Hardcore mode help?

  1. Can anybody give me some tips like what weapon to stick with for the game what to max out so i can have an easier hardcore run and also i need advice on when to save and how much credits you think i may need for the whole play through coz im gunna use the detonater dlc exploit?

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    mordecaijr - 6 years ago

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  1. Under the FAQ's section their is a guide for hardcore mode.

    The link too said guide: www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/975303-dead-space-2/faqs/61785

    User Info: Flyextacy

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  1. I don't know about needing an exploit as I've only borrowed the game (no dlc of any kind in other words) but managed too complete hardcore.

    It's in the guide Fly mentions but one of the most important pieces of advice that can be given is take your time and do what you can too stay 'in the zone.' Remaining calm at all times allows you too avoid wasting ammo and deal with the necros swiftly before they have a chance too strike. Furthermore, while you want too be calm, don't become complacent because the necros can and will juggle you for the few hits it takes to slay you if you lose focus.
    If it comes down too it, by all means pause the game for 5-10 minutes as you grab some water or another cup of coffee if you, like me, are playing late into the night and past sunrise. Furthermore, some favoured music will go a long way too keeping your morale up throughout and thus keeping you from panicking.

    Weapon load out was strictly the plasma cutter and ripper, buyin and upping the contact beams charge time in preperation for the marker battle. I would suggest, if you haven't already, getting in some good practice with the PC on at least survivalist. If you can't consistently lop a leg within the time of an unupgraded stasis and then neatly pick off the arm as it wears off and they begin crawling, you need more practice. Seriously, the PC is godly when upgraded and with the turning speed upped a little (its in the settings). Ripper will be your friend against the pack, just get used too bringing it close but chewing up the ground in front of you and taking advantage of its ability to dislodge items from corpses with costing extra ammo or having too stop too stomp.

    Heal whenever you need to. If you have a bar or two missing, use those medpacks. If you're playing right there should be more then enough dropped you can afford the occasional mistake as I found myself selling a fair number off as well as having several smalls in the safe too top me off when I pass a store.

    As for save points, my three were just before the unitoligist cathedral, just after returning from the solar array (made use of the disc 2 mercy checkpoint too reach it) and just after the drill ride. The latter two were because I had had trouble on the proceeding segments when doing my survivalist first playthrough.

    On a side note, it is mentioned in one of the hardcore guides (forgot which) that when waiting too get into CEC after returning from the array you can actually just circle the room staying just on the 'outside' of the pillars (under the awning most of the time, not in the open space) and the necros will be unable too catch you. Had too go through it 3 times so I can confirm that it not only is possible, but easy.

    Furthermore, when you have too descend the three floors (relatively) shortly after the NMs breach the gov sector (its the one where you fight your last brute) you can simply stasis and run through the first two floors, stopping only too kill the puker n slasher that drop at the bottom of the first ramp.

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  2. I got this achievement (XBOX 360) in 2-3 days (no jokes) it was Frustrating, but anyway weapons you should have (I'll say); Plasma Cutter (for the females), Pulse Rifle and Ripper (for CQC close quarter combat it helped me a lot.) And sell all the ammo that you don't need. Chapter savings; try to play till you have to insert the second disc because in this way if Isaac dies you don't have to put the 1st disc back in, if not, I saved on chapters 5(before you go up the lift and injure the boss[the yello tongue guy])/10(just in the Ishimura after she said "their swarming into the ship")/14 and yeah if he dies (many times before) turn it off and go for a walk and take your time. :)

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