutomaru has air priority.  Be careful.
    VS. Kim Jae Hoon
    Ahh, the OTHER Kim kid.  Ok, one thing I just have to say about him: DAMAGE.
    And lots of it.  He has some fairly nasty moves.  He's not quite as quick as
    Kim Dong Hwan, but he easily makes up for this in sheer damage potential.
    Be VERY careful of his supers.  Also watch out for his "hold his foot up for a
    little bit, and then leap forward and kick a lot" move.  He is counted as
    blocking while his foot is up, so he can use it as quite a nasty block-then-
    counter move.  (Actually, it's worse than that even:  While blocking things
    with his foot, he actually takes NO damage, not even the usual "tick" hits!)
    He is another player that you probably want to do a lot of hit-and-run tactics
    on.  Just don't let him hit you with many moves, or you WILL feel it.  Also,
    you probably want to get him out of his T. O. P. mode as fast as possible.
    VS. Hotaru Futaba
    Hotaru is quite an oddity.  When I first saw her, I was figuring that she was
    going to be sort of a Chun-Li-a-like, with a cooler looking projectile, and
    less emphasis on kicking.  I figured at the very least that she'd be one of
    those "very fast but not too damaging" characters.  Boy oh boy was *I* wrong.
    Whatever you do, when you fight Hotaru, do NOT make the mistake of
    underestimating her damage potential.  Her uppercuts (well, fine, leap into
    the air spinning things) can do MASSIVE damage if you are on the ground when
    she starts them.  And her dance-foward-hitting-you move that ends with a palm
    strike does extremely respectable damage, and can be comboed into.  And if you
    block it, she recovers at the same time you do, so you can't even hit her
    back!  Hey!  And add to that that she has a resonably damaging command throw,
    and you have someone fairly nasty to deal with.  Also watch out for her kick
    move in the air, where she suddenly changes direction and flies at you to kick
    off of you.  It can be a surprise, since she changes direction in mid air, and
    so can hit you when you think she's jumping away.  Luckily, most of the
    tactics that Hotaru players seem to use can be fairly easily countered by
    Hokutomaru's inherrent coolness.  For one thing, many Hotaru players seem to
    like getting into projectile wars.  This is a BAD idea on their part, and if
    you have read the rest of this FAQ, you already know quite a few ways of
    reminding them of why they shouldn't do that.  Also, many Hotaru players like
    to try to play air warfare with you.  Again, you have a definate advantage,
    since your double jump and teleport easily make up for Hotaru's air kick.  One
    thing to watch out for is that she has a projectile reflector, but if you
    throw enough throwing stars in groups of three, then you'll be mostly ok.  And
    if one or two throwing stars comes back, oh well.  So don't let her projectile
    reflector scare you into not throwing lots of shurikens.  You're still most
    likely safer chucking shurikens from a distance than you are in staying close
    and letting her use her nasty, high damage, low recovery time moves on you.
    Don't be afraid to get in close and smack her some, but don't stay any longer
    than necessary.  Ooh, and watch out for her anti-air super blue kick.  It can
    catch by surprise, since it hits from a direction that none of her other moves
    really do.  Also, Hotaru can change the direction she is facing in mid-air,
    allowing for some crossovers.  Unfortunatly for her, you can almost always see
    them comming, since she has to jump in so deep.  So unless you're not watching
    at all, you will probably see it comming a mile away.
    VS. Gato
    Gato is nasty.  He is sort of like Kim Jae Hoon; he does great damage, and
    fast.  You'll be playing, exchange a few hits, and suddenly look up and find
    that you're already down to half life!  Gato's best move, I think, is his
    "leap forcefully into the air and do something mean".  He has four endings to
    this move, (make an explosion on the ground, kick high, land and slide-kick,
    and kick diagonally downwards out of the air.)  Gato players (the good ones,
    at least) often tend to play lots of mind games with this move, such as
    throwing a few ground explosions on you, and then when you move to jump kick
    them, doing a jump kick themselves.  (The kick that comes out of that jump
    has higher priority than your jump kick usually)  One of the best ways to deal
    with this is to just start "just defending" the explosions, and force them to
    change tactics.  Also, you can dash under him when he does the "jump up
    forcefully" part, and hit him with just about anything as he lands.  (I
    recommend a good 100 or so flaming ninja knives, but then, I'm bitter.)  Watch
    out for Gato's extra potential power.  He dashes forwards and delivers three
    BIG hits.  Even if you block, they still do about a good C hit worth of block
    damage.  And they put you REEEAAAALY cloes to being guard crushed.  So if
    someone does this to you, and you block, stay away for a bit, or use lots of
    "just defend"s.  Also don't forget that even tho Gato doesn't have a normal
    uppercut, one of his supers is effectively a straight up uppercut.  It can be
    a nasty surprise if you're not watching.  So if you are playing vs. Gato, and
    they start to be really cautious, and seem to be waiting for you to jump,
    (and they have a power bar or two), then approach with caution.  And always
    remember, if things get dicey, you can always double jump away to saftey.
    VS. Bonne Jenet
    It's the magical sparkly pirate girl!  She is a very good player, particularly
    at close range, but nothing insurmountable.  She has unreliable anti-air,
    (except for her supers) so if she doesn't have a power bar, you are probably
    safe doing deep jump-ins.  Be careful jumping towards her when she DOES have
    a power bar or two, though, since she has an excellent anti-air super that can
    do significant damage.  Be particularly careful when fighting her up close,
    since she has several quick and damaging combos, and if you're not watching,
    she can do her "many torpedo kick thing", either by itself, or as a combo from
    most of her close attacks.  She is probably safest to fight in the air, where
    all the advantages are on your side.  She DOES have a "change-direction-in-
    mid-air-kick", that can be a surprise (and she makes the COOLEST noise when
    she does it) but it's not very good for air-air battles, so you should be Ok.
    She also has one of the better projectiles in the game for catching jumpers
    with, so watch out for it.  (or just double-jump to safety)  An interesting
    thing to note:  Her projectile hits people 3 times, but it only takes one
    projectile to cancel it.  And sometimes, your projectile will just go right
    through hers, and keep going!  So don't be afraid to projectile fight her.
    VS. Marco Rodriguez
    Ahh, what game would be complete without the standard fireball-uppercut char?
    Marco fills that role admirably here, since both his fireballs and uppercuts
    are fast and damaging enough to make this a fairly mean game for him to play.
    Luckily, Hokutomaru can double jump. :)  Marco is another character that can
    often be lured into playing projectile war games with you.  Punish him.  And
    try to fake him out with double jumps so that he misses on uppercuts and
    leaves himself open.  Watch out if you want to fight him up close; he does
    good damage, and takes very little skill to do damaging combos.  In particular
    his standing close C punch can be comboed into almost ANYTHING of his.
    (including his supers)  So watch out.  Also, don't get TOO free with your
    teleports, since he can uppercut you out of them if he sees them comming. And
    even though Hokutomaru is usually projectile king, do watch out for Marco's
    super projectiles, since they go right through yours.  The moral of this story
    is don't throw too many projectiles at Marco if he has a power bar.  Instead
    just let him throw his fireballs, and respond with a teleport.  It's usually
    VS. Hokutomaru
    Well, there arn't a huge number of strategies that I can give you for fighting
    someone else playing Hokutomaru, since anything you can do they can do as
    well.  Remember that they can hit you if you throw projectiles too freely.
    On the other hand, if THEY throw projectiles too much, feel free to hit them
    in the ways outlined above.  And don't rely too heavily on the teleports,
    since if you both teleport, it is whoever teleports LAST that will win.  So it
    is probably better waiting for them to make the mistake.
    VS. Freeman
    Freeman is surprisingly damaging.  Watch out for him.  He has a nasty overhead
    slash move that serves him well as anti-air.  And his dash-forward-slash moves
    can go under your throwing stars, so don't throw them if he is too close.  His
    counter attack super is pretty nasty, but hard to use.  If you see him do it,
    and havn't attacked yet, just let him walk into you, and throw him.  The other
    thing that you have to remember when fighting freeman is that his dash-foward
    slashing moves often hit LOW.  So always block low just in case.  If he DOES
    do his "leap forward slash" move (which must be blocked high) you'll have
    pleanty of warning, since it is slooooow.
    VS. Griffon Mask
    Here's the obligitory throw character of the game.  Well, if nothing else, he
    looks a lot cooler in his moves than Zangeif ever did.  Griffon Mask isn't
    quite as good a throw character as, say, Clark from KoF, or Shigen from Last
    Blade, but he can still be fairly nasty.  In general Griffon Mask has throws
    that are harder to actually do (many involve 360s or 720s) but that do HUGE
    damage.  As in a third or so.  And that's not even counting the super throws.
    If ever there was a character to play keep away with, this is him.  Granted,
    most humans won't be as good at getting his throws off as the computer is, but
    still, you probably don't want to spend any more time close to him than you
    have to.  Luckily, he is also an extremely easy character to keep away from,
    since he is slow moving, and has almost no good advancement moves.
    VS. Kevin Ryan
    Kevin Ryan, master of the "Punch you so hard you explode!" school of martial
    arts.  Well, he's pretty much what you'd expect, moves are slow to come out,
    but do lots of damage.  He has one punch that he can hold, and he starts
    twitching ominously when he does so...  Don't let it fool you, it doesn't
    become unblockable or anything, he just does more damage the longer he holds
    it.  Also be careful around Kevin's "crawl foward, do something" move.  He
    can either hit high or low out of it, so your best bet is to either stay away,
    or just kick him before he gets to you.  You obviously can't throw projectiles
    while he's doing it though, since he's too low.  Basically, your best bet
    is to aviod staying too close to Kevin.  As always, hit and run.  He has no
    attacks that he can ues from across the screen.  (at least, none that you
    can't see comming miles away)  Watch out when you do jump-ins though, since
    his "HUGE explosion, you're frozen and glowing" punch is excellent anti-air.
    VS. Grant
    The sinister sounding "Martyr of Might", with his equally sinister sounding
    "dark karate"!  Well, they had to do SOMETHING interesting for the sub-boss.
    Actually, in my opinion, Grant is a much better character than Kain is.  He
    has a lot of good combos, and does pretty good damage.  (note that the damage
    he does when you fight him as sub-boss is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than it is if
    you play him in a vs. match against another human.)  All in all, he has a lot
    of good moves.  He has a (very goofy looking but effective) uppercut, which
    can finish off with a glowing purple "dark karate" kick.  This makes jump-ins
    dangerous, since he can use it with impunity, and do the "dark karate kick" at
    the end to make it very hard to hit him back afterwards.  Your best bet is to
    try to keep away as much as possible, as when fighting the Griffon Mask.  Just
    remember that Grant has a lot better moves than Griffon does.  Also don't
    forget that Grant has a VERY fast "Dash across the screen and bowl you over"
    move, which is not only good for advancement, but is fast enough to be a good
    punishment, if you leave yourself open.  For supers, Grant has a standard
    "ground combo" super, (a long combo for good damage, but it only works if you
    are on the ground when it hits).  This one is probably the least of your
    worries, since you're probably jumping enough that you'll just get hit by one
    or two hits of it, before getting "bounced" out of the combo.  (usually
    annoying the Grant player immensely)  Grant's other super, however, is rather
    dangerous to you, since it's a "Mega-Dark-Karate kick", which goes up at an
    angle, making it good for close ground-ground fighting, or good for anti-air.
    It is roughly equivalent to Terry's "Power Geyser" in terms of where it hits.
    Oh, and WATCH OUT FOR GRANT's T. O. P. attacks.  It's a series of punches
    while on the ground.  It is fast to come out, hard to hit him back from, (if
    you blocked it) and does guard crush like nothing!  I think it's the best
    T. O. P. attack in the game, actually.  Be VERY careful, or you'll end up
    getting guard crushed a lot sooner than you expect, and then you'll get bonked
    HARD.  You have been warned.  Also watch out for Grant's "dashing-face-hit".
    It does RIDICULOUS damage, even if you block it.  (Almost as much as a a/b
    attack!)  And if you don't block it, you lose LOTS of life.  And if you're
    foolish enough to try to hit him out of it, if the You'll usually trade hits,
    and get popped up.  And if the Grant player is any good, they can combo you
    then for almost 50% damage, without even using any supers.  All because you
    were foolish enough to try to hit back.  So do NOT fight Grant ground-ground
    if you can POSSIBLY avoid it.  Otherwise you WILL lose.  Use your double
    jumps and throwing stars as much as you can, and STAY AWAY.
    VS. Kain Heinlein
    Kain.  I thought he was an incredibly powerful character when I first got to
    him, playing on one player mode.  He would just rip through my lifebar.
    Especially when he was in his T. O. P. mode.  I have since discovered however,
    that he is given a SIGNIFICANT damage handicap by the computer for his role
    as boss.  In fact, the non-boss Kain seems to be downright wimpy in contrast.
    He has a medium projectile, and some anti-air and a nice "charge forward while
    on fire" move, but none of these have NEARLY the damage that they do when the
    computer is playing.  And since they are all charge moves, they are harder to
    combo than most other players, as well!  Anyway, things to watch out for with
    Kain:  He has an anti-air move.  Not a great one, but still watch for it.  It
    requires a charge-down to execute, so don't jump at anyone who is just
    sitting there, ducking.  He also has a medium projectile.  You can plow right
    through it with your 3-shurikens, but be careful trying to punish him with
    teleports, since when he launches the projectile, he jumps back, making him
    slightly harder to hit with your teleport.  Also avoid fighting Kain near the
    corner of the screen.  Kain has the unique ability to do some fairly damaging
    combos after his throw, but they only work if he throws you into a corner.  In
    particular, stay away when he has two power bars, since he can throw you, and
    then hit you with his "glowing yellow ball of death and multiple hits" on the
    way down.  (And then hit you again with his anti-air move as you fall from
    THAT, for a grand total of around 50% damage)  So in general it seems to be
    safer to just stay away from corners.  Since Hokutomaru can double jump,
    getting out of corner traps isn't as bad for him as it is for some people.
    Also, if Kain is sitting near the corner and refuses to budge, just wait him
    out.  There's no reason you have to close with him, since you can easilly win
    any projectile wars he starts.
    * Thanks to James Kuroki (orochi@ix.netcom.com) who not only provided an
    excellent general FAQ for Garou, (which I used quite a bit when learning the
    game) but also for letting me borrow choice bits from his faq to put into
    mine.  (The background, translations, and quick move list)
    As far as I know, a copy of his faq can be found at the following locations:
    Gamefaqs                                                 www.gamefaqs.com
    About.com Guide to Video Game Strategies           vgstrategies.about.com
    Under the Neo Geo Moon                      welcome.to/undertheneogeomoon
    King Of Fighters Millennium                      welcome.to/kofmillennium
    * Thanks to Drahktar for being someone to test strategies out against. ^_^
    * Thanks to Shih Tzu and Jellisky, for providing positive reinforcement.
    * Greetz to Mainframe and Syntax!!!
    Unpublished work Copyright 2000 Chris Cornell

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