Hero weapons, how do they evolve?

  1. So just wondering how hero weapons evolve and change shape? What is required for certain looks and stats, so far my hammer has a bone handle which makes sense because I was killing hollowmen with it but so does my sword which I havent used for anything?

    User Info: Dude_bag

    Dude_bag - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It depends on a lot of things, although right now I don't know what exactly. You don't need to use the weapon for it to evolve though. For example: I've never EVER used my Hero's Hammer, but it's got a bone handle from killing hollow men, colored red because of real estate, Sparkly because I have a kid, and more intricate because of money or chests.
    My sword and both hero guns each have different reasons for looking the way they are.
    As for them becoming shorter and broader because of defense, I find this hard to believe since I dodge and attack (no blocks) Yet my hero sword has a broad blade (from looking at it, although it's not stated).
    It depends, I think, on what side quests you do compared to when you decide to level melee/Ranged as to which of the accomplishments is ultimately chosen. Most obvious (most done) gets chosen first, I would suppose.

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Other Answers

  1. If you use a sword for defense, it will get shorter and broader, if you use it for offense it will get taller and thinner, both of them make it do more damage though. beyond that, idk

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  2. The spells you have and your morale standing effect the weapon.

    User Info: FBH_Eclipse

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  3. From what I can tell all your hero weapons evolve even if you don't use that particular weapon. I think as long as you use at least 1 of the hero weapons they will evolve by your actions, but I haven't tested this yet.

    User Info: darkmuramasa

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  4. I used only the hero pistol and sword so far (used other non-hero weapons) and I've got a bone handle on my sword and a sliver handle on my pistol. I changed pistols to the "Cleric" or anti-hollowmen version which is why I think that my sword has that and not my pistol. My pistols silver handle has a mod on it for being generous. I think I got that for giving all of my money to the Dwellers when suggested. I might have had a different sword at that point.

    User Info: Andrew_Wiggin

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  5. While some of the upgrades require using the weapon in question, if you aren't using it it will evolve based on other criteria. For example, I was doing the Reliquary area under the Brightwall library and after killing all of those hollow men with my hammer, when I upgraded my melee weapons shortly after, it got a shaft that was designed as a bone. Other criteria that I have found that are NOT combat based include bronze for real estate, gold for amassing, well, gold, on the pistols I got a blue hilt for using shock, on my sword I got a segmented scimitar blade for punting chickens. As you can tell, there are a lot out there to find and customize your gear with, and I'll continue hunting em down so I can contribute to someone who starts up a faq.

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  6. Depends what you do money wise, socially, and in combat. A neat little trick I found was save before you open a chest. Afterward just open the chest if you don't like the design restart the game and you'll get depending what you've been doing a different design or not. But, I found that it turned into a different design every time depended on what I've done in the game so far. Hope this helps.

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