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"Turned upside down"

Cover based third-person shooter games have been a dime a dozen since Epic released the first Gears of War to massive sales and critical acclaim on the Xbox 360. It seems that we get a new third-person shooter every month, each one with its own gimmick to try to make it stand out among the pack. The latest of these games is Inversion, a third-person shooter with a gravity based gameplay mechanic.

Gravity can be manipulated to make enemies float in the air or use telekinesis to move objects around the environment. At very select points throughout the campaign, there are zero-gravity segments, but they are incredibly linear as well. Sometimes there will be blue vortexes on the ground that, when stepped in them, they will cause the main character to cling to the side of the building. It's an interesting mechanic, but the fact that it is so contained and linear makes it feel less like a gameplay mechanic and more of an excuse for set-pieces.

Inversion is surprisingly polished. The character models are well created, the enemies look great, the frame rate is awesome, and there is a lot of destructibility in the environment. The environments themselves are pretty typical and bland, but that's not Inversion's biggest fault. The game technically works, even though it's a bore, but the game is a blatant ripoff of Gears of War to the point that it's shameful.

The story is that a bunch of aliens attack (FROM UNDERGROUND) and then there is a war between the people of that planet and the new alien enemies. The game is then a cover based mechanic shooter and it plays almost exactly like Gears of War, albeit with a gravity mechanic, and different characters. Or are they different characters? One of the central plot points involves one of the main characters searching endlessly for a lost loved one. Sound familiar? Well, it should, because the plot was ripped directly from Gears of War 2.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the game, but it just left me with an uneasy feeling. I feel like the developers weren't even trying to create something new or unique. The plot has been done before in the Gears of War games, the gameplay is more or less exactly like Gears of War, and if it wasn't for the incredible amount of polish in the game, Inversion would've been a complete loss. The multiplayer is actually kind of cool, but the multiplayer was dead mere days after the game launched. It's practically impossible to get into a legit multiplayer match, and not only that, but most of the time the only people playing the multiplayer are achievement boosters.

Inversion works. The game works, the mechanics are sometimes interesting, and the polish is undeniable. The fact that it is a huge ripoff of Gears of War brings it down greatly, not to mention the multiplayer, which was kind of fun from what I got to play, is completely dead. Now, I'm giving it 6/10, which may seem a little high based on what I've been saying in this review, but like I said, the game is okay. It's nothing special, nothing outright awful, but its lack of originality definitely hurts its value.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/09/12

Game Release: Inversion (US, 06/05/12)

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