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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/29/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                       Fable III FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox 360)
                       Last Updated 10/29/10 (Version 1.0)
                     Written by ACTestaALT (testaalt@aol.com)
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New?
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Credits
    4. Legal Disclaimer
    5. Contact Info
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                                   1. What's New?
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    V1.0  (10/29/10): Walthrough completed.
    V0.65 (10/29/10): Guide to Aurora beginning.
    V0.15 (10/28/10): Guide to monorail station.
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                                  2. Walkthrough
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    SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like to play a "good" character in the game, I
    ------------- highly suggest you start saving up money at the first avail-
                  able opportunity. After getting tens of thousands, buy as much
                  property as possible and keep buying property when you get more
                  money. By the end of the game, you should have enough money for
                  what you need to accomplish to be a "good" character. This only
                  applies to good characters; evil characters do not need to save
                  as much. Evil characters still need around 800,000 gold to give
    TIP: The "easiest" combat character in this game is by far the magic-based
    ---- character. Because Fable III has no magic meter, you can spam attacks
         at your heart's content. That coupled with the fact that you can "weave"
         spells together to make super powerful combinations and you have a
         possibly game-breaking mechanism. Just try combining fire and shock
         together. This is a positively lethal combination that not only severely
         damages the opponent, but it also stuns them in place for a few seconds.
         I also recommend getting the melee chests as well, just in case things
         get particularly dicey. Melee is also good, but prone to too many hits
         in the back.
    NOTE: If you are injured, keep repeatedly rolling away to automatically
    ----- regain health over time. You only need to use healing potions when you
          are surrounded.
    The Castle
    Choose to be a prince or a princess. After the game's introduction, choose an 
    outfit which has no bearing on much of anything. Follow the golden trail to 
    the door and press A to open it.  Follow the trail up and down a small set of 
    stairs, then follow the stairs down to the courtyard.
    Follow the golden trail to Elliot/Elise (depending on your gender). You can 
    now either hug or kiss Elliot/Elise. This, again, has little bearing on the 
    game (just some dialogue). Press RT to see the city and afterwards LT to hold 
    Elliot/Elise's hand.
    Follow the golden trail to the kitchen. Press RT to see the staff. You can 
    either do an encouraging speech (good) or a harsh speech (evil). After the 
    speech, follow Walter while listening to him. He will be your right-hand man 
    in this game.
    Soon you will reach a person who needs a signature. You can either sign it or 
    insult him. Make your way to the combat room and hold A to equip the sword. 
    In battle against Walter, press X to attack him. As you continue to attack 
    him, he will begin talking to you.
    Now you are prompted to hold X to block. After a few blocks, it's time for a 
    flourish. Hold X while pushing the left thumbstick toward Walter. You will 
    break the sword. Follow Walter and Elliot/Elise to the situation. After the 
    scene, follow Elliot/Elise to a door to spy on the king and Walter.
    After the three scenes, you can either execute the people or Elliot/Elise. 
    This has no bearing on your morality. After more scenes, follow Walter and 
    Jasper out of the castle to the catacombs. Hold A to open the door. Run up to 
    the crypts and Walter presses a secret brick.
    Grab the Guild Seal and another scene occurs. At the stretch of land, you 
    encounter the Seer from Fable II. After she talks, press A to open the gate 
    and walk up to the chest. Use the Guild Seal on the fireball spell. Now run 
    up to the portal and hold A to use it.
    Hold B when prompted to use the fire spell. It opens the secret passageway. 
    Follow the linear tunnel until you reach the great wide open. Press RT to see 
    it. Follow Walter until you reach some bats. Repeatedly press B to kill them.  
    Now follow the path until you reach *more* bats. Kill them the same way.
    Follow the golden trail to even more bats. After killing them, continue 
    following the trail until you reach the Guild Seal on the ground. Use the 
    fire spell the warp out of here. Now you are at the Sanctuary. Jasper reads 
    the Book of Heroes. Use the map to fast travel to the Dweller Camp.
    Dweller Camp
    Follow Walter to the gate. He suggests you find some new clothes. Follow the 
    golden trail to the clothes kiosk. Buy the dweller clothes and press start to 
    go back to the Sanctuary. Go through the dressing room door and change 
    clothes to the dweller outfit.
    Press start to return to the world. Follow the golden trail back to the gate 
    to meet Walter. After the scenes, follow Walter to the drawbridge. Now follow 
    the path to reach a Mistpeak Valley.
    Mistpeak Valley
    Follow the golden trail until you hear your dog park. Dig at the spot to get 
    some gold. Continue following the trail, going across the bridge, until you 
    reach a pack of wolves. Press B repeatedly while aiming the joystick at them 
    to kill them.
    Following the trail more, cross the bridge to reach more wolves. Dispose of 
    them the same way, then continue following the path. More wolves, more dead 
    animals. Behind the rock lies a chest containing a gem. There is a dig spot 
    on the other side. Now follow the path to Brightwall Village.
    Brightwall Village
    Follow the dirt path and go across the bridge. The gate opens. Follow the 
    golden trail to the Brightwall Academy. Run up to the desk to meet the 
    librarian. Show him the Guild Seal. He will go to the Reliquary door. Press A 
    to open the door.
    The Reliquary
    Follow the golden trail down the steps until you reach the flip switch. Go 
    back to the Sanctuary and into the armory. Equip either the sword (fast) or 
    the hammer (slow). Go back to the Reliquary and hit the switch with your 
    sword to extend the path.
    Across the bridge, you will encounter your first enemy, the Hollow Man. I 
    suggest staying back and picking them off with the fire spell. After two 
    waves of two enemies, they will start matriculating by four. After killing 
    them, follow the golden trail until your dog barks.
    Follow the dog to the dig spot to get some gold. Back on the path, soon you 
    encounter another flip switch. Use magic this time to flip it. Run over the 
    lighten arrow to make another path. Now take the left arrow and more Hollow 
    Men appear.
    After disposing of them, go left again to reach a chest. Open it for a 
    potion. Go back a tile and go up on the tile now. More Hollow Men appear. 
    After killing them, go right on the tile to reach another chest. Now go up 
    two tiles and open the last chest.
    Go through the linear tile arrows, kill the hollow men, and follow the path 
    to the ledge. Press A while pushing the joystick forward to jump down. Follow 
    the road to the broken bridge. Dive down into the water and go forward a bit 
    to reach a dive spot.
    After diving down for the gem, swim to the steps and run up them. Go over the 
    Guild Seal and press B while pointing toward the door to open it. Inside, 
    follow the linear path until you reach Hollow Men. I recommend staying back 
    and throwing fireballs at them. A little further, you encounter more 'Men.
    Follow the golden trail up the hill until you encounter more Hollow Men. Kill 
    them then dig at the dig spot to get another gem. Follow the trail, killing 
    the Hollow Men along the way, until you reach another flip switch. Go back to 
    the Sanctuary and into the armory. Equip the gun of your choice.
    After flipping the switch with a pop of your gun, Hollow Men appear at the 
    other end of the bridge. This is a great time to use your newly equipped gun 
    or your tried-and-true magic spell. Follow the golden trail, killing the 
    Hollow Men along the way, when you reach a platform with a ton of Hollow Men.
    I suggest staying back and using your firespell yet again. It truly *is* the 
    easiest way to beat enemies, especially when you consider that you do not 
    have a magic meter or anything. After killing them, open the chest to get the 
    Hollow Men on the bridge hung up.
    Slowly walk back and make the Hollow Men come one by one. Once that's done, 
    follow the golden trail until you reach another platform. Tons of Hollow Men 
    appear here. I recommend swiping with your sword, then rolling away, and 
    finally using your magic. Go up the bridge and follow the golden trail to the 
    music box. Grab it.
    Step into the portal to reach the road to rule. After the 
    conversation/cutscene, open the chests of your choice. Back at the library, 
    exit to Brightwall Village.
    Brightwall Village
    Follow the golden trail to the pub to meet Walter. After the conversation, 
    meet Walter up the steps to the sleeping bandit. You need more money, so go 
    to the gem store and sell all your gems. You should have about 800 gold now. 
    Do the job minigames around town to earn the extra money.
    Once you have the money, follow the golden trail to the chop shop. Buy the 
    beard and tattoo, then go to your dressing room and equip the mercenary suit, 
    the beard, and the tattoo. Go to the map room and fast travel to the bandit 
    Bandit Camp
    The man at the gate opens it. Inside, follow the golden trails until a dig 
    spot. After digging, follow the golden trail to a second gate. The gatekeeper 
    open it, allowing you further into the camp. At the next gate, they recognize 
    you as an imposter.
    Fight the two guards off, then reinforcements arrive. Destroy the barrel next 
    to them to blow them all up. Further in the camp, keep killing bandits and 
    moving along until you reach cages. They release wolves. Kill them first and 
    then the bandits.
    Follow the golden trail further. At the next batch of enemies, shoot at the 
    barrels to kill them quickly. Follow the trail more. At the last batch of 
    enemies, you find a treasure chest containing three slow time potions and a 
    dig spot.
    Go into the arena to fight Saker. This is a pretty tough fight. I recommend 
    using a slow time potion if things get rough. For the fight, Saker 
    punches/uses an area of attack when close and throws molotov cocktails from 
    afar. I recommend fighting from afar with magic.
    Every two fireballs, roll away as he throws a molotov cocktail. Keep 
    repeating this until men come out. This is where things get dicey. I 
    recommend killing the men first. Repeatedly tap A with joystick direction to 
    get out of hard situations and if you get low on health as they cannot hit 
    you while you are rolling.
    Once all the men are gone, get back to Saker and repeat the above strategy. 
    For melee characters, get a few swipes in and roll away. Repeat this process. 
    More men decide to play; dispose of them then repeat the process with Saker 
    to end the fight.
    You can either spare (good) or strike (evil) Saker. Enter the portal and 
    spend your excess Guild Seals. Go through the portal and then back to the 
    Sanctuary. Put on different clothes if you wish, then use the map to return 
    to Brightwall.
    Brightwall Village
    Follow the golden trail that leads to the tavern and finally Walter. It seems 
    you need 30 more Guild Seals from the people in Brightwall to get them to 
    send supplies. Go back to the Sanctuary and on the map, select Brightwall and 
    finally the Missing Play sidequest.
    Missing Play
    After fast traveling there, agree to find the lost play. Enter the academy 
    and follow the gold trail until your dog parts. Grab the healing potion in 
    the chest and continue along the path until you reach the book. Pick it up 
    and you are warped into the play's world.
    Listen to Locke and then put on the costume. Declare your love to the man to 
    end this play. At the next play, put on the chicken costume and tickle the 
    man. On the third play, put on the costume and fend off the hordes of 
    enemies. They go down in a few hits and they are similar to other enemies. 
    You are awarded the Missing Play; give it to the men to end the quest.
    Brightwall Village
    You can get the last eight or nine Guild Seals by completing the chicken 
    quest or shaking hands. To complete the chicken quest, put on the suit and 
    find the chickens who are clearly on the paths and delineated with gold 
    Once you have acquired the necessary Guild Seals, go to the gate of the city 
    to find the supplies in hand by people. After the speech, make the promise as 
    you have to in the game even if you are evil. Go back to the Sanctuary and at 
    the map select the main quest at the Dweller Camp.
    Dweller Camp
    After the cutscene, sign the promise and enter the portal. At the road to 
    rule, spend your Guild Seals wisely. Go back to the Dweller Camp and Walter 
    states that he will meet you at the monorail. Go to the Sanctuary and use the 
    map to reach Mistpeak.
    Follow the golden trail down the hill when you reach a pack of wolves. They 
    go down easy enough. Continue following the trail across the bridge to 
    another bunch of wolves. After disposing of them, follow the trail to across 
    the bridge to another bridge with more wolves.
    When you reach the woods, bandits drop down from the trees. These foes are a 
    little tougher than the wolves and go down in about four hits. Once that's 
    taken care of, follow the dirt path until the next batch of bandits. Kill 
    them then follow the dog to a dig spot.
    Continue following the trail until you reach darkened woods. Here, wolves 
    come out to play. Once that's over, continue on the path and you reach a dig 
    spot. Grab the health potion, the continue along the golden trail and you 
    will reach the monorail station.
    Mistpeak Monorail Station
    Go down the sets of stairs and up and over to Walter. After the conversation, 
    walk forward a little and the monorail eventually blows up. Follow Walter to 
    the gate and watch as he opens it with his sword. Follow him to the lift and 
    hold A to use the lift.
    Follow the traintracks down to the wreckage. Hobbe infestation. Just stay 
    back and use your magic for an easy win. Follow the golden trail across the 
    bridge to more hobbes. The two big ones are obviously harder than the small 
    ones and the big ones charge you. Take them out first, then the two remaining 
    small white hobbes with magic.
    Follow the golden trail to two seemingly lone wolf hobbes. After killing 
    them, six more jump out of the barrels. For this fight, stay back and use 
    magic on them or swipe at as many as possible at once. There is a silver key 
    behind the stack of barrels which your dog points out.
    Continue down the path until you reach Hobbes on the other side, far away. 
    Get out your gun and hold LT while aiming at the barrels. Hitting the barrels 
    means easy downing. Follow the golden trail until you meet more Hobbes. This 
    time it's a big blob, so use the barrels if you can and if you cannot, take 
    them out one by one.
    Follow the golden trail when you reach Hobbes that pop out of barrels again. 
    Get back and let them come to you while you fire at them. Kill the big boys 
    with the guns first if possible because they are shooting at you. Continue 
    until you reach the "other side" that I was talking about earlier.
    If you have any remaining Hobbes to kill here, please do so. Also collect the 
    item in the chest. A little further, the dog finds a dig spot as well. Much 
    further, you reach your first magic hobbe who is blocking your way. Go full 
    around, following the trail, until you reach the other side.
    Here, you must kill a few opponents without Walter. Take out the small hobbes 
    first as they go down in only two hits. After kill the two big hobbes, spam 
    magic at the magic hobbe until he dies. Follow the golden trail until you 
    reach an arena of sorts with three magic hobbes in the middle.
    This is a tough fight. Kill all the munchkins and then bigger ones pop. After 
    killing them, the magic hobbes relinquish their barrier and come out to play. 
    It's important that you kill the magic hobbes first and not their spawns as 
    the battle would go on forever.
    Once the area is clear, enter the road to rule and spend your Guild Seals. I 
    recommend Spell Weaving and combining the fire spell with the shock spell. 
    This is a deadly combination that hurts as well as stuns your opponents. 
    After Walter "scares" the hobbe to death, follow the golden trail until you 
    hear a dog bark. Go off the trail and dig for a gem. Back on the trail, 
    follow the path to Mourningwood.
    Follow the golden trail to almost the the gate. Right before it, you find a 
    chest with The Bonesmasher gun. After the fort opens and some conversation 
    ensues, follow Ben to the mortar. Stand in the golden ring to start the mini-
    game. Grab the mortar to start some practice shots.
    Press A over the scarecrow to blow it up. Do the same for the one on the 
    right. Soon the Hollow Men appear. For this mini-game, fire mortar repeatedly 
    at the Hollow Men as the appear. The trick here is that you can fire another 
    shot while the first one is still going off, so repeatedly tap A over Hollow 
    Men even before a shot is fired off.
    In addition, don't listen to the man's orders as they are rubbish. Stick to 
    the four paths. Try to kill Hollow Men in bunches as they appear. Also, be 
    sure to kill the stragglers as well. Remember that you can fire a mortar and 
    target another Hollow Man while that first mortar is still going off.
    Soon you are done and ordered to help at the rear gate. Jump off the ledge 
    and run over to the gate. Two men try to hold the gate, but they fail. Time 
    for a big fight. Start by killing the men in front of you. I recommend spells 
    as it is tough to fight with the sword without being hit.
    After a while, Hollow Men start to spawn behind you. Dispose of them, then go 
    to the side gate to see an armada of Hollow Men have appeared. Pick them off 
    at a distance, then go back to the rear gate and take out those Hollow Men. 
    Continue going around killing all of them until Simmons comes out from the 
    The trick here is to focus on the spawning Simmons and not the Hollow Men. 
    Simmons just spawns more Hollow Men if you defeat them all. If you focus on 
    Simmons and he dies, all the Hollow Men die along with him. After four 
    Simmons, the battle is over.
    The captain and Walter talk for a bit, then you must make a promise to 
    restore the old guard. You have no choice, even if you are evil. Go through 
    the portal back to the road to rule. Select your chests prudently, then warp 
    out of there.
    Back at Mourningwood, follow the golden trail until your dog barks, 
    signalling a dig site. After digging, continue following the gold trail all 
    the way to Bowerstone Industrial. Please heed your dog's barks along the way.
    Bowerstone Industrial
    Follow and listen to Walter as he takes you through the city. Soon you 
    encounter an uprising that ends poorly. After, follow the golden trail to the 
    Sewers. Here, follow the trail to the resistance area. After the scene, 
    follow Page and Walter to the map room.
    After some conversation, it's time to get followers in Bowerstone and go 
    through a portal. Spend your Seals wisely and exit through the end portal. Go 
    to the Sanctuary and to the map. Choose "The Game" sidequest.
    The Game
    Follow the golden trail to the D&D boys. Agree to the little game and you 
    shrink size. Open the gate and go to Arturo the Gatekeeper. He gives some 
    useful information. Follow the golden trail to the tower. Press RT and the 
    boys change the tower to evil.
    Kill the wolves and continue along the golden trail. Open the door to the 
    baron's tower. After the scene, go over to the chest to see the wise old man.  
    You get the baron-killing sword. Follow the golden trail and pull the lever. 
    Hollow Men appear and they go down easy until the last batch.
    For the last batch, use your sword and they will all go down automatically 
    after a few fall. Once they get back up, kill the remaining enemies. Continue 
    following the golden trail until you reach the "killer chickens." They go 
    down in one hit but use fire spells.
    Go from pit to pit, taking cover fire because you are inside the pit, and 
    dispose of all the chickens. They can't hit you while in the pits. Follow the 
    golden trail to Lightwater Village. Here, you must defeat some hobbes. These 
    are the big guys, so I recommend staying back and alternating between them 
    with the fire/shock spell.
    Continue onward to the ledge and jump down. More hobbes arrive, but this time 
    you have to deal with a wizard hobbe. For this fight, kill the wizard hobbe 
    first as he justs keep respawning other hobbes. After two waves, the battle 
    is over. Go over to the baron and swipe him with the sword to kill him in one 
    hit. Kiss the princess to end the game.
    Choose Kidnapped from the quest list as the second quest. Follow the golden 
    trail to the man/woman that has lost his/her fiance. Follow the man/woman to 
    the hideout. Go inside the house and open the hatch in the floor. Follow the 
    trail to the man and after conversation, kill all the mercenaries.
    They are rather easy to kill; just stay away and fire your fire/shock spell. 
    Go inside the room and talk to the man. Jump down the sewer to meet 
    Elliot/Elise (if you didn't execute them) or a random person. Hold LT to hold 
    hands and follow the golden trail a bit.
    Soon you reach some bats. Kill them and continue on the trail. Soon you 
    encounter two waves of hobbes. After disposing of them, open the chest and 
    dig at the dig spot. Now continue all the way to the door. You can choose to 
    have Elliot/Elise/random character dump his/her fiance or stick with'em. This 
    choice does not incur morality positives/negatives.
    Open the door to find the fiance sleeping. After the conversation, go back to 
    the Sanctuary.
    Bored to Death
    I chose this quest because it is not moral-driven. You can do the homicide 
    quest if you are evil. Anyway, choose this quest and fast travel to the 
    location. Waste the Hollow Men and follow the golden trail to the two ghosts 
    who want you to collect a book.
    Once you can, go to the Sanctuary and fast travel to Millfield. Follow the 
    golden trail to a cemetary and dig for the book. Things get dark and you must 
    defeat an armada of Hollow Men. After three waves, a big Hollow Man 
    resembling Simmons appears.
    You know the drill. Ignore the small fries and go for the Simmons lookalike. 
    The big guy. When he is down, they all go down. I recommend dodging around 
    and getting the Hollow Men hung up in the big tree while you take out the big 
    one. Again, once he falls, they all fall.
    After the fight, pick up the book in the mausoleum and go to the Sanctuary. 
    Fast travel to Mourningwood and give the book to Max and Sam for the Guild 
    Bowerstone Industrial
    For the remaining five or so Guild Seals, shake some hands around Bowerstone. 
    You get one Guild Seal for each hand shaken. Once that's done, head back to 
    the hideout and talk with Page and the gang. It seems Page has an idea to get 
    the missing troops back. She gives you a costume and tells you to meet her 
    outside Reaver's mansion. Go back to the Sanctuary, equip it, and head to 
    Follow the golden trail, killing the two swarms of bandit attacks along the 
    way, until you meet Page at the manor. Go inside and follow Page to the next 
    door. After the scene, you meet Reaver's wheel of misfortune. You need to 
    first fight the Hobbes.
    Grab the potion in the chest and enter the room. For this fight, I recommend 
    staying behind Page and firing magic at them. In addition, you can take the 
    center stage and alter between firing and swordfighting. In the third wave, a 
    magic hobbe appears, and as we all know by now, he needs to be killed first.
    When the last wave is over, head back to the center room for the next spin on 
    the wheel of misfortune. Next up: Hollow Men. The first few waves are easy, 
    but once you get to the bigger Hollow Men that can't be stopped by magic, it 
    gets tougher. I recommend using your sword here. For the last wave, take out 
    the huge Hollow Man to automatically kill the rest.
    Back at the wheel of misfortune, next up is the mercenaries. These guys 
    aren't that tough. Use your spells from far away to kill them easily. In 
    addition, use Page as a shield when the big guy comes out so you don't take 
    the fireball damage. If you are melee-oriented, get them all in a clump and 
    swipe at all of them at the same time.
    More spinning. More fun. This time it's the Sand Fury. They are probably the 
    hardest of the fights so far because they are so darn acrobatic. Anyway, 
    alter your magic on each of them evenly to win this fight. When one does, 
    another pops up from the sand. Find the point of spawning and stick to firing 
    magic at it. Soon, the battle will be over.
    For the final fight, it's the nasty Balverines. This is by far the toughest 
    of the fights. Luckily, they only fight two at a time. I suggest letting them 
    sick on Page while you fire at them from afar. The Balverines are swift and 
    take more than a few hits to down. When the battle is over, Reaver walks off 
    Promise Page and enter the road to rule. Spend your Guild Seals wisely and go 
    through the portal at the end. Converse with Page a little more and it's time 
    to head back to the castle. Fast travel there from the Sanctuary.
    Bowerstone Castle
    After the scene, follow the golden trail to Bowerstone Industrial.
    Bowerstone Industrial
    Follow the golden trail to the resistance headquarters. Here, some 
    conversation ensues. Now follow Ben and soon you will Industrial from the 
    Sewers. Follow the golden trail to the gate when mayhem begins. Kill the 
    guards with magic, sword, or bullet. Use the gate sides as cover.
    Kill the guards inside by firing at the barrels. Up the stairs, kill the two 
    guards by the chest and open the chest for a health potion. Jump off the 
    platform and follow the golden trail back outside. An explosion occurs to 
    help you get away.
    After the explosion, follow the trail to more guards. After killing them, you 
    meet up with more guards. They decide on a ship; jump aboard to get out of 
    Unknown Shore
    Follow Walter on the shore to the cave. Follow Walter to the magic barrier 
    circle in the center of the room. Search the body at the other side of the 
    room to find a note. After the recitals, go down the steps to reach further 
    into the cave.
    Unknown Cave
    After the scene, follow Walter to the dead end. See the lever? You must get 
    to it. Follow Walter to the path, jump down, and follow the golden trail to 
    the lever. Once the bridge is raised, go up the stairs to the magic barrier. 
    Walter vanquishes it.
    Go through the newly opened door and after going down the stairs, it's time 
    to fight some dark goons. There are tons of them, but they all go down in one 
    hit. I suggest the sword here, as you can swipe five at a time. In addition, 
    the area of attack magic spell works wonders when you are surrounded.
    Follow Walter up and down two sets of stairs (kill the bats if you can), then 
    follow Walter to the "calm breeze" he feels. A few steps later, the "calm 
    breeze" does hit torch in. After the scene, it's time to face some more 
    darkness incarnate.
    These foes again go down in one measely hit, so cheer up. They come from both 
    sides so be on the lookout on your back end. After a few waves, follow the 
    golden trail to the ledge. Jump down the ledge when all hell breaks loose. 
    Kill the darkness incarnate, then follow the golden trail to more darkness.
    These guys come out from in front of you and behind you at the puddles of 
    darkness, but again they go down in one simple hit. After the fight, follow 
    the golden trail to two puddles. More darkness incarnate. Follow the golden 
    trail even further.
    Soon you reach a ledge. Jump down and prepare for a big fight. First up is 
    what you have been already fighting. Note that throughout this fight, if you 
    stand in one position too long bats fly up from the ground and hurt you. I 
    recommend using your sword and your area of attack magic spell on them when 
    they crowd you.
    Next up is the armored darkness with beaks. These guys take five or so hits 
    to down, but if you have your handy fire/shock spell you can shock them in 
    place for the easy win. In addition, roll around to get out of messes. After 
    that awaits the sentinel or guardian.
    This fight is anticlimatic. Just shoot at the sentinel with magic/bullet from 
    afar and when he puts a pool of darkness below you, roll out of the way. 
    Repeat this process for a simple victory. After that, take ahold of Walter's 
    hand and follow the golden trail outside.
    Follow the golden trail up the stairs and another scene occurs. You can 
    choose to either help or abandon Walter. I assume both incur morality marks, 
    but it doesn't really matter either way as far as the story. Follow the 
    golden trail and Walter eventully gets abandoned if he hasn't already.
    Soon you encounter a dark mirage of Walter. At the second, you must fend off 
    the darkness incarnate as they mercilessly attack Walter. At the third, you 
    must fight Walter akin to your first training session. At the fourth, follow 
    him to the scene.
    City of Aurora
    After the scene, follow Ben to the door. Welcome to Aurora! Follow the golden 
    trail to Selan. Go back to the Kalin after you are finished exploring Aurora. 
    Promise Kalin and go through the portal to the road to rule. Spend your Guild 
    Seals, then exit through the end portal. Board the ship.
    After the scene, it's time for the big fight. Kill the two behind the 
    sandbags and continue killing as you go up the cobblestone road. Once you 
    take out the mortar man, another scene occurs where a gate explodes. Into the 
    city, take out the men in front of you.
    Be sure to help out your fellow comrades for this fight. Arguably, it's the 
    way to most easily win. Sabine shows up in a scene. After much fighting, you 
    reach the bridge. Go up the broken roof slope and vault down. Follow the 
    golden trail to more bad guys.
    After killing them, go over to the wooden gate. After the scenes, you finally 
    take over Bowerstone and the kingdom.
    Gold, Gold, Gold
    You receive today's agenda. Follow the golden trail to the throne room. After 
    the scene, you can either pardon (good) or execute (evil) Logan. Now that 
    that's taken care of, you are back at the road to rule. Collect whatever 
    chests you like, then go through the portal at the end.
    Follow Hobson to the treasury. The main bulk of the rest of the game is 
    gaining/losing money for the treasury. The more money, the more men and the 
    less people that die. To be good, you basically need around 8-9 million gold 
    out of your own pocket for everything to be good. To be bad, you can pocket 
    the money (really evil) or just give 800,000 gold for the army after you do 
    all your evil decisions.
    As far as taxing, you can lower it (good), raise it (evil), or keep it the 
    same. Get your acquainted with the ledger; you'll need it if you want to be 
    good or truely evil. Now it's time to talk to Reaver. Follow the golden trail 
    to Reaver and Page. You can reinstate child labor (evil; +500,000 gold) or 
    open a school (good; 
    -200,000 gold).
    Once that's done, last item for the day is Bowerstone Quarry. Go to the 
    throne room and fast travel to the castle. Follow the golden trail to the 
    throne room and decide on the Bowerstone Quarry. You can rebuild the old 
    quarter (good; -550,000 gold) or reject the proposal (evil; 0 gold).
    Back at the treasury, you can raise guard budget (good; -200,000 gold), lower 
    the guard budget (evil; +200,000 gold) or keep it the same. Time to decide on 
    the castle's decorations. You can either choose a good or evil decoration. It 
    does not cost anything but decides the look of the castle.
    The second order of business is the matter of Aurora. You can either keep 
    your promise (good; -700,000 gold) or break your promise (evil; +500,000 
    gold). After, it's time for the Auroran cave. Fast travel to Aurora from the 
    The Desert Star
    Follow the golden trail to the cave. You encounter the Sand Fury along the 
    way, but they go down easily in three magic attacks. Inside the cave, follow 
    the golden trail, killing all the Sand Fury along the way. When you reach the 
    diamond room, grab the diamond and kill both waves of Sand Fury.
    Follow the golden trail all the way back outside. You can ignore the Sand 
    Fury if you wish. Fast travel back to Hobson. You can donate to treasury 
    (good; +700,000 gold to treasury) or keep the money (evil; +700,000 gold to 
    own account).
    Gold, Gold, Gold
    More days pass. You can restore child benefits (good; -200,000 gold), keep it 
    the same, or introduce child fine (evil; +200,000 gold). Go to the throne 
    room. You can either renovate the shelter (good; -50,000 gold) or turn it 
    into a brothel (evil; +1,250,000 gold).
    For the second order of business, you can dump the sewage (evil; 0 gold) or 
    build a sewage plant (good; -150,000 gold). For the last order of business, 
    fast travel to Bowerstone Industrial and meet Page at the old rebel 
    headquarters. She offers the Crime and Punishment quest.
    Crime and Punishment
    Fast travel to Bowerstone Market. Here, go to the tavern and open the door. 
    Kill all the bandits easily. Take the key and the map and follow the golden 
    trail to the hideout. Open the door to find a familiar face. Kill all the men 
    in the room.
    Go left and open the door. Kill all the men in this room. Follow the rooms to 
    the prison cells. Kill all the men at the end of the hall. Soon you reach the 
    familiar face and two Saker lookalikes. Kill them by spamming the fireshock 
    spell; they are much easier since you are much more powerful. You can reject 
    the bribe (good; 0 gold) or take the bribe (evil; +100,000 gold).
    Gold, Gold, Gold
    You can remove the drink limit (good; -100,000 gold), keep it the same, or 
    outlaw alcohol (evil; +100,000 gold). Go to the throne room and hear the 
    cases. You can keep your promise (good; -150,000 gold) or break the promise 
    (evil; +300,000 gold).
    For the second order of business, you can either reject the proposal (good; -
    50,000 gold) or mine Bower Lake (evil; +400,000 gold). Go to Millfield now to 
    "collect." It seems she lost something and wants it back. Time to go into the 
    evil forest. Follow the golden trail into the Silverpines.
    Follow the trail to the Balverine campfire and continue following the trail 
    until you reach the village. Talk to the man at the village. Follow the 
    golden trail to the Balverine man. You can either fight the Balverines (good) 
    or destroy the four silver torches (evil). Once the deed is done, get the 
    statue and return it to the patron for the gold. You can either donate it to 
    the treasury or keep it for yourself.
    You can either bail out the economy (good; -500,000 gold) or let the economy 
    collapse (evil; 0 gold). Go to the throne room and decide on the two 
    proposals. You can either build a desert fort (good; -300,000 gold) or reject 
    the proposal (evil; 0 gold).
    For the second order of business, you can either keep the promise (good; -
    50,000 gold) or break the promise (evil; +400,000 gold). After that, enter 
    the portal to the road to rule. Once the scene is over, spend your seals and 
    go through the portal.
    The Final Battle
    For the final fights, you must face the same shadows in the cave. These guys 
    are rather easy and go down in one hit. Continue along the golden trail, 
    killing the shadows along the way, until you find your right hand man has 
    become possessed by darkness. You must kill him to end the game. I suggest 
    using magic; the fireshock spell works wonders against him. When the battle 
    is over, enjoy the ending! :)
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