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Reviewed: 01/26/11 | Updated: 07/30/13

Dead Space 2 Review

Dead Space 2 the sequel to the 2008 survival horror hit Dead Space. The events in this game take place 3 years after the horrors that took place abroad the USG Ishimura. Dead Space 2 has delivered and went above and beyond expectations to become one of the best survival horror games in recent history. You will be dismembering shooting exploding Necromorphs and fighting for your life from beginning all the way to the end.

Story/Multi-player 9/10
You are once again put in the shoes of Isaac Clarke. You wake up on space station called the Sprawl. There are five different difficulties. Casual, Normal, Survivalist, Zealot, and Hardcore. Each difficulty setting obviously gets harder with more aggressive Necromorphs and less supplies. Hardcore mode is extremely difficult because you have no checkpoints and only three saves, but beating it will make it that much more satisfying. Your main objective it to destroy The Marker, which is the cause of all this madness. As you continue to play through this game you begin to realize that not only is Isaac fighting Necromorphs, but he is also fighting himself. In Dead Space Isaac was a silent frightened engineer who basically took orders and did what he was told, but after the events of the first game has left Isaac permanently scared and he is affected by it while aboard the Sprawl. He isn't silent anymore still an errand boy but has absolutely nothing to lose and is taking the fight to the Necromorphs but he is continually haunted by his girlfriend that died in Dead Space. This causes him to have random hallucinations and effects his mission. This battle against the Necromorphs, the Marker, and withing himself makes the story is the game very engaging.

The multi-player in this game is unfortunately lacking. Basically there are five different game modes and also five different maps You either play as humans or you will play as Necromorphs. If you are a human you will have an objective to complete. You will have two weapons to start of with. As you play longer and level up you will unlock new weapons and different firing modes. As a Necromorph, your primary objective is to simply stop the humans from completing their objective by killing them. Dead Space 2 multi-player wasn't really satisfying. At first it comes off as pretty cool but after a few hours got pretty much boring. Fortunately this does not hold the game back from being great in any way because of how impressive the single-player is.

Graphics/Sound 8/10

It looks amazing. This game has been stepped up a notch graphically from its predecessor. The lighting in this game really brings out how well it really looks. Isaac looks amazing, the Necromorphs look great, everything looks great. Jason Graves is the composer for this game and he does and exceptional game. The sounds and music is another thing that makes this game great. Eerie sounds that happen in the environement adds to the horror factor. Overall the sound It is well done and expect to jump a lot of times because the sound just add to an already scary game.

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay has also been improved. Isaacs weapons are back along with a few more. Gameplay is fun and Isaac is a little bit more faster this time around. This game will have you scared to turn every corner as Necromorphs can come from anywhere. There are many suites you can purchase and all of them come with their own perks. Upgrading weapons/suits are back. You can upgrade things such as HP, damage, capacity etc. The kinesis has also been improved. Now you can use it to kill enemies with their own limbs and other items in the environment. This game is really fun and scary.

Final Verdict 8/10

Fun Gameplay
Awesome Story
Great Graphics

Lackluster multi-player
Isaac still an errand boy

Dead Space 2 is an excellent game that tells a great story. From its satisfying story to is great gameplay, Dead Space is a well worthy game to buy and is well worth the money. Replay value is high because of all the unlocks you can get and higher difficulty settings. Even though the multi-player isn't so great that doesn't stop this game from being one of the best to come out so far in 2011 and is well worth the $60 price tag.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Dead Space 2 (US, 01/25/11)

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