Does anyone know where all the bowerstone industrial gnomes are?

  1. As the title says I have all the gnomes except one from bowerstone industrial. I'm not sure which ones ive gotten, nor where to look. I went through the area for nearly 3 hours trying to find it and still havent been able too. Does anyone know where all of the gnomes are located and how to sort out how to find the one Im looking for?

    User Info: Gleith

    Gleith - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are 5 in Bowerstone Industrial.

    1.Is on an alcove under the bridge beyond where the worker demonstration was

    2.Accept the Animal liberation quest and unlock the entrance to the pie factory Gnome is in a cage

    3.Is high on the wall of the building on the west side of the bridge closest to the docks

    4.Enter the sewers via the door under the crane (used during the One Ring to Find quest) and turn left at the first junction the go straight ahead through a distant crack in the wall to a room with a light shining down through a grate the gnome is stuck to the grate

    5.Is in the Cesspool (the place where the kidnapped quest took place) if you still dont know where im talking about its accessed through one of the houses across from the orphanage.Jump down like you did before head through the tunnel at the base of the hill past the turn on the right, to the dead end up ahead and the gnome is on the far wall just beyond the light shining down

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  1. Here a guide to all the gnomes location:

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