How do I import the songs from other Rock Band games?

  1. I have Rock Band 2, would like to import the songs into RB3. I'd also purchase RB1 and Beatles if I can import.

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    tony8669 - 6 years ago

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  1. For Rock Band 2, you go to 'GET MORE SONGS' in Rock Band 3, and go to 'redeem code' and put in the 16 digit code on the back of your manual, pay 800 microsoft points ($10), and download them. (1.93 gigs I'm pretty sure.)

    If you don't have your code, you can either purchase a used copy of the game that has the manual, hoping no one has used the code to export(the game's only been out 4 days as of this posting). Or you can call EA customer support, and I've heard they'll give you a code.

    For Rock Band 1, you need the disk. You put the game in (Rock Band 1) and there is an option within the game to export the songs. You pay 400 microsoft points ($5) and they rip off the disk onto your hard drive.

    These are XBOX 360 instructions, obviously.

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  1. Exporting Songs from Rock Band 2 (PlayStation3)*:
    * Visit
    * Enter the code from the back of your Rock Band 2 manual where prompted. (Note: This will be the same code that you used to get the Bonus Downloadable Tracks, but the web address is different.
    * Copy down the code given to you from the website for use in Rock Band 3.
    * Load up Rock Band 3.
    * Select Get More Songs from the Main Menu of Rock Band 3.
    * Select Redeem Code.
    * Enter the code that you received from the website.
    * NOTE: International players should enter the first 16 digits of their code directly into their console.


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  2. As the previous answer states, check out:

    You'll want to visit the website since there are different methods for the different systems (in case you don't own a PS3). The Beatles Rock Band game is the only Rock Band game that can't be exported. :(

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