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    Collectible Guide by SuperSonic67

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    Gears of War 2 Collectible Locations Guide
    By SuperSonic67
    Latest update: Version 1.4
    V1.4 Completed on: 13/11/2008 Submitted on: 13/11/2008
    The original guide can be found on the following website:
    Video guide is here:
    If you wish to host the guide on your site, let me know.
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 About Collectibles
    3.0 Frequently Asked Questions
    4.0 Collectible Locations
         4.1     Act 1: Tip of the Spear
         4.2     Act 2: Denizens
         4.3     Act 3: Gathering Storm
         4.4     Act 4: Hive
         4.5     Act 5: Aftermath
    5.0 Important Information
         5.1     Version History
         5.2     Legal stuff
         5.3     Credits and special thanks
         5.4     Contact the author
    1.0 Introduction
    This guide details the location of every collectible item in Gears of War 2;
    COG tags, journals, newspapers and so on.
    In addition to a written description of each item's location, I've also made a
    video guide, which can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEtDrRgJQQI
    You'll be able to find the original, nicer-looking version of this guide, as
    well as the video all on one page here:
    2.0 About Collectibles
    Collectibles are items that you can pick up or investigate throughout Gears of
    War 2. Doing so earns the following achievements:
    Collector - Recover 5 collectibles (any difficulty) - 5 gamerscore
    Pack Rat - Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty) - 15 gamerscore
    Completionist - Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty) - 30 gamerscore
    Collectibles can be obtained on any difficulty level. It doesn't matter if you
    miss some during a single play through the game, you can load whatever chapter
    you want, in any difficulty level, and any missed collectibles will always be 
    Collectibles disappear once you've collected them, so if you're looking for one
    and it's not there, you probably already got it.
    When playing co-op, collectibles work as follows:
    If both of you have it, neither of you will see it.
    If one of you has it but the other doesn't, only the person who doesn't have it
    will see it and be able to pick it up. The person who already has it will not
    be able to see it or pick it up.
    If you can both see it, and one of you picks it up, you both get it.
    Thankfully Gears of War 2 has a War Journal that keeps track of the collectibles
    that you've obtained and the ones you haven't, and what chapter they're in, etc.
    3.0 Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I can't find a certain collectible. Help?
    A: This guide explains everything you could possibly need to know about
    where to find each and every collectible. If you can't figure it out by
    reading this guide, wait for the video which should be up in the next couple
    of days: http://youtube.com/ScathingAccuracy
    You may also want to check whether or not you've already picked it up, so 
    can't see it any more. Check your War Journal's Collectibles section to see
    which ones you've yet to find.
    Q: My friend and I are getting the collectibles in co-op. If one of us picks
    up a collectible, do we both get it?
    A: Yes.
    Q: You spelled "collectables" wrong.
    A: That's not a question, and you should invest in a dictionary.
    4.0 Collectible Locations
    4.1 Act 1: Tip of the Spear
    Chapter 1: Welcome to Delta
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#1 and #2)
    Collectible 01: The Eagle Newspaper
    When you start the game, be sure to take the Training option. Right 
    after you begin, head down the alley and keep an eye out on the floor
    for The Eagle Newspaper, it's in the middle of the street.
    Collectible 02: Ambulance Driver's Log
    Once you drop down the ladder at the end of the Training section, go
    right and enter the garage to find the Ambulance Driver's Log.
    Chapter 2: Desperation
    Collectibles in this chapter: 5 (#3, #4, #5, #6 and #7)
    Collectible 03: Doctor's Journal
    After your first encounter with locusts in the hospital, you'll be 
    in a long room overlooking the floor below you. Head to the left of 
    the room and into a small adjacent room to find the Doctor's Journal.
    Collectible 04: Jacinto Medical Center File
    A few rooms ahead you'll find a large, enclosed reception desk in the 
    center of the room. Check the floor inside to find the Jacinto Medical
    Center File.
    Collectible 05: COG Letterhead
    Right beside the cafeteria is a small room with a desk and a computer.
    Inside this room is the COG Letterhead. You should unlock the "Collector"
    achievement at this point, if you're getting all of the collectibles in
    Collectible 06: COG Proclamation
    The COG Proclamation is on the second floor of the hospital's lobby, near
    some ammo just as you enter the room.
    Collectible 07: COG Tags: Private Dylan Murphy
    As soon as you exit the hospital turn right and you'll find these tags
    behind a pillar.
    Chapter 3: Rolling Thunder
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#8 and #9)
    Collectible 08: Grindlift Notice
    The notice is right behind you as you start, on the wall.
    Collectible 09: Munitions Requisition Form
    When you get off the rig to defend Dizzy, check to the left of the rig.
    It's near some bushes and ammo.
    Chapter 4: The Big Push
    Collectibles in this chapter: None.
    Chapter 5: Roadblocks
    Collectibles in this chapter: 4 (#10, #11, #12 and #13)
    Collectible 10: Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper
    In the first building you enter in this chapter, check upstairs. The
    Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper is near some grenades.
    Collectible 11: Memorial Inscription
    After getting rid of the Tickers, check the wall of the war memorial
    to find the Memorial Inscription. This is after you chainsaw through
    some debris, and before the Nemacysts.
    Collectible 12: Landown Delivery Driver's Note
    This collectible can be found on the floor at the back of the Imulsion
    station. After Cole and the Centaur show up and take out the Troika on
    the left, enter the emulsion station and it's on the floor of the back
    Collectible 13:  COG Tags: Private Samuel Lee
    About half way through the tunnel, your way is blocked by wrecked
    cars. BEFORE you go up the short set of steps to the left of these
    cars, check to the left of them and you'll find a room with the tags
    Chapter 6: Digging In
    Collectibles in this chapter: None.
    4.2 Act 2: Denizens
    Chapter 1: Scattered
    Collectibles in this chapter: None.
    Chapter 2: Indigenous Creatures
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#14 and #15)
    Collectible 14: Gear Journal
    After you find the Rockworm, keep an eye out to the left and cut 
    through the vines. You'll find a Grindlift, some ammo, and the journal
    Collectible 15: Kantus Scroll
    After you reach the top of this area, where you'll find a couple of
    Troikas and a Reaver that appears, you can find the Kantus scroll behind 
    the Troika at the back of the platform.
    Chapter 3: Disturbing Revelations
    Collectibles in this chapter: 1 (#16)
    Collectible 16: Locust Emblem
    After your first encounter in this chapter with Drones, Wretches and
    Kantus, go through the doors and you'll find the emblem near some
    ammo, just to the right as you enter.
    Chapter 4: Sinking Feeling
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#17 and #18)
    Collectible 17: Ilima Help Wanted Ad
    Up the path, right of the Bloodmounts. It's on the overlook that
    faces the snipers, near a Gorgon pistol. Basically after the Stranded
    runs towards you shouting that Locust are killing everybody, follow the
    right hand wall and you'll see a wrecked car. It's behind the car.
    Collectible 18: COG Tags: Hank Bissell
    Right after Cole saves you, the tags can be found just inside the
    building, to the left, before you leave.
    Chapter 5: Captivity
    Collectibles in this chapter: 1 (#19)
    Collectible 19: Stranded Journal (Jennifer)
    After releasing Baird from his cell, proceed around the next corner and
    then turn right and head down the short path to find the journal.
    Chapter 6: Intestinal Fortitude
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#20 and #21)
    Collectible 20: Car Gold Magazine
    Head left as soon as you start the chapter and you'll find the 
    magazine on the floor. If you're getting the collectibles in
    order, you'll get the second Collectible achievement, Pack Rat,
    Collectible 21: COG Tags
    These can be a little hard to see. After you find Carmine, but before
    you turn the corner, look around on the floor to the left. It's
    against the left wall, and because of the color and dark, it's a bit
    hard to see.
    4.3 Act 3: Gathering Storm
    Chapter 1: Dirty Little Secret
    Collectibles in this chapter: None.
    Chapter 2: Origins
    Collectibles in this chapter: 3 (#22, #23 and #24)
    Collectible 22: Interoffice Memo
    After blowing up the door, check in the small office to the right as
    you enter the new room. The journal is near a Boltok pistol.
    Collectible 23: Memo (Dr Doug Sato)
    After you use the security system to kill the wretches, this can be
    found in a small room on the right side of the main hallway. You have 
    to kick down a door in this room to reach the memo.
    Collectible 24: New Hope Medical File
    Later in the chapter, you'll come across a room with a few turrets
    on the ceiling, with a switch at the back of the room to deactivate
    them. In the small room behind the switch you can find the New
    Hope Medical File.
    Chapter 3: Rude Awakening
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#25 and #26)
    Collectible 25: Doctor's Journal
    After exiting the facility, DO NOT get on the train. Go right instead 
    and go inside the small building. The New Hope Journal is on the floor 
    at the back.
    Collectible 26: Captivity Marks
    Before boarding the final train, turn around and go inside the
    building behind you. In here you'll find the Captivity Marks scratched
    on a wall.
    Chapter 4: Ascension
    Collectibles in this chapter: None.
    Chapter 5: Displacement
    Collectibles in this chapter: 1 (#27)
    Collectible 27: Stranded's Journal
    At the point where you have to destroy the gunboat, check in the middle
    of the area and go all the way to the top of the stairs here. The 
    Stranded's Journal is at the top of them.
    Chapter 6: Brackish Waters
    Collectibles in this chapter: None.
    4.4 Act 4: Hive
    Chapter 1: Priorities
    Collectibles in this chapter: 1 (#28)
    Collectible 28: Locust Terminal
    The Locust Terminal is in the same room where you have to activate the
    first terminal to search for Maria. DO NOT activate the first terminal
    yet. Instead, check the second terminal and you'll get this collectible.
    Chapter 2: Answers
    Collectibles in this chapter: 1 (#29)
    Collectible 29: Locust Prisoner's Journal
    When the patrol of Locusts have left or been dealt with, look to the
    left of the second terminal to find the Locust Prisoner's Journal.
    Chapter 3: Hornet's Nest
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#30 and #31)
    Collectible 30: Locust Jailer Document
    Just downstairs from where you enter, turn right and head down the
    small corridor. You'll find the Locust Jailer Document on the floor at
    the back of a narrow corridor.
    Collectible 31: Human Finger Necklace
    This one can be easy to miss. After you defeat the pair of Grinders
    which come out of the large doors, you'll need to roadie run to enter
    the small room with the Troika before the door closes. As soon as you kill
    the Grinders, roadie run straight past them and follow the path until you
    see a door closing in front of you. Turn right, head up the stairs and
    if you're fast enough you'll make it in just before the second door closes.
    The necklace is on the floor to the right inside the door.
    Chapter 4: No Turning Back
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#32 and #33)
    Collectible 32: Locust Calendar
    Up the stairs shortly after you start the chapter. It's the round thing with
    glowing orange lights on it, against the left wall.
    Collectible 33: Locust Defensive Plans
    You'll come across an area where you're on some stairs, looking down on a
    Kantus and one of the large locust. Head down to the left, then pull the
    lever to extend the bridge pstairs. Run across it and turn left. The
    Locust Defensive Plans are at the end of the room.
    Chapter 5: The Best-Laid Plans
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2: (#34 and #35)
    Collectible 34: Locust Invasion Map
    Before getting on the lift, proceed to the right and you'll find the map
    in one of the doorways on the right hand side.
    Collectible 35: Trinity of Worms
    Before heading down the spiral staircase, climb the staircase behind you
    (where the Grinder was). This collectible is a pattern on the floor at the
    end of the corridor, at the bottom of the stairs.
    Chapter 6: Royal Inquisition
    Collectibles in this chapter: 1 (#36)
    Collectible 36: Locust Tablets
    Near the start of the chapter, the tablets are on the floor between two
    pillars at the end of the room. This is the room just after the computer
    4.5 Act 5: Aftermath
    Chapter 1: Escape
    Collectibles in this chapter: None.
    Chapter 2: Desperate Stand
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#37 and #38)
    Collectible 37: COG Recon Report
    After the Raven clears the locust off the platform for you, head right
    and go down the stairs to the lower platform. The recon report is here, 
    near some ammo.
    Collectible 38: COG Tags: Sergeant Devon Jackson
    During the final encounter with Brumaks here, head to the far end of the
    platform and go down the steps. You'll find the tags near a Longshot.
    Chapter 3: Free Parking
    Collectibles in this chapter: 2 (#39 and #40)
    Collectible 39: Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper
    Shortly after the fight in the courtyard (against Wretches and Maulers
    with a Troika in the center), proceed to the next area and you should
    find yourself facing a Grinder in the center, to the right. The newspaper
    is behind the wall to the right of the Grinder. This is just before 
    Marcus and Dom split up.
    Collectible 40: COG Tags
    The tags are at the end of the level, inside a ruined building on the left
    hand side of the street, just after you defeat the Reaver. Yes, I know the
    War Journal says this is in the Tenuous Footing chapter, but it's not.
    However, if you want to get this tag quickly, you can reload the Tenuous
    Footing chapter, and turn around and run back for a while to find the
    Chapter 4: Tenuous Footing
    Collectibles in this chapter: 1 (#41)
    Collectible 41: Stranded's Journal
    After you fall down several floors, jump out into the next area and check
    in the far right corner behind a desk to find the Stranded's Journal.
    And that's it. Congratulations, you should now have every collectible item in
    Gears of War 2, and all three achievements.
    5.0 Important Information
    This is just the section with all the copyright stuff and contact details.
    5.1 Version History
    Version 1.0 - Version 1.0 completed and submitted on 7th November 2008
    Version 1.1 - Version 1.1 completed and submitted on 8th November 2008
                  (Some spelling mistakes/Collectible names corrected)
    Version 1.2 - Version 1.2 completed and submitted on 9th November 2008
                  (Additional info on collectibles in co-op, and thanks section)
    Version 1.3 - Version 1.3 completed and submitted on 11th November 2008
                  (Improved descriptions and added link to video guide)
    Version 1.4 - Version 1.4 completed and submitted on 13th November 2008
                  (Corrected some more collectible names)
    Version 1.5 - Version 1.5 completed and submitted on 10th August 2010
                  (Updated links to original guide on scathingaccuracy.com)
    5.2 Legal stuff
    This guide can be found on a whole bunch of websites, but the original
    will always be here:
    If you wish to host the guide on your site, you must first ask for my
    permission, and you must not alter the guide's content in any way.
    If you're going to copy/paste chunks of this guide anywhere, at least be 
    decent and give credit where credit is due, and link directly to:
    5.3 Credits and thanks
    Thanking people is for chumps. I made this guide myself. YOU should be
    thanking ME!
    Seriously though, big thanks to Khimono, who I play this game with
    religiously. MJB, playa. MJB.
    Also thanks to everyones' compliments, questions and suggested improvements
    to this guide, you're all a big help in making this guide better.
    5.4 Contact the author
    If you've noticed any problems with the guide, you can contact me at the
    following email address: shepton@scathingaccuracy.com
    If I don't reply to your email, it's because you're asking a stupid
    question and I deleted it immediately.
    Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope the guide helped!

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