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"war for cybertron, my opinion and review!"

I have to admit, war for cybertron is a fan boys dream come true. However, as a video game, it has all been done before. Wfc is a basic shooter game the likes of call of duty and gears of war, without the pressing against the walls. There are a few glitches in the game, as can be expected from most games. You could tell though, that the creators and writers are fans of the series, they actually did a lot of homework into not only the g1 series, but all the cartoons and movies. As we've come to expect from playing video games, its the little things that can make us smile.

game graphics: war for cybertron is beautiful and breath taking! The transformers themselves seem to be made out of millions of gears and bolts, and if you look closely, you do see a lot of them move as the transformers move, and transform. Personally, I was more amazed at the back drops of cybertron. The transformers home planet was rendered beautifully. The landscape of cybertron maybe made of steel and iron, but at certain points in the game, you may actually forget that. Although war torn, some of the site will leave you breathless, from the architech of the the skyscraping towers, to the incredible lakes and waterfalls. This actually felt home to machines with souls.

Game control: although the controls were thought of well, to try to make the game as easy to pick up as fun, at times it left me wanting or crying. The controls are very easy, especially if you played any shooter before. Definately very responsive as well! The only problem I had with the controls is, since the transformation sequence was a press of the left control stick, and you used the left control stick to move, if you get to excited, sometimes you would hit the left stick to move, but transform instead. The melee attacks were assigned to the pressing of the right joystick, which is also assigned to point of view. Great for shooting, not that great to lock on, and hit someone. Also, as such, there are no melee combos, which would have been a welcome aspect to the game.

Game audio: although, I'm sure they couldn't get the original g1 voices, the voice actors they decided on are good. Most come close to the original charaters! The score to the game is also pretty perfect for the feel of them game, as well as the over all feel of transformers. The only major problems I had with the audio were, like all shooters, if your not looking directly at the person talking, you probably won't hear a thing he says, even if you're standing right next to him. It will sound like you're in another room. The other problem I had with the audio is that on several occasions, I had entered a room, but decided to look around that specific room to ensure I got everything, and the comlink would come to life talking about a room I wasn't even in. I'm not sure if that's a glitch, or the comlink was following the ai partners.

Gameplay: as I said, this is nothing more then a normal shooter, where the character can transform. There are 5 chapters to both the autobots and decepticons side. Now, before you say only 5 chapters, understand that 4 of those chapters are extensively long, and will take you at least an hour to complete. Although you can choose to play as one of 3 different transformes to each chapter, except for the transformers themselves and the cooldown and energon moves, the transformers are pretty much the same, and has the same weapons you can pickup. All in all the campaign mode has very little replay value. The gameplay value is online, where not only can you play as several of your favorite characters but also choose from a limited amount of body types and classes to make your own.

Story: well, this is a fanboys dream! Being able to get to know a story of how the transformers war came to be. Although, it doesn't go as deep as the g1 cartoon, it is still a great, well written story. You can see how megatron met starscream, and how starscream became a decipticon, or how optimus met bumblebee, or became a prime! If you're a real transformers g1 fan, there are a few things that you'll say didn't happen that way, but its a good version of what could have happened. The story itself was brillently done, without a lot of twists for transformers fans, but it will keep you wanting more.

All in all, a good game for gamers a better game for fans! The characters actually come very close to the personality of their g1 counterparts. A great transformers story, with great transformers. A few glitches in the game, and a few limitations in the game, but still a joy to play. Hands down the best transformers game out there, a must have for transformers fans!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/25/10

Game Release: Transformers: War for Cybertron (US, 06/22/10)

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