How to get to the 2 areas not involved in the main quest?

  1. Not sure wht they are called but one is at the top of map near mourningwood and millfields and the other is below millfields and silver pines (not Aurora). any help??

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    tiffanym846 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To get to the north area - start at the fort in mourningwood, head toward the village thru the cemetary, after the cemetary instead of turning right and going thru the woods, stay to the left, you should see a gate. thats your entrance.

    south area - go to millfields. toward reavers mansion, there is a hill that forks the path in 3, to the right, to the left, and up the hill. in order to get to the new area you must do the quest to rebuild the bridge. after it is rebuilt you may cross and follow the path to your new area

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Other Answers

  1. Those areas would be the Sunset House and Driftwood.

    Sunset House: Travel through Mourning Wood past the area where you meet Max & Sam's ghosts. Look for an open gate.

    Driftwood: Just travel accross the bridge that was restored after you paid the gold assoiated with the quest.

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  2. The 1st one I think your talking about Sunset House. When you walk to Bowerstone from Mourningwood fort if you looks closely you will see two large gates. 2 is called Drift wood you need to do a quest called Restoration before you can access it.

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  3. Not an answer, but more of a rant.

    I find it funny that even though there is already an answer there. People still place their own question that is either.

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