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    Achievement Guide by arkena

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                 _____   _   _   _       ___  ___   _____
                /  ___| | | | | | |     /   |/   | | ____|
                | |     | |_| | | |    / /|   /| | | |__
                | |     |  _  | | |   / / |__/ | | |  __|
                | |___  | | | | | |  / /       | | | |___
                \_____| |_| |_| |_| /_/        |_| |_____|
    ZOË MODE - ONEBIGGAME - 2010 360/PC
    Achievement Guide 1.1


    Chime is a puzzle game, including six tracks to play, where you're covering a grid with a beater line and where you're making sounds with quads you're doing with each piece. Quads are active when their dimensions are 3x3. You can expand them by putting more pieces.


    Chime was also sold on 360 for a charity and on Steam, Zoë Mode are reversing some of the money to it.


    • - VICRABB
    • - ARKENA
    • - ARKENA


    • Version 1.0 - 25th November 2010: Publication of the guide
    • Version 1.1 - 10th December 2010: Formatting for GF and Neo

    Fairy Godmother

    • Objective: You get this just because you're such a nice person

    You're receiving this achievement the first time you're playing Chime, just for thanking you to have bought the game (as it was for a charity). On Steam, currently, 96,3% of the players owning Chime has it.


    • Objective: Play the original 5 levels in both Time Mode and Free Mode.

    As the Steam version of Chime was released with Still Alive from Jonathan Coulton, you have to keep in mind that this track will not count in both modes.


    Play the five other levels in Time mode (just choose any of the three options) and in Free mode. Pretty easy to do, as you just need to start a level without finishing it.


    • Objective: Completely fill the grid in Free Mode.

    Choose any grid in Free Mode as you have all the time to want to complete it and score a 100% coverage. Brazil or For Silence are the easiest levels to play.

    Quick off the Blocks

    • Objective: Create a quad before the beatline has made its first pass of the level.

    Just create a 3x3 quad directly at the beginning, before you see the while line (which is the beatline) coming back to the left side of the grid.

    Fast Mover

    • Objective: Create 7 quads on the grid in one pass of the beatline.

    This can seem impossible if you're creating the quads one by one. Instead of adopting this strategy, you can create 7 pre-quads. If you prefer, create 7 blocks in which you'll just have to put one piece in each, which will trigger the quad. Just go from the left to the right and stay close the beatline.


    Playing that on Free Mode or in Time Mode 9 minutes are the best moves.

    The Juggler

    • Objective: Have 3 active quads onscreen at once.

    Well, it's just as easy to do as in Fast Mover, apart that the beatline isn't your reference. You just need to have 3 quads onscreen with the xNumber still showing and without them being filled. You can also expand a quad in order to buy time.

    Juggle Master

    • Objective: Build up a score multiplier of 25 or more.

    You just need to do at least 25 quads, they don't need to be big, they can be 3x3 in their dimensions. As far as you don't loose any fragment, it should be unlocked quickly. Don't forget that a shining piece will be destroyed, along with all fragments, at the next passage of the beatline.

    The Musician

    • Objective: Find 6 different quad sounds on a level. Quads can be square, wide or tall, and either small or big

    You just have to make 6 different quads: do a little, a wide one, a tall one, a square, a bigger one, etc etc. Just play on 9 minutes in Time Mode (or eventually in Free Mode), you'll have enough time to get them.

    The Beast

    • Objective: Create a quad containing 80 cells or more.

    It's a question of expanding an original quad until you reach 80 cells (cells being squares of the grid). Do it in Brazil or For Silence, as you have enough surface without an obstacle on them. For better results, do a quad of at least 4 cells of height. You'll just need to extend it until 20 cells for the width.

    Big Bucks

    • Objective: Score a total of 50 million points.

    It's a cumulative score, so, you just need to reach 50 millions points in order to get it. You need to play in Time mode.

    The Snake

    • Objective: Create a single quad that covers the entire width of the grid on the original 5 levels

    Contrary to what you can think at first glance, it's NOT ABOUT COVERING ALL THE SURFACE OF THE GRID. It's just about covering THE WIDTH, OR IF YOU PREFER TO DO A QUAD HAVING THE SAME WIDTH AS THE GRID (OR THE LONGER WIDTH).


    For Brazil, it's obvious to do but for the others (excluding Still Alive as usual), you need to find the right place. I'm showing you the width you need to do (and also where I managed to get that achievement).

        ___|                   |___
       |                           |
       |___                     ___|
        ______              ______
       |      |            |      |
       |      |____________|      |
       |___                    ___|
           |      _______     |
           |     |_______|    |
           |                  |
        ___|                  |___
       |                          |
       |       ____________       |
       |      |            |      |
       |______|            |______|
       |                            |
       |         ___________________|
       |        |  _________________
       |        | |                 |
       |________| |                 |
        __________|                 |
       |                            |
       __|                        |__
      |    __                  __    |
      |   |__|                |__|   |
      |                              |
      |    ______________________    |
      |   |______________________|   |
      |__                          __|

    Ultimate Champion

    • Objective: Get 100% coverage or more on the original 5 levels in 3 minute mode.

    You think it's easy? Well, you're in 3 minute mode, so it means that you have to collect a lot of coverage bonus in order to get more time. Just try to make tall and wide quads to cover a maximum of the grid.


    Keep in mind that covering at 100% Still Alive level isn't counting for this. Apart if you want to see more than 100% on your scoreboard (like me... if I can cover Still Alive, I can cover the other grids right?). Don't forget that if you want to be sure of the 100%, you have to beat your highscore for it to be showing. But normally the achievement should unlock once you're beaten in the second grid.


    • Objective: Receive one companion cube piece.

    Well, with the release of Chime on Steam, a new song was added: Still Alive from Jonathan Coulton. That's why you can get cake here. Glados is approving it.


    Anyway, which are the requirements?

    • Still Alive level
    • Time mode (3 min/6 min/9 min at choice)

    You have to reach a x17 score multiplier in order to get a Companion Cube. You can put it on the grid, well, you have to if you want to continue. For getting more Cubes, just loose the multiplier with lost fragments and build again.


    • Objective: Receive 50 companion cube pieces.

    See Piece of Cake for the explanation. You have to do it 50 times.


    • Objective: Receive 100 companion cube pieces

    See Piece of Cake for the explanation. You have to do it 100 times.


    • Author: Vinciane Amorini (vamorini(@) - cleo_rabb(@)
    • Country: Belgium
    • Version: 1.0
    • Dates: November 2010

    Don't hesitate to email me about an achievement that I got wrong!


    I don't mind you picking my guide for publishing it on your site but please, notice me and credit me. Oh and I don't want you to edit my FAQ for making your site appear on it. This work is copyrighted, so, you can't take it and make you the author when you're not.

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