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    Game Script by ladytanaka

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 09/21/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn
    Game Script
    FAQ Created: 20-SEP-2009
    FAQ modified: 20-SEP-2009
    Version: 0.5
    Author: Ladytanaka
    Table of contents
    01: Version History
    02: Contact Info
    03: Disclaimer and Legal Information
    04: Warnings
    05: Introduction
    06: Character Abbreviations
    07: Script Conventions
    08: Game Script
      Level 01
        Interval 01 - Replica
      Level 02
        Interval 02 - Contact
        Interval 03 - Escape
      Level 03
        Interval 04 - Guidance
      Level 04
        Interval 05 - Rebirth
    09: EPA Dialogue
    10: Unused Dialogue
    11: FAQs
    12: Credits
    1: Version History
    Version 0.5 (20-SEP-2009) - rough draft release
    2: Contact Info
    If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections, email me at ladytanaka
    (at) aol (dot) com.  
    Make sure that you include the subject "FEAR 2 Reborn Game Script"!
    3: Disclaimer and Legal Information
    This game script is for informational purposes only.  This may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited. 
    This game script guide in no way or form has any affiliation with either
    Monolith Productions or Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. 
    Please do not ask me about posting this transcript on your own site.  The
    finished game script will be posted only on GameFAQs. If you see this guide on
    any other website, please contact me about it. Thank you.
    Copyright 2009 Ladytanaka
    4: Warnings
    This transcript contains massive SPOILERS for the entire story of F.E.A.R. 2
    Project Origin and F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn.
    The game and script contains scenes of intense violence and strong language. 
    5: Introduction
    Many of the things that make this game so interesting (and scary) are purely
    visual and/or auditory events -- therefore, this game script include as many
    scene/action descriptions and event triggers as possible to give the reader a
    much better feel for the story. 
    This script's dialogue/text is as close to the actual game as I could manage. 
    It comes verbatim from the subtitles, except when the audio clearly contradicts
    the subtitles -- in that case, the audio has precedence.
    Some events are time-triggered, rather than proximity-triggered, so the
    dialogue's location may vary slightly for different players.
    Much of the dialogue takes place as radio transmissions, so I've made extra
    effort to clarify the source of the dialogue as best I can (see the section on
    Script Conventions).
    6: Character Abbreviations (in approximate order of appearance)
    PLAYER - Foxtrot 813
    FETTEL - Paxton Fettel
    REP_COM - Replica Command
    REP_FOX_LEADER - Foxtrot Leader
    REP_FOX_# - Foxtrot # 
    REP_FOX_508 - Foxtrot 508
    REP_FOX_??? - Foxtrot ??? (when speaker is unclear)
    REP - various Replicas
    ATC - various ATC personnel
    EPA - Elite Powered Armor computer
    ??? - unknown speaker
    7: Script Conventions
    "(vo)" indicates a voice-over, where the speaker is not in PLAYER's view and/or
    is not clearly identified as speaking
    "(r)" indicates dialogue via radio (when speaker is NOT physically present)
    "--" indicates various gameplay text
    "-" indicates active mission objectives
    "x" indicates completed mission objectives
    "==CP==" indicates a game checkpoint
    "~~~~~" indicates on-screen text, written signs, etc.
    "< >" indicates visual/auditory descriptions of events and actions
    "{   }" indicates optional actions and/or easily missed events
    "___" indicates unclear/garbled dialogue
    "[=QTE=]" indicates a Quick-Time Event (i.e., button-mashing)
    8. Game Script
    ----- start of intro cutscene -----
    <camera slowly zooms in on FETTEL as he kneels in his cell>
    FETTEL(vo): The war has begun...
    <camera pans across burning wreckage of skyscrapers>
    FETTEL(vo): ...just as I dreamed it would...
    <camera pans along a wrecked cityscape>
    FETTEL(vo): (sigh) ...just as I foresaw...
    <camera continues to zoom in on FETTEL in his cell>
    FETTEL(vo): Dreams are all I have now...
    <camera shows closeup of an eye, whose pupil suddenly dilates as it reflects
    the start of a nuclear explosion>
    FETTEL(vo): ...dreams of death...
    <as the reflection of the explosion grows and throws shockwaves through the
    FETTEL(vo): ...of blood and fire...
    <camera shows in the eye, the scene of the explosion fading into the figure of
    little ALMA silhouetted against a setting sun and clutching a toy>
    FETTEL(vo): ...of her...
    <camera shows in the eye, little ALMA slowly walking toward the sun>
    <faint unintelligible child-like sounds>
    <camera fades back to FETTEL kneeling in his cell>
    FETTEL(vo): The time has come to awaken!
    <camera slowly zooms in toward FETTEL's back as he faces the closed door of his
    cell -- a helmeted person can been seen approaching the other side of the
    closed door, silhouetted against the orangish light coming through the frosted
    glass pane of the door>
    FETTEL(vo): ...to be...
    FETTEL(vo): ...reborn...
    <screen goes white>
    FETTEL(vo): You...are the key!
    <camera quickly zooms back to show the opposite side of the closed door to
    FETTEL's cell, revealing a Replica standing facing the closed door, his head
    leaning slightly to the side -- strangely, the door is set in a small chunk of
    wall standing in the middle of a shattered landscape filled with broken stone
    columns and large tree root-like structures (hereinafter referred to as the
    "column-tree otherworld")>
    <screen fades to black>
    <black screen>
    REP_COM(r): All incoming Powered Armor units, be advised that DZ is hot.
    <camera shows a fiery ball zooming downward against a cloudy sky>
    REP_COM(r): Armacham forces are currently staging an attack on Command Post
    Sigma from that location.  Eliminate hostiles and proceed to the rally point.
    <camera tracks the fiery ball as it zooms downward>
    PLAYER: Understood, Command.
    <camera shows Foxtrot 813 sitting in the cockpit of his Powered Armor as he
    puts his right hand to his helmet>
    PLAYER: This is Foxtrot 813...
    <camera zooms through the cloud cover and breaks through, revealing the city
    PLAYER: Preparing for touchdown.
    <the EPA crashes down into a tall building>
    <screen fades to black>
    ----- end of intro cutscene -----
    Level 01
    You are Replica Soldier Foxtrot 813.  Your Elite Powered Armor unit has been
    dispatched by orbital drop to defend a forward command post from Armacham
    Security forces.
    <the EPA's HUD activates>
    PLAYER: On the ground and rolling out.
    REP_COM(r): Copy that.
    Interval 01
    ==CP== <when PLAYER moves out into the open>
    ATC: Shit! Replica Powered Armor incoming!
    ATC: We need air support. Scramble choppers to the rooftop!
    <1st ATC helicopter attacks>
    REP_COM(r): Foxtrot 813.  ATC helicopters are converging on your position. 
    Take out as many as you can.
    PLAYER: Will do, Command.
    - Neutralize hostile ATC forces
    <fight ATC>
    { if PLAYER destroys 1st ATC helicopter }
    ATC: Shit! Air support unit is down!
    PLAYER: Enemy helicopter destroyed.
    { if PLAYER in EPA approaches doorway out of DZ }
    ATC: Replica Powered Armor are advancing on our position!
    ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches doorway to outdoor area>
    { if PLAYER in EPA approaches tunnel to outdoor area }
    ATC: Replica EPA is advancing!  Deploy heavy weapons!
    <as PLAYER exits tunnel to outdoor area, jets fly by overhead>
    <as PLAYER approaches elevators, elevator platform with Replicas rises>
    ATC: Missile launcher unit in position. Fire at will!
    <2nd ATC helicopter appears>
    -- Fire Missiles
    <PLAYER fights ATC and missile launcher unit on upper level> 
    ATC: Get an airstrike over here, now!
    ATC: Airstrike is on the way!
    { if PLAYER destroys 2nd ATC helicopter }
    ATC: We lost another chopper!
    PLAYER: That's another helicopter down.
    ATC: Jets inbound! Clear the target area!
    <a fighter jet screams overhead and blows up overhead crane which drops
    wreakage near tunnel entrance on upper level>
    { if PLAYER in EPA steps onto elevator platform, the platform collapses }
    { if PLAYER activates elevator platform, the platform descends }
    ==CP== <as PLAYER descends to lower level>
    <fight ATC on lower level>
    -- Thermal Vision
    ATC: We need backup!  Now!  The Powered Armor is tearing us apart!
    <as fight with ATC continues, more ATC arrive in elevators>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches exit of indoor storage area>
    <as PLAYER approaches rooftop area>
    ATC: We need air support. Scramble choppers to the rooftop!
    <fight ATC in rooftop area and elevators>
    { if PLAYER in EPA enters rooftop area }
    ATC: It's on a rampage!
    <3rd ATC helicopter attacks>
    ATC: We need to get out of here!
    ATC: Get to the elevators!
    REP_COM(r): The enemy is retreating to lower levels of the building.
    REP_COM(r): 813, continue to pursue and engage enemy units.
    <cargo platform rises with ATC and missile launcher unit>
    ATC: Calling in an airstrike!
    <fighter jet screams by overhead>
    { if PLAYER destroys 3rd ATC helicopter }
    ATC: It just took out a chopper!
    PLAYER: Helicopter destroyed. Proceeding to rally point.
    { if PLAYER crosses cargo platform on foot, the rightmost elevator opens with
    more ATC forces }
    { if PLAYER activates switch on cargo platform, the platform will fall }
    { if PLAYER in EPA steps on cargo platform, the platform will collapse }
    ==CP== <after PLAYER lands on lower level>
    { when PLAYER in EPA lands on lower level, the EPA will enter hiberation mode
    and eject PLAYER }
    Entering Hiberation
    { if EPA is with PLAYER on lower level }
    REP_COM(r): Foxtrot 813, report.  What is your status?
    PLAYER: EPA is shut down for autorepair sequence.
    REP_COM(r): Understood.  Defend your unit until the sequence is complete.
    - Neutralize hostile ATC forces.
    - Defend the EPA until the repair sequence is complete.
    <fight ATC and missile launcher units on lower level>
    <45 seconds after ejection>
    - Neutralize hostile ATC forces.
    x Defend the EPA until the repair sequence is complete.
    { if PLAYER re-enters EPA }
    PLAYER: EPA is back online.  Resuming mission.
    <as PLAYER approaches elevator platform>
    ATC: Airstrike incoming!
    <a fighter jet zooms by building>
    { if PLAYER in EPA steps on elevator platform, the platform collapses }
    { if PLAYER activates elevator platform switch, the platform descends }
    ==CP== <as PLAYER descends to 2nd lower level>
    <fight ATC on 2nd lower level>
    <when all ATC are dead>
    x Neutralize hostile ATC forces.
    x Defend the EPA until the repair sequence is complete
    { if PLAYER in EPA approaches half-fallen walkway }
    PLAYER: Foxtrot 813 reporting.  Unable to proceed in EPA.
    { if PLAYER on foot approaches half-fallen walkway }
    REP_FOX_LEADER(r): Command, this is Foxtrot Leader.  Command Post Sigma is up
    and operational.  Awaiting further orders.
    REP_COM(r): Copy that.  Proceed on foot.  The rest of Foxtrot is ahead of your
    PLAYER: Will do, Command.
    x Neutralize hostile ATC forces.
    x Defend the EPA until the repair sequence is complete
    - Link up with Replicas in adjacent building
    ==CP== <as PLAYER climbs onto fallen walkway>
    ATC: Jets incoming! Take cover!
    <as a fighter jet flies between buildings, the bridging walkway shakes
    <PLAYER crosses over to neighboring building and jumps down onto lower walkway>
    <as PLAYER approaches hole in building, PLAYER sees Foxtrot 1014 standing on
    the opposite side of an open stud wall>
    PLAYER: Command, I have visual on Foxtrot.
    <Foxtrot 1014 gestures down the hallway on his side>
    REP_COM(r): Copy.  Proceed to Command Post Sigma.
    x Neutralize hostile ATC forces.
    x Defend the EPA until the repair sequence is complete
    x Link up with Replicas in adjacent building
    <Foxtrot 1014 runs off>
    <PLAYER climbs onto drywall stack and enters vent>
    -- Crouch
    <when PLAYER drops out of vent>
    <level ends>
    Level 02
    You've been forced to abandon your Elite Powered Armor and proceed on foot. 
    Your orders are to rendezvous with the rest of Foxtrot Company at Command Post
    Interval 02
    <as PLAYER moves toward weapon cache>
    - Locate Replica ComCenter.
    <Foxtrot 1014 walks into view>
    REP_FOX_1014: Hostiles have been confirmed inside the perimeter.
    PLAYER: How many?
    REP_FOX_1014: Several squads roped in.
    <as PLAYER approaches Foxtrot 1014, he suddenly turns and looks around the
    corner with his weapon ready>
    REP_FOX_1014: Enemy sighted!
    <RF1014 runs around the corner>
    REP_FOX_1014: Take them out!
    <sound of gunfire>
    <fight ATC in reception area>
    ==CP== <after reception area is cleared>
    REP_FOX_???: What's your status?
    PLAYER(?): I'm okay.
    REP_FOX_???: Regroup on me!
    REP_FOX_107: The Command Post is this way, 813.  Follow me.
    <Foxtrot 107 runs off>
    <HUD flickers with static>
    -- Hold for Arsenal Selection
    <when PLAYER catches up with Foxtrot 107, he crouches under a broken glass
    <when PLAYER follows Foxtrot 107 and enters elevator lobby>
    REP_FOX_107: Did you hear that?
    REP_FOX_107: Quiet!
    <elevator opens and ATC attack as Foxtrot 1014 joins PLAYER and Foxtrot 107 for
    the fight>
    <after elevator lobby is cleared>
    REP_FOX_???: Clear!
    REP_FOX_???: I'll wait here.
    REP_FOX_???: Search the office!
    - Locate Replica ComCenter
    { if PLAYER examines keypad next to locked office to the right of the broken
    glass door }
    <press "Swipe Card" to unlock door>
    <inside unlocked office, PLAYER finds Pulse Weapon>
    <Foxtrot 107 and Foxtrot 1014 remain behind in elevator lobby>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches wooden double doors> 
    REP_FOX_???: Enemy contact!
    <sound of gunfire>
    <press "Open">
    <fight ATC in construction area>
    ATC: We're losing ground!  How many goddamn clones are there!?
    ATC: They keep coming!
    <as PLAYER enters stairwell>
    REP_FOX_1123: Check the stairwell.
    REP_FOX_1017: Copy.
    <as PLAYER climbs up to first landing, Foxtrot 1017 steps out to meet PLAYER>
    REP_FOX_1017: 813 has reached the perimeter.
    PLAYER: Reporting for duty.
    REP_FOX_1017: The Command Post is just ahead.
    <as PLAYER approaches scaffold, Foxtrot 1123 gestures>
    REP_FOX_1123: Up here.
    REP_FOX_1123: 813, this way.
    <Foxtrot 1123 jumps down off the scaffold and lands on the other side of wall>
    <as PLAYER drops down into command post area>
    REP_FOX_LEADER: This is Foxtrot Leader.  813 has arrived.
    x Locate Replica ComCenter
    REP_COM(r): Roger.  Commence sweep and clear operation.
    <radio transmission became blurred with static>
    REP_FOX_LEADER: Say again, Command.  Interference is getting worse.
    REP_FOX_LEADER: 813, see if you can clean up the signal.
    x Locate Replica ComCenter
    - Use radio to acquire distress signal
    <in the command post area, Foxtrot 120 stands near the elevator in the corner;
    Foxtrot 1123 and 530 stand in front of communication center; Foxtrot 806
    fiddles with another radio; Foxtrot 1017 looks outside; Foxtrot 508 sits on a
    crate in the back corner of the command post, while Foxtrot Leader stands next
    to Foxtrot 508>
    { if PLAYER doesn't immediately activate radio }
    REP_FOX_LEADER: 813, get on that terminal and see if you can't improve the
    transmission quality.
    { if PLAYER continues to loiter }
    REP_FOX_LEADER: 813, activate the radio.
    { if PLAYER continues to loiter, PLAYER can overhear an amusing conversation
    between Foxtrot 508 and Foxtrot Leader }
    REP_FOX_508: Sir, why did we set up the command post here?
    REP_FOX_LEADER: 508, you have been instructed not to question orders.
    REP_FOX_508: Yes, sir, but wouldn't it have been preferable to pick a more
    accessible area?  Maybe a room with a door?
    REP_FOX_LEADER: Command, this is Foxtrot Leader.  508 is questioning orders
    REP_COM(r): Foxtrot 508, this is Replica Command.  You are hereby prohibited
    from speaking until further notice.  Do you copy?
    REP_FOX_508: Copy that, sir.  I was just asking why the command post was set up
    in an area without doors.  It seems like a tactically dubious choice.
    REP_COM(r): Foxtrot 508, hat information is above your security clearance. 
    Furthermore, you have been ordered not to speak. Do you understand these
    REP_FOX_508: Yes, Sir.  But what level security clearance would I need?
    REP_FOX_LEADER: Command, this is Foxtrot Leader. Request permission to
    summarily execute Foxtrot 508 for insubordination.
    <Foxtrot Leader cocks his weapon>
    REP_COM(r): Permission granted.  Take him out.
    <Foxtrot Leader immediately points his weapon at Foxtrot 508 and shoots him in
    the head>
    <HUD static continues to worsen>
    <when PLAYER approaches radio>
    <press "Use Control Panel">
    <when PLAYER activates radio>
    x Locate Replica ComCenter
    x Use radio to acquire distress signal
    <as PLAYER's HUD continues to flicker>
    <for the briefest instant, the command center area is overlaid by a
    vision-flash of the same room, except now heavily blood-splattered>
    PLAYER: Looks like the interference is coming from the center of the blast
    area.  Playback signal--
    <PLAYER suddenly staggers and grabs his head>
    <vision-flash of flames and tree roots>
    -----start mindscape event-----
    <PLAYER's vision goes sepia-toned as the command center suddenly transforms and
    becomes filled with large tree roots>
    <corrupted Replicas stand up, flicker rapidly in and out of sight as they
    attack PLAYER>
    PLAYER: What!?
    -- Press to activate Slow-Mo
    <PLAYER begins breathing heavily>
    - Obey.
    PLAYER: Command, I'm under attack by unknown assailants.
    <as PLAYER continues to fight corrupted Replicas, which burst into flurries of
    dark ash when destroyed>
    PLAYER: Command, do you copy?
    <as PLAYER continues to fight corrupted Replicas>
    PLAYER: I've lost contact with Foxtrot Leader.
    PLAYER: Respond!
    <vision-flash of FETTEL kneeling in a glowing doorway in the column-tree
    FETTEL(vo): Do you see?
    <FETTEL appears in the middle of the room, then starts to melt away in a flurry
    of red flakes as he walks toward the corner where the command post's elevator
    would be>
    <vision-flash of stone columns>
    <vision-flash of tree roots and flames>
    <FETTEL reappears, then starts to melt away as he walks closer toward the
    elevator corner> 
    FETTEL(vo): You are different from the others.
    <FETTEL appears in the elevator corner, facing PLAYER, then slowly paces back
    and forth>
    FETTEL(vo): They are meaningless now.  They are ghosts.
    <FETTEL melts away>
    FETTEL(vo): You must set me free.
    -----end mindscape event-----
    <world returns to normal>
    <as PLAYER staggers away from the radio, his HUD flickering wildly>
    REP_FOX_???: Command, Foxtrot 813 attacked the squad. They're all down.
    <as PLAYER's vision clears, PLAYER finds himself standing in front of the radio
    in the blood-spattered command center surrounded by dead Foxtrot members>
    <one surviving Replica looks down at a dead teammate, while another surviving
    Replica backs away warily from PLAYER>
    - Evade Replica forces.
    REP_COM(r): Foxtrot 813, report.
    PLAYER: (distorted FETTEL-like voice) You are meaningless now.  You are ghosts.
    <three surviving Replicas attack PLAYER>
    <HUD continues to flicker with static>
    <when PLAYER kills the three remaining Replicas>
    REP_COM(r): All squads. Foxtrot 813 has gone rogue.  Shoot on sight. Repeat,
    shoot Foxtrot 813 on sight.
    <press "Activate Elevator">
    <as the elevator descends, PLAYER's HUD flickers with static as FETTEL appears
    outside the elevator on the next floor below>
    FETTEL(vo): Set me free.
    <when the elevator stops, Replicas attack from outside elevator>
    REP: He's in the elevator!
    <as PLAYER fights Replicas from inside elevator>
    REP:____________ support!
    <when a missile launcher fires at the elevator, a cable snaps and the elevator
    suddenly plummets downward>
    PLAYER: Gah!
    <screen goes black>
    <PLAYER regains consciousness outside the crashed elevator>
    FETTEL(vo): Get up.  They will find you here.
    <as PLAYER slowly gets to his feet, PLAYER sees his own reflection in the
    glossy floor, along with a reflection of FETTEL standing over him>
    REP_COM(r): Can you confirm that Foxtrot 813 is down?
    - You must leave this place.
    REP: We do not have visual confirmation.  We are initiating a sweep.
    <PLAYER see Replica flashlights through a hole in the floor>
    <FETTEL is nowhere to be seen>
    Interval 03
    -- Flashlight
    <as PLAYER moves through construction area>
    REP: Keep your eyes open.
    REP: Spread out and search.
    <as PLAYER, now unarmed, wanders around construction area, PLAYER sees more
    Replica flashlights>
    <as PLAYER appraches stack of drywall>
    -- Melee
    <PLAYER breaks glass>
    <as PLAYER walks under scaffold>
    REP: What was that?
    <a plastic bucket falls>
    REP: What's your status?
    REP: I don't see him.
    REP: All snipers in position.
    <ropes drop down into atrium>
    REP: Go go go!
    <2 Replicas rappel down into atrium>
    REP: Check inside.
    REP: Clear.
    ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches hole in floor>
    { if PLAYER remains undetected }
    REP: I'll cover you.
    REP: _____ clear.
    { if PLAYER remains undetected }
    REP: I'll secure this location.
    REP: I'll wait here.
    <after PLAYER drops down to 2nd construction area and attacks  the first
    REP: We have visual on 813.  Converge on his location.
    <fight Replicas in 2nd construction area>
    <as PLAYER drops down onto scaffolding and into 3rd construction area>
    <vision-flash of a construction site with a conspicious gap in the barriers
    lining the edge>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER lands in 3rd construction area>
    <fight ATC in 3rd construction area>
    <as sniper laser moves around area>
    REP: I have him in my sights!
    <as PLAYER drops down into plywood maze>
    REP: Heavy armor units en route...
    <1st pair of Heavy Armors smash their way into the plywood maze>
    <as PLAYER approaches fallen steel beam, 2nd pair of Heavy Armors burst through
    the wall>
    REP: Eliminate target!
    ==CP== <as PLAYER drops down to 4th construction area>
    <fight 3rd pair of Heavy Armor in 4th construction area, which matches PLAYER's
    earlier vision-flash>
    <PLAYER jumps off the building and falls through window>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER lands on wobbling conference table>
    REP: 813 has evaded Heavy Armor... Target lost...
    <as PLAYER jumps off conference table and lands on window, the building creaks
    and shudders>
    <the window breaks, dropping PLAYER into a hallway>
    <building shudder and shakes>
    <as PLAYER drops down onto pipe>
    <vision-flash of column-tree otherworld with a glowing doorway in the far
    <as PLAYER lands on pipe>
    FETTEL(vo): You are close now.
    - Open your eyes...
    <building shakes and shudders>
    <as PLAYER carefully drops down to the bottom of the cubicle area>
    <vision-flash of FETTEL in the column-tree otherworld, standing near a stone
    archway in front of the glowing doorway, with dead bodies lying nearby>
    <HUD flickers with static>
    FETTEL(vo): I will show you the way.
    - Find the path.
    <as PLAYER crosses rubble pile at the bottom of the building>
    <building creaks ominously>
    <vision of FETTEL in the fiery column-tree otherworld -- as electricity start
    dancing over the bodies on the floor, FETTEL turns and starts melting into
    flakes as he walks away>
    FETTEL(vo): You must feel it all around you.  The promise of things to come...
    <vision ends>
    <as PLAYER jumps down through hole with steel beams>
    <level ends>
    Level 03
    A familiar voice is guiding you to the epicenter of the Auburn explosion.  The
    Replica army you were once a part of now considers you a threat and is
    determined to kill you.
    - Find the path
    <press "Open">
    <as PLAYER opens door leading to underground garage>
    <PLAYER's vision goes sepia-toned as little ALMA appears in front of him in the
    <little ALMA walks toward PLAYER, then gestures as a car hurtles toward the
    doorway, then explodes in flames, followed by a second explosion>
    Interval 04
    <rats scuttle away>
    { if PLAYER enters side room with items, an Abomination scrambles across the
    opposite side of the chain link fence, accompanied by eerie sound cue }
    <the alarm in the car outside the side room goes off>
    <in corner of the garage, in the headlights of car with a playing radio, PLAYER
    finds slaughtered ATC forces and bloody scribbles on the walls>
    <as PLAYER approaches end of garage, an Abomination runs past PLAYER and
    scrambles over two cars, setting off their alarms, before  scuttling out of
    sight underneath a partially open garage door>
    <press "Open" to enter manhole room>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER drops down manhole>
    <PLAYER hears strange growling noises>
    <as PLAYER enters drain tunnel>
    <vision-flash of an open street area littered with wrecked vehicles>
    - Crush her minions.
    <as PLAYER approaches the drain hatch area, an Abomination attacks an ATC as he
    closes a drain hatch>
    <as PLAYER traverses the drain hatch area, Abominations crawl out from open
    hatches and attack>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches broken railing near stairs>
    <as PLAYER approaches the gap in the railing, a Remnant rises out of the water
    below and attacks>
    <near the exit drain tunnel, an Abomination pounds on opposite side of a locked
    <as PLAYER approaches bend in drain tunnel>
    <HUD flickers with static>
    FETTEL(vo): ...They do not understand.  They are blind to whom they serve.
    <an Abomination attacks>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER moves to upper level tunnel>
    <Abominations attack>
    <PLAYER drops down into large multi-level circular chamber>
    <as PLAYER approaches open drain hatch on top level, a car falls and knocks
    down a big chunk of the walkway>
    <Abominations attack>
    <when PLAYER drops to watery bottom level of the chamber, a Remnant attacks>
    <when PLAYER exits the circular chamber, the large metal door slams down behind
    <vision-flash of FETTEL kneeling in the glowing doorway in the column-tree
    ==CP== <as PLAYER follows the grating to the other metal door>
    <as PLAYER continues toward the metal door, the lights go out and the metal
    door starts to rise>
    <the area fills with a reddish light and boxes fly as little ALMA appears on
    the other side of the now open metal door -- behind ALMA, PLAYER can see tree
    roots and the familiar glowing doorway>
    <2 corrupted Replicas flicker into the room and attack>
    <ALMA vanishes in a blur of light and the metal door drops shut>
    <the room's lighting returns to normal>
    <press "Open" to enter hallway>
    <press "Open" to enter side-office with weapon cache>
    <as PLAYER enters graffiti-covered hallway beyond the side-office and heads
    toward the stairs>
    <HUD flickers with static>
    FETTEL(vo): (slow dark laughter)
    - You must press on... you have no allies.
    FETTEL(vo): It is almost time... 
    ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches top of stairs>
    <PLAYER drops down into the street area from PLAYER's earlier vision-flash>
    REP: We have visual confirmation of Foxtrot 813.  Engaging target.
    <fight 1st group of Heavy Armor and Replicas>
    <2nd group of Replicas burst through door on lower street side>
    <fight sniper on overhead walkway>
    <fight more Replicas, snipers, and Heavy Armors in street area>
    -- Hold to exit Turret
    ==CP== <approximately half-way through street battle>
    <PLAYER exits street area via side door>
    <as PLAYER drops down to lower level>
    <level ends>
    Level 04
    You are nearly at the crater.  The voice urges you on.  Soon you will find the
    answers you seek.
    ==CP== <as PLAYER approaches door at top of stairs>
    <vision-flash of a pouncing assassin in a large lobby near some escalators>
    - None can stand against you.
    <PLAYER opens door and enters the lobby in his vision-flash>
    <as PLAYER approaches body pinned under security gate, PLAYER sees a glimpse of
    an Assassin running off>
    <fight 6 Assassins>
    <as PLAYER descends first set of escalators, a EPA crashes down nearby and
    <3 more Assassins also attack>
    ==CP== <as PLAYER moves through watery tunnel at the bottom of lobby>
    <as PLAYER approaches tunnel exit>
    <vision-flash of FETTEL kneeling in the glowing doorway in the otherworld>
    REP_COM(r): Is 813 exhibiting behavior similar to the others?
    REP: Negative, Command.  813 does not seem impaired.
    - Descend
    ==CP== <as PLAYER drops down into wrecked area>
    REP: Foxtrot 813 is approaching ground zero.  Move to intercept!
    <as PLAYER fights Replicas and snipers>
    REP: Check it out!
    <fight EPA>
    <as fight continues, additional Replicas rappel down>
    <PLAYER descends to the bottom and drops into broken pipe>
    <as PLAYER drops down hole at the end of the pipe>
    <HUD flickers with static>
    <vision-flash of a bell tower, looking upward toward the sky and the spirally
    column of light>
    - Complete the path
    <as PLAYER drops down onto large pipe>
    <HUD flickers with static>
    Interval 05
    <through the wall opening on the right, PLAYER can see the bell tower of his
    <faint sounds of a deep ringing bell>
    <PLAYER drops down toward weapon cache>
    <as PLAYER steps into open area>
    <HUD continues to flicker wildly with static>
    FETTEL(vo): Our host is gathering.  Our mighty army.
    <the open area is filled with streamers and balls of multi-colored light, mixed
    with flickers of other Replicas staggering and zooming erratically toward the
    far end of the area>
    <as PLAYER moves downhill, the bell ringing becomes louder>
    <as PLAYER approaches the bell tower>
    FETTEL(vo): You are very close now.
    <HUD flickers madly as PLAYER seems to zoom forward in jerks>
    ----- start mindscape event ----
    <PLAYER finds himself in the now familiar otherworld, complete with broken
    columns and twisted tree roots, except now there's bloody bodies of dead
    Replicas all over the place (draped over tree roots, etc.) -- and beyond a
    stone archway is the familar glowing doorway>
    <sound of ringing bells continues>
    <as PLAYER passes under the stone archway, PLAYER's vision distorts and
    compresses sideways>
    FETTEL(vo): Do not fear what is to come.
    <PLAYER finds himself in a large root-lined hallway leading to the glowing
    doorway where the silhouette of FETTEL awaits>
    <as PLAYER approaches the glowing doorway, FETTEL and the glowing doorway
    suddenly vanish, to be replaced by little ALMA standing in front of a closed
    door with a small glowing window>
    <little ALMA slowly walks foward as tentacle-like tree roots emerge writhing
    from the floor to block off access to the door>
    <little ALMA gestures and PLAYER is flung back to the fiery column-tree area>
    <fight corrupted Replicas as they flicker and attack, as well as glowing
    <sounds of low dark chuckles as the fight progresses>
    <after all the corrupted Replicas and Specters are gone>
    <HUD flickers wildly with static>
    - Submit
    <light from the glowing window marks the way to the closed door, which is no
    longer blocked by tree roots>
    FETTEL(vo): The time has come.  I can sense you.
    <as PLAYER opens the door, the screen goes white>
    ----- start of ending cutscene -----
    <white screen>
    FETTEL(vo): Come to me...
    <camera shows FETTEL kneeling in his cell>
    FETTEL(vo): Stand
    <camera shows FETTEL lifting his head and looking up as Foxtrot 813 approaches
    FETTEL(vo): before me
    <camera shows Foxtrot 813 stopping and standing in front of FETTEL>
    FETTEL(vo): Let me look upon you
    <camera shows FETTEL getting to his feet>
    FETTEL(vo): I've dreamed of this moment.
    <camera shows FETTEL putting his right hand on Foxtrot 813's shoulder>
    FETTEL(vo): My brother.
    <camera shows Foxtrot 813 pulling off his helmet>
    FETTEL(vo): Ahhh... yes
    <camera shows FETTEL disappearing in a flurry of red flakes>
    <camera shows Foxtrot 813 with FETTEL's face>
    <camera zooms in on Foxtrot 813/FETTEL's face>
    FETTEL(vo): I am
    <screen fades to black>
    FETTEL(vo): reborn.
    FETTEL(vo): (slow dark laughter)
    ----- end of ending cutscene -----
    <game ends>
    9: EPA Dialogue
    These are the dialogue lines related to operation of the EPA.
    EPA: System online.  
    EPA: Missiles ready.
    EPA: Missiles armed.
    EPA: Warning.
    EPA: Damage critical.
    EPA: Automatic shutdown sequence activated.
    EPA: Self-repair sequence initiated.
    EPA: Repairs complete.
    10: Unused Dialogue
    This is a listing of all the unused lines of dialogue which are present in the
    "LayerA_DLC03.Arch01" game file (on the PC), but were not apparently used in
    the game for one or more of the following reasons:
    (a) I missed triggering the line during gameplay;
    (b) the individual lines (or sometimes entire scenes) were deleted from the
    final version by the game developers.  
    The unused dialogue lines are organized into groups by level and approximate
    order, again using my best guess.
    FETTEL001a: The war has begun... ...just as I dreamed it would... ...just as I
    foresaw... ...does she understand what she's done?  Does she feel... anything?
    FETTEL002: Dreams are all I have now... dreams of blood... dreams of fire...
    The times has come to awaken... to be... reborn.
    REP_COM(r): Repeat, the drop zone is hot.
    RC022: Foxtrot 813, this is Replica Command.  You are off your insertion vector
    by 1.5 degrees. You need to adjust or you may miss the rooftop.
    PLAYER024: Roger, Command.  Correcting now.
    Level 01
    ATC08c: Get an airstrike over here! Now!
    ATC09a: Jets inbound! Get outta the way!
    ATC10a: Retreat to the platform!
    ATC03: Use rockets!
    ATC03c: Heavy weapons unit in position. Fire at will!
    PLAYER004a: Powered Armor is online. Commencing mission.
    RC005: Roger.  Proceed with mission.
    PLAYER006: Foxtrot 817 is down.
    RC006: Hold position until Foxtrot 813 arrives, then commence sweep and clear
    of sector Bravo-seven-niner.
    RL002: Command, this is Foxtrot Leader.  We're experiencing intermittent signal
    RC007: Roger that.  Interference is confirmed across entire area of operations.
    Source is under investigation.
    RL003: Command, interference is intensified. Please advise.
    RC008: Remain on task until further notice.
    RC009: ATC forces have been destroyed.
    Level 02
    R1369: On me! Now!
    R009: Sights are hot!
    R010: Target acquired!
    PLAYER017a: Identify yourself!
    PLAYER023: Trust in the path.
    RL004: Understood.
    RG001: Watch your step, 813.  Stay out of the water.
    RG001a: 813, watch your step. Stay out of the water.
    RG006a: 813, the Command Post is this way.  Follow me.
    FETTEL004: Come to me.  Come to me.
    FETTEL004a: I can sense you.
    FETTEL004c: Listen... for me.
    FETTEL010: Descend... further.
    FETTEL012a: You need only... trust in the path.
    Level 04
    RG018: Requesting Power Armor support.
    Level 05
    FETTEL022: She won't stop me. And she won't stop you.
    FETTEL022a: She won't stop you.
    FETTEL023: They are coming.
    FETTEL024: You do well to surpass the others.
    FETTEL024a: The others do not understand your purpose.
    FETTEL024b: You show such promise.
    FETTEL024c: You continue to show... such promise.
    11: FAQs
    nothing yet
    12: Credits
    Monolith Productions for developing this game.
    Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. for publishing this game.
    GAMEFAQS for hosting this FAQ.

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