Hall Of Echoes?

  1. im pulling my hair out i swear ive been hours and hours and i cannot get past the 1st part when i enter into the hall of echoes (ive tried all the dodging to avoid the white orbs the attackers are throwing but i die , ive put the suggessted skill points to my dragons i always make sure im full of potions im level 32 but its been 3 days and i cannot get further
    does anyone know what is the best armour for your dragon and where it is etc ?

    all help gladly appreciated

    User Info: Rpg_mad

    Rpg_mad - 7 years ago

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  1. The best armor is Crystal for your dragon. And its random drops any where and every where. Except for the chest armor which is from Svadilfari after you read his mind to find out its in the chest behind him.

    As for strategy right when you start to fight summon your friend. He makes great target practice. Use your dragon armor skill and start taking out the nests. Keep a close eye on your health and use dragon spirit if it gets to 3/4
    After you get rid of the nests make sure to recast your summon friend spell for more target practice then start launching fireballs at the demons. Recast your armor spell again just in case because it can save your life.

    I had trouble when I went in to but just so you know you might want to try and get a couple more lvls before you go to deep into the Halls because the last part is hell.

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  1. I
    got past with bone armor

    User Info: lvlrFuzzle

    lvlrFuzzle - 7 years ago 0 1

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