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"If you don't suck at Video games you will enjoy it. Sweet."

I'm not going to go into detail about what a "Tower Defense Game" is. There are 400 other ways to find out if you don't know. If you have no love for the Real Time Strategy or Tower games, go ahead and skip this game. If you love South Park and enjoy a game that might actually force yourself to think, go ahead and spend the 800 MP.

This game is an XBox Live Arcade exclusive game. (For now?) The control setup is very simplistic and easy to learn. You control one of four characters at a time. In the solo campaign you can switch which lovable South Park child you play on the fly by pressing the Right Bumper. In Multiplayer (Online or Offline) you can have up to four players control each of the four children in your group. You can play all the campaign and challenges online with friends. The abilities of each character is a simple shoot, build and special ability mapped seamlessly across the controller and everything work in perfect order.

The game play of Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! works in very typical tower defense style. Make some towers, make some walls, mindless enemy minions attack your base and you hope your tower placing was smart enough to take them down before they hit your base. Nothing really complicated here. As the game progresses and gets into the the higher levels it becomes more and more difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of new South Park kids with special powers and unique towers to unlock as you go. This is one of the highlights of the game. For the most part everyone's favorite South Park Children make the game. Everyone seemed to make it. They are all unique and have statistics that make no two characters alike. My favorite team included Timmy, Jimmy, Butters and the hugely annoying Pip. (Yes, nobody likes Pip...... everyone knows that) There are a couple of others I felt would have been great additions like Damien, Towelie or even Ike, but the cast in the game is large and should satisfy any South Park fan.

The Levels of the game are all famous locations in the town of South Park. Stan's house, Kenny's poor house, The Elementary School and even the 6th grade hang out. My favorite however was the Great City Wall built by the City Wok owner. This level follows a theme of many of the other levels with a support character like Stan's dad helping you as map obstacles. "How come every time a Chinese man builds a city wall; Mongolians always try to knock it down?" ....PRICELESS.

There are a few flaws in the game. There aren't enough to ruin the game nor are they detrimental enough to take away this game's fun factor. One of the big ones that got me was how I would seemingly make a wonderful maze for my enemies to funnel through and they would just mow the walls down. Later I found out it wasn't a glitch or a flaw. I discovered it was because I blocked off the exit FORCING my enemies to take such actions. It wasn't a glitch or a flaw. I was just stupid.
The other flaw in the game was the time limit. I understand having a time limit as you are defending wave after wave of enemies, but I really wished I had more time before a round started to set up my initial towers. I felt like many times I didn't even get a good look at the map before I decided what to build. Pausing doesn't help either, you get a screen covering options menu when you do. It's not really major ....just something I wish was longer or adjustable to pressing a button when ready to begin play.

The difficulty of this game is completely customizable. It ranges from casual, normal, hard and after you complete the game you can unlock insane mode. Even if you aren't a RTS or Tower game afficionado you should be able to find a level of difficulty that will allow you to enjoy the game.

The bonuses and in game extras are plenty. There are about a hundred video clips to unlock and the extra unlockable characters and towers will keep you playing for a few days. Its got replay value but not tons. I got all 200 of 200 achievements points in 2 days of leisurely play. Not a lot, but not too little. Exactly how XBox Live Arcade games should be.

There's an old saying about South Park. "If it isn't offending you, it's not doing its job." That's seems to be the case here in the game as well. There are curse words flying all over the place. Be prepared for S and F-bombs galore, plenty of lewd remarks and the average racial stereotyping. Hey, I'm an Asian man and I find the City Wok/Airlines guy absolutely hilarious but that doesn't mean everyone is cool with it. If you are the latter there is an option in the game to turn down the profanity. I never did...... but if you want to that's cool too I guess.

If you are a South Park fan and can hang with the intense brain functions (Sarcasm) that tower games require, you will have some serious fun. It's a nice diversion from whatever game you normally play. Sweet.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/13/09

Game Release: South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! (US, 10/07/09)

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