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    Trophy Guide by SunsThirdStone

    Version: 1.0.6 | Updated: 05/31/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0.6 (5/30/2013)
    By Nick Zitzmann
    E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@uyries (spell that backwards for an E-Mail address)
    For best results, please set your text editor/Web browser to use the ISO Latin
    1 text encoding while reading this FAQ.
    Copyright 2011-2013 Nick Zitzmann.
    The author and contributors are solely responsible for the content of this FAQ.
    Harmonix and EA were not involved in any way, shape, or form.
    Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
    terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version
    published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no
    Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
    To summarize the above paragraph, I don't particularly care if you want to
    re-publish this FAQ elsewhere, or create your own derivative of this FAQ (e.g.
    a localized version). However, I **do** care if you plagiarize this FAQ, or
    re-publish it under a different license. Also, there are no warranties at all
    on the information in this FAQ.
    The entire license is available online at the following URL:
    That said, the latest version of this FAQ will always be posted first to
    GameFAQs: <http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/971479-rock-band-3/faqs/61669>
    Please do not E-Mail me asking for permission to host this guide on your site.
    Permission is granted. You're welcome. :)
    1.0 (1/14/2011):
    First release.
    1.0.1 (1/21/2011):
    Corrected several errors.
    1.0.2 (1/26/2011):
    Minor editing changes.
    1.0.3 (2/2/2011):
    Made several corrections, added a missing X360 achievement.
    1.0.4 (5/15/2011):
    More corrections.
    1.0.5 (7/2/2011):
    Lots more corrections.
    1.0.6 (5/30/2013):
    If you can't find "Promised Land" or other songs anymore, it's probably because
    Harmonix was forced to remove it from the music store because their licensing
    agreement with the publisher expired, which means certain X360 achievements
    might become impossible to acquire over time.
    Rock Band 3 has a vast number of in-game accomplishments for all three
    platforms, and of those accomplishments, 49 of them are available as trophies
    on the PS3, and 62 of them are available as achievements on the X360. The
    achievements that are on the X360 that are not available as trophies on the PS3
    all involve downloadable songs. I have no idea why they were not turned into
    DLC-related trophies on the PS3, but at least they're still available as
    in-game challenges. Like every other PS3 disc-based game with trophies, the PS3
    version also has an exclusive platinum trophy awarded for acquiring every other
    trophy in the game.
    In this guide, I will help you get as many trophies as you can. Note that:
    1. Where I say "trophy" below, I mean "achievement" if you're playing the
       X360 version of the game.
    2. Where I mention the necessity of a pro instrument below, I also mean you
       will need the USB MIDI Adapter if you're not using an official instrument.
    3. If you have a plastic guitar, then you can get the keys accomplishments (but
       not pro keys accomplishments) by completing the "Guitar Immortal" in-game
       accomplishment. See Career -> My Goals -> Guitar for details.
    4. When playing online, you will not earn trophies for the accomplishments of
       remote players. On the PS3, you will earn them for other players in local
       multiplayer games. On the X360, the signed in player(s) that achieve the
       achievement unlock the achievement.
    5. If you have a keyboard, then you can acquire guitar & bass trophies (except
       for "Most Authentic Strummer" and "HOPO-cidal Maniac"), but there's a catch
       - for some reason, probably due to a bug in the game, if you complete the
       objective, then you will not earn the trophy until the next time you play
       the game using a plastic guitar & complete a song. If you don't have a
       plastic guitar, well, sorry.
    6. Where I say Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert below with the first letter
       capitalized, I'm referring to the difficulty levels.
    Tune Up (PS3: Bronze, X360: 4)
    Instrument: None
    Difficulty: Trivial
    Just calibrate your system, as you are asked to do when you run the game for
    the first time, and this one's all yours. Manually calibrating the system is a
    good idea in any case.
    Self-Made Dude or Lady (PS3: Bronze, X360: 5)
    Instrument: None
    Difficulty: Trivial
    All you need to do is create a character. It doesn't have to be a particularly
    good one, and you don't even need to use him/her. Just like Tune Up above,
    you'll be prompted to do this when you start the game for the first time.
    Best. Name. Ever. (PS3: Bronze, X360: 5)
    Instrument: None
    Difficulty: Beyond Trivial
    You'll be prompted to do this, too, when you start the game for the first time.
    Just pick a name, any name; it doesn't have to be a good one. You can choose
    the name "asdf" and you'll still get the trophy. Of course, you can change it
    later if you'd like.
    The Endless Setlist III (PS3: Gold, X360: 50)
    Instrument: Any (but if you picked guitar or keys, you will have to sit out
                on a few songs)
    Difficulty: Varies
    To get this one, you're going to need to play all 83 songs built into the game
    in one sitting. There is good news and bad news about this trophy. The good
    news is, unlike the "Iron Bladder Award" that was in RB2, you can pause the
    game or fail a song and not lose a shot at the trophy. Also, unlike the setlist
    that was in RB2, they scattered the songs so that the easy ones don't always
    come first and the difficult ones don't always come last, although the last
    song in the list is (appropriately) "Free Bird." The bad news is, if you fail
    and continue at least one song, or if you switch instruments mid-song without
    restarting, or if you have the latest patch and you pause ten or more times in
    one song, then you will not earn the trophy.
    For the above reason, if you do go after this trophy, then I strongly recommend
    that you either play each song on Easy, or turn on no-fail mode. This will
    allow you to zip through the setlist as quickly as possible without getting
    burned by a difficulty gap between songs and then continuing by accident after
    you fail.
    If you're doing this alone, you can switch instruments if you'd like, but you
    should only do so after you've finished a song and before you've started the
    next one. You can then drop your previous instrument out after starting the
    next song. If you picked either guitar or keys as your instrument, you will
    have to sit out of some songs, such as "Imagine," which doesn't have a guitar
    part, but you will still get the trophy.
    Be prepared to budget a whole day on this trophy; it will take around 8-9 hours
    to acquire if you're quick.
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Impossible (?) alone, requires coordination or luck in multiplayer
    The only way you're going to maintain overdrive for 60 seconds is if you play
    with 3 or 4 players, and all of you stock up on overdrive and deploy it in
    unbroken chains. If you're playing online, then you'll probably get this trophy
    purely by chance.
    I've been told that a few downloadable songs, such as "Sorry" by Guns N' Roses
    and "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars, distribute enough overdrive that you
    might be able to get this on your own.
    In case you didn't know, the name of the trophy is a reference to a
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive song. See what they did there?
    Millionaire Club (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Impossible alone, very difficult in multiplayer
    The only way you're going to get this one is to enter a multiplayer game with 4
    players, and everyone must play on either Hard or Expert with most of them
    playing on Expert. All four players also must perform the song very well and
    not flunk out at any point. And the song must be of moderate to long length, so
    "Imagine" is not going to cut it. There's no way you can mooch this one off
    someone else; you and your fellow rockers are going to need to be very good at
    the game to pull this off.
    FWIW, I got this trophy by playing "The Look" online with two fellow Expert
    players and one Hard player. Everyone completed over 95% of the song & deployed
    overdrive as necessary.
    Rock Band Master (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Not too difficult
    You'll probably get this one over the course of playing the game as soon as you
    graduate from playing Easy. You only need to get a 5 star score on Medium (or 3
    stars on Hard or Expert) using a single instrument across any 50 songs; any
    more instruments on the same song don't count towards the total.
    Rock Band Legend (PS3: Silver, X360: 30)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Worthy challenge
    Just like the above trophy, except you're going to need 5 stars on Hard or
    Expert on every built-in song. Yes, even "Llama" and the other super-tough
    Rock Band Immortal (PS3: Silver, X360: 50)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Good luck!
    Just like the above trophy, except you're going to need 5 stars on Expert on
    every built-in song. All you need is a 5 silver star score; 5 gold star scores
    count but are not necessary for this trophy. This is probably the most
    difficult non-platinum trophy in the game to acquire. Good luck; you will need
    that and a lot of practice.
    Alex's Luggage Combination (PS3: Bronze, X360: 30)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Automatic for the people
    You will get this trophy just by playing the game long enough to collect
    12,345,678 or more total points since you started the game. This will happen
    over time, but if you want to speed it up, then you should play multiplayer
    games on Hard or Expert.
    For the curious, "Alex" is probably a reference to Harmonix co-founder Alex
    Rigopulos, and the "luggage combination" is most likely a reference to a line
    from the movie "Spaceballs."
    Hometown Threwdown (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)
    Real Nor'easter (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)
    Hell Defrosted (PS3: Silver, X360: 25)
    Wilderness Survival (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)
    Major Mileage (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Party Animal (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)
    The Connoisseur's Connoisseur (PS3: Silver, X360: 25)
    Mile High Club (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Ultimate Road Warrior (PS3: Silver, X360: 30)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Simple
    For all of the tour-affiliated trophies, just perform the songs on Easy and
    these trophies will be easily yours. Don't forget to do the different spade
    challenges as you play; the current challenge changes between concerts.
    HOPO-cidal Maniac (PS3: Silver, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Guitar
    Difficulty: Moderately difficult
    HOPOs (Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs) are the small notes you see following
    normal-sized notes on the timeline, and are hit by quickly pressing the fret
    without strumming. They only appear on guitar and bass, only appear in Normal &
    higher difficulties, and only become common on Hard and Expert difficulties. To
    get this trophy, you're going to need to do 53,596 of them across your career
    on the plastic guitar, and that is going to take a while. Remember, it doesn't
    count towards your objective if you hit the strummer on the small notes.
    Bleeding Fingers (PS3: Silver, X360: 30)
    Instrument: Guitar
    Difficulty: Very difficult
    You're going to need to hit 85% or more of the notes on each solo that comes
    with the built-in songs on Hard or Expert. Obviously this is going to take a
    lot of practice to pull off. To see a list of the built-in songs with guitar
    solos, and which ones must still be done in order to earn this trophy, go to
    Career -> My Goals -> Guitar -> Guitar Solo Goals -> Guitar Solo Master.
    Guitar Perfectionist (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Guitar
    Difficulty: Difficult
    Well, this one is more difficult to acquire than the "Most Authentic Strummer"
    trophy. You're going to need to get 100% on one song on Expert guitar.
    Unfortunately, the overall easiest song to play in the game, "Imagine", doesn't
    have a guitar part. Of the built-in songs, "Low Rider" has the easiest guitar
    part, but that's still not saying much on Expert. Some people may also want to
    try "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)", one of the free downloadable songs (see
    "Live Free or Die" below). Some practice will be necessary...
    Note that, if you try the "Low Rider" approach, then I found the song to be
    considerably easier to ace using the keyboard as a guitar. Your mileage may
    Guitar Apprentice (PS3: Silver, X360: 20)
    Bass Apprentice (PS3: Silver, X360: 20)
    Drums Apprentice (PS3: Silver, X360: 20)
    Keys Apprentice (PS3: Silver, X360: 20)
    Pro Bass Apprentice (PS3: Silver, X360: 20)
    Pro Guitar Apprentice (PS3: Silver, X360: 20)
    Pro Keys Apprentice (PS3: Silver, X360: 20)
    Vocal Apprentice (PS3: Bronze (!), X360: 20)
    Instrument: Varies
    Difficulty: Simple
    Just play the game for long enough with each of the various instruments and
    you'll get these trophies pretty easily.
    Bass Streaker (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
    Instrument: Bass
    Difficulty: Frustrating
    To get this one, you have to play a moderate-length song on the bass and don't
    miss a note. If you have the RB2 catalog installed, then I found the easiest
    way to get this is to play "Spirit in the Sky" on Hard. If you don't, then
    "Just Like Heaven" on Hard or Expert is one of the easiest built-in songs that
    you can choose to get this trophy, but since a single mistake will ruin your
    chances, you'll need a bit of luck.
    Most Authentic Strummer (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
    Instrument: Bass (must be plastic, not keys)
    Difficulty: Trivial
    This one looks like a challenge, but is actually super duper easy. Just choose
    "Imagine" on Hard and hit every note in the song, only pulling the strummer up
    instead of pushing it down. Even on Hard, this song is very easy to play and
    Drum Roll, Please! (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
    Instrument: Drums or pro drums
    Difficulty: The easiest thing you'll do on Expert
    Drum & cymbal rolls only appear on Expert, and only appear in a handful of
    songs. They'll appear as colored ovals on your timeline, so when you see one,
    just go rat-a-tat-a-tat with your sticks on that drum or cymbal as quickly as
    you can until the oval has passed.
    The easiest way to get this trophy is to play "Space Oddity" on Expert, and hit
    the drumroll (which is actually a cymbal roll) that appears at the end of the
    bridge. If you're any good with drums, you'll survive, though you might want to
    turn on no-fail mode if you haven't been drumming much.
    Fastest Feet (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Drums or pro drums
    Difficulty: How coordinated are you?
    All you need to do here is play any song on Hard or Expert and hit 90+% of the
    bass drum notes in the score. With a little bit of practice, you should be able
    to get this one easily by playing "Imagine," which has a simple
    quarter-rest-eight-eighth-rest bass drum beat throughout most of the song.
    Keys Streaker (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Keys
    Difficulty: Frustrating
    You're going to need to pick a song with a lot of keyboard use throughout the
    song and don't screw up. Only a few songs make heavy enough use of the
    keyboard; "Antibodies" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" are probably the two easiest
    ones that fill the criteria.
    Drum Trainer Initiate (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Pro drums (and you must have 3 cymbals)
    Difficulty: Prepare to suffer a bit if you're new to drumming
    Enter the pro drums trainer and play each lesson perfectly three times to move
    onto the next lesson. Repeat until you've finished the beginner's lessons.
    Drum Trainer Graduate (PS3: Bronze, X360: 30)
    Instrument: Pro drums (and you must have 3 cymbals)
    Difficulty: No pain, no gain
    Same as the previous trophy, but this time you have to go all the way. Have
    Play a Real Guitar Already! (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Pro guitar
    Difficulty: Only slightly more difficult than buttoning
    Simply play "The Hardest Button to Button" on pro guitar on any difficulty
    level and finish the song without failing & continuing. If you're simply going
    for the trophy, then Easy will work. This is the easiest song in the game to
    play on pro guitar, and you will play it first as part of the game's built-in
    pro guitar tutorial, so it's hard to miss if you have a pro guitar. I think you
    have to be playing alone to get this trophy.
    For the curious, this trophy was ironically named after an infamous comment
    repeated by many haters about people who enjoy playing Rock Band and other
    music games with plastic guitars.
    Pro Guitar to the Max (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Pro Keys to the Max (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Pro guitar/pro keys
    Difficulty: Don't let the "pro" fool you
    Simply play any warmup pro guitar/pro keys song on Easy and bring your score
    multiplier to 4x. Then finish the song without failing and continuing, and this
    one's yours.
    Power Chords (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Pro guitar
    Difficulty: Punk rock
    Learning how to do power chords is among the easiest things you'll do when
    learning pro guitar, so just take this lesson and pass it and the trophy's
    yours. It's great practice for a lot of the pro guitar songs.
    Complex Chords (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Pro guitar
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Same as the previous trophy, except that there's a bit more finger-work
    involved here. At least they don't throw any truly insane chords at you.
    Pro Keyboardist (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Pro keys
    Difficulty: Not too bad
    Just pick any three easy keyboard songs, such as "Need You Tonight" or "Whip
    It" and try to play as many notes as you can on Expert. Don't try this on
    "Bohemian Rhapsody" or any of the other really difficult songs.
    Pro Keys Graduate (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Pro keys
    Difficulty: Gerschwinian
    This is a difficult trophy to acquire, mainly because there's a huge difficulty
    gap between the intermediate and expert level lessons. The only way you're
    getting this one is through lots and lots of practice.
    Triple Awesome (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
    Instrument: Three microphones
    Difficulty: Simple
    All you need to do is score a single triple-awesome on any verse of any song
    with vocal harmonies on any difficulty. Just use Easy and this one should be a
    Is This Just Fantasy? (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Three microphones
    Difficulty: Faustian
    This trophy is the holy grail for singers, because it requires all three
    singers to get perfect scores on "Bohemian Rhapsody" in vocal harmony mode,
    which is no small feat, even on Easy. Practice, practice, practice! I've heard
    about some sound samples people have posted on the Internet that make it
    considerably easier to get this trophy, but you wouldn't stoop that low for a
    trophy, would you?
    Vocals Showmanship (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
    Instrument: One microphone
    Difficulty: Trivial
    Just take any song on any difficulty, build up the overdrive meter until it's
    halfway full, make some noise during a gold-colored spot on the timeline, and
    repeat this three more times in a single song. Should be simple enough on any
    moderate-length song (in other words, not "Imagine").
    Tambourine Master (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
    Instrument: One microphone
    Difficulty: Trivial
    Pick a song with a tambourine or cowbell part and hit every note in the
    timeline. If you imported the catalog from RB1, then you just know you want to
    play "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" and make Christopher Walken proud. Otherwise,
    just pick any song with a tambourine/cowbell part and ace it. Of the built-in
    songs, "Whip It" is the easiest one that will yield this trophy.
    Vocal Virtuoso (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
    Instrument: One microphone
    Difficulty: Are you experienced?
    Here you need to get a 90+% score on any six songs on Hard or Expert. Those two
    difficulties give you very little room for error, so they might require some
    practice if you have little singing experience. I'd recommend sticking to the
    easy songs like "Imagine," "Whip It," etc. and with practice, this one can be
    yours without too much trouble.
    Rock Band 3 Completionist (PS3: Platinum, X360: N/A)
    Instrument: Various, but you will need: Three microphones, one plastic guitar,
                one pro guitar, one keyboard, and one pro drumkit
    Difficulty: Good luck! No, really, good luck!
    You'll automatically acquire this trophy if you acquired every other trophy in
    the game. Considering that many of these trophies require different
    instruments, this is probably the single most expensive trophy to acquire in a
    PS3 game.
    Downloader (PS3: N/A, X360: 20)
    Fistful of Awesome (PS3: N/A, X360: 15)
    Accountant's Dozen (PS3: N/A, X360: 15)
    Decent Collection (PS3: N/A, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Varies
    All you need to do to get these achievements is to play and finish a certain
    number of downloaded songs without failing and continuing on any instrument on
    any difficulty. The number of songs is 1, 5, 12, and 20 in that order. They can
    be either RB1/2, Green Day RB, Lego RB, RBN, or RB3 songs. They cannot,
    however, be songs exported from a previous RB game.
    Dave Grohl Band (PS3: N/A, X360: 30)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Varies
    Play and finish any five DLC songs that Dave Grohl recorded without failing and
    continuing on any instrument on any difficulty. Dave has participated in a
    number of groups, include Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, The Queens of the Stone
    Age, Nine Inch Nails, and Them Crooked Vultures.
    Note that they must be DLC songs, so the songs "In Bloom," "Drain You," "Go
    With The Flow," "No One Knows," and "Dead End Friends" don't count towards this
    Face Melter (PS3: N/A, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Guitar
    Difficulty: Varies
    Just finish any three '80s metal songs without failing and continuing on any
    instrument on any difficulty. You'll have to download them; "Crazy Train,"
    "Rainbow in the Dark," and the various songs imported from RB1 & RB2 don't
    count. So you'll need to download '80s songs by Slayer, Megadeth (except "Peace
    Sells"), Metallica, Mötley Crüe, more Ozzy Osbourne, etc.
    I Want It All (PS3: N/A, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Mercurial
    There are plenty of Queen songs available on the XBLA Marketplace. Download any
    one and play it without failing on any instrument on any difficulty and this
    one's yours. The song must be a DLC; "Bohemian Rhapsody" doesn't count.
    Just Another Band Out of Boston (PS3: N/A, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Not much
    All you need to do for this one is to score 5 stars on any difficulty level on
    a song by Boston. The song must be a DLC.
    Live Free or Die (PS3: N/A, X360: 25)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Absolutely free
    To get this achievement, you must download and play the four free songs that
    Harmonix published for RB1 and RB2. The songs are:
    1. "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" by Stephen and the Colberts
       (Stephen Colbert recorded this song for Harmonix)
    2. "Headphones On" by Miranda Cosgrove
       (she's the actress who plays as Carly on the TV show "iCarly")
    3. "Promised Land" by Vesuvius
       (this song is from the soundtrack to the movie "The Rocker")
       (NOTE: This song was/will be withdrawn by Harmonix on June 30, 2013)
    4. "Still Alive" by GLaDOS and Jonathan Coulton
       (this song is from the soundtrack to the video game "Portal")
    You get the idea - don't fail, any instrument, any difficulty.
    Mercurial Vocalist (PS3: N/A, X360: 30)
    Instrument: One microphone
    Difficulty: Very mercurial
    Same as "I Want It All", except you must earn 5 stars on any difficulty using
    vocals only.
    Shameless Self-Promotion (PS3: N/A, X360: 15)
    Instrument: Any
    Difficulty: Varies, as usual
    You will need to download and play three songs recorded by Harmonix employees.
    These include songs by Bang Camaro, The Cold Goodnight, Count Zero, DNA's
    Evolution, Father Octopus, Freezepop, Giant Target, Honest Bob and the Factory
    to Dealer Incentives, The Main Drag, Megasus, Shaimus, and Tijuana Sweetheart.
    Most of these songs can be found on the RBN; one of the Shaimus songs came with
    the 20 free song pack that came with RB2. As usual, built-in songs like
    "Brainpower" don't count; they must be DLC songs.
    The Perfect Drug (PS3: N/A, X360: 30)
    Instrument: Drums or pro drums
    Difficulty: Frustrating
    You'll first need to download the song "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails,
    and then play it and get a 200 note drumming streak. Obviously this can't be
    done on Easy, and it's going to take some practice. Good luck.
    Well Connected (PS3: N/A, X360: 6)
    Instrument: None
    Difficulty: Trivial (if your X360 is connected to XBL), impossible (if not)
    First, get your account linking code from the start button menu while not
    playing a song. Then, point your Web browser to <http://www.rockband.com/> and
    create an account if you haven't done so already. Enter your linking code when
    asked, and the next time you start the game, you will be given this achievement
    as long as your X360 is connected to the Internet.
    Thanks to:
    - CJayC and SBAllen, for hosting this on GameFAQs
    - Groudon_199, for several corrections

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