• Achievements

    Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

    Aht Urhgan Missions (40)Completed the Aht Urhgan missions.
    Airship Pass (5)Obtained the key item "airship pass."
    Airship Pass for Kazham (5)Obtained the key item "airship pass for Kazham."
    Apollyon Ravager (20)Earned the title "Apollyon Ravager."
    Artifact Quests (5)Completed one or more artifact quests.
    Ballista License (5)Obtained the key item "Ballista License."
    Bastok Rank 10 (30)Achieved rank 10 in Bastok.
    Boarding Permit (5)Obtained the key item "boarding permit."
    Breaker of the Chains (30)Earned the title "Breaker of the Chains."
    Chocobo License (5)Obtained the key item "chocobo license."
    Chocobo Whistle (5)Obtained a chocobo whistle
    Cloud Breaker (5)Earned the title "Cloud Breaker."
    Destined Fellow (5)Earned the title "Destined Fellow."
    Dynamis-Tavnazia Interloper (30)Earned the title "Dynamis-Tavnazia Interloper."
    Dynamis-Xarcabard Interloper (30)Earned the title "Dynamis-Xarcabard Interloper."
    Extra Job (5)Unlocked one or more extra jobs.
    Gold Ballistar (30)Earned the title "Gold Ballistar."
    Guild Membership (5)Became a guild member.
    Horizon Breaker (5)Earned the title "Horizon Breaker."
    Imperial Army I.D. Tag (5)Obtained the key item "Imperial Army I.D. tag."
    Level 75 Bard (30)Achieved level 75 as a bard.
    Level 75 Beastmaster (30)Achieved level 75 as a beastmaster.
    Level 75 Black Mage (30)Achieved level 75 as a black mage.
    Level 75 Blue Mage (30)Achieved level 75 as a blue mage.
    Level 75 Corsair (30)Achieved level 75 as a corsair.
    Level 75 Dancer (30)Achieved level 75 as a dancer.
    Level 75 Dark Knight (30)Achieved level 75 as a dark knight.
    Level 75 Dragoon (30)Achieved level 75 as a dragoon.
    Level 75 Monk (30)Achieved level 75 as a monk.
    Level 75 Ninja (30)Achieved level 75 as a ninja.
    Level 75 Paladin (30)Achieved level 75 as a paladin.
    Level 75 Puppetmaster (30)Achieved level 75 as a puppetmaster.
    Level 75 Ranger (30)Achieved level 75 as a ranger.
    Level 75 Red Mage (30)Achieved level 75 as a red mage.
    Level 75 Samurai (30)Achieved level 75 as a samurai.
    Level 75 Scholar (30)Achieved level 75 as a scholar.
    Level 75 Summoner (30)Achieved level 75 as a summoner.
    Level 75 Thief (30)Achieved level 75 as a thief.
    Level 75 Warrior (30)Achieved level 75 as a warrior.
    Level 75 White Mage (30)Achieved level 75 as a white mage.
    Medal of Altana (30)Obtained the key item "Medal of Altana."
    Mercenary Rank (40)Achieved the highest mercenary rank.
    Official Soul Reflector (5)Obtained an official soul reflector.
    Past Vana'diel Nation Quests (20)Completed the past Vana'diel three nation quests.
    Promathia Missions (40)Completed the Promathia missions.
    Pure White Feather (5)Obtained the key item "pure white feather."
    San d'Oria Rank 10 (30)Achieved rank 10 in San d'Oria.
    Sky Breaker (5)Earned the title "Sky Breaker."
    Star Breaker (5)Earned the title "Star Breaker."
    Summit Breaker (5)Earned the title "Summit Breaker."
    Support Job (5)Unlocked the support job ability.
    Synthesis Skill 100 (50)Achieved 100 in a synthesis skill or fishing.
    Temenos Liberator (20)Earned the title "Temenos Liberator."
    VCS Registration Card (5)Obtained a VCS registration card.
    Windurst Rank 10 (30)Achieved rank 10 in Windurst.
    Wings of the Goddess Missions (40)Completed the Wings of the Goddess missions.
    Zilart Missions (40)Completed the Zilart missions.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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