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    Game Script by chip-lee

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    Enslaved: Odyssey To The West
    Game Script
    Writer: Chip Lee
    Version: 25/1/2011
    This game script includes all the dialogs in this game. I personally types every
     word just because i am a huge fan of this great game. I recorded this game and 
    shot photos so that i can make sure to write down every word correctly. I also 
    write down some plot to explain the dialog. I am a native Chinese and my English
     is not so fluent, so there may be some mistakes in the plot i wrote, 
    but no mistakes in the dialog.
    The script was created by Tameem Antoniades and screenwriter Alex Garland, 
    whose previous scripts include "28 Days Later" and "The Beach." The dramatic 
    cutscenes were co-directed by Andy Serkis, (famous for his portrayal of Gollum
     in "The Lord of the Rings" and Kong in "King Kong") who also plays and voices 
    the lead role of Monkey.
    1, Introduction
    2, Content
    3, Game script
       Chapter 1: The Escape
       Chapter 2: The Old City
       Chapter 3: The Metal Tower
       Chapter 4: Wherefore Art Thou?
       Chapter 5: The Crash Site
       Chapter 6: Village Approach
       Chapter 7: Finding Trip
       Chapter 8: Gaining Access
       Chapert 9: The Wasteland
       Chapter 10: The Titan Factory
       Chapter 11: The Old Battlefield
       Chapter 12: The Dam
       Chapter 13: Grand Theft
       Chapter 14: Pyramid
    4, Chinese Version
    5, Contact Info
    6, Credits
    7, Legal
    Computer: Welcome to slave ship nine zero nine,
              en route to Pyramid.
              You have been assessed and any injuries sustained during your capture
              have been designated as non life threatening.
              Remaining journey time is estimated at 16 hours.
              If you are experiencing severe nausea or need to relieve yourself, 
              make use of the grate position beneath your feet.
    Monkey:   God damn you.
    Computer: At Pyramid a new life awaits you.
              Free from the random hazards of the wild.
              Compliance will be rewarded with safety and sustenance.
              Noncompliance will be rewarded with pain.
    (Monkey sees that Trip escapes from the cell, operates the computer, 
    and runs away)
    Computer: Warning: temperature critical.
              Structural integrity 30%.
              Alert! Alert! Hull breach!
    (Monkey also escapes and chases Trip)
    A prisoner: Alert! Prisoner loose in carriage nine! prisoner loose in----
                (blown away)
    Computer: Affirmative, slave nine-four-nine. Combat mechs activating.
    Prisoners:  Help me! Help me!
    Computer: Alert! Hull breach! Alert! Hull breach!
    Monkey:   Hey! Where are you going? How d'you get off this thing?
    Computer: Fire in engine sector 6. Containment measures failed.
              A-grade slaves report to escape pods.
    Monkey:   Escape pods? Now you are talking.
    Computer: Slaves rated B and below await further commands.
    (Comes a mech with machine guns standing in the way)
    Monkey:   I can't fight this thing...i gotta get my weapons back.
    Slave 6B58: B-grade slaves awaiting commands.
    Monkey:   Where's my stuff?
    Slave 6B58: What?
    Monkey:   The stuff! where's my gear?! the stuff you took away from me!
    Slave 6B58: I can't talk to you, it's against the rules. 
                (Monkey punches the wall to frighten him)
                Item storage, in the lower hull.
    Computer: Slave 6B58 is assisting escaping prisoner.
              Level 1 infraction.
              Command, terminate slave 6B58.
              Termination complete.
    Computer: Escape pod eight launched. seven pods remaining.
    Monkey:   My ride! at least i can get my gear back.
    Gears:    Shields activate.
              Cloud inactivate.
    Monkey:   Damn!
              Okey...let's deal with that mech!
    Monkey:   Here we go...come on! (fight the mech£©
    (Next carriage)
    Monkey:   Combat mechs! at least they are not active.
    Computer: Activating combat mechs.
    Monkey:   C'mon!
    Monkey:   That all you got?
    Monkey:   Ahh shit.
    Computer: Escape pod 7 launched. 6 pods remaining.
    Monkey:   Shit six? better get a move on.
    (Come some other mechs)
    Monkey:   Oh no, you've got to be kidding me.
    (Next carriage, outside, Moneky talks to Trip inside, but Trip runs away)
    Monkey:   Hey hey open the door ...open the door. You mother f...
              Oh great. now what?
    (Come some mechs on the wing)
    Monkey:   Not here!
    (Liberty statue passes by)
    Monkey:   Ahh we gonna crash.
              I gotta get to one of those pods.
    Computer: Escape pod 4 launched. 3 pods remaining.
    Monkey:   Oh c'mon.
    Computer: Escape pod 2 launched. 1 pod remaining. Warning: 
              1 pod remaining, warning: 1 pod remaining.
    Monkey:   One pod remaining? oh shit!
    Monkey:   oh come on. come on you idiot! move it. come on£¡
    Computer: Warning: impact in 20 seconds
              Warning: impact in 10 seconds
    (Monkey climbs on the pod surface, and sees Trip inside and ready to 
    press launch button)
    Monkey:   No no dont do that! noooooo....
    (They both leave the ship with the pod and then land on the ground)
    (Monkey wakes up, Trip sitting in front of him)
    Monkey:   YOU...Arghh, oh god!
              My my head feel like it's ripped open.
    Trip:     It's the head band.
    Monkey:   What?
    Trip:     The slave headband, the one i fit on you.
    Monkey:   You put this on me?
    Trip:     Let me explain.
    Monkey:   Get this thing off, or i'm gonna rip your head off.
    Trip:     No.
    Monkey:   No?!
              Do you think i'm screwing with ya?
    Trip:     Comand stop!
    Monkey:   Arghhhhhhh!
    Trip:     Oh my god, it works!
    Trip:     Command stay away from me!
    Monkey:   Arghhhh!
              What the hell are ya doing?
    Trip:     i hacked the headband.
              so it could be activated by my voice commands.
              activation triggers a systemic pain response.
              it's what controls the slaves.
    Monkey:   i'm gonna kill you.
    Trip:     you can't.
              if my heart stops beating for any reason,
              the headband will discharge a lethal dose.
              if i die, you die.
    Monkey:   why?
    Trip:     i need your help.
              i come from a windfarmer community.
              it's about three hundred miles from here.
              i'll never make it on my own.
              if slavers dont get me, mechs will.
              that's the deal.
              get me back to my home and you can go back to yours.
    Monkey:   looks like i dont have a choice.
    Trip:     neither of us do...i'm sorry.
    Monkey:   okey...let's go.
    Trip:     command: stay with me.
    Monkey:   hey...what the hell is all this stuff i can see?
    Trip:     i've hacked the headband to give you visual feedback.
              it's patched into your shield system and my biometrics.
    Monkey:   and your voice...
              it's like it's....it's inside my god damn head.
    Trip:     IT is...we have a continuous audio link now.
    Monkey:   great.
    Trip:     you got pretty beat up when we landed.
    (Trip checks many missing people posters)
    Trip:     shall we keep going?
              who are all these people?
    Monkey:   who cares.
    Trip:     this must have been some kind of gathering point.
              is this the way out?
    Trip:     i think this must be a drawbridge.
    Monkey:   it must be to keep mechs out.
    Trip:     there are some controls here.
              the other side is blocked, can you get around and clear it?
              be careful.
              what was that?
    Monkey:   Mechs. Keep your voice down. they could be close.
    Trip:     what are we gonna do?
    Monkey:   not make too much noise.
    Trip:     oh...
    (Monkey controls the bridge, making noise, then come the mechs)
    Monkey:   oh shit.
              keep out of the way, let me deal with this.
    (After the fight)
    Monkey:   Okey it's all clear, get over here.
    Trip:     coming.
    Trip:     we could get out through here, can you move this?
    (At the wasted central station, outside)
    Trip:     do you think you could tell me what the plan is?
    Monkey:   to get your home as fast as possible so that 
              you can take this thing off my head, and i can break your neck.
    Trip:     i mean...
    Monkey:   yeah i know what you mean.
              see that smoke over there? that's where the slave ship came down.
              first thing we're gonna do is head for that.
              hoping my ride survived the crash.
    Trip:     what's your ride?
    Monkey:   ah it's the only way i know how to cover three hundred miles:
              two wheels and an engine.
    Trip:     Look at this place, there must have been thousands 
              of people living here.
    Monkey:   more.
    Trip:     tens of thousands?
    Monkey:   maybe.
    Trip:     it's so sad, i wonder what happened to them all.
    (mechs attack)
    Monkey:   get down!
              when i give you the signal, you get back, ok?
    Trip:     no no no no, i can't i cant.
    Monkey:   hey, do as i say!
    Trip:     no!
    Monkey:   i gotta find a way to take him out.
    (After the fight)
    Monkey:   if we gonna get through this,
              then when i ask you to do sth, you need to do it, immediately!
    Trip:     okey i understand.
    (from now on Monkey can ask Trip to go)
    Trip:     i think we can go this way.
    (A mech graps Trip, and Trip uses pulse to stun them)
    Monkey:   watch out!
    Trip:     they are stunned but it wont last.
    (After the fight)
    Monkey:   what the hell was that you did?
    Trip:     it's an EMP pulse. My father gave it to me.
              it knocks out small mechs for a few seconds, 
              enough to give me a chance to get away.
    Trip:     this security door is still functioning.
              there must be live power cells around here.
    Monkey:   doesnt matter, we shouldnt get sidetracked.
              we just need to get to the crash site.
    (Next place)
    Trip:     mechs!
    Monkey:   shhhh, we can't sneak past them.
              i'll get across and draw their attention. 
              then you make a run for it.
    (From now on Moneky can attract mech's attention, so that Trip can run)
    Trip:     over here.
    Monkey:   we are not in the clear yet. there's the way out. 
              but we'll never make it across that gap, there's no cover.
    Trip:     maybe this time i can distract them? 
              i might be able to create a decoy.
    (From now on Monkey can ask Trip to create an EMP decoy to lure mechs, 
    so that Monkey can leave to do other things)
    Trip:     i can't hack the door, there's no cover.
    Monkey:   ok, ok, leave it with me, l'll take out those mechs.
    (Next place, a huge courtyard)
    Trip:     look at this tree, it must be hundreds of years old.
    Monkey:   wait.
    Trip:     what is it?
    Monkey:   the road ahead's mined, we need to find another way.
    Trip:     i think i might be able to do something, follow me.
    Monkey:   hey.
    Trip:     see the dragonflies? i need you to catch one.
    Monkey:   what the hell are you talking about?
    Trip:     i am not commanding you, i am asking you.
    Monkey:   the branches are pretty high.
    Trip:     what about that ladder? if you lift me up 
              maybe i could drop it down for you.
    Monkey:   so, you want me to catch one of these dragonflies?
    Trip:     it might be difficult. they frighten easily and they're quick.
              there's one! right there. i'll put it on your display.
              it's just...it's..it's right over there! it's just...
    Monkey:   i know. i can see it. i'm not blind.
              god damn. will you stay still?
              come on! 
              oh god damn it.
    Trip:     be careful.
    Monkey:   thank you.
              you worthless insect. i'm gonna kill you!
              oh, what a day!
    Trip:     did you catch it yet?
    Monkey:   no no not yet!
              got it!
    Trip:     that's great! bring it back down here.
    Trip:     i used to play with dragonflies all the time as a kid,
              didnt you?
    Monkey:   no, i used to squash them.
    Trip:     they envolved some simple sensors to help them sniff out 
              energy sources.
              hmm...they're pretty basic but...
              for our purposes, they'll do the trick.
              keep still.
              it's now set up to send a live relay to your headband.
              it has a camera setting and a sensor setting.
    Monkey:   so?
    Trip:     try it out.
              follow me. hurry up.
    (Trip let the dragonfly fly and detect mines)
    Trip:     you should be able to see the mines on your headband display.
              what do you think?
              it's pretty cool, huh?
    Monkey:   yeah, yeah, it's pretty cool.
    Trip:     can you take me through the mines?
              i cant see where they are.
    (After going through the mines area, at the overpass)
    Trip:     that wa easy.
    Monkey:   wait a minute. something is not right here.
              maybe you should do another scan.
              we've got a problem. there are mines everywhere.
              lets head for that building.
    Trip:     throw me up to that ledge. 
              i'll look for a way through. up there!
              i cant get across up here!
    Monkey:   ok, i'll find another way.
    Trip:     watch out! (A mech attacks, and Monkey finishes it)
              are you ok?
    Monkey:   i'm fine.
    Trip:     i cant get across. can you help me?
              thanks, that was too close.
    Monkey:   there's a sentry turret over there. 
              we wont be able to get past.
    Trip:     i'm gonna scan.
              i'm detecting a structural weakness.
              if you could get close, 
              you might be able to knock that down and crush it.
    Trip:     i can use my decoy to distract it.
    Monkey:   i need another scan.
    Trip:     looks like you might be able to sneak past them.
    Monkey:   ok, i got past.
              ok, made it .
    (After Monkey takes down the turret)
    Trip:     ahh help me£¡they are coming! quick! 
              do something! leave me alone!
    (After Monkey kills all the mechs, looks exhausted)
    Trip:     are you ok?
              everytime you kill a mech i can download its schematics.
              figure out what makes it tick.
              it will make life a lot easier for you.
    Monkey:   if you wanna make life..easier for me...
              why dont you go ahead and take this thing off?
    (Next place, inside a building)
    Trip:     if we are going to be travelling together, 
              maybe we should exchange names.
              my name is Tripitaka, but i often get called Trip.
              i mean pretty much always. people call me Trip.
              how about you?
    Monkey:   i dont have a name.
    Trip:     you must. everyone has a name.
    Monkey:   not everyone.
    Trip:     well, what did your parents call you?
    Monkey:   they were killed in a mech attack when i was a kid.
              i grew up in the wilds...alone...
    Trip:     well, what do other people call you then?
    Monkey:   Monkey. In the communities i trade with, 
              some of them called me Monkey.
              If...you want to give me name, you can use that.
    Trip:     ok...Monkey...let's go.
    Monkey:   get down! befor that turret sees us.
    Trip:     scanning.
    Monkey:   i dont think we can get through here.
    Trip:     wait..i am detecting a fuel source.
    Monkey:   a fuel cell?
    Trip:     no, this is from the old days. it's in that container. 
              looks like it's petroleum,
              you know, Monkey, if you could actually get up to that turret, 
              you can take control of it.
    (Monkey climbs to the turret and takes control of it; 
    use it to shoot the mechs coming from everywhere)
    Trip:     shoot the container!
              i'm detecting mechs. lots of them!
              they are coming straight towards me.
              more mechs!
              they are coming from everywhere!
              that mech is broadcasting!
              it's calling for reinforcements! take it out!
              i think that's the last of them.
              let's get out of here.
    Trip:     hey, wait up. i've got an idea.
              i think i can upgrade your equipment.
    (From now on Trip can upgrade Monkey's equipment)
    Trip:     can you help me across?
              let's keep moving.
    (At a courtyard, stands a large glass fish jar with many fish inside)
    Trip:     oh they are beautiful.
    Monkey:   yeah.
              that dont make any sense. they should be dead.
    Trip:     it makes perfect sense.
              the sunlight feeds the plants.
              the plants oxgenate the water.
              the small fish eat the algae.
              the big fish eat the small fish.
              it's a closed eco-system..
              just like my home.
              my father designed similar community 
              to work in exactly the same way.
              so that we'd never have to leave the outer compound walls.
              we grow our own food, condense our own water, 
              create our own energy,
              we have everything.
    Monkey:   except a future.
    Trip:     what do you mean?
    Monkey:   oh i've seen it all before.
              scattered tribes coming together under one visionary leader.
              it's never long before 
              they attract the attention of the slavers, 
              which...obviously has already happened.
    Trip:     it was just one slave ship...it only got a handful of us.
    Monkey:   think more wont follow?
    Trip:     these fish can survive for two hundred years against all the odds.
              so can we.
    (A large mech with two steel balls in hand, 
    attacks them and destroys the fish jar)
    Trip:     his systmens are overloading! he's, he's losing control!
              it's working! do it again!
              he's out of control! use it to your advantages!
              that's it! get it to hit the statue again!
    (After the fight, Trip is crying over the dying fish on the ground)
    Monkey:   hey, Trip, Trip, come on.
              come on, you've gotta scan this thing.
    Trip:     where's the crash site now?
    Monkey:   over there. we are getting closer.
    Trip:     we are gonna have to cross this ravine?
    Monkey:   damn.
              you see that metal tower? maybe we can use it to get cross.
    Trip:     ok, i'll use the dragonfly to find us a route.
              i'll put a marker on your headband display.
              we can get through here but...there are mechs up ahead.
    Monkey:   looks like we dont have any choice.
    Trip:     Monkey help, i am slipping.
              wow...my heart was beating so fast. 
              i thought they were gonna hear it.
              looks like we have to head upwards. you could throw me up there.
              why do the mechs try to kill us?
    Monkey:   it's all they know...we should keep moving, it's not safe.
    Monkey:   hey hey, i just found something.
    Trip:     wow, thats an energy serum. should help your wounds.
    (Monkey catches a mask in the air, then sees some visions
     about a man sitting in an office)
    Monkey:   what the hell?!
    Trip:     are you ok?
    Monkey:   you didnt see him?
    Trip:     Monkey, there's nothing there.
    Monkey:   i must be going crazy.
    Trip:     it could be because your headband. 
              it is effectively wired into your brain. 
              maybe it...causes hallucinations.
    Monkey:   great great, this just gets better and better.
    Trip:     i'm sorry!
    Trip:     this way.
    Monkey:   we might have a problem. one of those mechs has a shield.
    Trip:     wait here. i'll do a scan.
              that's our way out. i'll mark it.
              there's something different about that mech on the left.
              i think its gun arm might be detachable.
    Monkey:   ok, i'll see if i can rip it off.
    Trip:     they've activated!
              get to the one on the left! use its gun!
              now! rip it off!
              you did it! ok, now get to the ladder and knock it down!
    Monkey:   you know what? you did good. spotting that gun arm.
    Trip:     thanks.
    Monkey:   i dont think i can get you across this.
    Trip:     oh wait, i can get through here.
    Monkey:   ok, i'll find another way around.
    Trip:     there's a security door here. give me a minute...
    Trip:     ok, lets go.
    Trip:     we are nearly at the metal tower.
    Trip:     wow, there's a lotta mechs out there. wait. 
              i'll do a scan with the dragonfly.
              it looks like we need to get to that door.
              the bad news is that turret is covering it.
              ok, that mech has the same kind of detachable gun arm.
              multiple mechs, but they are inactive.
              i'll wait here until it's safe.
    Trip:     i can drop the ladder if you get me upthere.
              i can't get past.
    Monkey:   wait here. i'm going to find a way to get rid of it.
    Trip:     Monkey are you ok?
    Monkey:   i'm fine. just wait there! i'm coming.
    Trip:     ok, now we just need to secure the turret.
    (After monkey takes down the turret)
    Monkey:   we're good.
    Trip:     ok, i'm coming
              keep a look out while i bypass the lock.
              oh shit! shit! i tripped the alarm!
              keep them back while i get this open!
    (Mechs coming our from everywhere, and Monkey shoots 
     them all while Trip tries to open the door)
              i just need a few more seconds!
    Monkey:   damn, it's harder than i thought.
    Trip:     oh god help me out there!
              come on come on, i'm nearly there
    Monkey:   hurry on!
    Trip:     uhh got it! got it. let's go!
    (Monkey catches another mask, seeing a family once were here)
    Trip:     i'm going to die here, arent i? just like everyone else did?
    Monkey:   i aint gonna let that happen.
    Trip:     the metal tower! we are nearly there!
              there's mechs down there.
    Monkey:   i'll deal with them. lets just make our way down.
    (After all mechs are down, another big mech with 
    two steel balls comes through the wall)
    Trip:     Monkey, look out!
    Monkey:   whoa shit!
    Trip:     shoot its head!
              it's worked! this wont last, hurry!
    (After Monkey finishes the mech with handsome moves)
    Trip:     i think we can get back out on the street from here.
              come on Monkey, lets go.
    (Monkey asks Trip to hide in a trashbox.)
    Monkey:   i need to find another way of getting you across.
              wait here.
    Trip:     you are leaving me alone here?!
              how do i know you are coming back?!
    Monkey:   you die i die, right?
    Trip:     right.
    Monkey:   so? so i am coming back.
    Trip:     this is scary. i dont like this.
    Monkey:   you'll be fine. just let me concentrate on climbing.
    (Catching the 3rd mask)
    Monkey:   oh, great.
    Trip:     money, what just happened?
    Monkey:   it's just, uhh, another one of those headband glitches.
    Monkey:   ok, i'm at the top of the building. i am nearly at the metal tower.
    (On the tower)
    Monkey:   i think i can knock this metal down to make a bridge.
    (Monkey drops the metal pipes to make a bridge over the ravine, 
    stands on the tower, looks down, and sees Trip crawling on the ground)
    Monkey:   i thought i'd told you to stay put.
              hey Trip! can you hear me!
    Trip:     Monkey help!
    Monkey:   what's going on?
    Trip:     it came out of nowhere, i...
              i was just looking around and...
    Monkey:   whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
              just calm down and tell me exactly what...
              dont bother i just saw.
              it's a dog. cant fight it..just, just keep still..
              dont move and whatever you do, dont make a sound.
    Trip:     Monkey help...
    Monkey:   ok, i'm coming to get ya.
              hey hey HEY!
    (The dog sees Monkey but falls to the ravine when 
    it walks on the metal pipes bridge)
    Monkey:   hey Trip! use the stuff i dropped to get across!
              that thing wont stay down for long.
    Trip:     ok.
    Trip:     Monkey Monkey help! it's climbing up!
    Monkey:   Hang in there! i'm on my way!
    Trip:     oh Monkey!
    Monkey:   Trip!
    Trip:     oh Monkey! it was horrible!
    Monkey:   quiet! come on!
    Trip:     oh it was so terrible! i could feel it breathing!
    Monkey:   come on! come on!
    Trip:     Monkey it's right there! it's coming!
    Monkey:   shut up! come on!
    (The dog is chasing them)
    Trip:     oh Monkey, it's getting close! oh Monkey, it's getting close!
    Monkey:   it's ok!
    Trip:     ah Monkey run!
    Monkey:   c'mon!
    Trip:     faster! faster!
    Monkey:   c'mon!
              shit! ahh, it's still coming!
    (They go into a hall)
    Monkey:   watch out! get up, Trip, get up! c'mon get up!
    Trip:     throw me up there! quick!
              it's in! it's in! Monkey! quick get up here!
    Monkey:   Trip! Trip! where are you?
    Trip:     i'm ok. keep climbing.
    Monkey:   ok i'm coming!
    Trip:     Monkey i found a way out.
              watch out Monkey!
    (Enter a broadway theater)
    Trip:     Monkey that's a powel cell!
    Monkey:   Nahhh...
    Trip:     i gotta gut up there.
    Monkey:   look, that mech is still outside!
              come on, let's keep moving.
    Trip:     Monkey that IS a power cell!!!
              it's too valuable to leave behind. please, 
              find a way to help me get up there.
    Monkey:   ok, let's do this quick.
    Trip:     let me do a scan.
              there's the control room.
              we should be able to climb up the rubble.
              you'll need to clear the mechs before we can climb.
              detecting a fault in that mech!
              i'll wait here for you.
    (After Monkey takes down all the mechs)
    Trip:     right, let's get up to that power cell.
              we need to climb up this way .
              throw me up here.
              yes! yes, there is a power cell in here, i just...
              i just gotta find a way to disconnect it.
    (Another mask floating in the distance)
    Monkey:   another of those glitches...
    Trip:     what did you say, Monkey?
    Monkey:   uh...nothing...
              i'm going to go check something out.
    Trip:     ok, ok, i think i can do this.
              the powel cell is protected by an electronic lock.
              i'll actually need to switch on the whole system
              in order to bypass it.
              it should only take a couple of minutes.
    Monkey:   let's hope we have a couple of minutes.
    (After catching the mask, the Dog comes in)
    Monkey:   shit.
    Trip:     Monkey where are you?
    Monkey:   shut-the-hell-up.
    Trip:     i think one of them is inside.
              oh god. what do i do. what do i do.
    (A flash of light focuses on Moneky)
    Monkey:   Trip, turn it off. turn it off!
    (Some electronic actors showing on the stage and playing, 
    the Dog rushes to them, and Monkey climbs to upper floor)
    Trip:     Monkey, i have an idea.
              there's a scaffold up there.
              i can drop it on the dog and trap it.
              damn! it's not working.
              the mechanism is stuck.
              Monkey, you've got to get up there and unjam it!
    Monkey:   how the hell do i do that?
    Trip:     if you line up the lighting rigs you should be able to climb it,
              wait. i am gonna do a scan.
    Monkey:   ok.
    Trip:     see those switches? they control the lighting rigs.
              there's three of them and if you line them up with the scaffold, 
              you should be able to get across.
    (Turns on one switch)
    Trip:     that's it, but the third set of lights are still down.
              you need to get all three lined up.
    Monkey:   why is this stupid light following me around?
    Trip:     i dont know! it's part of this...entertainment program.
    (Turns on the second switch)
    Trip:     can you get to the switch now?
    (Turns on the third switch)
    Trip:     you're nearly there.
              they are all lined up! you can climb up to the scaffold now.
    (Above the scaffold, Monkey grabs the statue)
    Monkey:   whoa! wait!
              slow down!
    (Statue falls on the scaffold, scaffold falls on the dog and traps it)
    Trip:     at least we got the power cell.
              let's get out of here before that thing breaks free.
    Monkey:   hey wait. wait. we can scan it!
    Trip:     are you crazy? SCAN the dog? it's not even dead!
    Monkey:   trust me.
    (After scans the Dog on the second floor)
    Trip:     okey!
              let's go.
    Monkey:   yeah.
    (Above the sea, they are on some bridge)
    Monkey:   there. the crash site.
              we're almost there.
              we have to get across the bridge first.
    Trip:     lets go.
    Monkey:   ok. i know how we're gonna get across.
              my cloud works here.
    Trip:     what's that?
    Monkey:   it's a cloud.
    Trip:     it doesnt look like a cloud.
    (A eletric cloud forms in front of Monkey's feet, floating in the air)
    Trip:     well, maybe, a little like a cloud.
    Monkey:   i'll be right back.
    Trip:     how does it work?
    Monkey:   dunno. all i know is it works some places and not in others.
    Trip:     it must be able to resonate with static EM fields 
              of high enough concentration.
    Monkey:   as i say, works some places, and not in others.
    Trip:     yeah. so can i get on it?
    Monkey:   sorry, only room for one! 
    Trip:     Monkey i've got an idea.
              you can use that crate.
    Monkey:   can you make that jump?
    Trip:     yeah i think so.
    Monkey:   Ok get out of the way.
    Trip:     ok ok.
    (In front of an electronic door)
    Monkey:   what is all this stuff?
    Trip:     just some ancient redundant technology.
    Monkey:   let's keep going.
    Trip:     right.
    (Uder the bridge)
    Monkey:   ok, we are going to climb up there.
    Trip:     i'll need your help.
              find another way around. i'll meet you over there.
    (Some walls collapse)
    Trip:     whoa, what was that? Monkey, are you there?
    Monkey:   yeah, but watch out, this birdge isnt too safe.
              watch what you grab onto.
    Trip:     ahh, Monkey, i really dont like this.
    Monkey:   we have to keep going.
              there's no way back down there.
    Trip:     come on, throw me up there.
    Monkey:   stop shouting.
              it's not helping. you need to stay calm ok?
    Trip:     alright. i'm just...i'm scared.
              ahh! Monkey, where are you?
    Monkey:   look, we're nearly there. ok? just keep it together
    Trip:     this place is falling apart! get me out of here..
              ahh, Monkey, carry me please.
              ahh ahh! oh god. that was horrible.
              well i hope the rest of this thing holds together.
    (Begin to cross on the bridge)
    Trip:     how are we going to get across there.
              oh no we've got company. let me scan.
              that mech...it has a flaw. if you can damage its inner core, 
              it'll self-destruct.
    Monkey:   oh shit.
    (After the fight)
    Monkey:   let's go.
    Trip:     throw me across.
    (Mechs shooting)
    Monkey:   get to cover!
    (After the fight)
    Trip:     come on Monkey, let's go.
    (A Dog shows up in the distant back)
    Trip:     what was that?
    Monkey:   damn! another dog, we'd better move.
    Trip:     i'll meet you on the other side.
    Trip:     Monkey, i 'm over here!
              we'll have to meet up further down the bridge.
              careful Monkey, it's a long way down.
              wait let me scan the road ahead.
              mechs up ahead! i can't get past!
              oh damn! a turret! Monkey, the turret! take it out first.
    (After Monkey takes out the turret and uses it to defeat all mechs)
    Trip:     great Monkey! let's get outta here.
    (Catching another floating mask)
    Trip:     are you ok?
    Monkey:   yeah, just another glitch.
              let's just keep moving.
    Trip:     the crash site! we're nealy there!
              there's turrets all over the place. we're going to 
              have a hard time getting past.
              wait, that vehicle...maybe we can get it going.
    Monkey:   oh yeah? how? there's no way.
    Trip:     we have a powel cell remember?
    Monkey:   there's no cover up ahead!
    Trip:     ok, get the hatch open.
    Monkey:   ok.
    (Trip in the car, Monkey waiting outside)
    Trip:     ok! i am engaging the powel cell.
              let me...let me try to...
              damn! the circuits are all burnt out!
              ok ok. i'll just see if i can...
              oh yes! the drive system still works!
              ok, Monkey, get in.
    Monkey:   hey hey hey...HEY! i'm not in yet!
    Trip:     sorry...oh...god.
              uhhh...i cant...i cant work how to...how to control the...
    Monkey:   slow down!
              not so fast! whoa!
    Trip:     get over to the right! the right!
              ok ok, i got it to stop! i got it to stop! get in.
    Trip:     Monkey help me!
              grab hold! this is gonna get rough! 
    Monkey:   alright, i'm on, ahhh...
    Monkey:   holy shit!
    (The car rushes to the end of the bridge, wrecked)
    Monkey:   damn it! trying to keep you safe is hard enough,
              but if you're gonna go out of your way to kill us both...
    Trip:     Monkey! calm down! look where we are!
              the crash site!
              THIS is where the slave ship crashed!
              we made it! haha we made it!
    (But the Dog has arrived)
    Monkey:   get back inside.
    Trip:     Monkey, we...
    Monkey:   quickly.
              good job you scanned it.
              gonna have to fight it.
    (While fighting the Dog)
    Monkey:   Trip help me out here. what do i do?
    Trip:     ok, i'm accessing its schematics...
              stun it and get in close.
    (First time the Dog is down)
    Trip:     get it Monkey get it!
    (Second time the Dog is down)
    Trip:     it's nearly dead! finish it!
    Trip:     that... was...INCREDIBLE!
              has anyone ever killd one of these before?!
    Monkey:   none that i know of.
    Trip:     you did it!
    Monkey:   yeah.
              Truth is...
              we did it.
    (At night, on the road, Monkey rides on the motorbike with Trip, sees 
    a mask floating above the road, catches it, sees another illusion about
     a family in front an Egyption pyramid. 
    Trip points at a building near the road)
    Trip:     head over there.
    (Both sitting around the fire, at night)
    Trip:     at this rate, we'll reach my community by mid-day.
              what will you ...do when we get there?
              after i take the headband off.
              apart from break my neck i mean.
    Monkey:   go back i guess.
    Trip:     go back where?
    Monkey:   wherever.
              depends where i can find food and fuel.
              i..i usually keep moving.
    Trip:     you...you could p...probably stay...if you wanted?
              i'm just saying...
              when my father hears about all you've done for me,
              i know he'll offer you a home.
              if that's what you want.
    (Near the village)
    Trip:     i cant believe we actually made it.
              stop here, stop here, stop here, this is it.
              we cant go any further on the bike, 
              it'll trigger the defense system.
              my father can be a little weird about strangers so just...
              so just let me do all the talking when we get there ok?
    Monkey:   ok.
    Trip:     oh that's strange.
    Monkey:   what?
    Trip:     why have the security gates been activated?
    Monkey:   so how do we get in?
    Trip:     let's keep going to the lookout post.
              we just need to find a radio and they'll let us in.
              follow me Monkey.
              weird...mark isnt here.
              he should be operating the bridge.
              hello? Mark? MARK!! anyone?
              Monkey, the bridge controls are up there.
    Monkey:   ok, i'll find a way around.
    (Lowering the bridge)
    Trip:     ok, let's keep going.
              it feels so good to be home. 
              i cant wait to see my father again.
    Monkey:   pretty elaborate defense system you got here.
              why not just have turrets and guns?
    Trip:     it's all Mark's design.
              he just has a thing about raising and lowering bridges.
              so we let him get on with it.
              we gotta get up there.
    (After going through the bridge)
    Trip:     that's odd...there's no one here either.
              oh well, throw me up there.
    (Trip lowers the bridge, Monkey jumps onto it, bridge falls down with Monkey)
    Trip:     Monkey!
              hey, are you ok?
    Monkey:   yeah, i'm fine. what the hell was that?
    Trip:     i dont know! that should never happen.
              it must have been damaged somehow.
    (Next bridges trap, under the watchtower)
    Trip:     there's the watchtower!
    Monkey:   more bridges? are these really necessary?
    Trip:     bring it up with Mark when you see him.
              he says that they're a perfect way to keep the mechs away,
              because it takes human intelligence to figure them out.
              but we think he just likes bridges.
    (More complicated bridges trap)
    Trip:     bridge goes up, bridge goes down...
              Mark finds that kind of thing hypnotic.
    Monkey:   Trip?
    Trip:     yes?
    Monkey:   that's enough about Mark...and bridges...
    Trip:     there'll be some one in the watchtower.
              there's always someone posted, whatever's going on.
    (In the watchtower, no one there but a mess, and blood) 
    Trip:     impossible! the posts are always manned.
              come in, this is post nine, come in base, are you reading me? over.
              base come in!
              what's going on? what's going on?
    Monkey:   Trip.
    Trip:     No! no no...
    Monkey:   Trip. Trip!
    (Trip climbs to the top and uses ropes to slide down to the village)
    Monkey:   wait. wait.
              slavers...i knew it. these are Pyramid mechs.
              i've got to get to the other watch tower!
    Trip:     oh my god.
    Monkey:   i gotta find her before she gets hurt
    (After 3 or 4 waves of mechs down)
    Monkey:   Trip? Trip? i cant hear you!
              the watch tower!
              shit! more Pyramid mechs!
    Trip:     no no no...
    Monkey:   i'm coming Trip.
              god damn it! the place is crawling with them.
    Trip:     is every one dead?
    Monkey:   Trip!
    (After 3 or 4 waves of mechs down, on the top of the other watchtower, 
    Monkey use the ropes to slide down to the village)
    Monkey:   ok, ok, Trip, i'm nearly there!
    (All the people are burned to ashes in village)
    Monkey:   holy shit.
    Trip:     they are all dead.
    Monkey:   Trip can you hear me?
              Trip! Trip, wait!
    Trip:     oh god, oh, god no no.
    Monkey:   stay where you are, Trip!
    Trip:     my father, my father, i have to find him!
              some one must be alive!
    Monkey:   Trip, you have to slow down!
              Trip listen, you have to snap out of this.
              can't you hear me?
    Trip:     why would they do this? why would they do this?
    Monkey:   shit they must have barricaded the gate!
              gotta clear it somehow.
              yeah yeah i can hit the barricade from up here.
    Trip:     no no i can't...i can't find anyone.
    Monkey:   Trip!
    Trip:     is there anyone left?
    Monkey:   Trip, cant you hear me? just just stay where you are!
              everything's gonna be ok, Trip? do you hear me?
              just stay exactly where you are! i'm coming to get you!
              Trip listen, you have to snap out of this.
    Trip:     is there anyone left?
              hello? hello?!
    Monkey:   Trip!
    Trip:     it must have been Pyramid!
    (At the square in the center of the village)
    Trip:     Dad, dad!
    Monkey:   Trip, wherever you are, just keep your head down, i'm coming.
              ah damn they're everywhere.
    (Mechs come from everywhere)
    (A new mech is here)
    Monkey:   what the hell is that?
              you son of a bitch!
    (After all mechs are down)
    Monkey:   Trip, ok Trip, i'm coming.
    (Trip sits there, Monkey walks to her)
    Trip:     this was my home..the slavers came back, destroyed everything.
              just like you said.
    Monkey:   is there somewhere survivors could have retreated to?
    Trip:     there's not gonna be any survivors!
    Monkey:   we dont know that.
    Trip:     the war room, maybe.
    Monkey:   ok, ok, show me.
    (In front of the war room)
    Trip:     the security door is still intact! dad. you're right! 
              there must be survivors.
              the door can be only be locked from the inside!
    Monkey:   ok, so how do we get it open?
    Trip:     come on, follow me.
    Monkey:   hey, hey, hey! where ya going?
    Trip:     if we remove the restrictors on the wind turbines 
              it will create power surge.
              The electronic locks in the main hall will overload, 
              shut down and be forced to reboot.
              while they are rebooting, i'll override them.
    Monkey:   yeah, but will that work?
    Trip:     yes, follow me.
              i need to get the power up to about fifteen hundred kilowatts.
              i hope the generators werent damaged in the attack.
              yes yes they are ok. this is gonna work.
    (Next place, a long bridge goes to the windmill, they are outside the gate)
    Trip:     the big windmill, that's where we are going.
              the gates are protected by an electric current.
              you'll fry if you touch them.
              we need to find another way.
              we could pass the bridge underneath.
              it looks like the walkway has been raised.
              there's a lever for controlling it there.
              you can reach it by...climbing around.
    Trip:     good job, now use the level and lower the walkway.
              i dont understand, why do the slavers do this, Monkey?
              what do Pyramid want?
    Monkey:   right now, let's just...focus on getting you to your father.
    Trip:     ok, let's go.
              throw me up to that window, i can make it to the top from there.
              you'll need to make your own way up.
    (Trip crying...)
    Monkey:   just hold it together, Trip, we're gonna do this.
    Trip:     thanks Monkey.
    (They are inside the gate)
    Monkey:   damn more mechs! well at least they cant get through the gate.
    Trip:     they will be able to get through once we short the power.
    Monkey:   ok, just leave them to me.
    (At the bottom of the windmill)
    Trip:     we need to open the sails and get it moving. Fast.
              i'll use the dragonfly to show you what we need to do.
              you should be able to climb up the back.
              you'll have to pull down each sail to get it turning.
              let's go.
              i'll stay here and control the brakes.
    (After pulling down one sail)
    Trip:     good, but we need more power.
              can you open the other sails?
              you cant access the other sails from the top.
              you should be able to reach the others from that building.
              i can stop the sails so you can jump on. just tell me when.
    (After Monkey pulling down the second sail)
    Trip:     we'll need to do the last one too.
    (After Monkey pulling down the third sail)
    Trip:     ok, we are all set.
              be careful on your way down, Monkey.
              ok, i'm going to trigger the power surge.
              get back to the gate, ready for when those mechs come through.
    Monkey:   ok, i'm all set.
    Trip:     Monkey, here comes the power surge!
              you ready?
    Monkey:   oh yeah, do it!
    (Mechs break through the gate, and Monkey beats them all)
    Monkey:   ok, all clear, let's move!
    Trip:     we need to get back to the war room door.
              i should be able to get it open when the system reboots.
              i hope this works.
    Monkey:   it will.
    Trip:     the system's powering down.
    Monkey:   shit, a dog! where did that come from?
              you go ahead, i'll deal with it.
    (After Monkey kills the dog)
    Trip:     let's go.
    Monkey:   on my way.
    (In fron of the war room, the door is finally opened)
    Monkey:   has it worked?
    Trip:     yes.
    Trip:     dad!
    (Trip's dad is sitting on the chair, dead, and the recorder is playing)
    Dad:      my daughter, my beautiful daughter,
              i know how resourceful you are, 
              i know there's a chance you will come back.
              somehow escape the slavers and make your way home.
              in case that day comes, i'm recording this message for you.
              Just to say this: it's a blessing for me at this moment, 
              to know you're alive.
              i love you, Trip.
    (Monkey stops the recorder, and comes near Trip to comfort her, 
     but Trip if full of revenge)
    Trip:     i said, get me home, and i'll set you free, i guess i lied.
              the slavers come from the west, so that's where we are going.
              i wanna find out who did this.
              and then i'm going to kill him.
    (On the road, both on the motorbike)
    Trip:     Monkey...you havent said anything to me...
    Monkey:   about what?
    Trip:     about how i broke our deal to let you go.
    Monkey:   what do you expect me to say?
              you get home...you find your whole life wiped out.
              you wanna hit back.
              i get it.
    Trip:     everything is simple to you isnt it?
    Monkey:   it just is what it is.
    (At a waste factory, piled with waste machines, 
    and the water is poisonous green, grass yellow)
    Monkey:   what is this place?
    Trip:     it was a factory.
              back in the war, they built mechs here. huge ones. 
    Monkey:   and what are we doing here?
    Trip:     looking for someone.
    Monkey:   who?
    Trip:     an old friend of my father.
              this is where he lives.
              i think he might be able to help us.
              if he's still alive.
              this way.
    (In the water stands a billboard, 
    saying "no mechs no slavers beyond this point. 
    beware of the Dog." But "Dog" is changed into "Hog" by a red pen)
    Trip:     you've got to watch out for the water here.
              it's poisonous, from mech fuel.
    Monkey:   so, this friend of your father's...how is he going to help us?
    Trip:     to find Pyramid, 
              we're going to need to follow one of the slave ships.
              and i think there's only one way to do that.
    Monkey:   he has a flying vessel?
    Trip:     yes, it's how he would transport salvage to us.
              i just have to persuade him to let us ues it.
    Monkey:   and how are you gonna do that?
    Trip:     i havent figured that part out yet.
    Monkey:   mechs. wait here.
    Trip:     i'll scan.
              one of them, no wait, there's two.
    Monkey:   there's no way forwards from here.
    Trip:     there is.
              we're actually on a path he made for 
              people to visit him at the factory.
              i've been here a couple of times.
              flip that switch up there.
              if i remember right, 
              there should be a boat around here somewhere.
              we can use the boat to get through the tunnels.
              that's where i think we'll find him.
              i think it's through here.
    Monkey:   Hey..what's with all the... pig stuff? (Pig face is 
              seen everywhere on the walls and mechs)
    Trip:     i think that'll make sense when you meet him.
    Monkey:   and the music? how will that make sense? 
              (Also a weird music is played all time)
    Trip:     now that, i cant tell you.
    Trip:     yes, the boat is here.
              we've just got one problem.
              how do we get to it?
              let me scan.
              see if you can lower that section of machinery...
              now do the other side.
    Trip:     good, now help me across.
    Monkey:   you ok?
    Trip:     yeah, let's get to the boat.
    Trip:     let's go before more mechs turn up.
              i'll drive, you man the gun.
              the gun has a light attachment.
    Monkey:   got it.
    (Now they are going on the boat into the cave)
    Monkey:   more music and pigs....
              this friend of your father's seems a bit weird.
    Trip:     he's been living alone out in the wilds for most of his life.
              that usually makes people pretty weird and eccentric.
    Monkey:   you mean like me?
    Trip:     as well as being resourceful and strong individuals...
    Monkey:   sure.
    Monkey:   i dont like this...something doesnt feel right.
    Trip:     we've got more mechs in here...get ready on that gun.
              mechs on the right! on the right!
              mechs coming in on the left!
              that's it! that's it! keep it up!
              up there! up there!
    Monkey:   what the hell's happened?
    Trip:     the engine's cut out.
    Monkey:   well fix it!
    Trip:     i'm trying!
    Trip:     more up ahead!
    Monkey:   Trip, hurry up!
    Trip:     i got it!
    Monkey:   go go go!
    Trip:     they're everywhere!
    (To open the door ahead)
    Trip:     now, get to the controls at the other end.
    Trip:     nice work.
              now get back on the gun. we might need it.
    Trip:     this is an anti-mech device.
              the scanner wont activate if organic matter passes through.
              it only reacts to mechs.
    (But the alarm is still trigered when they try to get through)
    Computer: Mech! Mech! Mech!
    Monkey:   a mech? i'm not a mech!
    Trip:     shit the defenses have activated!
    Monkey:   it's that god damn headband!
    Monkey:   ok i'm going to go on the cloud. wait here with the boat.
    Trip:     be careful Monkey. destroy that turret, there's the other one.
    Trip:     one down, one to go.
    Trip:     come back to the boat.
    (Passing the PIG'S LAND)
    Monkey:   so...how are we actually going to find this guy?
    Trip:     i dont know...i'm sort of hoping he'll find us.
    Monkey:   well, after the amount of noise we've made, 
              i'm pretty sure he knows we're here.
    (A pile of junks are in the way)
    Monkey:   ok, hold on, i'll just get this junk outta the way.
    (Monkey catches another mask while cleaning the junks)
    Trip:     you've seen another one of those things havent you?
              they're getting worse...they must be driving you crazy.
    Monkey:   you know, i thought i was going crazy, but...
              not anymore!
              you were right...it's the headband.
              it's turning me into something else.
    (A Dog shows up and takes Trip away, Monkey chases them on the cloud)
    Monkey:   oh shit.
    Trip:     help!
              Monkey help!
    Monkey:   dont worry...i'm gonna bring it down.
    Trip:     hurry Monkey do it now!
              it's nearly on me! hurry!
    (After bringing down the Dog)
    Monkey:   hey, Trip, are you ok?
    Trip:     yeah i'm fine.
    Pigsy:    freeze.
              good, now, when i give you the say so, 
              you're gonna turn, very slow.
              any tricks and i'm gonna light you up! now, turn.
    Pigsy:    Trip, is that you?
    Trip:     oh, pigsy, pigsy!
    Pigsy:    are you here alone? with err...
              where's your father?
    (Trip's head's down, so Pigsy knows, and becomes sad)
    (At Pigsy's home)
    Trip:     we're gonna follow the slave ship west, 
              find out who's behind all this.
    Pigsy:    and then what?
    Trip:     then, i'm gonna kill him.
              it'll be dangerous...maybe even suicide, but...
    Pigsy:    save your breath, Trip, i'm in.
    Trip:     you'll help us?
    Pigsy:    you're in trouble, i'm there.
              and anyway, what's all this talk about suicide?
              taking on the slavers is no different from any other fight.
              it's all a question of having the right weaponry.
    Monkey:   yeah. (completely ignored by the other two)
    Pigsy:    that ship that nearly grabbed you...
              it's been coming here to the crater area 
              EVERY day for the past six months.
              i i couldnt figured out why.
              so i started to keep track of what they were taking.
              oh yeah, and piece by piece, i started to put it together.
    Monkey:   (interrupting) you said weaponary, what weaponary?
    Pigsy:    the leviathan...at least that's what i call it.
              this thing i think they're making...a mega mech!
              the biggest ever created!
              with that kind of weaponary, you could take on anyone you wanted.
    Trip:     so we wait for the salvagers to come back tomorrow, 
              and follow them in your flying ship?
    Pigsy:    exactly!
              but before we can fly, i'm gonna need some spare parts.
              luckily, i know precisely where they are.
    (Next scene)
    Pigsy:    we're looking for a distributor, a heat sink, 
              a supercharger, and a power cell.
              so this is where we'll find the distributor.
              you'd better stay here, Trip,
              it's a bit of a tricky climb, man's work.
              you up to it?
              come on, it's this way.
              it's all the way upthere.
              hey, so how about we make this more interesting.
              Mmm, you want to race to the top?
    (In front of a high Titan mech)
    Pigsy:    you ready? three two one, go!
    Monkey:   hey! hey, that's cheating!
    Pigsy:    see you at the top!
              careful now, you're gonna love the next bit.
              is that all you got, big boy?
    Monkey:   big boy? ok...
    Pigsy:    oh, watch that bit there! oh sorry about that.
    Monkey:   hey you've done this before, obviously.
    Pigsy:    ha ha ha.
    Monkey:   is this how you spend your time?
    Pigsy:    hahaha.
              wooooooo...(Swings in front of Monkey)
    Monkey:   hey, dow'd you do that?
    Pigsy:    it's for me to know and you to find out.
              you'll have to do better than that!
    Monkey:   oh, i cant believe i'm doing this.
    Pigsy:    glad you're enjoying yourself down there!
    Monkey:   oh!
    Pigsy:    you having fun?
              ahhh, hahaha.
    Monkey:   hey!
              ahh come on come on.
    Pigsy:    hahaha.
    Monkey:   hey i thought you wanted a race?
    Pigsy:    haha.
    Monkey:   woah! pretty, pretty fast for a pig.
    Pigsy:    hahaha.
    (If Monkey wins the match)
    Pigsy:    you won! how did you do that?
    Monkey:   you know just for a second, i thought you had me.
    Pigsy:    i only lost on account of my bad arm.
    Monkey:   oh, right.
    Pigsy:    if it hadnt been for that...i'd have left you for dust.
    Monkey:   aha.
    (If Monkey loses the match)
    Pigsy:    you need to work on your climbing skills, my friend,
    Pigsy:    i just need to stop a moment,to catch my breath.
              so, we havent been properly introduced!
    Monkey:   now, pigsy, how did you, pick up a name like that?
    Pigsy:    havent a clue...how about you, what's your name?
    Monkey:   Monkey.
    Pigsy:    Monkey? (Smells in the air)
              ahhh Monkey, yeah, i guess thta's kind of obvious.
    Pigsy:    i'll use my grapple to get us both down.
    Monkey:   great.
    Trip:     well done, boys.
              who won the race?
    Pigsy:    i did.
    (If Monkey wins the race)
    Monkey:   no you didnt.
    Pigsy:    sure, Trip, i won.
    Pigsy:    this way to the supercharger.
              follow me.
    Pigsy:    ok, on the other side of this door is the actual mech factory.
              that's where we'll find the supercharger and the heat sink.
              i'll get this open.
    Pigsy:    here's the plan, there's a supercharger on that platform.
              but there's a problem, 
              there's some very strong mech signatures up there.
              to reach it, all we need to do is raise these two walkways.
              if you raise the walkways, i can hang back with this baby.
              when the mechs come out, 
              i'll start dropping them while you go hand-to-hand.
    Monkey:   let's do it.
    Trip:     ok, let's get the first walkway up.
    Trip:     ok, Monkey, turn it on.
              it's too far to jump, throw me across.
              let's do the second walkway.
    Pigsy:    watch out! as soon as it's raised, 
              those mechs will be coming out.
              you ready Monkey?
    Monkey:   oh i'm ready.
    Pigsy:    can you see a way up there?
    Trip:     yeah, over here.
              Monkey, get up here.
              help me across.
    Trip:     ok, we've got the supercharger.
              let's get back to Pigsy and see what's next.
    Monkey:   i hope this "Pigsy" character knows what he's doing.
    Trip:     he's never let me down before.
    Trip:     could you get down there and lower this for me?
    Monkey:   yeah, sure.
    Monkey:   how do we get out of here?
    Pigsy:    we can get through here, 
              but we'll have to blast through this wall.
              i'll throw an explosive charge, 
              but you'll have to shoot it to detonate it.
              you can do that, cant you?
              there, all yours.
    Trip:     wow, nice shot, Monkey,
    Monkey:   well thank you very much.
    Pigsy:    yeah...it was ok.
    Pigsy:    this next part of the factory we're going to is really cool.
              there are sections of machinery that are still functioning.
              i'd love to have seen this place in its prime.
              over here.
              there's a path up there that should get us through.
              can you get Trip up here?
    Monkey:   yeah.
              what about me?
    Trip:     just wait there a second.
              you should be able to get across now.
    Monkey:   ah sh.., i'm stuck, there's machinery in the way.
    Trip:     let me see what i can do.
              there's still power. i should be able to start the machinery up.
    Monkey:   ok, then do it.
    Trip:     i'm stuck here. there's no way across.
              can we lower that walkway?
    Pigsy:    i'll trow a bomb. you see if you can shoot it Monkey.
    Monkey:   Trip, you think you can make that jump?
    Trip:     this one's easy.
              there's a console over there, i'm gonna check it out.
              yes, this controls the hydraulics. let me get them working.
              done! can you jump across?
              i can turn these for you. just tell me when.
    Pigsy:    let's keep moving. we're almost there...
              we need to get through here.
              this is the main hanger where they constructed titans.
    Monkey:   are you telling me we're gonna find a titan through here?
    Pigsy:    actually, there is one. but luckily for us, 
              they never fully assembled it.
    Pigsy:    now all the way up there is a heat sink and we need it.
    Trip:     how do we get up there?
    Pigsy:    it's a bit tricky.
              i've used these cranes before to shift heavy salvage.
              i think you should use them to get across.
    Trip:     ok, i see the heat sink, Monkey, 
              if you can get me up there, i can release it.
              looks like we've got company, too.
              Monkey, pigsy, can you take care of those mechs?
    Monkey:   no problem.
    Pigsy:    i'll find a vantage point to cover you.
              give me a moment to get in position.
              ok, i'm in position.
              whenever you're ready, Monkey.
    Trip:     good job,i'm on my way.
              you can throw me up there. 
              let's try to get these cranes working.
              i think you can get to the crane from that platform.
    Pigsy:    here come more mechs! i've got your backs.
    Monkey:   a turret!
    Pigsy:    i cant get a line on it.
    Monkey:   i'll deal with it.
    Monkey:   ok, all done.
    Trip:     ok, i'm ready, i can move the cranes from here, just say when.
              we cant reach the heat sink from this side, 
              we'll need to get to the other crane.
              there's the switch that controls the other crane, 
              can you get over there?
              Monkey, figure out a way to get me over there.
              you'll have to shift that junk out of the way.
    Monkey:   ok Trip, get on.
    Trip:     hit it again.
              ah damn i cant reach it.
              you're going to have to get over here and throw me up.
    Monkey:   ok, i'll find a way to get to you.
              i can see a route to you, if i can just get over there.
    Trip:     i think i can hear some mechs coming.
    Monkey:   hang on, i'm on my way.
    Trip:     Monkey help!
    Pigsy:    Monkey, there's too many! get up there!
    Trip:     Monkey, hurry!
    Monkey:   hang in there!
    Trip:     that was close...now let's get this thing
              and get the hell outta here.
              got it.
              great, let's get back to the boat.
    Pigsy:    hey hey Monkey Monkey...
              are you errm... are you and Trip, you know?
    Monkey:   are me and Trip what?
    Pigsy:    you know...are you together?
    Monkey:   Trip enslaved me and if i dont do what she says,
              she causes me a lot of pain.
              and if i still dont do what she says, she kills me.
    Pigsy:    alright! it's just...i always sort of...
              fancied my dreams myself with Trip, you know?
              but if there's something already between you, i respect that.
              i'm not the kind of guy to go muscling in.
    Monkey:   pigsy? she can hear every word we say.
              but if you wanna take your chances, go ahead.
    Pigsy:    ok.
    Pigsy:    hey Trip.
              hey you grew up so fast.
              you're a woman already and err.
              maybe i was thinking you might need a man you know.
    Monkey:   so, how'd it work out for ya?
    Pigsy:    let's go, got more stuff to get.
    Pigsy:    ok, one more thing left to get, a powel cell 
              and this is where we find it.
              now this place is swarming with mechs.
              i'll cover you guys from up here.
              there they are! take cover!
              got one!
              that's two.
              three frags! i'm doing better than you Monkey.
              another one down.
              boom! headshot!
              there's FIVE! oh man i'm on FIRE!
              how many you got Monkey? KA-BA BOOM! 
              did you see that Trip? did you see that?
    Monkey:   pigsy, if you dont shut up, i'm switching sides.
    Pigsy:    that's the last of them, let's go.
              more mechs. dont worry, i'll pigsi-fy'em!
    Monkey:   what the hell is he talking about?
    Pigsy:    how did i get this good?
    Monkey:   this aint a competition.
    Pigsy:    spoken like a total loser. Right, Trip?
    Pigsy:    hey Trip, i shot way more than Monkey, you know, just FYI.
              i'll meet you guys on the other side.
    (Entering a room, door is shut, pitch black, they can't see)
    Monkey:   hey hey hey what did you do?
    Trip:     the power must have shorted.
    Monkey:   how do we get outta here?
    Trip:     i dont know.
              wow, it's dark in here.
              doesnt smell too good either.
    Pigsy:    it wasnt me.
              here allow me.
    (Pigsy opens the gate)
    Pigsy:    here's a breath of fresh air.
    Monkey:   oh shut up.
    Pigsy:    i've never been here before.
              it makes me a little jumpy.
    Monkey:   then how'd you know that there's a powel cell here?
    Pigsy:    i've flown over it plenty of times.
    (A big waterfall)
    Trip:     wow, look at this place.
              i wonder why this place freaks him out.
    Monkey:   i dunno.
    Pigsy:    c'mon we're nearly there.
              so Monkey let me ask you a question.
    Monkey:   yeah?
    Pigsy:    do you use a lot of hair product?
    Monkey:   what?
    Trip:     mechs up ahead.
    Monkey:   ok, let me deal with this.
    Pigsy:    this looks like a good spot.
              ok, when you're ready, Monkey.
    Monkey:   always ready, pigsy.
    (During the fight)
    Pigsy:    hey Monkey!
              keep your fat head out of my line of sight!
              i'm trying to get a shot here.
    (After the fight)
    Pigsy:    you want to be careful Monkey.
              i could've shot you in the head and blown your brains out.
              by accident...
    (In the arm and palm of a huge mech, as a bridge)
    Pigsy:    hey Trip.
              do you ever get the feeling that 
              destiny holds you in the palm of its hand?
    Trip:     yeah, sometimes.
    Pigsy:    well it's not destiny, it's a huge mech!
              c'mon we're nearly there.
              so Monkey...do you know what an ice cream is?
    Monkey:   no.
    Pigsy:    because you appear to have an ice cream stuck on your head.
    (And then Monkey touches his head to look for an "ice cream")
    (In the huge palm of the mech, looking down at a quiet place
      with a powel cell there)
    Monkey:   so...that's the powel cell we need.
              lucky...having one just...sitting there.
    Pigsy:    hmmm.
    Monkey:   so i should just...go and get it right?
    Pigsy:    yeah.
    Monkey:   ok.
    Pigsy:    oh one thing Monkey.
    Monkey:   what?
    Pigsy:    watch out for the rhino.
    Monkey:   the rhino?!
              shit! what the hell's that!?
    (A rhino-like mech is waking, with strong shield, cannot fight it)
    Trip:     pigsy! what the hell did you do that for?
    Pigsy:    relax! i'm just giving him a little scare.
              i'll help him out, dont worry.
    Monkey:   if i ever get out of this mess alive pigsy, 
              i'm gonna be making bacon!
    Pigsy:    Monkey shoot these! they'll detonate.
    Monkey:   oh go screw yourself you fat freak!
    Pigsy:    no Monkey! i'm being serious!
              shoot the bombs when the mech gets close to them.
    Monkey:   ok, ok, but just so that you know, 
              this doesnt even come close to making us even!
    (After detonate some bombs)
    Monkey:   that all you got? is that all you got?
    Trip:     good shot!
    Pigsy:    Monkey, the bombs arent powelful enough!
              we're gonna need something bigger!
              hey Monkey! get it to attack this burner!
    (The Rhino attacks the burner, causes explosion)
    Pigsy:    wahey! it worked!
              do it again! it's not dead yet!
    Monkey:   i cant! i cant get to the others.
    Trip:     almost! one more shot should do it!
    Monkey:   it's stuck!
    Pigsy:    hey can you get to that last burner?
    Monkey:   well how do i get up there?
    Pigsy:    i'll give you a hand.
    Pigsy:    now get up there!
    Monkey:   well that doesnt look too stable!
    (Beating down the Rhino with the last burner, 
    Monkey asks Trip to excuse them, and talks to Pigsy angrily)
    (Monkey talks to Trip)
    Monkey:   excuse me a moment.
              will you go put your fingers in your ears?
    (Monkey talks to Pigsy)
    Monkey:   did you just try and get me killed?
    Pigsy:    i just spilled my heart to Trip, she tells me we're just friends.
              i know what that means!
              it means she's had her head turned by a Monkey!
    Monkey:   i dont know what you're talking about! and if you had any sense,
              you wouldnt be trying to hit on a girl
              who has just lost her father!
    Pigsy:    ahh, so that's your game huh? huh?
              the shoulder to cry on!
    Monkey:   you are crazy!
    Pigsy:    crazy like a fox!
    Monkey:   No, no, like a PIG!
    Pigsy:    huh. huh. (Grunting)
    (Trip is sitting on the Rhino, but the Rhino is waking, 
    and takes Trip away; Monkey chases them)
    Trip:     Monkey help.
              command help!
    Monkey:   hang on, i'm coming!
    Trip:     Monkey!
              ahh Monkey, i cant hang on, c'mon.
    Monkey:   i'm right behind you.
    Trip:     help.
              i'm slipping.
              hurry Monkey!
    Monkey:   ok, i'm coming.
    Trip:     ahh ahh.
    Monkey:   hang on in there.
    Trip:     i cant hold on.
              it's going too fast.
              ohh help me.
    Monkey:   Trip, your gonna have to jump.
    Trip:     i cant it's moving too fast.
    Monkey:   ok, here i come.
    Trip:     it's getting faster hurry!
    (After Monkey jumps on the Rhino)
    Trip:     Monkey!
    Monkey:   after three...one two three!
    (They both jump from the Rhino, 
    and the Rhino bumps into a burner and explode)
    (Pigsy uses the sniper scope to check, 
    but finds out Monkey is still alive, feels disappointed.)
    (The three people start the flying vessel's engine, 
    and ready to leave Pigsy's house)
    Pigsy:    oh yeah, that's got it.
              we are ready to go.
              the Monkey, a pig and a teenage girl,
              gonna take on the might of the slavers...AND WIN!
    500 miles later
    (In the flying vessel)
    Pigsy:    According to my calculation, we've travelled twelve hundred miles.
    Trip:     i hope we get there soon.
    Pigsy:    they're losing altitudes.
              looks like they're coming in to land!
    Monkey:   hey pigsy pigsy, dont they have security down there?
    Dam Base: unidentified flying craft, why are you approaching our airspace?
              we have no landing codes for your vessel.
              unidentified craft, do you copy? come in immediately.
    Pigsy:    yeah yeah i copy.
    Dam Base: unidentified craft, why are you on the landing trajectory?
    Pigsy:    we..we ran into a problem.
              errm...some...some turblence!
    Dam Base: turbulence?
    Pigsy:    err..yes sir!
    Dam Base: we have no reports of any turbulence 
              and we have a report salvage ships
              have been shadowed by an unidentified craft
              fitting your description.
    Pigsy:    really? well.
              how unusual! i certainly dont know anything about that.
    Dam Base: unidentified craft, please transmit your landing codes.
    Pigsy:    landing codes?
    Dam Base: affirmative, transmit your landing codes.
              or we will be forced to assume your ship is hostile and
              we will open fire.
    Pigsy:    copy.. err.. just a minute.
              well.. errm.. my landing codes are errm..
    (Monkey walks into the escape pod)
    Dam Base: one?
    Pigsy:    yes.
    Dam Base: one what?
    Pigsy:    2?
    (Trip then walks into the escape pod too)
    Pigsy:    hey i think it worked.
    (The flying vessel is being bombed)
    Trip:     are you coming?
    Pigsy:    yeah.
    Trip:     no.
    (In the escape pod)
    Pigsy:    well this is intimate.
    Monkey:   yeah.
              at least i get to be on the inside this time, huh?
    Trip:     Haha.
    Pigsy:    Monkey, would you mind shifting your left arm slightly?
    Monkey:   i dont really see how i can.
    Pigsy:    it's just your hand is...
              right on my...
    (Inside the dam, Pigsy is stuck in the venting pipes, 
    and Trip and Monkey are pulling him)
    Pigsy:    arghhh!
    Monkey:   come on!
    Trip:     at least try!
    Pigsy:    I AM trying!
    (In the dam hallway)
    Pigsy:    come on this way.
              aww, that's sore.
    Monkey:   hey pigsy, are you absolutely sure 
              that the "leviathan" is here?
    Pigsy:    oh yeah it's here.
              you wait.
              it'll be awesome.
              it's here, somewhere.
    (Inside the dam, they see the Leviathan in the water
     throught the huge glass)
    Pigsy:    oh...my...god.
    Monkey:   that is some weapon.
    Trip:     it's THE weapon.
    Pigsy:    the leviathan.
    Trip:     and we're going to take it, Monkey.
              but how?
    Monkey:   that's how. (They see a submarine)
    Pigsy:    great. but where do we find one?
    Trip:     ok there's a console here. i'll see what i can find.
              according to this, the subs are in some kind of hanger. 
              it's behind that door.
              ok go and have a look, i'll stay here on the console.
    (Door is open and it is indeed a room for submarines)
    Pigsy:    bingo!
    Trip:     ok, let's see.
              it's on some kind of rail system.
    Pigsy:    look, the rails lead to that door!
              that must be the airlock.
              we need to get the sub down there and get that door open.
    Trip:     ok, i'll highlight the door control panel.
    Pigsy:    no problemo.
              i have some pretty wild computer skills.
              leave it all to me.
    (Pigsy doesnt know how to ues a computer, and almost blows it up)
    Trip:     pigsy, what are you doing?
    Pigsy:    err...i...
    Trip:     ohh Monkey, get him to stop!
    Computer: system error.
    Trip:     he's overloading the power!
    Computer: overload in hanger five.
    Monkey:   ahhh to late.
    Trip:     great.
    Pigsy:    ok, let's not panic.
              we'll do it the old fashioned way.
              i'll set up some high explosives to blow the doors off.
              Monkey, you just get the sub lined up to come through.
    Trip:     sounds like a plan.
              i'll see what i can do from the controls up here.
              i can apply power and i can choose direction.
              but everything is gonna to move at the same time.
              so Monkey, you need to get it all lined up properly.
    Monkey:   ok, apply power.
    Computer: collision alert.
    Trip:     hmm the sub is blocked, but hang on...
              there's a turn table system on each side of the room.
              you can use them to turn the cars around.
    Trip:     great work! you'll need to turn the other platform around though.
              there's a catwalk above you.
    Trip:     why do you think Pyramid is building this leviathan?
    Pigsy:    because it's the ultimate weapon...
              they'll be able to crush anything in their way,
              which is ironic, 
              considering we are going to use it to crush them.
    (Monkey uses the two platforms to turn 
    so that the submarine can go straight down)
    Trip:     that's it! well done!
    Pigsy:    i'm all done too, i'm coming to get you, Trip.
    Trip:     ok, we're on the sub Monkey, get back here.
    Monkey:   ok.
              i cant get up there.
    Trip:     you'll have to follow the sub on foot!
              stand back!
              pigsy's going to blow the doors.
    (Waiting inside the first room)
    Trip:     According to the schematics, 
              we just need to ride this down to the airlock...
              then we'll be in the open water.
    Pigsy:    sounds easy enough.
    Trip:     one thing i've learned over this journey is...
              it's never easy.
    (In the next hanger room)
    Trip:     whoa! there's a lot of mechs down there.
              they're onto us! Pigsy, get that hatch open! 
              we'll be safer inside.
    Pigsy:    i'll try.
    Trip:     Monkey, that bridge is blocking our way! get it open!
              Monkey the sub wont move until the bridge is back up!
              get to that console and raise it!
    Monkey:   ok, ok, i'll take care of it.
              ok, Trip, i'm at the console.
              ahh you need to help me out here.
    Trip:     just press the blue button.
    Monkey:   it's not working.
    Trip:     have you tried turning it off and on again?
    Monkey:   ahh hold on a minute.
              it wasnt actually switched on.
    Trip:     how are you getting on with that hatch, pigsy?
    Pigsy:    i'm trying.
    Trip:     try harder.
    Pigsy:    wooooaaaaah...
    (Pigsy falls from the sub and hangs himself with the grapple on his foot, 
    up side down)
    Trip:     PIGSY!
    Monkey:   i'm on my way, pigsy, just just hang in there.
    Pigsy:    i'm hanging!
              ahh ahh help!
              i'm going to get chopped up in the fans! help!
    Trip:     Monkey Monkey shoot them up! 
    Pigsy:    you gotta save me! help!
              argh that, that rope's cutting into my leg!
    Trip:     more ranged mechs, keep them off us!
    Pigsy:    oh, get me up!
              hey, help help!
    Trip:     more fans! take them out!
    Pigsy:    get me outta here!
              Monkey help!
    Trip:     i think that's was the last of them.
    Pigsy:    ahh help me.
              hurry! these fans are about to make port chops!
              quick Monkey.
              argh help me.
              Monkey get me up.
              it's digging into my leg! i'm gonna lose my leg! help! help!
              oh no.
              ohh i feel sick. i feel sick. i feel sick.
              ohh i'm spinning.
              please make it stop.
              make it stop Monkey!
              my leg's going numb! ahh ahh.
    (Monkey stills follows the sub on foot)
    Trip:     ok Monkey, same again on that console.
              you remember what to do?
    Monkey:   yeah yeah press the blue button right?
              nothing happened, but, it is switched on.
    Trip:     ok, in that case you have to 
              activate the bay five frequency algorithm.
              but dont erase the the prime interface 
              or the sub-level might loop back!
    Monkey:   err...primary...err
    (Monkey just punches the computer)
    Computer: command accepted.
    Trip:     wow! i'm impressed!
    (Waiting in the second room)
    Pigsy:    i'm starting to feel weird...
              lights are dancing in front of my eyes.
              they're pretty...my lips are singing.
              i think i'm gonna throw up.
              do you think you can throw up when you're up side down?
              what will happen? will i be ok?
    (Pigsy retches)
    Trip:     Monkey, you'd better get out the way!
    Pigsy:    no wait...i just swallowed it back.
              mmmmmmmmm, that cheese is really repeating on me.
    (Next hall, airlock room, above the water)
    Trip:     incoming!
    Trip:     more incoming...
              hey the sub is dropping into the water!
    Pigsy:    wait, i cant swim!
    Monkey:   well you know what, pigsy?
              now's a really great time to learn.
    Pigsy:    Monkey you've got to save me.
              help me.
              i think my head's gonna explode.
              you're my best friend...i've always liked you...
              you're like a brother to me.
              i think we've formed an incredibly strong bond lately.
              dont let me down, you're not going to let me down, are you Monkey?
    Trip:     Monkey, jump onto the sub and pull him up.
    Pigsy:    heeeelp...
    (After Monkey pulls Pigsy up)
    Pigsy:    hey Monkey you just saved my life.
              i guess that makes us even.
    Monkey:   makes us even? are you serious?
              since the moment we've met, all you've ever done is...
              oh, never mind.
    Pigsy:    i'm stuck.
    Monkey:   shut up and get in.
    (Inside the Leviathan)
    Pigsy:    so this beast has four legs, each shackled to the reservoir floor.
    Trip:     ok, then we travel to each shackle port in turn and set explosives.
    Pigsy:    you'll have to figure out how to switch the engine on
              while i get to the control room.
    Trip:     and you drive the leviathan out of here.
    Pigsy:    yeah...what could possibly go wrong?
              this way.
    Pigsy:    whoa, it's huge!
              this machine is more incredible than my wettest dreams!
    Trip:     what did you just say?
    Pigsy:    this machine is more incredible than my wildest dreams!
    Monkey:   that's not what you said.
    Pigsy:    come on, let's just keep going.
    Trip:     a terminal... wait here.
              ok, i have the schematics.
              the anchor points are above us.
              Monkey, there's a route up.
              i've coded the dragonfly to lead the way.
              all you have to do is follow it.
    Monkey:   sure.
    Pigsy:    ok, i'll make my way up.
              no i'm not gonna get through there. 
              i'll have to find a different way up.
              i need you with me, Monkey, get up here.
    Trip:     i'll stay here and figure out how this thing works.
    Pigsy:    whoa! look at the size of these gears.
    Monkey:   Trip, we got a problem here.
              there are flames blocking our way.
    Trip:     ok, uhh.
              oh i can shut off the burners from here.
    Monkey:   hey hey it's getting hotter.
    Trip:     just let me shut these down.
    Monkey:   ha! ow! this is hot!
              uhh uhh i cant get through here.
    Pigsy:    let's just blow this thing out of the way!
              be careful not to damage the cog.
    Monkey:   ok ok.
    Pigsy:    nice shot Monkey, after you.
    Trip:     can you see the way through? it's above you.
    Pigsy:    the anchor point has four couplings.
              we need to blow them off to release the leg.
              i'll throw some more bombs.
              there's one. nice shot. almost done.
    (The first shackle on the leg is blown off)
    Pigsy:    way! one leg done, three to go.
              follow me.
    Trip:     whoa whoa let me disable the security systems.
              that's not good.
              the mechs are using thermite to burn through the hull.
              we dont have much time.
    Pigsy:    now that's what i call a beam engine!
              ok, same again, Monkey.
    Monkey:   we've got some more couplings to deal with!
              how's it going Trip?
    Trip:     just so you know, they're cutting through!
              i'm sealing the inner doors but they'll be in here soon.
    Pigsy:    ok, same again, Monkey. there's one. nice shot. almost done.
              great that's the two front anchors released!
    Trip:     get up here Monkey!
    Pigsy:    i just love this thing, i'm lost for words.
    Monkey:   hey Trip! hey Trip! i cant get through here.
    Trip:     umm...there!
              can you get through now?
    Monkey:   yeah.
    Pigsy:    hey we can get back down in this lift.
    Trip:     nice work, guys!
              let's get to the last two anchor points.
    Pigsy:    is it me or is this the most beautiful piece of machinery 
              you've ever seen?
              i mean, i really get off on it...i mean REALLY get off on it.
    Monkey:   you know, i dont think we need to know that.
    Pigsy:    sorry.
              but i really do get off on it.
    Trip:     ok, through here.
    Pigsy:    wow, this must be the powel core.
    Trip:     this is incredible.
              they must've found every powel cell in a 500 mile radius.
              i'll need to come back here and jump start her 
              when we've done the couplings.
              i'll get this door open.
    Pigsy:    what floor would you like, madam?
    Trip:     get up here Monkey, let's take a look.
              there's the next anchor point.
              and there's the other.
              the dragonfly will show you the way.
    Monkey:   there's a panel blocking the way up there.
              pigsy, do you have any more of those bombs?
    Pigsy:    yeah sure.
              let's blow it open!
    Monkey:   where to now?
    Pigsy:    up there!
    Monkey:   up there? ok.
    Pigsy:    meet me over here Monkey, 
              and i'll attach some bombs to the anchor.
              ok, time for some more target practice.
              there's one. nice shot. too slow Monkey, 
              i'll chuck another bomb for you.
              almost done.
              nicely done! on to the next one.
    Trip:     they've breached the outer hull.
              we have a minute or two before they find us, hurry!
              they're almost through the hull!
              better step it up, guys!
    Pigsy:    ok, this is the last one.
              let's set this thing free.
              there's one.
              ahh watch it, Monkey! we need this thing to work.
              that's it! she's free.
              this way back to the powel core.
    Trip:     pigsy, you get to the control room and standby.
              Monkey, you stay with me and buy me some time.
              they're coming.
    Monkey:   ok ok ok.
    Trip:     if i can trace the diagnostic systems.
    Monkey:   ok ok.
    Trip:     and find a back door to the quantum encryption circuits.
    Monkey:   ok ok.
    Trip:     i can try to bypass the security systems and then.
    Monkey:   ok ok.
              you knwo what? 
              i'll just fight off an entire army while you do that.
    Trip:     sounds like a plan!
    (Trip is operating the system in the power core room, 
    while Monkey is fighting in the four-legs power room)
    Trip:     ok got it.
              in order to get this thing moving, 
              i need to route power to each of the four legs.
              sounds like the mechs are on their way.
              i'll Lower the linking conduits one at a time. 
              you should see the first one coming down now.
    Computer: alert, alert, please stand clear.
    Monkey:   yeah i see it.
    Trip:     they are coming in!
              they're attacking the cores!
    Monkey:   Trip, hey Trip!
              can you help me out here?
    Trip:     Monkey i'm busy.
              ok, need to bypass the... no that wont work.
              yes yes ok.
    Computer: alert, alert, please stand clear.
    Trip:     Monkey, the next conduit is online!
              you need to keep them safe!
              they're on the other side!
              they're through the other door!
              god damn it! the security is good.
              Monkey, i dont know if we're gonna be able to do this.
    Monkey:   just dont panic, just keep going.
    Trip:     getting there...
    Computer: alert, alert, please stand clear.
    Trip:     here comes another one, Monkey.
              oh shit blocked! blocked again.
    Monkey:   hey Trip, how ya doing in there?
    Trip:     i cant talk! this system is crazily complicated!
              nearly done.
    Computer: alert, alert, please stand clear.
    Trip:     ok, here comes the last one!
              once this is online, the leviathan will be fully operational.
              maybe if i reroute through here.
              yes Monkey, i'm onto something.
    Monkey:   how many more of these guys are there?
    Trip:     nearly there, i'm nearly there.
              done it!
              we did it!
    (Pigsy in the control room)
    Computer: welcome.
              weapons online.
              motion systems online.
              main cannon arming.
              initialising complete.
              awaiting command.
    (Pigsy accidentally pushes the fire button, and the cannon blows up the dam)
    Pigsy:    whooaaa.
              time to get this thing moving.
    (At night, Pigsy is driving the Leviathan, stars are in the sky; 
    Monkey is lying in the power core room, 
    all the power cores are also like stars in the sky; 
    Trip is sitting besides him)
    Trip:     i've been wanting to talk to you.
              but there never seems to be a time.
              when i found my father dead.
              i'm not trying to excuse what i've done.
              i know it was wrong.
              i have no more right to enslave you than anyone does.
    (Trip turns off Monkey's headband)
    Monkey:   what have you done?
    Trip:     there's nothing controlling you anymore.
    Monkey:   so i can...i can just leave.
    Trip:     if that's waht you want.
    Monkey:   turn it back on.
    Trip:     but i'm...
    Monkey:   you heard what i just said.
              turn it back on.
    (In the control room)
    Pigsy:    Monkey!
    Monkey:   what's going on?
    Pigsy:    that.
    Monkey:   Pyramid!
    Trip:     so it is real.
    Pigsy:    time to get the cannons powered up.
    Computer: warning! hostile launch detected.
    Pigsy:    gah! we've got leeches getting through!
              get on it now! MOVE!
              we dont have much time.
    Trip:     this it Monkey.
    Monkey:   then let's do it.
    Pigsy:    gahhh! we've got leeches getting through!
              Monkey, get out there and deal with them.
    Monkey:   you got it pigsy.
              hey hey, these leaches, what are they doing?
    Trip:     they're sucking the power out of the leviathan!
    Pigsy:    we're losing a lot of power! are you getting those leaches?
    Pigsy:    airborne mechs! incoming!
    (A scorpion mega mech comes from the Pyramid)
    Pigsy:    looks like they've got a mega mech of their own. 
              this is where it gets ugly.
              i'm charging up the main cannon.
              main cannon at 25%.
    Pigsy:    more leeches!
    Trip:     Monkey, shoot them off before they drain all our power!
    Pigsy:    main cannon at 50%.
              main cannon at 75%.
              she's ready to fire!
              firing cannon now!
              get ready, this is gonna be noisy.
    (Blow one mega mech down)
    Pigsy:    yeah! this mech is awesome!
              we took on the entire might of the palace and won!
              what'd i tell you?
    Monkey:   i aint so sure.
    (Monkey points far away: there come three other mega mechs)
    Pigsy:    we're screwed.
              recharging the main cannon.
              Monkey, keep blasting those leeches off our back!
              we're gonna need all the power we can get.
    Monkey:   no problem.
    Trip:     look out! airborne mechs!
    Pigsy:    main cannon at 25%.
              main cannon at 50%.
              main cannon at 75%.
              firing cannon!
              yeah! another one down!
    Trip:     we've got more mechs incoming!
              the other two are almost on us!
    Pigsy:    we're never gonna make it!
              Monkey, are you ok out there?
    Monkey:   dont worry about me...
              just make sure you shoot those god damn mechs!
    Pigsy:    main cannon at 25%.
              main cannon at 50%.
              main cannon at 75%.
              she's ready to fire!
    (Second mega mech is blown off)
    Pigsy:    main cannon at 50%.
    Trip:     pigsy, it's getting really close!
    Pigsy:    just hold your nerve...
              main cannon at 75%
    Trip:     oh now it's really on us!
    Pigsy:    yeah in a minute it'll be stardust.
    (The last scorpion mega mech climbs up the leviathan, destroys the cannon, 
    and reaches the top, where Monkey are fighting waves of mechs)
    Pigsy:    no no ahh!
    Trip:     ahh! ahh!
    Monkey:   are you guys OK?
    Trip:     w-we're ok, we're ok, but we've lost the cannon.
    Pigsy:    we're in serious trouble now.
    Monkey:   talk to me, guys! what the hell are we gonna do?!
    Trip:     uhh i dont know...i'm trying to figure it out.
              hold on.
    Monkey:   hey hey! that's fine! 
              i'm i'm having some real fun out here, y'know.
    Trip:     ok i think i've got a plan.
              according to the schematics, 
              that thing is right over the fuel exhaust, which is flammable!
    Pigsy:    she's right Monkey, open up the valves and set light to it!
    Monkey:   ok but how am i gonna do that?!
    Trip:     use the valve! it'll direct burning fuel right into it! 
              should be on your headband display now.
    Monkey:   got it!
    Trip:     ok, it's venting gas! set light to it!
    (Gas explodes but this doesnt help)
    Monkey:   it hasnt worked! it's still alive!
    Trip:     no no no no you've damaged it!
              you've blown off sections of the shielding.
              now shoot it with your staff!
    Monkey:   damn it! i..i cant hit the target from here!
              i'll need to get higher up, Trip, help me out!
    Pigsy:    shields at 75%
    Trip:     uhh umm ok, yes yes.
              there's some kind of hydraulic platform system.
    (After all the platforms rise, 
    Monkey climbs to the top and shoots the mega mech, 
    but the mega mech still works and is enraged, 
    trying to destroy the platforms)
    Trip:     yes! yes! Monkey you did it!
    Pigsy:    well done Monkey!
    Monkey:   i think i've just pissed it off!
              holy shit! i've gotta get outta here!
    Monkey:   it aint giving up!
    Trip:     hurry! turn the other valve on!
              uhh ok, hit it again with the burning fuel!
    (Gas explodes, other platforms rise)
    Trip:     ok good, you've blown off more of its shielding.
              you know what you gotta do.
    Monkey:   oh man, are you telling me i gotta go back up there?
    Trip:     yeah, you do...
              Monkey, we're taking damage!
    (At the top of the platforms, Monkey shoots the mega mech, 
    and enrages it again; the platforms will be destroyed one by one)
    Monkey:   done it! 
    Trip:     great!
    Monkey:   here we go again!
              come on come on Monkey!
    Trip:     what's goin...what's going on?
    Pigsy:    yeah! it's retreating! you did it Monkey!
    Monkey:   whoa whoa whoa slow down slow down.
              mechs dont give up that easy.
    Trip:     oh no oh no no no no, it's coming back!
    Pigsy:    it's jammed the back flywheel! it's crippling us!
    Monkey:   ok Trip, what do we do?
    Trip:     ok i've scanned it!
              my scan shows several critical points.
              try shooting them!
              i'm marking them for you now.
              Monkey, it's trying to cut through to the powel core!
              we dont have long before the whole thing blows!
    (After Monkey shoots all the critical points in the mega mech, 
    it falls down, but the tail with laser gun still works!)
    Trip:     we can disable its primary weapon! this is our chance! 
              shoot the tail!
    Pigsy:    Monkey we are taking damage!
              shields down to fifty percent!
    (After Monkey shoots all the weak points in the tail)
    Trip:     it hasnt worked!
              it's still alive!
              what are we gonna do?
    Monkey:   i'm gonna finish this. i'm gonna finish this. 
              see that gun on its tail?
              i'm gonna rip it off. then i'm gonna blow his frickin' brains out!
    Pigsy:    shields at 40%.
    (After Monkey grabs the tail, and the laser gun shot the mega mech's head, 
    he returns in the control room)
    Monkey:   we've done it!
    Pigsy:    not quite i'm afraid.
              5 more. (mega mechs)
              big one destroyed.
              shields at 4%.
              we got no chance.
    Monkey:   what are we gonna do?
    Pigsy:    i have one last plan.
              what would happen if i retrieved all weapons power to the engine?
    Trip:     the whole thing would blow up.
    Pigsy:    take her Monkey.
              it's the only way.
    Trip:     it's it's not the only way!
    Pigsy:    you have to be clear of the blast radius!
    Trip:     Monkey!
    Pigsy:    do it! do it now!
              we dont have much time!
    Trip:     no no pigsy no!
    (Monkey takes Trip, lands, and leaves the area)
    Pigsy:    come to daddy.
    (The leviathan explodes with all the other mega mechs)
    Trip:     pigsy!!!!
    (In front of Pyramid)
    Trip:     put me down.
    (They enter the Pyramid, a robot is sitting and working in the distance, 
    on the ground are thousands of people standing, dreaming)
    Trip:     is this him?
              is this the man behind it all?
    (A huge screen shows up, a man on it)
    Pyramid:  stop!
              what are you doing here?
              why are you attacking me?
    Monkey:   who are you?!
    Pyramid:  i am Pyramid
    Trip:     it's you who's been attacking us.
              enslaving us!
    Pyramid:  i have enslaved no one.
              i rescue people from the wasteland.
              i give them life.
    Monkey:   you give them life? what do you mean?!
    Pyramid:  you do not understand what Pyramid is.
              i can explain.
              Pyramid is the memories of one man who lived before the war.
              we store his memories of the world that once was.
              i am Pyramid.
              i am that man.
              but i am more than a memory.
              i am more than an archive.
              i am ... an ark.
    (Pictures are showing on the screen)
    Monkey:   these pictures...
              that's what i've been seeing! through the headband.
    Pyramid:  you are seeing the world that they share with me.
              they are not slaves...they are citizens!
              they have jobs, they have marriages.
              they bring up their children.
              their children go to schools.
              you have no schools... you have mechs.
              your world is a wasteland in what you fight to survive.
              Pyramid is a world in which you can live.
    Monkey:   but you are destroying this world for the sake of the old one.
    Pyramid:  see for yourself.
              see what they have, before you take it away.
              go on. go on!
              put on the mask.
    Trip:     Monkey!
    Monkey:   just wait...trust me.
    Trip:     Monkey?
    Trip:     Monkey!
    (Monkey puts on the mask, and begins to smile)
    Monkey:   it's...
              it's beautiful
    (But suddenly all the electricity is off, Monkey takes off the mask. 
    Trip kills the robot. All the people below is waking.
    (Monkey comforts crying Trip)
    Monkey:   it's done.
    Trip:     did i do the right thing?
    I also have translated all the dialog into Chinese, and written more plot 
    in that Chinese version, and put a lot of in-game photos in that article.
     If you are interested, you can contact me, 
    i have put it online in a Chinese game forum. 
    If you have a question, a suggestion, a correction, whatever, feel free to
    contact me. 
    Also, specify whether or not you want to be included in the credits 
    and by what name.
    Email: chip-lee@163.com or albertli2008@hotmail.com
    GFAQs: chip-lee
    Thanks to the following...
    For developing this great game, Ninja Theory.
    For producing it, Namco.
    For writing this great script: Tameem Antoniades and sAlex Garland.
    For acting and voicing this great character Monkey: Andy Serkis.
    For anyone who is involved in creating this great game.
    This document is Copyright Chip Lee.
    Although the dialogue contained in this document belongs to 
    Namco and Ninja Theory,  I typed it out. Actually i do this for all the fans, 
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