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"First timer's experience = EXCEPTIONAL GAME!"

I heard and read great things about the first installment but unfortunately I never played the original. So when this game came out I knew I couldn't let it pass me by and I am extremely pleased with my experience. The sound editing is superb and I don't think the graphics could have gotten any better. I made myself get the "full experience" by playing when the sun went down and turning on my Turtle Beach headsets and HOLY SHNIKES! I haven't been this freaked out since Resident Evil 1!

Story: 8/10

Great storytelling and character development by Visceral makes me want to know more about the DS universe. I haven't played the first game but there's a nice video feature to bring you up to date from part 1. I really felt a disturbing connection between Isaac and his former love. It's really haunting to see how her image torments him even after her death. Knowing she is dead doesn't stop her from making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

Graphics: 10/10

WOW! This is by far the best use of texture and lighting I've seen on the Xbox 360 yet. I really liked Mass Effect 2's graphics and I must say that on 1080p this game is actually better. The lighting creates an eeriness that make you want to run to the next door instead of explore and the texture of the necromorph 'DNA' is disgustingly good. When you sever a limb it really looks like flesh being shredded off. EA is lucky to have Visceral on board as the quality of work is amazing, dare I saw flawless. Didn't experience any muddiness or invisible walls, very clean and finished product.

Sound: 10/10

Aside from the graphics, the sound has no comparison. Every hallway has a presence even if no necromorph is around. People are screaming through doors, babies are crying and the 50 lb+ suit Isaac is wearing sounds like it has some real weight to it. I play with Turtle Beach X41's and this is one of the few games where I feel like they're put to good use. The developers really went the extra step in making a 3D environment. Every crunch, gargle and smash can be heard clearly, giving me disturbing sense of the texture that necromorphs have. Even if I had a suit, I wouldn't want to put my foot on a bloody and dismembered carcuss. YUCK!

Gameplay: 9/10

Though some survival horrors such as the early Resident Evils and Silent Hills feel more like exploration segments interjected with 'some action' this game does well in melding both pretty evenly. Although it plays much like a shooter, the amount of exploring and puzzle solving kept me immersed in trying to complete each objective at hand while fearing for my life! I never once got bored or thought 'oh wow, this again.' Each environment Isaac explores has with it new dangers and new enemies to fight. Every chapter feels different and there's tons of items to find hidden throughout Titan. Although finding schematics and ammo isn't as 'safe' as one would like it to be, I find that I received a certain thrill from deviating off course and roaming areas not covered by the objective finder. Great action sequences and puzzles will force you to use think outside of the box/weapon/ability in order to reach your goal and every missed shot will make you wonder if you'll find enough ammo to make up for your poor aim. My only gripe is the lack of more boss fights (particularly the end)


I'd say almost a perfect game for a first timer in the Dead Space series. I came in without any prior knowledge/experience and I finished wanting more. I'm going to purchase the original just so I can see the Ishimura and all it's haunted glory, but before I do that I have a second play through of Dead Space 2 to finish!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/31/11

Game Release: Dead Space 2 (US, 01/25/11)

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