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"Dead Space 2--the necromorphs return"

Dead Space 2--360, PS3, PC?

The gameplay feature of Dead Space 2 picks up right where Dead Space left it, awesome. New features include some new weaponry, and the some boosters (somewhat like mini jet-packs) during zero G sequences. Some of the zero G sequences are the best in the game, and involve dodging large objects in space. The game also features the same goodies from the original. Stasis, which slows down your enemies for a brief period of time, and now it recharges automatically, which is a nice little perk. Also returning is your power of telekinesis, which you can now use to skewer your enemies to the walls. Power nodes continue to be the source for upgrading Isaac, and Stores return as well. Overall the gameplay flows together nicely, and just fits this game perfectly. However, I felt like the multiplayer aspect of Dead Space 2 was loosely thrown together, and it didn't hold my attention very long.

The visuals look slightly better than the first, and I thought that the visuals from the first game were great. Character models look good, and the environments are sharp, and very creepy. My only complaint is the amount of blood produced from curb stomping enemies, which really isn't a big deal, who doesn't like a little blood, right?

The game consists of 15 chapters, each one took me close to an hour on average, meaning my first playthrough was about 15 hours. That being said, I took plenty of time, rarely ran, and enjoyed the scenery throughout the game, for someone looking to finish quickly, you could probably finish the game in 10-12 hours on casual mode. The good thing about Dead Space 2 is the new game+ feature. Something I think all games should have. This lets you start the game over from the beginning after you have beaten it once, but you retain all of your gear and weapons, along with stats. This helps boost the replay value of the game.

This was really the only downfall of Dead Space 2 in my opinion. If you watched the movie, Aftermath, then it helps out a lot with the story, and the character of Nolan Stross, but without watching the movie, everything feels somewhat jumbled. You start off following one woman, then following Nolan Stross, some crazy guy, whom you have no background information on, and eventually following another woman, and the ending isn't bad, just a tad lackluster. Parts of the story are nice, including your moments with Nicole, but it just wasn't as good as the story on the Ishimura.

One more area that Dead Space 2 wasn't as good as the original, Isaac gets a personality, which is the highlight of the character department, but all of the other characters feel distant, and the only character you feel like you start to build a connection with is Ellie, and we don't ever learn a whole lot about her, other than she was a pilot, and the lone survivor of her crew.

Not a ton in the music department, not bad at all, but nothing real memorable in my mind either. It's all about the sounds of the game. There are plenty of moments that will make you jump out of your seat again in this game, and I felt like the overall environment was creepier this time around from the crying babies, the necromorph stalkers, steam pipes bursting in your face, etc. I guess the only downfall here is you kind of know what to expect from playing the first game, so I didn't get as often as I did while playing Dead Space.

Overall, this is a great sequel, I highly recommend it for the gameplay and scary factor, but not for the multiplayer, I would give the game an 8/ number 23 fave game all time, right ahead of Halo Reach

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/14/11

Game Release: Dead Space 2 (US, 01/25/11)

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