What is the best way to earn money?

  1. When you buy and rent out property, do you earn the income with the game off like you do in Fable 2, or do you have to be playing to earn the income?

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    PlatypusChris - 6 years ago

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  1. Here's the tricks to the most efficient moneymaking:

    Step #1: Blacksmithing is the most efficient job. Use that to earn money to buy real estate.

    Step #2: Buy various buildings, and keep the rent/prices on normal. Continue doing blacksmithing jobs in the meantime.

    Step #3: Buy more buildings until you are earning about 10,000 gp every 5 minutes. At this point, blacksmithing is now optional.

    Step #4: Continue buying buildings in this order; everything in The Dweller Camp, everything in The Mercenary Camp, everything in Silverpine Forest, everything in Mourningwood (excluding the Fortress-that's optional), and all the houses in Brightwall.

    Step #5: Start saving up money until you can buy all 3 mansions in Millfields, starting with the most expensive and working your way down.

    Step #6: Continue buying buildings in any order you want until you have all of them.

    Step #7 (optional but recommended): Do steps 1-6 BEFORE you go to Aurora. Run around doing quests and/or waiting around doing nothing until you have 6,500,000 gp. Go to Aurora and complete all the quests there, plus the rebellion quests that follow. After that, at the first available moment, go to the Sanctuary, climb up the gold pile, and get the key. Go back to the game, and as soon as you walk into the castle treasury, put 6,500,000 gp into the treasury. Go back to the Sanctuary and get the Swinging Sword from the chest that is now revealed in the Treasure Room.


    Bonus Advice: any houses you own will need to be periodically repaired. It is confirmed that all houses lose 1% of their condition every 5 minutes; in other words, every time you get paid, all the houses you own lose 1% of their condition rating. Once you have the money to spare, go back to all the houses you own, and repair all of them to 100%. From then on, make sure that all your houses are at 100% at the same time. It is much easier to keep track of what houses need to be repaired if all of them operate on the same schedule.

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  1. From what I am experiencing you get paid every 5 minutes and even if you pause and such you get paid. In short, yes, you do get paid while not playing.

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  2. Well you can't preform the trick from Fable 2 where you mess with your console's time and get money, and I haven't tested yet if you get money while not still running the game cause I haven't had to heart to turn it off and take a break.

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  3. Real estate baby!

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  4. ok just get your black smithing up to lvl 5 and do black smithing since its relatively the easiest, more button presses but it's pretty much alternating A and X button. (once had straight A) when you get to level 5 at 10x multiplier you get 3k a sword and even with my wife on as her character in a marriage splitting gold with her i made 1.3 - 1.5 k a sword, i made 20k in 3 minutes.

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  5. Umm let me rephrase that even only making 1.3-1.5k i made 20k in 3 minutes.

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  6. To start off , On the Road To Rule you wanna focus on levling up your Blacksmith skills. I havent done pie making yet but lute playing doesnt get you as much as blacksmithing does. Then buy real estate and keep your console on for a while so you can reap the benifits.

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  7. Or you can use the glitch in the cheats tab, which I recommend doing just to speed up time with the last stage of the game (6.5 mil isn't skill based just takes a ton of time....). Keep in mind that you can save a char on another profile to trade with, and you can save multiple gifts on that char. I was getting about 1.2 mil a minute, but if i wanted to i could have gotten a lot more

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  8. DeathsFlagShip sorry to say u r not right at all cause i left it on over night n got nothing in return other then the 1st 5 mins of rent.

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  9. It appears Lionhead took away the 'offline earning' that Fable 2 had. You now have to be IN the game to get the periodic rent earnings.

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  10. I got money really fast from buy all the property and was getting 100k+ every 5 minutes, so I repaired everything to full and went into a demon door so as not to get bothered by enemies, and if you have a controller recharger that plugs into the Xbox it will keep your controller on at all times regardless of the charge on it and I went to school which took about 9 hours and when i got back I had almost 11 million gold and all the houses had gotten to 0% condition a while back, since I had estimated about 11.4 million and I think I ended up with about 10.8 million gold, so I think that the houses only last for about 8 straight hours. Hope that the little life story of mine helps.

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  11. It depends on your current money status.
    The best way I found was property, buy shops and rent out houses, the more expensive the original price, the more rent/income you get out of it.
    now, if you dont happen to have a stack of fabulous glowing gold at your disposal to buy everything in sight, then I would suggest leveling a job skill in the road to rule and then doing a job, I was level 4 blacksmith making 300 gold bare minimum at gold multiplier(1).

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  12. The best things to buy are shops, as they have no upkeep... so start off buying the little stands and then move onto clothing and weapon shops... when you have enough money, buy a pawn shop... they are the best shops to own, but they are also the most expensive... once you have one of them, plus your other shops, you should be good to go... I just ran around collecting books, gnomes, and keys while the gold racked up... as you do this, every now and then buy some more shops... make buying the pawn shops your priority... takes a while, but if your collecting things, at least you're not just standing around...

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