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    Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Spec Ops: The Line is a brand new third-person shooter that challenges the 
    perceptions of war. This guide will take you through each chapter, one bullet 
    at a time.
    Spec Ops: The Line
    Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2012
    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
    Chapter 1: The Evacuation
    Chapter 2: The Dune
    Chapter 3: Underneath
    Chapter 4: The Refugees
    Chapter 5: The Edge
    Chapter 6: The Pit
    Chapter 7: The Battle
    Chapter 8: The Gate
    Chapter 9: The Road
    Chapter 10: Riggs
    Chapter 10-2: Stealing Water
    Chapter 11: Alone
    Chapter 12: The Rooftops
    Chapter 13: Adams
    Chapter 14: The Bridge
    Chapter 15: Welcome
    Dubai is not the vacation choice of many these days. A series of sand storms 
    have destroyed the city, leaving violent refugees to loot and take over the 
    city. How can Captain Walker and his squad survive these conditions? Only with 
    your help of course.
    LT - Aim
    RT - Fire
    LB - Grenade
    RB - Mark enemeis
    Y - Switch weapons
    X - Reload
    B - Melee
    A - Sprint
    D-pad - Zoom
    Start - Pause
    Back - Objective
    The game starts with you controlling a turret on a helicopter. Enemy 
    helicopters will be flying around, zipping around the buildings and trying to 
    hit you. Keep the right trigger pulled down and blast at the helicopters until 
    they blow up. A sandstorm will start blowing in, and then a helicopter will 
    crash into yours.
    After a few scenes, you'll finally be in control of Captain Walker. Follow your
    squad by the barricades until you reach the edge. You'll have to find a way 
    down, so go to the right to find a rappel point. Press A to rappel to the 
    ground below.
    Walk forward by the ruined cars and listen to the conversation. As you 
    continue walking forward, there will be an overturned obstacle, so press B to 
    vault over it. Continue walking through the wreckage and follow your squad. 
    They will hop into a bus, so follow suit. Walk to the end of the bus and exit 
    through the door.
    Crouch and walk under the tanker. Then walk until you find the distress beacon 
    surrounded by military vehicles. On a billboard nearby you can find intel 
    that can be collected if you hold down the X button. Wait until your squad is 
    done messing with the beacon, and then a scene will play.
    Suddenly, you will be attacked by survivors of the storms. They will have 
    surrounded you, with some standing on top of a military vehicle, and one on 
    the ground level to the left of the vehicle. Listen to the conversation and 
    then wait for the prompt. Fire at the glass in the bus that is above the 
    vehicle to cover the enemies in sand, crushing them. Quickly pop out of cover 
    and take out the guy to the left and charge forward and quickly take cover 
    behind one of the cars.
    Enemies will start coming over the sand dunes. Take them out and then move 
    forward until the guy behind a turret starts firing at you. Stay behind the 
    cover and sort of move to the left until you can get a clear shot and then 
    take him out. Kill the guys on top of the bus as well, and then move through 
    the bus and take cover at the next area.
    There will be an enemy on a nearby billboard. The game will teach you now how 
    to order your squad to attack, so use that now to watch the billboard be 
    destroyed. Enemies will start appearing in this street, so move down the 
    street, going from cover to cover, and take out the enemies as they appear. If 
    you start running out of ammo, be sure to pick up the weapons of the enemies as
    they drop them.
    Move forward through the large cargo box and go to the semi destroyed door at 
    the end. Press B to kick the door open, knocking down the enemy. Walk forward 
    and then press B again to execute the enemy. Watch the short scene, and then 
    run forward and quickly take cover behind the end of a car or use the barrels 
    on the left.
    Sprint forward to the next cover, and order your teammates to take out the 
    dude with the turret as you continue to sprint forward. Definitely use the 
    cover as you continue, and pick off the enemies as they appear. Continue to 
    the objective marker and another scene will play.
    Equip a silencer by pushing up on the d-pad and take cover. The enemies will be
    fighting another group of refugees, so take them out from behind using the 
    silencer. Be sure to kill the ones closest to you, and no enemies standing in 
    front of the others to avoid being caught, making this section a lot easier.
    When they're all dead, move forward toward the crashed plane. Use some of the 
    plane wreckage for cover and then start taking out the enemies as they move 
    out of the plane and onto the wing. As you move forward, enemies will be moving
    along the ground so take them out. Move under the plane. On the ground will be 
    some intel, so pick it up by holding X, and then move up the stairs to enter 
    the body of the plane.
    Move through the body of the plane, using cover as much as possible. Continue 
    fighting the enemies and move to the end of the plane. You'll find some 
    hostages as well as a few of the typical enemies that you've been fighting so 
    far. From behind cover, peak out and take out the enemies in a slow motion 
    sequence in order to try to save the hostages.
    Move forward and grab the intel next to the beach umbrella. There will be 
    enemies down the stairs. Take them out quietly or not. At any rate, rush down 
    to the bottom of the stairs and you'll find a box of grenades. Press X to get 
    the grenades and move forward to the cover. Start chucking grenades into the 
    building as the enemies start appearing.
    Hop over the fence and move forward and grab more grenades pressing X and then 
    move to the next barricade and take cover. Continue chucking grenades and 
    popping out of cover to take out the enemies as they rush into the building. 
    When they are dead, hop over the barricade into the building and start moving 
    forward thorugh it.
    Take out the enemies as you see them. In the next room, take cover by the 
    stairs and use your advantageous point to take out the enemies from above. 
    Then go down the stairs and work your way through the next door into a hallway 
    to listen to a news broadcast of...sorts.
    When that's done with, move to the end of this hallway where there is a large 
    hole in the side of the building, with enemies below. Take out them out from 
    your position in the building, using what's left of the wall as a barricade. 
    The game wil then prompt you to flip a turret. Hop out of the building and run 
    forward to the turret that was once pointed at you. Press A to flip the turret 
    and then use the turret and start blasting the hell out of them.
    When all the enemies are dead, follow your squad up the sand onto the roof of 
    the building that your enemies were on. Then hop off the roof toward a much 
    larger building not too far away. Take cover and start killing the enemies as 
    they appear in the building. They will rappel off the roof as well, so keep 
    your eyes opened.
    As you get closer to the building, you will be told to take cover behind a 
    specific beam on the roof. Take cover and continue to kill the enemies as they 
    appear, but suddenly the sand will blow in, and the sand below you will 
    disappear, causing you and the squad to fall into the building below.
    Upon regaining your composure, move up the steps and take cover. Enemies will 
    start coming in from the roof and the like, but maintain your position and kill
    them. This will go on for a while, but suddenly a bomb will be dropped into 
    the area. Sprint to the objective marker with your squad mates to avoid being 
    blown up.
    Move forward. In the next room, check around for intel as well as an ammo box 
    on the ground to replenish your ammo, then move into the next hallway. A short 
    scene will play. Stay behind cover and kill the enemy, then start moving your 
    way down the hallway. Move from cover to cover as you go down the hallway, and 
    be ready to get out of the way if they throw grenades.
    As you continue down the hallway, an enemy with a turret will be there. Try to 
    toss a grenade behind him to take him out, and then take his place at the 
    turret. Use the turret to kill all the enemies that you can see and then move 
    into the next room.
    A few enemies will come into the room through the window. Kill them as they 
    continue to file into the building. Cautiously work your way outside into the 
    storm, keeping your eyes on silhouettes that you can kill. Fight your way 
    through the storm and make your way to the objective marker, leading to the 
    next building to retreat into to avoid the storm.
    Inside the building listen to the conversation amongst your squad. Then go over
    to the elevator shaft and rappel down.
    Move through the dark hallway until you reach a flight of stairs. Take the 
    steps down and approach the hole in the floor. Press A to hop through the floor
    to reach the level below. Move into the next hallway to find a group of dead 
    soldiers on the ground.
    Continue down the hallway, go through the open door, and then watch the next 
    cut-scene. Listen to the guy talk for a while, and then he will rappel down. 
    Vault over the rubble and then follow him down the hole using a rappel 
    As you move through this dark area, you will be attacked. Quickly kill them and
    then approach the next set of double doors. Your squad will shoot the door 
    open. In the next room, quickly take cover and shoot over the counter to take 
    the enemies out that are in the next room.
    Vault over the counter and into the larger area. Move down the area, bouncing 
    from cover to cover, and take out the enemies as they appear. As you near the 
    end of the area, enemies will burst through the doors. Stay behind cover and 
    kill them before they can get behind cover.
    Go through the doors that they came through. Move to the next set of double 
    doors, listen to the conversation, and then your teammates will blast the door 
    open again. Move through, and then watch the next cut-scene.
    Move toward the next set of stairs and start going down. There will be a ton of
    enemy soldiers coming up the stairs, so it may be wise to use a close quarters 
    weapon like a shotgun if you happen to have one. Continue going down the stairs
    and killing the enemy soldiers. If you have the height advantage on them, then 
    use that advantage to kill them from above before continuing down the stairs.
    When you reach the bottom of the stairs, there will be a lot of opposition down
    here across the way. Quickly get behind cover and take out the enemies that are
    across the building. Then start killing the enemies that are located on the 
    floor below.
    Try to stay behind cover, specifically use the railing so you can move along 
    the floor more efficiently while stayind behind cover. Look below to see 
    enemies on walkways and new enemies that have shown up on the lower level. Stay
    here and kill them and then start moving down the stairs.
    Down here, stay behind the cover and continue moving forward. Keep your eye on 
    the areas a bit far, as enemies will have a tendency to appear. Pick them off 
    as you push forward. The holes in the railings will allow enemies on the lower 
    levels to attack you, so kill them before they can do any serious damage.
    Fight your way to the next flight of stairs and then take it down. Once again, 
    there will be a ton of enemies across the floor that will imediately attack 
    you, so get behind cover and take them out. To make matters worse, there is 
    also an enemy behind a turret in this area as well. Try to flank him or 
    instruct your squad to stun him, which should give you an opportunity to shoot 
    Continue to the next objective marker. A civilian will run into the room, so 
    be careful not to kill them. Continue and kill the next set of enemies, which 
    will lead you right to a turret. Take control of the turret and use it to kill 
    the enemies across the way. Then focus your attention entirely on the window 
    with all the sand behind it. It takes quite a bit of bullets to take out the 
    window, and enemies will constantly be coming in to stop you. Take the time to 
    kill them if they do too much damage, then return to firing at the glass until 
    the glass shatters and the sand comes pouring through, which will bring the 
    fighting to a grinding halt. Walk up the sand and exit the building.
    Watch the cut-scene and sit through the conversation. Then walk forward and 
    follow the sand hill down onto the edge of the building.
    Move along the edge of the building's roof to the zipline. Use the zipline to 
    reach the next building. There will be a couple of enemies on the floor below, 
    but you can take them out silently to retain the element of surprise against 
    their buddies in the following room. Use the d-pad to equip a silencer, or 
    sneak up behind them and melee them.
    Continue down the steps and move into the next room. Stay behind the cover and 
    take out the enemies in the room and then move forward and collect ammo and 
    whatever else you need. Now, before moving down the next flight of stairs, 
    wait up for a second. Stay on the stairs and aim below to kill as many enemies 
    as possible before you continue moving down the steps. This section can be kind
    of difficult if you don't thin out the enemy herd from above.
    When you have dwindled them to the point that you can no longer really pick 
    them off from your position up stairs, move down the steps and take out any 
    stragglers. Move to the objective marker when they're all dead. As you move 
    toward the marker, check a darkened open room to the left and pick up the 
    Intel on the ground, then continue to the objective marker.
    The objective marker will lead you to another rappel point. Press A to start 
    rappeling down the side of the building. When you're back on your feet, you'll 
    be alerted to the presence of snipers. Pick up your sniper rifle that is 
    leaning against the wall and then take cover. On the nearby roof, there will be
    a bunch of enemies to kill. Use the sniper rifle to take them out.
    During this section, the most dangerous enemies will be the snipers. Luckily 
    you can find exactly where they are by the lasers that are attached to their 
    guns. Take them out first, then pick off the rest of the enemies. When they're 
    all dead, you'll be made aware of it. Hop down on the overturned tower and 
    walk across it like a bridge to reach the roof that was once populated by 
    enemies...before you sniped them all, of course.
    More enemies will appear, so stay behind cover and use the sniper to pick them 
    out from afar. When you run out of sniper ammo, move forward and rush the 
    rest of them that remain. Then move into the building that they came from and 
    hop down. Move through the building to the next set of stairs, the ones that 
    are going up, and then go through the hall into the open.
    Vault over the fence, and then vault again into the sand. Bullets will rain 
    down on the ground, causing glass to break and you to grab onto a beam. Shoot 
    the enemies that are below before you fall to the ground. Quickly get behind 
    cover and fire at the enemies as they come into the room.
    Go to where they were, and then move into the open area. Enemies will start 
    rappeling down from the ceiling. Get behind cover and pick them off as they 
    appear on the roof and start down their ropes. Move forward when the enemies 
    from the roof stop coming down. Kill the new enemies as they come through the 
    building, and then move outside. Use the zipline.
    At the end of the zipline, rush over to the makeshift bridge connecting the two
    semi-destroyed buildings together. Work your way through the first floor and 
    you will find a set of double doors. Press B to kick the doors open and work 
    your way through the room into the next hallway. You'll then find another set 
    of double doors, run forward to it to trigger the next cut-scene.
    Upon the rough landing, you'll automatically be behind cover next to a car, 
    with only a pistol. Use the pistol to kill the nearest enemies, but let them 
    get close to you. Then take their weapons. There's also a box of grenades on 
    the ground as well that you can gather to help out.
    Stay behind cover and take out the enemies as they appear. Ammo will be in 
    short supply, so keep killing them as they show up. Stay behind cover, chuck 
    grenades when needed, and try not to get surrounded. Eventually your squadmates
    will join back up with you, so they will help in taking out the enemies. Be 
    sure to watch the drawbridges above because enemies will appear show up there 
    as well.
    Regrouped with your squad, a new objective marker will appear on the screen. Go
    to it. As you round the corner, multiple enemies will start firing at you, 
    including one on top of a military vehicle with a turret. Stay behind cover and
    pop out to kill the enemies on the ground, then rush forward to the next cover 
    to avoid the guy on the turret. Hug the left side of the area to get a clear 
    shot at the dude's side, and blast him.
    Move to the next set of sandbags and take cover. More enemies will start 
    coming into the area, so kill them as they round the corner. Then move from 
    where they came from and you'll find a metal geate that needs to be opened. 
    Your squad will work on that. In the meantime, get behind the turret that was 
    once shooting at you, and use it.
    Kill the enemies as they show up. When they're all dead and the gates is 
    opened, continue, and then move into the hole to get under the street. You 
    will find a ton of dead bodies down here. As you move through these halls, keep
    an eye out for an endtable with intel on it. Continue through these derelict 
    halls until you find a set of steps. Go up, and then continue until you find 
    an escalator and run up it.
    Following the scene, get behind cover and start killing all the enemies. Work 
    your way to the next objective marker, which will open into a hallway with even
    more enemies. Kill them and continue. As the area starts to open up, an enemy 
    with a turret will appear. Take him out and then continue into the museum 
    area with dinosaur skeletons and such.
    A helicopter will suddenly attack. Hit the A button and rush down the hall to 
    avoid being killed by the helicopter. Remember, you don't have to hold the A 
    button to keep sprinting. Just tap it once. Follow your squad to the right to 
    avoid the helicopter fire.
    Watch all the cut-scenes and work your way through the lobbies and such. Keep 
    going until you see a few windows with a red skull icon on them. This means 
    that you need to shoot out the windows to cause the sand to pour in, which will
    in turn let you leave this building. Do just that and go outside.
    Take cover when you see the helicopter and watch it blow up. Make your way to 
    the rappel point and use it. Walk by through the small hall with the concrete 
    walls covered in graffiti. Move through here and you will see a few enemies 
    that aren't aware of your presence. One will be on the top of the military 
    vehicle, and a few others will be roaming around.
    Get behind cover and then instruct your teammates to take a couple out while 
    you can take out the enemy that remains. Move from cover to cover, and as you 
    reach the signs, keep an eye up there so you can kill those enemies as well, 
    but there will mostly be ground enemies to deal with.
    Fight your way through the area until you reach the bus. Enemies will break the
    bus windows. Shoot through the bus to kill them and walk to the bus door. Go 
    into the door and then vault over the window to reach the next area. Quickly 
    get behind cover as there is an enemy using a turret, so kill him, and then 
    hug the right side of the area and continue, drop down, and then move forward 
    through the sea of dead bodies.
    This will open up into another area populated by enemies, including a "heavy", 
    which is similar to the juggernauts from Call of Duty. Focus all of your 
    attention on him before he can get too close. Then move to the next objective, 
    which will lead to another building. Work your way through the building, to a 
    whole in the side of the building, which will result in a disturbing cut-scene.
    Following the scene, you will be faced with a moral dilemma. You can either 
    save the civilians or save Gould. Engage the enemy and then hop down and take 
    cover. More enemies will appear, so kill them. Continue into this area to be 
    faced with another Heavy. Snipers will be roaming around on the roofs as well, 
    so kill them.
    A short scene will play when they're all dead. When they're all dead, move to 
    the next objective marker, which will be a large gate. Go through the gate and 
    then watch the next scene.
    Move up the large flight of steps and watch the scene. When the scene is over, 
    move to the next objective marker, watch the short scene, and then you will be 
    in control of a gunner. Blast the enemies. You use the left trigger to toggle 
    between zooming in and out, or you can use the right trigger to fire.
    When this is done, rappel down. Vault over the fountain, and continue walking 
    through the wreckage that you created. Watch the scene. In the next area, take 
    cover and take out the enemies across the way. Rush forward when you can and 
    continue taking out the enemies as you move from cover to cover, as you have 
    been doing the whole game.
    Continue until you reach another building. Enemies will be on the stairs as 
    soon as you enter, so quickly take them out. As you move down the stairs, kill 
    any enemies that are on the ground below, and be careful not to put yourself 
    out in the open. Once again, it may be smart to stay on the second floor and 
    use the railing to kill the enemies on the floor below before even attempting 
    to rush the remaining ones as you move down the steps.
    Wipe out the enemies on this level, and then the objective marker will move to 
    the next set of stairs, leading up. Go up and you will be led to a set of 
    double doors. Kick the doors open and walk out onto the roof.
    Rappel off the roof and move through the sand. You will find two kidnapped 
    people hanging down. After the scenes conclude, you have to pick which one of 
    the soldiers get to live and which one has to die. Make your choice, then 
    continue forward and slide down the sand dune. Kill the enemies and then keep 
    staying behind cover and taking out the enemies as you move forward over this 
    expansive area.
    When they're all dead, start moving forward. Another sandstorm will kick up. 
    Look out for silhouettes to shoot at in the sand as you push forward through 
    the storm. Your vision will be severely limited, but use the objective marker 
    on the screen so you know where to go at all times. Bothering with cover is 
    really kind of pointless because you can barely see where you're shooting as 
    is. You just gotta keep moving forward and kill the shapes as they appear.
    When enough progress has been made, a cut-scene will signal the conclusion of 
    the chapter.
    Start following your squad. Move to the flare on the ground and then walk up 
    the steps. Kill the enemy here and then use this position to take out the 
    enemies that are on the ground. The enemy that you just killed had an RPG on 
    him, so you can use the RPG to take out multiple ground forces with a single 
    With the herd considerably thinned, head down there and take out any remaining 
    foes. After all of the enemies have been dead, a small gate will be moved to 
    the side. Go there now and watch the following cut-scene.
    Once your vision clears up from the flashbang, run forward into the next room 
    and take cover. Take out the enemies and then move up to the flare, and then 
    take cover. Kill all the enemies, including the snipers on the roof, and then 
    vault over the barricade and move into the center area. More enemies will 
    populate the roof, so kill them all. Stay behind cover if need be.
    A new objective marker will appear when they've been killed. Move to the doors 
    and go up the sand ramp, and into the next building, wipe out all the enemies 
    and work to the second level and continue killing the enemies as you work your 
    way up to the next level. Then continue up the level after that.
    Riggs will try to open a door, but it will be locked. Enemies will then rush 
    the area, so get behind cover and take them out as they come while Riggs works 
    on getting the door open. Just hold your position. The enemies will come in 
    many numbers. Wait for the objective marker to pop up to indicate that Riggs 
    has gotten the door unblocked.
    When this happens, rush to the door and press B to kick it open. Run down the 
    hallway. Move down the next flight of stairs, and then the ramp into the 
    parking garage. Get behind cover as enemies will start coming into the parking 
    garage. Pick them off. Move from car to car as cover as the enemies continue to
    flood into the area.
    Exiting the parking garage opens up to another stairway. Go up the stairs. 
    Refill your ammo on the ammo boxes lying on the ground, go through the next 
    hallway, and then you'll find a shorter flight of stairs opening up to an enemy
    with his back to you guys. Equip a silencer and take him out. Then kill all the
    other enemies here, which will include snipers. There's a sniper rifle lying 
    on the ground in the area if you want to even the odds a bit.
    Once the enemies here are dead, kill the enemies on the ground below. Then 
    continue through the hall, under the sign. Take cover, pop up, kill the enemies
    below, then find a set of stairs and work your way down, round the corner, kill
    the enemies, and then you'll find yet another flight of stairs. Move down, and 
    start taking out the enemies as you get nearer and nearer to the objective 
    As you near the marker, use the semi trucks for cover. An enemy with turret 
    will be far, and there will be multiple enemies on the ground. Kill the turret 
    gunner, and all the other enemies in the area to complete the objective.
    On the truck, your new goal is to protect it. You'll be given a grenade 
    launcher for this section, making things a bit easier. Enemies will be crawling
    around all over the place, blast them away as they near the truck. A 
    helicopter will join the fight as well, so fire at it with your grenade 
    launcher when it gets close.
    This is a completely on-rails segment, so I'm afraid the only thing to really 
    say about it is to shoot the enemies as they appear, use the time when there 
    are very few enemies to reload the grenade launcher, and otherwise just 
    protect the trucks to the best of your ability.
    Limp through the wreckage. You will see a group of people trying to save some 
    of the water leaking out of the truck. Move by them and continue. You'll find 
    Riggs dying on the ground. Listen to him talk, and then you have another moral 
    decision to make. You can let Riggs burn by leaving him, or you can be merciful
    and shoot him in the head.
    Keep walking through the sand. As you see the mall in the distance, walk to it.
    Work your way through and you'll find a single enemy with a sniper rifle. Kill 
    him and take the rifle. Take cover. Use the sniper to take out the enemies 
    across the way. The most dangerous of these will be the ones with the sniper 
    rifles, but you'll be able to see exactly where they are due to their laser 
    Once you start killing the enemies, more will appear, and one will even use 
    the turret. When they're all dead, go to the barricade near you with the 
    barbed wire above it and take cover. Enemies will appear on the other side, so 
    kill them. Sand will then rush in, allowing you to vault over and avoid the 
    barbed wire and such. Walk across the sand, but then quickly take cover again 
    and kill all the enemies that are on the building across the way. Some of them 
    will be quite far, on a roof, so be sure to use that sniper if you have any 
    ammo left.
    When they're all dead, use the zipline to zip across to that building that you 
    were just shooting at. Get behind cover and kill the enemies in the building. 
    Move to the next doorway, take cover in the room, and be prepared to be 
    bombarded by a strobe light of madness. Or something. The lights will keep 
    going off and on and off and on. Kill the enemies as well as you can, and then 
    a heavy will join the fight as well. Once the Heavy is defeated, the lights 
    will stay off, but you'll be able to see a lot better.
    Continue through and you will come across not one, but two enemies with their 
    backs to you. Kill them, take cover, and then kill the enemies that were 
    across from them that they were fighting with. When they're dead, move to the 
    next zipline and zip down it to the next area that you have to go to.
    Move into the building, take cover, and start taking out the enemies. Start 
    moving up the stairs, and kill the enemies up there. Work your way to the 
    turret and use it to kill the enemies that are on the multiple levels of the 
    next building. There is a zipline leading from the roof of their building to 
    your location, so shoot down any enemies that decide to zip down to you.
    As you keep killing the enemies with your turret, a Heavy will appear as well, 
    along with even more waves of enemies. Keep killing them. There are various 
    explosive objects over there as well, obviously marked with the typical red 
    color and yellow warning signs. You can use them to kill more than one enemy at
    Enemies will then start appearing on the roof. Keep firing at them and then 
    your squad can make it across to you using the zipline once the many threats 
    have been defeated. Move to the next door and a cut-scene will play.
    Move forward and work your way along the edge of the roof. Take cover against 
    the building and slowly walk. In the next room will be multiple enemies, but 
    you have the opportunity to take them out before they can attack. Vault into 
    the room and then continue into the next area.
    As you move down the dark hallway, enemies will start appearing, like usually. 
    Stay behind cover and kill them as they come. You will be instructed as you 
    move through the building to destroy the glass ceiling, so fire at it. Continue
    until you can see light. Work your way out, kill the snipers on the building, 
    then use the zipline to make it to the radio tower.
    You'll then be prompted to execute an enemy. Hit B to do so, then go up the 
    stairs and work your way to the outside of the building. Get to the top of the 
    tower. Take over, and start killing the enemies on the building. When the roof 
    is cleared, use the nearby zipline to reach it.
    Work your way up the steps and into the building. If you check the bathroom 
    here, you can snag some intel. Go up the stairs when you're ready, and a 
    cut-scene will play.
    Following that, you will be back in the lower level of this building, but it 
    will be swarming with enemies. Kill them all and work your way down the stairs.
    Outside, take cover and kill all the enemies here as they come down the stairs 
    and as they take cover themselves.
    Work your way across the roof, cover to cover, killing the enemies, and working
    your way to the objective marker. Once you reach the helicopter, Walker will 
    get behind the turret, with the new objective of covering Luog's escape. Kill 
    the enemies as they rush the helicopter.
    The helicopter will start lifting off. Continue killing the enemies on the roof
    as they shoot at you. As the helicopter raises higher and the radio tower is 
    in clear view, blast it until it is completely destroyed. A cut-scene will 
    then play, and afterwards, you will be thrust right back into the segment that 
    occurred at the very beginning of the game!
    Yet again, you will be controlling the turret on the helicopter and blasting 
    the other helicopters out of the sky as they zip between the buildings. The 
    only difference is that this time, you get to see what happens AFTER the 
    helicopters crash into each other.
    Walk forward as the dialogue plays. When the scene is over, Walker will recover
    a bit and get his head on a little straighter.
    Run forward, hop down, get behind cover, and start taking out the enemies as 
    you see them. Move from cover to cover and kill them. Fight your way to the 
    downed helicopter where Adams is, and then you have to take cover again and 
    start killing the enemies while you protect Adams.
    With the enemies dead, walk forward and under the plane wreckage. Then Lugo 
    will send in a transmission. Listen to it as you continue, but as the area 
    opens up, more enemies will be around to fight. Take cover and wipe out all 
    the enemies in the area.
    Like other sections of the game, all you have to do here is move from cover to 
    cover and kill the enemies as you see them. Keep your eye on the large boat in 
    the sand because enemies will start appearing there the closer that you get to 
    On the bottom level of the boat, wipe out the enemies there, then go up the 
    stairs to the second floor. Kill the enemies here, and then hop off the side of
    the boat. Kill the enemies here, and be wary of the enemies appearing in the 
    hole of the nearby boat. Kill them. Work your way through the ship wreckage to 
    the objective marker, which is a hole in the ground. Hop down, talk to Adams, 
    and then continue to the yacht.
    Kill the enemies in this area as you make your way to the yacht. Go up the 
    stairs of the yacht and take cover. Kill the enemies on the deck as the storm 
    starts brewing again. Fight your way off the yacht and then continue to the 
    next gate. Continue and fight your way to the objective marker.
    After the scene, flee from the crowd and start sprinting to the NEXT objective 
    marker. This will lead you to a gate. Kick the gate down by pressing B, and 
    you will be treated toa nother scene.
    Move forward until you come across the next set of enemies. Kill them. Take 
    cover and then take out the enemies on the roof, and move under that roof, 
    killing the enemies. Move along the outer rim of the building, where the bridge
    will be in view. Kill them, move through the building, kick open the doors.
    An explosion will cause Walker to have another one of his crazy illusions. 
    Walk forward and a fiery figure will engulf Walker in flames. When the 
    hallucination ends, pick up the RPG on the ground and destroyed the tower in 
    the distance where the shot came from, as designated by an onscreen indicator.
    Now continue fighting your way from objective marker to objective marker. You 
    will have to contend with the likes of a turret, but there's nothing too hard. 
    Keep battling and then you will reach a section very similar to the beginning 
    of this chapter. Fight your way to the top of the Gate house, and a cut-scene 
    will play.
    When the scene is over, sprint down the bridge! You won't get far until another
    scene plays.
    Move forward to the elevator doors and step inside the elevator. When the 
    elevator doors open back out, walk out into the room and go to the right to 
    find a set of stairs. Take the stairs up to the next floor to meet up with 
    Listen to him talk, then walk toward him again. Watch the scenes and then you 
    have the choice of shooting Konrad or not. This will result in different 
    endings, and during these scenes, you'll see flashbacks of the different 
    choices that you made throughout the course of the game.
    Yet again, ore player choice will occur here. You can just stand there and let 
    the soldiers take your gun, or I believe the other option is to open fire on 
    them and act like the loon that you are.
    I hope this guide helped you beat Spec Ops: The Line!
    If you want to check out all my other stuff, try here:
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