The best fight sticks for this game?

  1. Would like to purchase a fight stick to play this game right. Had one when I was a kid and the benefits outweigh the 360's horrible controller (at least for fighting games that is). So which ones are the best ones? Any reccomendations? Please help. Thank you for your time.

    User Info: im-a-roustabout

    im-a-roustabout - 7 years ago


  1. There are fight pads and arcade sticks, the fight pad is wonderful to use compared to the 360 controller for the price of about 39.99. There are also arcade sticks of varying price and quality, the tournament edition ones seem to be the concusses best. I have a TE MvC2 arcade stick and I wouldn't trade it for everything, but they are in the price range of 130-150$. The arcade stick is also great to play arcade style games with is as well such as pac-man, old school sf2 castle crashers ect. Buy either of these great products and leave the 360 controller put away for other games where it is great as well.

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  2. Well i bought the white SF4 arcade stick for the xbox 360 and it works just perfect but as you start to play with it as an insane (like me) it will eventually break. But this eventually happens to any controller so i think its okay. I bought it when SF4 came out and it's price was 70 bucks. Right know i dont know it's price, you know, it may have gotten i little bit cheaper.

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  3. I've bought the SE Madcatz fight stick for the 360, it has a lot of compatabilty issues with windows if you plan on using it for any PC fighting games, like GGPO. Not to mention the stick's washer was misaligned and caused extensive damage. I managed to put sanwa parts in there and a new joystick with a bat top and it works great! $80.
    $70 with $10 parts.

    I also got Hori Ex Pro for 360, 6 buttons, but I only use 6 buttons anyway. Also has compatibility issues with windows. Very durable but can have problems reading inputs with charge characters, I use a square gate. Also the button setup is weird, LT/RT are on the bottom as well as the B button. If you don't mind messing with your controls at every house you go to its not a problem. The problem with it is that its almost impossible to customize, all the parts are sodered together, and attempting to even take one piece off without knowing what you're doing could be a disaster. $40.

    For my PS3 I got a mayflash stick, it has a USB/PS2 connector so you can still play all the good games on the PS2 that aren't backwards compatible. Its extremely durable, the buttons are a bit heavier than the madcatz, and the stick has much more torque than the madcatz. The buttons are labeled in numbers but are easy to figure out after a few minutes. No problems at all connecting to a PC. For $40 this was my best bargain.

    For the wii, I got the hori stick. The plastic is begining to tear, however the stick remains useful for the few fighting games on the console. SF2 Hyper Fighting plays well with it and so does TvC UAS.

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  4. HORI Real Arcade PRO.EX Premium VLX

    User Info: SojiroRyoOni

    SojiroRyoOni - 6 years ago 0 0
  5. Madcatz Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition :).

    User Info: iVEGAi

    iVEGAi - 6 years ago 0 0

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