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"A true Tower Defense game that lives up to the show and its RTS roots."

South Park Lets GO Tower Defense Play! Is a very addicting and humorous game that does not stray to far the shows collective yet crude humor with its fun and recognizable characters. This game is more directed towards fans of the show giving obscure yet memorable references to several villains seen through the show, but that does not mean that other people cant get into the havoc caused by this game.

This South Park game takes place in an unknown time frame in and around the small town of South Park where you play as all four of the boys(Cartman,Stan,Kyle,Kenny), alternating between them during game play, to try and withstand wave after wave of enemy's from the show that try to destroy the town. Towers and mazes can be built by the players to help hold off or destroy the enemy forces, all of the kids have their own stats however and contribute by throwing snowballs or using their own signature attack. Example: Cartman's special attack is the entire field burst into flames and damages all enemy's on the field by a significant amount of damage while Stan's however rally's' the people of South Park and heals the town's life gauge.

There are lots of unlockables after you have beaten the game including tons of new characters each with their own individual stats and special attacks sure to keep the battle fresh and challenging. All enemy's are not the same and thus are weak against different towers forcing the player to keep building brand new ones of different types to take out enemy's like demons,terrorists, or even ginger kids(GINGIVITIS!!!!!!!!). With four difficulties to play everyone can take a shot at the game at their own pace, even if they are too good for casual their is always Insane which is sure to stimulate your brain. Now the main aspect where this game shines is that you can play this online with up to three other people each playing as their own chosen South Park character through any of the levels or challenges on any difficulty.

The only real problem with the game is that when you are playing single player the three other bots just stand where you place them and act as regular towers, this can kill the fun aspect of the game play but none the less is still very addicting.

The game holds very true to the TV show in every little aspect and is sure to tickle the players funny bone as they go through this manically addicting game. Tower Defense is for people who like to think so if you want to spend 800ms points go ahead its a great game especially if your a fan of the game. Try the demo or play some tower defense on sites like Newgrounds and see if your a fan of the genre first. I give this game a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/08/10

Game Release: South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! (US, 10/07/09)

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