How do i enter the mines to retrieve the sigil?

  1. Im not sure what ive missed but i cant get into the mines in broken valley to retrieve the sigil needed for the hall of echoes ive taken down all anti dragon barriers and killed all enemies any info would be great cheers all

    User Info: furlinastus

    furlinastus - 7 years ago


  1. first make sure your ATLEAST leval 29 then go to broken valley AFTER you get the shield (in aeleroth) then there will be a tower (not that big of a tower and not the one in the middle) go in it and there will be 2 black ring soldiers there (with names not just any ordinary black ring) if your not atleast 29 then you will get beaten (unless you have good armor/REALLY GOOD WEAPON) then after that go upstairs and theres prisoners one of them will give you a key for the mines the rest is for you to find....

    User Info: SnakeEyes170

    SnakeEyes170 - 7 years ago 0 0

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