How do you do You Have Huge Guts Achievement?

  1. I don't know how to do it

    User Info: gavinsys

    gavinsys - 7 years ago

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  1. The way I did it was on level 8 - Tricks and Traps of the Hell on Earth chapter. In the first area, the door to the south has a cyberdemon, about 20 barons of hell, and an invulnerability pickup. If you walk into this room the cyberdemon will begin shooting at you, hitting the barons and pissing them off, causing them to attack him. Now, this is just an estimation, but if you let about 8-10 barons die, then pick up the invulnerability and just unload all of your ammo on the barons and maybe a rocket or two on the cuberdemon, then switch to your fists, you might get lucky enough to get it. Took me about three tries myself. I hear there's a better way but I'm making my way through the game slow and steady.

    Good luck

    User Info: HeyKnee

    HeyKnee - 7 years ago 4 0


  1. In the Super Secret Level 32- Grosse. You need a BFG900 to do this. There is a Berserk power up at the VERY start of the map. DO NOT grab it. instead run around the power up and open the door. Kill everything in the first large chamber room (all the blue suited guys). Save at this point in case you make a mistake. The door at the other end of the room from where you started has a CyberDemon behind it. Open the door shoot him 2-4 times with the BFG 9000. Then run back to the starting area and grab the Berserk power up. Then just o to town on his face! there is also an Invincible Orb behind a hidden door on the right side of the large chamber room if you need it. I think it's behind the middle gold swastika emblem. GOOD LUCK!

    User Info: Cephditoren

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  2. On level 8 tricks and traps go to the south door, kill all the barons, then save, keep hurting it and saving, inching it closer and closer to death, reloading if it dies, I got it down to about 2 plasma rifle rounds then grabbed the invulnerability and killed it with about 4 punches.

    User Info: singhellotaku

    singhellotaku - 7 years ago 2 0
  3. You don't need to "save" the Berserk power up. Even though the red around the screen will go away, a berserk powerup lasts until the end of the map, or until you die in multiplayer. (This is true unless the 360 version has been changed from the original game.) Other than that caveat, the level 32 method is probably the best.

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  4. Got it to work on level 8 also. Thanks HeyKnee and singhellotaku!!

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  5. I just got it on Map 10: Refueling Base. There's a BFG hidden in the level, and through a secret teleporter you can get into a small alcove with an invulnerability pickup and the Cyberdemon near the exit. There's another invulnerability pickup in the Cyberdemon's arena.

    Switch to the BFG, pick up the invulnerability and go into the arena. Blast the Cyberdemon about 3 times with the BFG, then switch to your fists. It's easiest if you let the Cyberdemon push you into a corner, because he will move towards you while you will stay still. Just keep punching him, pick up the second invulnerability if you need to, and with a little patience and a little luck he will die by your fist.

    The only annoying part is that there are teleporters scattered around the arena that can delay the fight. It took me a couple of tries to get it right.

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  6. I'm sure the other stratgies are eaiser but I just got it on Level 8 Tomb of Malevolence in No Rest for the Living. I pushed all the switches to bring nearly everything to ground level. Picked up the beserker power up. I shot him with all my BFG rounds and a couple rockets. Now heres the tricky part. shoot him with 4-6 rockets. then save. shoot him some more till he dies. keep track of the shots it took to kill him. then load and shoot him again but with make sure you stop before you use the killing rocket. then save again. switch to the pistol. do them same with the rockets. shoot him and save every after every few hits. when you are able to deal a killing blow with the pistol don't use it. switch to your fists and one punch should do it. just try to avoid his rockets -_-

    I would suggest trying the other one tho cuz this was way too hard.....but I got it so I'm happy :D

    Good luck! ^_^

    User Info: Lord_Hez

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