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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

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                  Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
                         (Borderlands add-on game)
                    FAQ/Walkthrough for XBOX 360 and PS3
                                By SENIORBILL
                         Version 1.0 April 20, 2010
                      Copyright 2010 by William Poneta
                             E-mail: bilpon1@yahoo.com
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    Walkthrough (Prefix--M=Mandatory; O=Optional)
    <I002> WEAPONS
    <I003> THE UNDEAD
    <m002> IS THE DOCTOR IN?
    <o005> PUMPKINHEAD
    <o006> TK LIVES!
    <o007> BRAINS
    <o008> BRAAAINS
    <o009> BRAAAAAINS
    <m010> HOUSE OF THE NED
    <o013> THE PACK
    <m017> JAKOB’S FODDER
    <o018> IT’S ALIVE
    <m019> HITCHING A RIDE
    <o020> UPSALE
    <m021> A BRIDGE TO NED
    <o022> HERE WE GO AGAIN
                                    INTRODUCTION       <I001>
    With the vault adventure behind our intrepid bounty hunter, the services of his
    kind are needed on a distant isle in a far off corner of Pandora. It seems that
    the machinations of the enigmatic, perhaps diabolical, Dr. Ned, “who is totally
    not the Dr. Zed from the last story, though,” have gone awry. Or have they? His
    experiments are responsible for an outbreak of the undead. Zombies have overrun
    the island and now threaten to overrun Pandora itself, threatening normal life
    on the entire planet. The Jakobs Corporation manages the island and, whether are
    not they are complicit in the outbreak is unclear, but they are eager for any
    help they can get to contain the contagion.
    The missions are independent of the main storyline, except in one regard. You
    enter Jakobs Cove with all of your weapons, mods, money and action skills and
    with your level intact; and the undertaking on the dismal Zombie Island of Dr.
    Ned is an absolute blast, overflowing with dark humor. From the hilarious
    repartee of Marcus and his young son in the stories introduction, to the
    coldhearted madness of Dr. Ned, to the painful but hilarious quandary of an old
    acquaintance and the antics and bravado of the local Claptrap, the adventure is
    brimming with humor and the gunplay and looting are in tune with the parent
                                       WEAPONS        <I002>
    There are 12 types of Zombies infesting Pandora. Both incendiary and explosive
    weapons are highly effective against nearly all of the various Zombies.
    Corrosive weapons show little or no elemental effects-Claptrap actually says
    they don’t do “diddly”-and static fire is not recommended for any of the Zombie
    types. Conventional weapons are also very effective, and a good conventional
    shotgun will account for many of your “kills.” During brain harvesting the
    conventional weapons should be favored, since an elemental plume will obscure
    your vision, and a Zombie burned down by incendiary fire, for example, doesn’t
    usually yield a brain.
    What are the best weapons for the Island adventure? A potent fast-firing
    conventional shotgun with a large magazine or quick reload speed will be a basic
    weapon. A potent sniper rifle is vital for thinning the Zombie horde before they
    close in on you. Consider any Maliwan volcano. A fast-firing SMG like two of
    Borderlands best weapons-the Combustion Hellfire and Anarchy SMG-are highly
    recommended. A fast-firing powerful conventional combat rifle or SMG, without a
    scope, can be a good “brain-popper” when in close quarters; and you will find at
    least one of the undead that is highly resistant to incendiary fire. The
    revolvers are also an excellent choice for headshots. A Masher revolver with its
    multiple shotgun-like projectiles is very effective, especially at medium to
    close range. Grenades are also a potent answer to groups of attacking Zombies-
    don’t discount their value.
    Of the action skills, Roland’s Scorpio Turret reigns supreme against the undead
    of Pandora. Not only will it target multiple enemies, but the Zombies will also
    frequently attack it rather than you, allowing you some breathing space.
    Mordecai’s Bloodwing can rival Roland’s Turret provided you have significantly
    or fully upgraded the “Bird of Prey” skill that will allow it to attack up to 6
    targets during each flight. Brick’s Berserk state is also extremely effective
    against the relentless Zombies, who don’t seem to run away as much as the
    Bandits in the parent game. The plume caused by his elemental artifacts can,
    however, sometimes obscure your vision in the gloom of the Island-prefer the
    explosive artifact to minimize this. Lilith can simply phasewalk out of danger
    or past large groups of Zombies and her enhanced elemental and SMG damage is
                                      THE UNDEAD      <I003>
    The basic “Zombie” fighting unit is by far the most numerous of Pandora’s
    undead. Basic Zombies have several looks, including one type sporting a beer
    helmet, but they are all similar in their attack mode. They are relatively slow
    in their movements, use strong melee attacks and will occasionally stop and then
    vomit directly at you. When they stop in preparation for their vomit attack,
    move laterally to avoid it, or just put it down before it can spew. Headshots
    are lethal and will cause their brain to pop out. This is characteristic of most
    of the other types as well. Occasionally they will become like Torso Zombies
    when you shoot off their legs, crawling relentlessly toward you. Interestingly
    all the Zombies you encounter, of all types, will be male.
    Torso Zombies will often come up out of the ground near graveyards but can
    appear nearly anyplace. They are slow moving but they can be easy to miss as
    they crawl toward you in the gloom of the island. When in the water they will
    oftentimes totally disappear. They will spew vomit at you when at close
    quarters. They are not uncommon throughout Pandora.
    The Defilers are considerably tougher than regular Zombies and have the gross
    habit of approaching you and spewing vomit across a broad arc, making it
    difficult to avoid. This attack has the effect of obscuring your vision briefly
    and of causing you to move as if mired in wet concrete. They will also either
    follow up by closing in on you or retreating a short distance and repeating the
    attack. At closer quarters they can use a more directed vomit attack. When a
    Defiler is present, it should be a high priority target when it approaches
    spewing range. These guys can be a real pain during a second playthrough. They
    are highly susceptible to incendiary fire. They are not uncommon but are less
    common than regular Zombies.
    Psycho Zombies are the undead counterparts of the parent game’s Psycho Bandits.
    When attacking they move very rapidly and when wounded they enter a berserk-like
    state. Their eyes will turn red and they will charge at a quicker pace shrieking
    all the way. Their melee attack can be very damaging but they can also be put
    down with a single headshot. On occasion they will also stop and use a directed
    vomit attack. They are not as numerous as Defilers but will occasionally come in
    bunches just like in the parent game.
    Midget Zombies are fairly rare in comparison to regular Zombies. These masked
    shrieking undead can be a real nuisance. While they deal relatively minor melee
    damage, they can jump and disappear into the gloom and clutter of the landscape
    only to reappear where you least expect them. Their speed and small size make
    them difficult to keep track of and difficult to target. Use a shotgun on them.
    Suicide Zombies behave much like a Bruiser without a gun. The explosive barrel
    they carry on their back is a tempting target and when hit it will take out the
    Suicide Zombie and anything nearby. When in range they will throw the barrel at
    you. It can be shot out of the air or you had better move quickly away. A
    Suicide Zombie, once he has thrown his barrel, will charge into close quarters
    and explode. When they are on the field, they are a high priority. Just keep
    them at a distance and go for that barrel. Big as they are a shotgun blast or
    two at close range will put them down.
    Corpse Eaters are flying bat-like Zombies that attack in swarms. They are quick
    and can be hard to get a bead on in the gloom of Pandora. They will strike
    several times during each pass, oftentimes from angles that are hard to
    anticipate. On the up side they deal relatively little damage, making them a
    nuisance rather than a threat; but if you linger in their territory you can go
    down. Where do they get their energy, there are no corpses to eat on Pandora-
    well, maybe temporary corpses. They will be encountered at several places on the
    Skeleraaks will only be encountered along the coastline near Generally Hospital.
    They are white skeletal raaks and they seem a bit tougher than the parent game’s
    standard raaks. They will attack in small flocks of four or five and it will
    take a well-aimed shotgun blast to put them down. They deal relatively minor
    damage but they will be persistent in their attacks until you kill them. Your
    encounters with them will be complicated a bit if Corpse Eaters join them as
    they attack, which they are likely to do,
    Badass Tankensteins carry an explosive barrel on their backs, just like the
    Suicide Zombies, but they are much, much tougher. Exploding the barrel alone
    will only stun them. Hammer them when they are stunned, going for highly
    damaging headshots. If they get into close quarters they will charge and ram and
    will use devastating melee tactics. Periodically they will employ a powerful
    shock wave. When these guys are on the field they are “the” priority. They are
    immune to static fire but are highly susceptible to incendiary fire. A fast SMG,
    like a stinger, is also good against them. They are not common, but you will
    encounter more than enough off them.
    The green Tankenstein-like Loot Goon will carry a RED CHEST on its back rather
    than an explosive barrel. They are tough but not as tough as a Tankenstein. They
    will charge and ram, use melee attacks and, occasionally, they will employ a
    directed shock ball attack. Take them out like you would a Tankenstein and make
    them a priority kill when they are present. They are rare. You will likely
    encounter only 3 or 4 during a complete island campaign.
    Lance Zombies are only encountered in Dead Haven, formally Old Haven. Like the
    Crimson Lance they are tough, somewhat tougher than regular Zombies; and, while
    they now rely on basic melee tactics, they can still deploy Scorpio Turrets.
    They are also susceptible to incendiary fire and a close-up shotgun blast also
    works well. Numerous other Zombie types in the streets of Dead Haven will always
    accompany them.
    Wereskags are not actually Zombies, but are the result of Dr. Ned’s meddling
    with skag DNA. They are encountered along the coastline of Generally Hospital,
    at the hospital and in the Lumberyard. Like skags they use melee and leaping
    attacks and are they highly susceptible to incendiary fire. The 4 mission
    Wereskags on the coastline can also regenerate their health, almost
    spontaneously, emerging tougher and more aggressive than before.
                                     WALKTHROUGH    <I004>
    The recommended time to begin a campaign in Jakobs Cove is after completing
    playthrough 1 but it can be done at any time. This walkthrough was done after
    finishing playthrough 1, having achieved a level of 35; but the difficulty level
    will automatically be roughly adjusted to suit your level whenever you begin the
    operation. The Zombie Island campaign can actually be pursued as soon as you
    reach a New-U pole at the start of a new game, but the initial mission in Jakobs
    Cove would be a level 10 mission and it would be designated “Impossible” at that
    early stage. Be forewarned, choosing playthrough 2 too early will also make the
    action extremely challenging.
    Select Jakobs Cove from any New-U station and you will be promptly greeted by
    the local Claptrap. Claptrap will offer some information and warnings on the
    “living impaired” and it will offer the initial mandatory mission: WELCOMING
    <m001>WELCOMING COMMITTEE, variable XP and cash
    Mission: Zombies have overrun Jakobs Cove and the town’s three defensive turrets
    don’t recognize them as a threat. Recalibrate the three turrets to cure the
    Follow the pathway, taking the clockwise loop north and then east toward town.
    Because this is your initial entry into Jakobs Cove, the shortcut through the
    building to the east of the entrance is not yet opened. Whenever the game is re-
    started, however, this shortcut will allow quicker passage into town, and you
    will always begin at the Jakobs Cove entrance when the game is re-started.
    About halfway up the path, after the stepping blocks, you will encounter your
    first group of Zombies, which will include some of the slightly tougher puke-
    spewing Defilers. Don’t jump down into the low area. Use your sniper to
    eradicate as many of the 15 to 20 undead infesting the area as possible from
    your perch, in relative safety. The undead will straggle toward you after the
    gunplay begins.
    Any Volcano sniper rifle will easily deal with this bunch, but this initial
    encounter is a good opportunity to experiment to select your Zombie-killing
    sniper of choice. Incendiaries work well but so do the explosive and
    conventional weapons. Corrosive weapons are a bit unpredictable in their effect
    and as such are not a good choice. Claptrap hints that they won’t do “diddly”
    against already dead flesh. Static weapons will remain ineffective throughout
    the campaign.
    With all of the visible undead down, jump down and take out any stragglers
    before collecting the scattered loot. Continue toward town, stopping on the high
    ground near the overhead “Jakobs Cove” sign. This area north of the town, near
    the New-U pole, has its gates barricaded but they will soon be accessible,
    providing a shortcut out of town. Take out any roving Zombies in sight below.
    The three defensive turrets will be indicated in turn as waypoints, but two are
    clearly visible from your position. The first turret, actually turret number 3,
    is on your left side as you enter the area. It is sitting idle on the elevated
    wood decking. Descend toward the turret, clearing the area of undead, and then
    make a sprinting leap to the first of the three turrets and then interact with
    it to calibrate it. It will immediately begin wasting any nearby Zombies.
    The waypoint marking the next turret’s location is directly south of your
    position and is plainly visible. Clear the area of any Zombies that the first
    turret cannot target. Activate turret number 1. The last turret, turret number
    2, is on the northwest side of town on an elevated platform. There will likely
    be a Zombie or two near it. Calibrate it and then jump down to the nearby
    waypoint. Talk to the local Claptrap.
    Take in Claptrap’s daring words and heed his words about you being tasty flesh
    for Zombies. This interaction will complete WELCOMING COMMITEE and activate the
    new mission: IS THE DR IN?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: There is a RED CHEST on top of the elevated west structure. It can be
    reached by jumping onto the rusty tank on the buildings east side and then onto
    the wooden platform. Jump onto the north rectangular post and from there to the
    roof-a frustrating leap at times.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    <m002>IS THE DR. IN?, variable XP
    Mission: The local sawbones, Dr. Ned, could use some help with the local Zombie
    infestation. Go to the nearby docks to see if Dr. Ned is in his office.
    Follow Claptrap and he will open the town’s southern gate so that you, another
    unfortunate adventurer, can promptly become Zombie food. The graffiti near the
    gate says “JAKOBS KILLED US ALL.” Are they involved? The mission’s waypoint is
    clearly visible from the town’s gate, on the door of the infirmary. Sprint down
    to Ned’s Bleeding Heart Infirmary. You will notice a red-eyed Corpse Eater or
    two perched in the area and they will rise into the air upon your intrusion.
    Interact with the message on the office door. This will complete the mission: IS
    THE DR. IN? You will receive the new mission: HOUSE OF THE NED. Accept the
    The first of the flying bat-like Corpse Eaters will attack as you leave the
    Infirmary. They are swift and a bit hard to zero in on as they make multiple
    strikes during each pass; but, on the up side, they don’t deal much damage
    unless you linger and allow them to pummel you. Run back to the gate and they
    will usually swarm at you in hit-able bunches; but, at this time, it is best to
    just retreat into town where they won’t follow very far because of the defensive
    turrets; and, anyway, you are going to need to kill them shortly anyway.
    Go to the Bounty Board to acquire the missions that Claptrap has just announced
    are available at that location. “Try hard,” the pleasant voiced Jakob’s lady
    says, “to never shake hands with a Zombie, embrace them and never, ever initiate
    oral contact of any kind.” Is getting puked on oral contact? Maybe, but if you
    don’t “initiate’ it, maybe it’s okay.
    Collect the three available missions at the Bounty Board and get a load of
    Claptraps stellar accomplishments and talents. They are, the missions, that is,
    Select MISSING: HANK REISS and go east toward the vending machines to get ECHO
    recording number 1 from the nearby mailbox. An upbeat Hank is optimistic and
    eager to start his new duties so he can happily return to his family with a
    pocketful of Jakobs Corporation’s money. The next waypoint is far to the north
    out in Zombieland and will be pursued after collecting some rotten eggs for the
    crazy Pandoran bandits. There’re probably side dishes for their “meat puppets.”
    Switch to EGGCELLENT OPPORTUNITY and head for the south gate.
    <o004>MISSING: HANK REISS, variable XP, cash and a combat rifle
    Mission: Hank’s wife hasn’t heard from him in quite some time. He worked at the
    Mill prior to the Zombie outbreak and she is offering a reward for any
    information on his status. You will find 5 ECHO recordings to shed light on his
    <o003>EGGCELLENT OPPORTUNITY!, variable XP, cash and a class mod
    Mission: Collect 25 stinking rotten Corpse Eater eggs along the coastline. A
    bunch of crazy Bandits think them quite a delicacy and will pay well for them.
    Stay near the south gate. If the Corpse Eaters are flying, fire toward them to
    get them coming in your direction. If they aren’t flying you can usually pick
    one off with a sniper rifle. They like to perch around the infirmary. Shooting
    one will usually cause any that are in the vicinity to attack. How many you
    encounter and how many eggs they yield is highly variable. I have gotten 1 and I
    have gotten 8-it varies greatly; but, rest assured, they won’t be in short
    supply as you head out into Zombieland.
    Use your shotgun on the swift flyers that will sometimes seem to come out of
    nowhere in the ominous landscape. Melee strikes are extremely effective against
    them as they make repeated strikes.  However many of the required 25 eggs you
    acquire during this encounter, the remainder will come when Corpse Eaters attack
    and drop eggs as you progress through the early missions. Turn the Eggs in at
    the Jakobs Cove Bounty Board when you get all 25.
    Make MISSING: HANK REISS your active mission. The next waypoint is far to the
    north out in Zombieland.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    NOTE: When you kill a Zombie with a “headshot” you will usually have the
    opportunity to collect a Zombie brain. Leave them lay for now. They will remain
    available for collection until you re-start or quit the game; and, for now, you
    have no use for them. You soon will and they will be available when you do.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Go left or east up the hill past the Infirmary below. As you begin the loop east
    and then bear north toward the waypoint, you will encounter Zombies, Torso
    Zombies and Defilers just beyond the road sign. Stay on the higher ground and
    snipe them as they appear. Some of them will just come up out of the ground. You
    can, if patient, bag more than 15 without leaving the high ground.
    If they get close, a potent, fast-firing shotgun or a multi-projectile masher
    revolver is excellent against them. Hitting them high, in the head, will cause
    the Zombies brain to pop-out. Don’t pick them up-yet. An incendiary SMG is also
    an excellent weapon-a Combustion Hellfire, for example, is deadly to the undead
    in any situation.
    When the procession of the undead stops, take either path, left down through the
    water or to the right over the small bridge, taking out any latecomers in your
    ECHO recording number 5 is located near the big metal barrier on the east side
    of the Jakobs Cove map. As you move toward the active waypoint, you can collect
    it now or take it in its turn. It is definitely not an optimistic recording this
    time. The contagion is raging in the land and the undead are hungry for tasty
    flesh. Hank has volunteered to be a guinea pig for Dr. Ned’s “antidote”-uh-oh!
    If you don’t get ECHO recording number 5 now, however, you will not be able to
    turn in the completed mission during your next trip into Jakobs Cove.
    Continue northward along the pathway and you will see ECHO recording number 2
    dead ahead as you pass the shack on your left. It’s in a small boat in a scummy
    Zombie infested pool of water. Half a dozen Zombies will need killin’-or
    whatever you do to the already dead-prior to reaching the still upbeat Hank
    Reiss ECHO recording. He regrets cutting down the amazing trees but loves the
    funny hat that his daughter gave him. The work is hard, but all is still well.
    Watch out for the crawling Torso Zombies here. They can easily disappear from
    view in the water and emerge near you.
    Head southeast past the Hallow’s End portal toward the next waypoint for
    recording number 3. Angle for the narrow passage indicated on your map northwest
    of the waypoint. As you emerge from the rocky passage you will see the recording
    near a shack at the bottom of the hill. Have your shotgun equipped. Corpse
    Eaters will attack here and you will acquire many or all of the necessary 25
    eggs at this time. You may have to announce your presence by firing at the
    perched or flying Corpse Eaters to get them coming.
    Go to the waypoint for the less than optimistic recording number 3. Workers are
    falling sick at the mill. This is strange since Dr. Ned has just given them a
    clean bill of health and a “vitamin,” as well.
    The next waypoint is back in Jakobs Cove. Trek west into the town. Most of the
    undead are again up and about so take them down on your way, or just sprint
    past, taking out any in your direct path.
    If you haven’t killed them all, the Corpse Eaters may lurk near the Infirmary,
    so get the rest of the eggs if they are needed. Recording number 4 is on the
    tall wooden platform near the center of the town near the broken weapons vendor.
    Hank now has only three more weeks before he can leave, but now the dead are
    walking all around. He isn’t optimistic at all, but he still believes in Dr. Ned
    even though many doubt the Doctor’s dealings in this matter.
    Turn in EGGCELLENT OPPORTUNIY and MISSING: HANK REISS at the nearby Bounty
    Board. No new missions are offered at this time.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    NOTE: If you didn’t get the fifth recording you will have to pick it up and turn
    in MISSING: HANK REISS at a later time.
    - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You now have two available missions. Both are in Hallow’s End. Select
    PUMPKINHEAD and head for the waypoint to the northeast of town.
    <o005>PUMPKINHEAD, variable XP, cash and a sniper rifle
    Mission: Patricia Tannis is curious about a legendary creature that she calls
    Bob but whom the locals call Pumpkinhead. It only seems to appear when pumpkins
    are carved into creepy faces by the locals and lit with candles. She would like
    you to prove or disprove the legend and she will pay for it. I guess she doesn’t
    recall “that scientists don’t chase myths and legends.”
    With the northern route out of Jakobs Cove still blockaded, go out of the south
    gate and then east toward the waypoint-the portal for Hallow’s End. As always
    some of the Zombies will again be up and around as you make your way to the
    After you enter Hallow’s End, begin the long trek southward and be aware that
    there will be 70 or more Zombies to deal with before you get to Pumpkinhead’s
    lair. You will soon be in need of Zombie brains, so taking out as many Zombies
    as possible by targeting their heads is advised-just don’t pick them up-leave
    themm lay for future needs. A potent, fast-firing conventional shotgun with a
    large magazine is a good choice for this crude brain surgery. Machine guns and
    revolvers, especially masher revolvers are also quite good. Incendiaries kill
    Zombies very well, but if they burn down-no brain-and the elemental plume makes
    head targeting more difficult. If you get overwhelmed don’t worry about brains,
    but when possible try for those head shots.
    The first 15 or so Zombies will greet you as you travel west from the portal,
    and as you turn south more undead-whichever way you choose to go. You will
    notice a passage to the south on your map, one without the white outlining. It
    is north and a bit east of the waypoint indicated on your map. That is where you
    need to go.
    Head toward the elevated lit pumpkin head, veering right near the New-U pole.
    There is a lot of Zombies in this area, but they come in from both sides in nice
    shoot able groups. You will also encounter several Suicide Zombies in this area,
    probably for the first time. Target the explosive barrel they carry and back
    away or shoot the barrels if they throw them at you. Be aware that the Suicide
    Zombies will also explode when they are hit or when they get close to you-so
    back away a bit before you pop the big fellas when they make that suicide run at
    Go west past the elevated lit pumpkinhead, up the hill and then curl east and
    then south into the tunnel-like passage. This area is also a Zombie haven so be
    prepared for about 15 more, including Suicide Zombies and the pesky Midgets. If
    you cleared the prior area your six will be clear. You can snipe many of them
    from the north end of the tunnel. Grenades, especially incendiaries, are also
    extremely effective in the narrow corridor. Another small group will greet you
    as you exit the passage.
    Continue past the New-U pole, through the gate and into the ramshackle town of
    Hallow’s End, looping to the northwest toward the lair of the legendary
    Pumpkinhead. As you infiltrate the town, the local lunch club will put you on
    menu-another 15 or so hungry Zombies. The Zombies will be a mix of the various
    types with Suicide Zombies possible and they will come in from all directions
    including down-from underground.
    It is also possible that you can encounter your first Loot Goon in this area.
    Loot Goons are large and rather tough but once they are down, you can raid the
    RED CHEST it carries on its back. The loot he carries will be adjusted to your
    level and can be quite good. Incendiary fire is excellent against Loot Goons. A
    Badass Tankenstein will also make an appearance somewhere in the Hallow’ End map
    area. When encountering either of these tough Zombies, do not stand against
    them. Shoot and move away, using whatever cover is available to play cat-and-
    mouse. An incendiary SMG will allow you to do this, with the Zombie burning down
    as you move into and out of cover, hitting him again and again. High areas are
    also very good for taking on the tougher Zombies. Rocky ledges and rooftops are
    good places to take them on; hit them and then jump down, putting the obstacle
    between you and your opponent when pressured.
    With all of the opposition down, go into the pumpkin patch, taking note of the
    sinister cave-like opening in the cliffs at the rear of the patch. Light the two
    pumpkins and then sprint toward the entrance. Turn to pummel Pumpkinhead with
    your weapon of choice. A rapid-firing conventional or explosive SMG is the best
    weapon for this kill, since Pumpkinhead has good resistance to all of the other
    elemental types. If given the chance he will come at you, throwing flaming
    bursting pumpkinheads, but he will sometimes fall when you administer
    significant damage. He will occasionally broadcast a ring of fire as well. Just
    retreat when he comes toward you and try for headshots to maximize the damage.
    Your main concern is that some stray Zombies will harass you, delaying the
    demise of the Legend. If you get far enough away from Pumpkinhead, he seems to
    lose sight of you. If this happens a good conventional or explosive sniper rifle
    will quickly dispose of him if you target his head. You can also duck into the
    vending machine shack near the entrance of the pumpkin patch.
    With Pumpkinhead down and the area cleared, consult your map. You will see a
    lobe of land in the extreme southwest part of your map, directly south of the
    pumpkin patch. Head that way, reducing the town’s population by another 15 or
    so. Leave those brains lay where they fall. Head into that lobe of land and
    approach the house, which says, “Fyrestone.” After the brief cutscene, go onto
    the porch and pick up TK Baha’s prosthetic leg. TK LIVES! is now your active
    mission. Go find him.
    <o006>TK LIVES!, variable XP
    Mission: TK lives-well sort of. Maybe that exclamation point should be a giant
    question mark. At any rate, he is positively obsessed with Zombie brains, raving
    on and on about those tasty delicacies. Try to ease his pain, because he is
    truly painful to see and hear-but very humorous as well.
    Enter the house and interact with TK to complete TK LIVES! BRAINS will now
    become your mission.
    <o007>BRAINS, variable XP and cash
    Mission: TK simply must have some Zombie brains-his hankerin’ is bone-deep and
    your gonna help out your old acquaintance, sho’nuff. You just gotta get him 10
    Zombie brains to appease his craving.
    TK’s has an all-consuming obsession for brains. He will begin his brain chant
    after you enter his abode, “pickled brains, oiled brains, oil-em mashed-em put-
    em-in-a-stew, kosher brains, brain fondue, stir-fried brains, Rawwwww brains,
    brains-on-a-stick . . .heh,heh,heh” TK’s brain chant is one of the things that
    makes this add-on so great-lotsa’ dark, sick but still light-hearted humor.
    Go back into Hallow’s End and harvest the required 10 rotten, maggot-ridden
    brains for TK. Take out more of the re-spawning Zombies if need be. Return with
    the 10 to a raving TK. “brain soup, brain tacos, brains-a-la-mode, brains-n-
    cream, brain filled donuts, brains over easy, scrambled brains, poached brains,
    brains Benedict. . .heh, heh, heh!” Interacting with TK completes BRAINS, but it
    just ain’t enough. He needs more, 25 to be precise and BRAAAINS is activated.
    Oh, I forgot to mention TK will puke up a weapon or mod for you if you stick
    around while he dines and then upchucks.
    <o008>BRAAAINS, variable XP and cash
    Mission: TK’s hunger for brains is raging-he must have 25 more.
    Go back to Hallow’s End for the 25. Harvest however many you can from your
    previous encounters and take out the re-spawning undead when they appear. The
    hilltop cemetery to the east, just east of the central vendors and near the New-
    U pole, can yield up to 8 kills a SILVER CHEST and a pair of ammo chests as
    well. If you come up short, go north and collect them there, killing as many re-
    spawned Zombies as needed to get the 25. Get back to TK to complete BRAAAINS,
    but he just can’t be satisfied. He now needs 50 brains.
    <o009>BRAAAAAAINS, variable XP and cash.
    Mission: TK’s hunger grows even more urgent. You just gotta find him more
    Now 50 brains is a tall order and you can do it, but it’s now time to head back
    north. You can return to TK later with the 50; but, be forewarned, his hunger
    knows no bounds. Make HOUSE OF THE NED your active mission and start north.
    <m010>HOUSE OF THE NED, variable XP
    Mission: Dr. Ned says, Screw this Im’a hiding in my place down to the bayou and
    its best anyone liking to stay above ground, and among the living, best stay
    There is a RED CHEST behind the building just northeast of the pumpkin patch.
    The building will display a medical cross on your map. Before you can reach the
    weapons chest, however, a dozen crawling Torso’s will come up out of the ground
    of the cemetery and they can be easily harvested for TK.
    Afterward trek north along the westernmost corridor and jump down into the area
    below. Veer east toward the narrow central corridor and continue to harvest the
    brains that you let lay on your way in. Continue the carnage on the ever present
    undead. There will be about 15 of them as you veer east near the lit
    A short side trip to the southern cliff face will yield a SILVER CHEST, which
    sits on the elevated platform, and another dozen Zombies. Continue north staying
    in the east corridor as you go north. Pockets of Zombies will greet you all
    along the way, perhaps as many as 30 with Suicide zombies among them. As you
    enter the covered bridge another wave of a dozen will meet you including several
    Suicide Zombies. Use grenades on groups and watch your back. A half dozen will
    come in behind you.
    If you haven’t encountered the Loot Goon or the Badass Tankenstein, you will
    likely do so somewhere in this area.
    As you near the waypoint, Ned’s abode, the elevator call box will be visible
    through the open gate, but another 12 to 15 undead will block your path.
    Eliminate this first bunch and then hit the button to call for the elevator.
    If you didn’t know better you’d think Ned was trying to stall while wave after
    wave of skull munchers come at you from the opposite end of the compound. He
    claims to be having trouble with the elevator. No urgency from Dr. Ned, all he
    can offer is “Don’t act like you’ve never had to wait on a hand-cranked elevator
    during a Zombie attack before!”
    Stay near the elevator as the battle begins, keeping your back to the wall to
    minimize the attack angles of the Zombies. Most of the Zombies will pour in from
    the opposite side of the area. Greet them with grenades and make liberal use of
    your action skill. If things get too “friendly” sprint out the gate and use the
    bridge’s narrow confines to help you manage the horde.
    If you’re playing as Roland the Scorpio turret is a lifesaver and Brick going
    berserk works well against the horde at close quarters as well. Mordecai’s
    Bloodwing, if upgraded to attack multiple enemies, is also excellent. Lilith can
    simply run toward the bridge when in trouble and use its narrow confines to
    pummel anything following. This is one time when going for those brain-popping
    headshots isn’t always the first option. Time, not kills, is what you need. The
    elevator will arrive in a preset amount of time.
    If things get too hectic or if a Badass Tankenstein makes things even more
    interesting sprint out the gate, back out toward the bridge to give yourself
    some space. The large boulder near the gate is also good for playing cat-and-
    mouse with these tough Zombies, if other types don’t accompany him.
    Once the Zombie onslaught is over or the elevator finally arrives, scavenge the
    grounds for any needed pick-ups. This can obviously only be done easily if you
    have cleared the entire compound before the elevator arrives and it can arrive
    well before the opposition is put to sleep. When you get to the top use a sniper
    rifle or rocket launcher on anything “living” below.
    Use the elevator and then skirt around the building to make the acquaintance of
    the unfathomable Dr. Ned. Dr. Ned will admit that he created the problem, but he
    claims it wasn’t done on purpose-he’s a doctor, after all, and wants only to
    help people. Are you buying it? Interact with him to complete the mission: THE
    HOUSE OF NED and to get the mission: THERE MAY BE SOME SIDE EFFECTS.
    Take the elevator down and then go north out of Dr. Ned’s hideaway. Jump down
    into the now empty compound below. Raid the RED CHEST and the ammo chests.
    Harvest the half dozen Zombies in the watery area to the north. If you’re even
    halfway to the 50 brains needed for TK, head south, killing Zombies, if needed,
    to get the 50. Let any extras lay-may well be you may be needin’ em.
    Interact with TK to complete BRAAAAAAINS and, with brains on his brain, he will
    give you the mission: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS.
    <o011>BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS, variable XP and cash
    Mission: Will even a hundred Zombie brains be enough-don’t bet on it. Anyway,
    ole TK now wants a hundred brains and you being the faithful comrade will surely
    fetch em for im’.
    Mission: Dr. Ned was testing an antidote based on skag DNA, but the sample is up
    near Generally Hospital. Get the sample and take it to Dr. Ned’s Claptrap in
    Jakobs Cove.
    With the mission THERE MAY BE SIDE EFFECTS active go north toward the waypoint,
    which is the portal to Jakobs Cove. Temporarily ignore Claptrap’s announcement
    of new bounties. Enter Jakobs Cove and go south, taking out any Zombies you
    encounter, and then move up the slope and enter the narrow passage going east.
    As you exit, the pesky red-eyed Corpse Eaters will patrol the area, mostly
    flying over the water. If you remain in the shelter of the passages exit and
    fire at them, they will usually swirl in at you, allowing you some decent shots
    at the elusive flyers. Use melee strikes when they repeatedly strike at you.
    Continue to the waypoint to find the spooky entrance to Generally Hospital. The
    tombstone will slide aside and you can enter the Zombie laden approach to
    Generally Hospital.
    As you exit the grotto you will see numerous Zombies and they will infest the
    winding pathway all the way to the Hospital. You can take out about 20 undead
    before leaving the grotto area using a good sniper rifle. Having a little
    patience by holding your position on the high ground as the horde slowly comes
    to you will make this ordeal much more doable than charging in and becoming
    Continue the brain harvest but don’t get overwhelmed by letting them get too
    close. Once again Roland’s Scorpio Turret can be very useful here as can Brick’s
    berserker state. Mordecai’s Bloodwing can be extremely useful if you have
    upgraded the “Bird of Prey” skill as well. There are a lot of Zombies of various
    types here.
    Once this first bunch is down, another group of 8 or 10 will say hello on the
    second turn with some of them coming from behind you. Both Suicide Zombies and a
    Badass Tankenstein will appear near the hospital so be on the lookout as you
    On the next corner more Zombies, 15 or more with many coming in from behind you
    from the area you just cleared. Take your time and clear this area, using your
    action skill if the action becomes too up close and personal. Expect Suicide
    Zombies in this area.
    Ascend the stairwell of the hospital. Don’t bother with the ECHO recording
    sitting on the left side of the stairwell at this time. You will soon be
    returning to this area and you haven’t acquired those missions yet.
    Don’t exit the stairwell. Begin killing Zombies from there and if you cleared
    the lower area your six should be free of opposition. An onslaught of about a
    dozen Zombies, including several Suicide Zombies and possibly the Badass
    Tankenstein, will attack. The Zombies will come in from all sides but if they
    want a piece of you they will have to funnel into your position on or near the
    stairwell. Retreat to the lower area if needed and use your action skill and
    grenades. When all opposition is down enter the hospital grounds through the
    break in the fence on the southeast side.
    A Wereskag wearing a yellow hat-what was once Hank Reiss before Dr. Ned’s
    “cure”-will attack from atop the hospital after the cutscene. He is best dealt
    with by using a fast-firing incendiary weapon. Looks like the trusting Hank’s
    trust in Dr. Ned was not well placed.
    The “antidote” is in the dumpster on the west outside wall of the hospital. Raid
    the RED CHEST on the front porch of the Hospital before departing.
    The return trip to the Jakobs Cove portal will likely be against light
    opposition as only a few of the Zombies may have re-animated. You will likely
    encounter more Corpse Eaters as you renter Jakobs Cove, and a few Zombies will
    lurk as you exit the tunnel, but you can usually sprint past them or you can re-
    kill em’ again.
    Return to the Jakobs Cove Bounty Board and turn in THERE MAY BE SOME SIDE
    EFFECTS to the trussed up Claptrap near the Bounty Board. The Claptrap will go
    on and on about Dr. Ned, hinting at his treacherous nature-but he’s only joking.
    After his tirade he will give you the mission: SECRETS AND MYSTERIES upon
    The Claptrap announces that new missions are available at the Bounty Board:
    mission PUMPKINHEAD as well.
    <o013>THE PACK, variable XP and cash
    Mission: Dr. Ned’s skag blood antidote didn’t turn the trick-big surprise. The
    antidote actually created the Wereskags who are now terrorizing the coastline
    near Generally Hospital. You’d best hunt them down before they spread the
    <o014>LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS, variable XP and cash
    Mission: A zealot, Jackie O’Callahan, working for Jakobs when the outbreak
    began, was allowed to go into the problem area to nip the undead problem before
    it got out of hand. He got nipped instead. He has disappeared and the company
    will pay for information on his status.
    Select THE PACK as your active mission and rather than taking the southern
    route, go north out of town, going up the long ramp and exiting through the now
    opened gate. Make your way back to the Generally Hospital portal and eliminate
    the Zombies in the cemetery area. Once again start up the winding path to the
    Hospital. Waste the much lighter opposition on the upper turns-unless you have
    re-started in which case it’s likely to be stiffer.
    Move quickly to the waypoint near the stairwell and grab the ECHO recording.
    Father O’Callahan talks harshly of the abomination loose in the land. “There’s a
    new kind of abomination loose in the land whose arse must be kicked, and it will
    be or my name isn’t Father Jackie O’Callahan.”
    Go back west and take the long clockwise western passage, going through the gate
    and onto the bridge. Look east from the bridge. If you spot Jackie O’Callahan,
    now an abomination himself-a Wereskag-use your sniper to put him down. A Volcano
    will accomplish this with two or three shots.
    Continue on to the lift. It will overlook the area to the east. If you didn’t
    get Jackie the first time, try to take out the unfortunate Father Jackie
    O’Callahan with your sniper rifle before you call the lift.
    Incendiary weapons-good ones at least-are deadly to the Wereskags. The Wereskags
    use jump, and melee attacks; and can, after taking damage, very quickly
    regenerate their health. Try for quick kills. Before descending have a shotgun,
    a rapid-fire machine gun and a sniper equipped, keeping in mind the
    effectiveness of incendiary weapons against their kind. Descend using the lever
    alongside to call the car and then the lever in it to get to the ground. You can
    also just jump down instead.
    A RED CHEST is found against the cliff to the elevator car’s rear. Be on the
    lookout also for a Loot Goon. One will make an appearance somewhere in the
    coastline territory.
    Begin the long clockwise loop in search of the Wereskags. Each of these four
    targets will drop an elemental artifact. If you didn’t get Jackie O’Callahan
    from the overlook he will soon come on the scene. A Combustion Hellfire, or
    other potent incendiary SMG, will make short work of him and all four of these
    coastline Wereskags.
    Before heading east look to the sky. You can drastically reduce the steady
    harassment from the air by targeting any skeletal Skeleraaks you see. They will
    come in flocks of four or five and the pestiferous Corpse Eaters will join them.
    Hold your ground and eliminate as many of the flyers as possible. Mordecai’s
    Bloodwing, if upgraded for multiple targets, is excellent against them as they
    close in on you. Remember to use melee strikes as the Corpse Eaters make
    multiple hits on each pass.
    Near the first elevated house you will encounter the vivid blue Whiskey Wesley.
    Take him down with incendiary fire and get the artifact he drops. A few Corpse
    Eaters may again wheel in to attack. Keep an eye on the sky. Check out the
    SILVER CHEST on the elevated platform of the next house.
    Continue past the next house and Red Jack will come under your guns. Red Jack is
    reddish but that doesn’t make him impervious to incendiary fire. He is usually
    down closer to the shoreline, but he will quickly charge at you.
    Continue eastward and, near the stranded boat on the beach, Bigfoot, the last of
    the four Wereskags, will roam. Take him out with incendiary fire when he
    charges. Expect another flight or two of Skeleraaks near Bigfoots resting place.
    Swap your mission to LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS and continue south, past the
    boat and then pass through the gate under the rock arch. If you haven’t
    encountered the Loot Goon, expect him in this area. Continue south to the
    waypoint beyond the rock face. Enter the grotto. Father Jackie O’Callahan’s ECHO
    recording-the Zealot-is found in the grotto. He is on his way to becoming the
    Wereskag that you so recently put out of its misery. Hank nicked him in the neck
    near the hospital and his whisky flask, she be empty. “Boyo I hope I last the
    night,” and overhead she be a full moon.
    Head northwest past the Generally Hospital billboard and make a stand at the
    metal gate. About a dozen Zombies, including Suicide Zombies, will come at you.
    Its been a spell since we visited TK and I’ll bet his craving for brains is
    worse than ever, You probably have most of the 100 so select BRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS
    and head for Hallow’s End to the north.
    Make your way back to TK. The opposition-if you haven’t re-started-seems a bit
    lighter. Maybe, just maybe, a Zombie who’s lost his brain can’t re-animate like
    his, ugh, more fortunate comrades. Interact with TK to complete BRAAAAAAAAAAAINS
    and TK now makes the mission BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS available. It’s for 250
    brains and while a tall order it’s not “Mission Impossible.”
    <o015>BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS, variable XP and cash
    Mission: TK needs a metric butt-ton of brains and this time that means 250.
    Head back north. Enter Jakobs Cove and make your way through the Zombies into
    town. Turn in LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS and THE PACK at the Bounty Board.
    Accept the new mission: HERE WE GO AGAIN. This new mission, however, cannot be
    done until A BRIDGE TO NED is available allowing you access to the Lumber Yard.
    <m016>SECRETS AND MYSTERIES, variable XP
    Mission: Go to Dead Haven and locate Dr. Ned’s Lab. Play detective for Jakobs
    Corporation and determine if Dr. Ned is the guy who he claims he is.
    Select SECRETS AND MYSTERIES as your active mission and go south of town, up the
    hill, past the re-animated Zombies, and through the tunnel. Turn west to the
    waypoint on the boat dock. Enter the much-changed town of Dead Haven, formerly
    Old Haven. Go north up the stairs and then east to the elevator. Go up and out
    into the dry canal.
    You will find much changed. Familiar paths are barricaded, streets closed and
    the Crimson Lance are now among the undead, preferring tooth and claw to
    weapons, but they can still deploy the occasional Scorpio Turret against you-so
    be aware. And there are a ton of them and a ton of non-Lance undead as well
    infesting every ominous nook and cranny of the town of the undead.
    Go up the stairwell. Look north through the opening and be prepared for a wave
    of about 15 undead Lance and Zombies. Roland and Mordecai have an advantage in
    this battle that will usually get to close quarters in the cramped area. Both
    the Scorpio Turret and the Bloodwing can target multiple enemies and Brick can
    Berserk when besieged. The Lance may deploy their red Scorpio Turrets, so be
    Go north after the battle and turn into the first alley on the left. Go up the
    stairwell and leap onto the roof where you found the Claptrap repair kit during
    your earlier foray into Old Haven in the parent game. If you do this quickly the
    enemy will not reach the alleyway fast enough to challenge you. The SILVER CHEST
    is also still up there.
    Use your rooftop perch to clear the alleyway and then the area to the north. You
    will normally encounter at least one Badass Tankenstein here. Their charging
    melee tactics cannot hurt you on the roof but watch out for the explosive
    barrels they will hurl up at you. Don’t be in a hurry to vacate the relative
    safety of this rooftop. Additional Lance and Zombies will keep coming and
    Suicide Zombies will join the fray and hurl their explosive barrels. About
    three-dozen undead will meet their “maker” here-ugh, Dr. Ned-well, lets just say
    they go down here.
    The RED CHEST on the roof to the northwest of your position is still there, but
    must be accessed differently since the roof is barricaded and barb-wired. Access
    it via the round blue contrivance with a crank on top. There are two of them on
    the east side of the target roof. Use the north one and avoid hitting the
    overhang on your right or you won’t gain the roof. This can be a very
    frustrating jump.
    When the opposition wanes, head north and bear slightly east toward the
    waypoint. The glowing green doorway leading down into Dr. Ned’s lab will come
    into view. Go down the stairs and into the lab to complete the objective “Lab
    Select ITS ALIVE and pick up the two ECHO recordings there in the Lab. One is on
    a table on the west wall near a corpse and the other in a bookcase on the east
    wall. SECRETS AND MYSTERIES is completed when you pick up the second recording
    and JAKOBS FODDER is offered-accept it.
    The two ECHO recordings refer to Dr. Ned’s assistants “popcorn” Bill and Bill’s
    less than stellar replacement Frank, who just doesn’t have a big enough
    hunchback for Dr. Ned’s liking. But Ned’s got an idea. There are body parts from
    both left over from their encounters with the local undead. Maybe there is
    something he can do. Dr. Ned is now doing evil for profit and for fun and he
    seems quite proud of it, but he kind of misses Bill. Good old Bill whose bones
    are being crapped out by one of Ned’s creations even as he makes the recording.
    Jakobs Corporation, as insensitive and two-faced as it is, is not a willing
    partner of this Zombie mess, but they sure want to get it behind them by
    cleaning up the mess. Popcorn poppin’ and toenail clippings and Zombie parts and
    reanimated lab assistants are in the mix and are recorded for all to hear. Proof
    enough of Dr. Ned’s intentions.
    <mo17>JAKOBS FODDER, variable XP and cash
    Mission: Well Ned’s involvement with the Zombie outbreak is now crystal clear
    and you must now contact Jakobs to let them deal with it. Find the
    communications array to contact them.
    <o018>ITS ALIVE, variable XP and cash and an SMG
    Mission: Frank Igorski-he with the small hunchback-has been contracted to work
    for the Jakob’s Corporation, but he has disappeared. His company has terminated
    his employment but he has also been terminated in a more meaningful way. No
    severance pay for Frank. Find information about him while in Dead Haven.
    Make JAKOB’S FODDER your active mission and pick-up the two ECHO recordings in
    the lab. The first is on the west side on a countertop and the second is on a
    windowsill on the east side. Dr. Ned isn’t concerned about the survival of his
    species and he certainly doesn’t make popcorn when other people are trying to
    work at promoting the undead’s survival. “Am I mad-probably, but at least I
    don’t make popcorn when other people are trying to work!”
    Exit the lab and begin the trek to the communication array to the southwest. You
    may meet some resistance just outside the lab. (See the NOTE below for an
    alternate route) There is a break in the barrier just north of the Lab’s exit.
    Snipe any lurking hostiles in the dusty gloom ahead and then move through the
    opening. A steady stream of Zombies will come to your position, allowing you to
    continue TK’s brain harvest. There will be about 15 or so and if you have
    cleared the previous area you won’t have to watch your back. Several Suicide
    Zombies and turret-deploying Lance will be among their ranks.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You can actually skip battling most of these Zombies by backtracking from
    Dr. Ned’s lab to where you found the RED CHEST and jumping down from the roof on
    the West side. This will put you just a short distance from the stairwell to the
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Continue north to get around the obstacles and structures and then curl back to
    the south near the three ammo chests. As you make the turn south, a dozen
    Zombies will come calling and here you will probably be hit by a few from the
    rear as well. Work your way south and cut west toward the objective.
    When the stairwell on the east side of the target building comes into view, you
    will be besieged by a stream of Zombies, which will include Suicide Zombies and
    probably a Loot Goon. There will be at least a dozen of them. Mount the
    stairwell, raid the SILVER CHEST on the rooftop and take the stairwell on the
    north side of that roof to get to the array. Interact with the communication
    array to send a message to Jakobs Corporation. It will take a brief time for the
    message to transmit and afterward you must again interact with the console to
    complete the mission and to get the mission: HITCHING A RIDE.
    Seems like you’re now somehow obligated to Jakobs Corporation-like it or not,
    and they don’t fire people, they just kill them. The Corporation will now send
    you a shuttle to get you back to Jakobs Cove to continue your pursuit of the now
    nefarious Dr. Ned. Before departing Dead Haven, however, re-select ITS ALIVE to
    generate a waypoint to the north of the array.
    Jump down from the roof and move north toward the objective. The green glow of
    the objective will be plainly visible ahead. Take the ECHO recording and you
    will find that, surprise, surprise, Franken Bill is a mix of both Frank and
    Bill, thus Franken Bill of whom Dr. Ned, the best evil scientist ever, is rather
    As the recording plays, however, Franken Bill, the now enormous former lab
    colleagues of Dr. Ned, will erupt from underground and come at you, using
    powerful charge, melee and shock attacks. Several other Zombies will also be in
    the area. Move away from the attacks and hammer Franken Bill. Once again
    incendiary attacks are extremely effective. Move and shoot. If you use the
    obstacles to hide behind Franken Bill will sometimes lose sight of you. He will
    be down in no time.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Note: The RED and SILVER CHESTS on the rooftops to the east of the vending
    machines in the northwest side of town are still there. They can be found by
    taking the first alley behind the first row of structures leading from the
    parent games entry into Old Haven. Take that first alley going west, jump onto
    the blue refuse container, curl to the east and raid the SILVER CHEST. Jump to
    the roof to the west and go up the stairs. Go right at the head of the stairs
    and jump the gap to the structure to the north. Follow the catwalk around to the
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Select HITCHING A RIDE and head south through the center of town. This will take
    you past the stairwell you used to get to the array. This will put you directly
    north of the shuttles landing spot.
    <m019>HITCHING A RIDE, variable XP, cash and a revolver
    Mission: Like it or not you’re in the employ of Jakobs Corporation and they are
    going to send a shuttle to take you back to Jakobs Cove to meet their
    representative. Dealing with Dr. Ned will be your goal but first you must send
    the signal to summon the shuttle to return you to Jakobs Cove.
    As you go south pockets of Zombies will come at you, mostly from the south, but
    again some will come from behind. Expect Suicide Zombies to be among them. Go
    west at the canal and raid the SILVER CHEST in the building where you got the
    Claptrap repair mission in the parent game. Naturally about 10 Zombies will
    object to your presence.
    Go south from there and cut across the walkway and raid the RED CHEST under the
    catwalk. The signal device is on the concrete pedestal nearby. Activate it and
    be prepared for the onslaught of numerous mixed Zombies. There will be no
    Suicide Zombies or Badass Tankensteins in this group.
    You will have to catch the shuttle, which will be accessed via the catwalk on
    the front of the building to the south. That catwalk is a decent place to face
    the horde since they can generally come from only two directions, but you can
    easily become overwhelmed there. The larger area below is the better choice.
    After the message from Jakobs, make your stand on the east end of the area. Make
    liberal use of your action skill and of your grenades. Both the Scorpio Turret
    and Bloodwing excel in this battle.
    The pleasant voice of the Jakobs representative is very contrite about the
    numerous delays that allow about three-dozen Zombies to make your prolonged wait
    interesting. She is apologetic and hopes you weren’t too inconvenienced by the
    repeated delays. When “survived” is achieved the onslaught will stop. Clean up
    any stragglers as you scavenge the area and then go up the stairs and across the
    catwalk to board the shuttle on the west end.
    The local Jakobs Corporation Claptrap executes Dr. Ned’s trussed up Claptrap as
    you approach the Bounty Board and he informs you that you need perform only a
    single premeditated murder to purge the Jakobs Corporation of their greatest
    liability-Dr. Ned; and there is biscuits and gravy in it for you. Interact with
    Claptrap to complete HITCHING A RIDE and he will give you the mission: A BRIDGE
    TO NED and a device for lowering the bridge.
    Turn in ITS ALIVE at the Bounty Board and accept the new mission: UPSALE. Make
    UPSALE your active mission and head to the waypoint south of town.
    <o020>UPSALE, variable XP and cash
    Mission: One of the Jakobs vending machines is broken and before setting out to
    find Dr. Ned, they would like you to fix it.
    The power coupling is in a rowboat just south of the town’s southern gate. The
    broken vendor is on the upper platform of the south structure. Interact with it
    to complete the repair. Turn it in at the Bounty Board to complete the mission.
    Select A BRIDGE TO NED and take the northern route out of town. Take out the
    Zombies below, jump down and move north toward the objective. Both A BRIDGE TO
    NED and HERE WE GO AGAIN will now be pursued concurrently.
    <m021>A BRIDGE TO NED, variable XP and cash
    Mission:  Dr. Ned is the target but you must first lower the bridge to get
    access to the lumber mill.
    <o022>HERE WE GO AGAIN, variable XP and cash
    Mission: Four other mercenaries have disappeared searching for the cause of the
    Zombie infestation and Jakobs Corporation would like you to get information on
    what happened to them on the lumber mill property.
    The short path north will have about 10 Zombies, possibly including Suicide
    Zombies to deal with. Remember TK and keep after those brains. Enter the Lumber
    Yard. Go west down the hill and after Dr. Ned tries to intimidate you, listen to
    Harry’s ECHO recording near the abandoned bus at the bottom of the hill.
    Begin sniping the milling Zombies in the roadway to the northwest. Look between
    the bus and the rock face to locate them. When the visible ones are down, jump
    onto the roof of the bus, using the partially fallen vending machine. Zombies
    will soon pour over the rocks to your left and additional Zombies will appear
    farther down near the vending structure. Clear the 15 or so undead out. This
    elevated position is a good place to put a rocket launcher to use. You can also
    take out whole groups with a single grenade if they gather together.
    Enter the long straightaway and proceed northwest when all of the hostiles are
    down. Another wave of 10 to 12 Zombies will require your attention as you
    advance toward the structure with the vending machine. Many of them will come up
    out of the ground. There is a SILVER CHEST on that buildings north side.
    As you progress northeast a horde of Zombies will come down the hill in ragged
    groups with sprinting Psychos leading the way and several Suicide Zombies
    following. Another dozen or so will flood in from behind from near the vending
    structure. Standing your ground here is tough since the Psychos are quickly on
    top of you and the dangerous Suicide Zombies are just behind; and the Zombies
    from behind are also closing. The easiest course is to retreat back toward the
    bus, giving ground while fending off the horde. Contact or other types of
    explosive or incendiary grenades can also do wonders on the groups in pursuit.
    Continue northeast, eliminating any undead lurking on the slope. As you crest
    the hill, near the New-U pole, a Suicide Zombie or two may appear and there is a
    group of 7 or 8 mixed Zombies in the pool of water below.
    The first of the ECHO recordings for HERE WE GO AGAIN is in an alcove on the
    side of the path just beyond. Joe Gamerski, the moron, has a problem that has
    oftentimes plagued gamers and bounty hunters alike. Waypoints leading where-
    seemingly, to nowhere or even into the side of a mountain. Is there a secret
    passage-digital bearing modules-phooey! It costs him his life-well maybe
    temporarily anyway.
    Continue the clockwise loop, and, a bit farther along, 6 or more mixed Zombies
    will need killing. The commotion will draw in many more from the south-sprinting
    Psycho Zombies in several small groups.
    Near the bridge a small encampment of 6 will need killing. A well-placed grenade
    thrown before the Zombies spread out can take them all out. This will produce a
    stream of a dozen or more coming across the bridge and a few may come up out of
    the ground near the tented area.
    Cross the bridge and continue north up the hill and then cross the two bridges.
    Dr. Ned, on ECHO, will offer you some brownies and is curious about whether
    Zombies favor them. At the New-U pole a half-dozen Zombies will lurk. As you top
    the rise a cutting machine is visible and about 15 or more Zombies will come at
    you in ragged groups. The area is open and large. Just keep moving and they are
    easily defeated.
    On the left or west side of the bridge there is an ECHO recording. Harry, the
    Newb, is hiding in a barrel. He has come to the realization that the Zombies
    aren’t wearing masks like in the movies they are real and he is mighty scared.
    He tells “skaggy” that they will never look in his hiding place-a barrel. Good
    luck with that ploy, Harry!
    Stock up on ammo at the ammo crates, and then swap to the mission: A BRIDGE TO
    NED. Activate the bridge-lowering device near the bridge’s entrance. It will
    slowly descend and you will now have to survive the onslaught of over three-
    dozen mixed Zombies, with several Suicide Zombies and two Badass Tankensteins
    arriving after the initial waves.
    As Roland or Mordecai you can make a successful stand near the entrance,
    providing you have a really good shotgun. Use incendiary fire and grenades on
    groups and to wear down the Badass Tankensteins. As the other characters it is
    better to utilize the large area to hit and run, keeping distance between
    yourself and the horde. If pressed as any of the characters, utilize the large
    area to advantage, especially when the big guys enter the fray.
    When the onslaught is over or when the bridge has fully descended, interact with
    the glowing green gate to complete A BRIDGE TO NED and to have access to the
    bridge. Scavenge the area. NIGHT OF THE LIVING NED is now given as A BRIDGE TO
    NED is completed.
    <m023>NIGHT OF THE LIVING NED, variable XP and cash
    Mission: Locate Dr. Ned and eliminate him for the Jakobs Corporation.
    Make HERE WE GO AGAIN your active mission and continue north across the bridge.
    Just past the bus there will be a half dozen Zombies with a Loot Goon possible
    somewhere in this area as well. You can jump onto the roof of the bus to give
    you a better sniping position. Use the red barrel to gain the roof.
    Another group of about 15 Zombies will appear a little farther along and five
    Wereskags will charge near where the pathway narrows before it doglegs to the
    northeast. Use incendiary fire on the Wereskags.
    As the cutting machine comes into view, a pocket of about 8 Zombies will come up
    the hill and as you approach the bridge another group of 6 or more. Dr. Ned
    pushes home the fact that your Zombiecide is mostly for naught. He will just use
    his “mojo” to bring them back upright, so what’s the use?
    Take the Wuss ECHO recording from near the pumpkinhead near the bridge. Dirk
    Smallwood is full of himself and thinks this Zombie thing is a piece of cake-
    dude-I think he was wrong.
    Move onto the narrow bridge leading into the Mill structures. Be prepared for a
    Badass Tankenstein and for Dr. Ned’s brash threats as you advance. Stay well
    back and snipe the Badass Tankenstein. The other Zombies don’t seem to attack
    while it is active. Once the Badass Tankenstein is down and Ned’s communiqué is
    over, you will be beset by over three dozen Zombies, including Suicide Zombies.
    As the first wave attacks from the front, a large wave will come at you from the
    rear as well. Toss a grenade toward the front to slow the advance and then turn
    to the rear. Toss a grenade or two into the Zombies entering the bridge from the
    rear and then clear them out. There will be 10 or more but when they are down
    you can easily cope with the Zombies in the narrow confines of the bridge as
    they come at you. Watch for a Suicide Zombie or two.
    Continue on and an easily managed group of 10 or so will attempt to block the
    way. These guys just file in spaced out begging for headshots. Put em on TKs
    Five Wereskags will attack as you pass through the area with the log piles.
    These wereskags aren’t particularly tough, but they will close on you rather
    quickly. This area also has numerous small pockets of Zombies.
    On the extreme northwest side of this area, just after the overhead walkway,
    there is a defunct Claptrap on the hillside near the structure with the
    smokestacks. You will have to go farther north past the log wall and then circle
    back to the south to get to it. Accept the repair mission.
    <o024>CLAPTRAP RESCUE: THE LUMBER YARD, variable  XP and 3 inventory slots
    Mission: Another defunct Claptrap. Find the repair kit and repair it.
    The kit is on the northeast side of the area. Small groups of Zombies lurk
    nearby. A log creates an incline that you must go up to get the kit, which is
    lying alongside another log. Go northwest after getting the kit and jump off the
    log to return to Claptrap. Claptrap will activate a log conveyor and then it
    will lead you to a ramp. When you go up the ramp a RED CHEST will slide down it.
    Head east to the waypoint taking out the small pocket of Zombies. Grab the last
    ECHO recording that is found near the mill’s entrance. Jethro Shedd, the Chump,
    gets taken out ugly by his trusted but undead buddy Steve while just tryin’ to
    get a hug-don rightly seem right—yuh no.
    Enter The Mill with NIGHT OF THE LIVING NED as your active mission. Visit the
    ammo vendor, if needed, and move west into the complex, taking out the local
    Zombies as you go. There will be 2 groups of four or five. Hunt down Ned and,
    after the cutscene, take him out-he’s not that tough; but Dr. Ned being Dr. Ned
    is now undead Dr. Ned and he is much bigger and tougher than the “living” Dr.
    <m025>NED’S UNDEAD, BABY, NED’S UNDEAD, variable XP and cash
    Mission: Its time to kill the undead Ned and put a stop to this reanimation.
    NIGHT OF THE LIVING NED is completed upon Dr. Ned’s sorta death and NED’S
    UNDEAD, BABY, NEDS UNDEAD begins. Dr. Ned will briefly be visible in the low
    area ahead. After he drops out of sight take the same hole in the floor to
    pursue him. Follow through the underground maze of tunnels and drops, dropping
    down until you reach the open area where you must ugh re-kill the undead Dr.
    Use the small conical rock spire near your entry point to hammer him and move
    away when he comes to you. Undead Ned is considerably tougher than his not-dead
    self. He will use stunning melee attacks if he catches you and he can absorb
    considerable punishment before going down, but a good fast-firing conventional
    machine gun or incendiary SMG will make fairly short work of him.
    This final battle can be quite difficult on playthrough 2, since undead Ned will
    be accompanied by Suicide Zombies as well as other types. If you have to visit a
    New-U station don’t re-enter the bloody arena, stay on the ledge near the exit
    and pummel the undead Ned from there to finish the story.
    Exit the underground grotto, taking out any die-hard Zombies still lingering in
    the gloomy grotto. Leave via the Jakobs Cove portal on the far west end of the
    grotto. Make your way south, eliminating the scattered pockets of Zombies as you
    make your way to the Jakobs Cove Bounty Board. Turn in HERE WE GO AGAIN at the
    Bounty Board.
    You’re only unfinished business is with TK. If you have the 250-go see ole TK.
    If not say the hell with him or go harvest some more brains while there is still
    Zombies to harvest. With Dr. Ned dead, the undead may just stay dead-but is Ned
    actually dead? Will Ned ever be dead or will Ned stay undead, cause like he says
    he’ll just make the recently dead, like himself, undead again-if’n he ain’t
    truly dead that is; and that’s dead certain-I think.
    Get them brains or not, that’s the final question. Do it or just bid adieu to
    the Undead of Jakob’s Cove or re-visit it for a much tougher second playthrough.
    You can also pursue the undead of Jakob’s Cove shortly after beginning a new
    game. The Zombie island missions can be accessed right after you reach
    Fyrestone. The missions, however, have a difficulty level of 10 and unless
    you’re at or near that level they will be extremely challenging. If you enter
    Jakob’s Cove at level 10, with decent weapons, the missions will play out almost
    the same as if you had started after finishing the main game, except you won’t
    have mods, a good shield or an upgraded action skill.
    The action during a second playthrough is much more challenging than the first.
    Defilers, for example, who went down with a single revolver shot may take 4 or 5
    and they have a tendency to run away when wounded or when you are in need of a
    second wind. All of the Zombies are much tougher and harvesting brains for TKs
    will be a daunting task. The mission levels for Dr. Ned’s island adventure,
    however, only go to level 50, and if you have loaded the expansion pack for The
    Secret Armory of General Knoxx and you begin the Undead adventure at or near
    level 50 you will soon have your way with the undead even on playthrough 2. And
    a leveled up gamer can then more easily hold sway over the General and the Lance
    intruders. You can achieve level 54 during the Zombie campaign and can continue
    leveling up in the borderlands of Pandora.
    GameFaqs: Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned by SENIORBILL
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