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"Awww, this game blows!"

I really wanted to like this game. I really really really wanted to like this game. In fact if it wasn't for one problem I probably would've liked this game. But alas, this game just doesn't want me to like it.

For people who have stumbled across this review wondering what this game is, it's a tower defense game based around the t.v. show south park. It was made exclusively for the xbox 360 although I fail to see why you couldn't just make this game in flash and submit it to newgrounds.

Being a tower defense game, the game revolves around the concept of building various towers defend a certain area from incoming enemies. When you kill enemies with your tower you then get money to spend on creating more towers or upgrading the towers you already have.

South Park Let's Go Play Tower Defense Play! does a good job of incorporating all of these elements into play, however it also incorporates other elements into it that completely ruin the experience.

One of the big deals the creators of the game talked about when demoing it to press was that you could control the various kids of south park while playing the game. You do this by selecting one of the kids with the right bumper and then using the kid to either build your towers or throw snowballs at incoming enemies. You'll normally have four kids on screen at the same time and when you switch to another kid your previous kid will then stand idle and basically act like another tower. This for the most part works well, but I would have preferred something simpler.

What doesn't work well is the other feature they added into the game which is the ability to make walls. Now normally in tower defense games you have a standard playing field and you just put a tower someplace they can go and that's it your done. In South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! however the levels are barren and it's up to you to build all the towers in the level... and then build all of the walls in the level to form a maze for the enemies... all while you're under a time limit, and it costs you money to build walls. The inclusion of walls is what causes this game to suck, hard. By including them it seems like the developers of the game got lazy and just asked the users to create half the levels. It doesn't add any depth into the game, it just makes it extremely frustrating.

And finally, to add to the problems with the walls is the AI. You could spend all the time you have before the enemies come on screen building an elaborate labyrinth for the enemies to go through, but then the AI will just crash through your walls you just spent all the time building and then go straight to the exit.

After playing the game for 4 hours and experiencing this I decided that this game wasn't worth my time anymore. If the game designers wanted me to have fun they would've built levels instead of asking me to do it.

Just don't buy this game, it isn't worth your time and it definitely isn't worth your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/12/09

Game Release: South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! (US, 10/07/09)

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