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    Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Version History

    1.0 - July 2, 2012

    Campaign finished


    The first mission is actually a rather simple mission in which you must shoot down the various choppers buzzing around your own. This isn't too stressful. Just keep shooting them as they appear and if they disappear before you take them down, don't worry about it too much.

    Make sure you are careful of your gun overheating. Use the left trigger to zoom in and the right to fire. This section is actually only a couple of minutes long.

    Chapter 1: Evacuation

    Make your way up through the desert and go through the motions as instructed to learn the buttons for the game. You'll be asked to take cover, aim, vault, sprint and eventually rappel down to a street. While walking through the street, you'll be prompted to change weapons and vault over more debris. It's a rather peaceful stroll until you come to the distress beacon.

    After you investigate the area, a group of enemies will appear on a tank looking over you. Adams will point out that the bus has a bunch of sand in it. When everything goes south, shoot out the window to bring the sand down on them. This should wipe out the three on the tank so just check for the one man to the left. Kill him and move on.

    You'll come to an area with a large billboard on the right side and a few enemies scattered around. Just make sure you take cover and you should be fine. There's no need to push forward until everyone is dead. When you've cleared the enemies, move up and take cover behind a long barrier with stripes. There will be a man on a turret inside of the bus ahead. After a moment, you'll be prompted to hit the command button to trigger the stun command. This will cause one of your squad mates to lob a stun grenade into the bus. Once it goes off, kill the gunner and any others you can while they are stunned but make sure the gunner is first, though. Mop up any survivors and then get on the bus by using the stairs.

    Walk through the bus and you'll come out the back of the bus. You'll instantly take cover behind a jersey barrier. When you gain control, you'll learn how to point out enemies to your squad. If the enemy happens to be at a distance, Lugo will use his sniper rifle. This is a very useful skill. Lugo is great for cleaning up your flanks, particularly if they are elevated.

    Travel further ahead to another set of jersey barriers. Stay behind them and a group of enemies will start marching towards you. This is pretty standard fare in this game. Just let them come and clean them up as they approach. Kill the group of five or so enemies. Go past where they were and into the shipping crate just beyond. Make your way through the crate. When you go to exit the crate, you'll learn how to execute enemies.

    After the cutscene, you'll come to a large open area with a turret in the distance but directly up the middle. Your squad will take cover here while you will need to make your way up the left side. Keep moving until you get behind the turret and then unload to kill the gunner. He'll have company but you should have a great angle on them so it shouldn't matter. After they are dead, more enemies should appear off to the left by the shack. Kill the two that appear (move back a little if you need better cover) and then move forward to finish the mission.

    • Achievement: They Live

    Run up the dunes ahead and you'll come up to a crashed plane. Take cover behind the various plane parts and take out a weapon that allows for a silencer. Your original two weapons as well as the Micro 9mm have this ability (it is denoted by a "silencer" symbol in the lower right hand corner). When you have one such weapon equipped, press up on the D-Pad to equip it. Take out the enemies just ahead of you with the silenced weapon.

    You'll start behind the enemy and should be able to take out three or four enemies. Try to hang on to a Rifle for this section because there's quite a bit of ranged combat. Make your way up on the left side because it provides better cover. Keep moving up until you come to a luggage container.

    Stay at this point for a minute and try to clear out as many enemies as you can. There's no timer for using the Attack command so feel free to use your squad to take out ranged enemies if they're a little out of range.

    When you're looking good, move right first and then move up towards the plane. You're going to have to go into the underbelly of the plane. When you do, watch out for the couple of guys coming down the stairs at you. There should be about 3-4 of them and at least one will have a shotgun so keep your distance. If you catch them on the stairs, they'll be fish in a barrel. Before leaving the underbelly of the plane, check to the left side to find a red/orange Black Box.

    • Achievement: Spotter

    As you come up the stairs ahead, make sure you turn around because the enemies will be behind you, not amongst the seats. There may be one in this compartment already so kill him and move up into the stewardess' area between seating areas. Take cover behind one of the walls and clear out the next room before continuing.

    You'll continue forward and find two soldiers in the next room about to be executed. If you're fast, you might save one.

    Chapter 2: The Dune

    Make your way across the helipad and have your squad take out the two men on the walkway ahead. Equip your silencer and take out the man down the stairs. You'll hear mention of some grenades - these are in the small square crates on the ground (with a grenade picture on top). Go over to the railing and you'll see a large lounge below.

    There are people everywhere down there. Try to take out enemies that you can. You'll have grenades and they'll be pretty plentiful through the game so you don't need to be shy about using them. Lob them both down there if you'd like and clean up stragglers. Remember to use your squad commands to attack. The tradeoff of using this command is that it puts your men at risk of going down easier but from this position, they're pretty safe.

    Make your way down to the lounge area and push into the building. Watch to your left because there's another room there. If you need better cover, the bar is pretty good. Work your way into the next room and kill the enemies on the floor below. After they are dead, go down and check under the platform you were just on for another box of grenades.

    Exit through the only door in the room. In the next room, you'll hear a strange announcement from the Radioman. Follow this hallway as it wraps around. You'll come to a room where a man runs out of a window. You'll be shot at through that same window. Further back in this room is a box of grenades. Use a grenade and pick up two more (you can only carry three). Take cover at the window and start killing the enemies outside.

    I highly recommend that you have Lugo kill the enemies on the rooftops in the distance. One of the buildings will have three brown windows. Shoot those out to let the sand out. This may sweep away a few enemies for you. Kill anybody still remaining. Drop down to the lower level and take cover by the turret. You can "Flip the turret" to use it on the enemies that will approach from past the building by the stairs. Kill them and walk past where they were.

    You should come to a ledge. Drop down and sprint around the corner to the left. You want to take cover behind the lone standing wall here. It's not very wide and has a split down the middle. However, this is a good spot for cover (for now) and there's an ammo crate next to it. Watch out for the Snipers and RPGs on the building. Have Lugo take them out when they pop out while you try to take out the enemies flooding you from the bottom floor. Also be sure to watch for enemies coming from the right past the solar panels.

    Grab the ammo as soon as you need it because eventually, someone will hit your cover with a rocket and destroy it. Head over to the right where Adams and Lugo are. Take cover here and be doubly sure to watch the right side now. A sandstorm will come on but don't get worried by it. Stay where you are and keep fighting. Eventually, something will happen. You CAN die at this part so stay on your toes. Once that ends, so does the chapter.

    • Achievement: Treacherous Ground

    Chapter 3: Underneath

    Make your way down the nearby stairs. Take cover in the distance by the locked door. You'll be attacked but at this point, you need to be very careful with your ammo because there isn't a lot here. From the door, move to the far right side of the railing and hang out there. Try and just keep the enemies from approaching while letting your squad do the heavy lifting so you don't run out of ammo. When you've killed everything, grab ammo QUICKLY and then head back for that door. The enemy is going to drop some serious C4 into the room so hightail it as soon as that door opens.

    In the hallway, there won't be much but you'll find yourself in a room with a ledge. Drop off the ledge and you should find some jewelry on the left side floor. You'll soon have to take cover as a cutscene plays out. When you regain control, you'll be staring down some enemies in a long hallway.

    Kill the few guys directly in front of you and start making your way into the hallway. They are going to make liberal use of grenades so it's important to note that any grenade indicator that's red will do damage while a white indicator will not do damage while still telling you where the grenade is. Work your way up the hallway from centerpiece to centerpiece. You'll eventually be "pinned down" by a turret but if you look right, you should see a large set of stairs that you can climb. Go up that way and you'll be able to flank the turret.

    Take cover behind the turret and when more enemies start coming from around the corner to the right, use it to take them out. After you kill a few, you'll have to move into the hallway to find the rest. Go into the hall and work your way up to the broken window on the left. Be careful because some enemies will still try to fire through the window from outside. When you get to the end of the hall, you'll have to make it out into the storm.

    Hug the left corner for cover at first but don't go right out into the storm. Kill whoever you can see and then move to your right. You should see a large tree with a giant potter (in a sort of cross shape). Go behind that and make your way to the far wall. Make your way up the right side along this wall until you can get inside. Once inside, make your way to the elevator and slide down the shaft.

    Chapter 4: Refugees

    Move along this underground tunnel and past the bedding on the right. You'll take a left at the end and enter another tunnel. You'll see some tents on the left and a painting of a man on the wall in the distance. In this second hallway, there will be a little alcove on the right side. Sitting by some double doors will be a small doll on the floor.

    The hallways at this point are pretty uninteresting (gameplay wise). Just continue along until you come to a set of double doors thrown wide open. You'll see a couple of people talking through the doors and one is in far worse shape than the other. When you gain control and are staring the survivor in the face, it's important to note that you cannot "kneecap" him to disable him. You either shoot him or you don't. The choice is up to you and it's one of a few that you'll have to make over the course of the game. It won't drastically change the way the game plays but it will change dialog and has some effect on the ending.

    • Achievement: The Lost Battalion

    Rappel down the line in front of you and at the bottom, you'll find a whole bunch of pictures on a wall. Near that wall will be a desk with some pictures and Castavin's Diary.

    You'll have to walk around some bookcases to get to a door. Adams will blow it open for you. At this point, you'll be fighting some soldiers. This fight is a little difficult because your only safe point is a spot where you can't attack enemies. Kill the two guys from this shop. Reload and get ready to be brave. You'll likely die a couple of times here.

    Look out of the shop window to the right and you should see a railing with a man slumped over in it. He's alive but doesn't get up. Remember this point.

    Don't do it yet but you'll have to vault over out of the shop and you'll be shot at from the right. You want to vault over, shoot at the couple of enemies at the end and then take cover where that man is slumped over. From here, try to kill enemies to the left. These enemies will throw grenades at you so when you are forced to move, try to continue moving to the right and over behind a wooden stall. When it's safe, you'll see another small bridge leading across the gap but it goes at an angle. Move to that bridge and work your way over to the left side. Kill any remaining enemies and move forward through the back of the market.

    Move through this small room and Adams will blast open another door. You'll come to a huge room where citizens are being corralled. From your vantage, head left and you'll come to a large spiral staircase. Make your way over and start working down. There will be a group of three enemies trying to work their way up it but if you're fast, you can get down the stairs and get an angle first. You want to go down two floors and these enemies will be coming up from that bottom floor. Don't stop on the middle floor because it's going to be hit hard with grenades and you'll die.

    The stairs will open up to a balcony of this room. In this large room, be sure to keep your eyes open for exploding canisters because they are everywhere and can really help. Clear as many enemies as you can from the stairs and then move down onto the balcony proper. As you reach the bottom, you should see an enemy on a raised platform. He's the one shooting the grenades so make sure you kill him. If you get pinned down moving across, make sure to use the Stun Command.

    As you cross this balcony, watch left on your floor for a few enemies and then down a floor for more. When you reach the end of the balcony, you'll come to more stairs. These stairs are broken and they open up on a section with lots of enemies so you want to make very sure that it's safe to drop down before you do. Check far in the distance for enemies first. From here, there should also be a fair number of explosives you can set off to help you too.

    Hop down to the lower level and take cover. Move to the right and you'll see a bridge leading across to the really tall structure in the middle. Go to the corner of the bridge but don't cross it. From here, watch left for enemies across on the far balcony and watch the bridge for enemies trying to advance. You should have no problem taking them down if you are sure to lean out to the right when you aim instead of popping up.

    When it's safe, cross the bridge and take cover behind the tall central structure. Around the corner to the left are probably a few more enemies. Kill them and then grab ammo from the nearby crate along the railing. This little round spot should be a great position to clear the lower level. Try and take out as many enemies below as you can, particularly around the turret. Use grenades as well because there's more a little further on.

    Head the rest of the way across the bridge to meet up with Lugo and Adams. Follow this balcony and stay right to find the grenade crate by some beat up counters. Make your way over to the spiral staircase. Don't go down just yet, see if you can kill enemies from here on the lower levels. Unfortunately, there are some things that you won't be able to affect from here for gameplay reasons it seems (gas tanks you can't blow up yet for instance).

    Since that's the case, head down the stairs now and take cover after you drop off. Far in the distance, you'll see quite a few men and a turret. Try and take out as much as you can while up here. You can try and go down to work your way up but this doesn't work very well so go down until it's safe.

    Once you are on the floor, start working your way to the right. You should find some grenades off to that side. Keep going until you come to an escalator that leads downward. Your squad will post up here while you go into the tents behind you. Make your way through but don't shoot the first person you see. It will be an innocent woman. Just behind her will come to men. Kill them instead. Follow the tents further until you come up behind the turret that was shooting at you. Put on a silencer if you have one and take out the enemies on this balcony.

    Head over to the balcony and shoot down into the pit. There's quite a few enemies down there and lots of things that explode. Blow everything up and it should kill anybody down there. Hop on the turret and start shooting the glass behind the turrets to the right. Keep shooting them and shooting. Make sure you shoot all of them. Eventually, they will give way and the mission will end.

    Chapter 5: The Edge

    This part is pretty linear but you will have to drop into a crevice, walk along a rooftop and zipline to another building. When you land on the other building, go inside and you'll hear a couple of men talking about gum and how nice the city looks. DO NOT shoot them. Instead, instruct your squad mates to do so. They will take them out quietly.

    Head down the stairs and at the bottom, listen to the conversation. When it's over, have your squad do the same thing here. Then try and clear out the room quietly. When you move into the room, you'll more than likely trigger a firefight. Enemies will start coming up the stairs on the far side of the room. Just stick your crosshairs over those stairs and shoot them as they come up.

    When you've secured the stairs, stay on this level and follow the railing around. Use it to protect you from the lower level and clear out the enemies down below. Be very careful of the grenades coming up at you. collect ammo and then go down once you've killed as many enemies as you can see down there, There will be some chairs just at the foot of the stairs. Use these to take cover in case there are any stragglers. Stay behind these and kill any enemies on the far side of the room.

    On the left side of the room will be a small wall with a TV on it. Go around behind that TV and you'll find an ammo crate. Cross to the other side of the room and you'll be attacked by more enemies. Don't move forward but be aggressive so that they don't overrun you. After they are dead, move toward the open window but keep your eyes peeled for a pair of open doors to your left. Inside, I think I may have seen some intel but I haven't confirmed it yet. Grab it if applicable and then move to the window to rappel down.

    At the bottom, follow Adams and Lugo inside. On the right wall will be a dead soldier and a Scout Tactical Sniper Rifle. Grab that and then move further into the building. You'll be able to see across the gap to the next building. Use the Sniper Rifle to take out as many enemies as you can see. Lugo is quite good so he'll take down quite a few himself. Once everything is dead, you'll have to cross to the next building by using the crane that forms a bridge.

    Cross the bridge and drop onto the roof. Immediately take cover behind the wooden boxes and you'll find an ammo crate. Take the ammo and stay put. There will be a man by the red building off to the left and one on top. After that, it's very important to watch the small raised portion of the building in the distance, particularly on the right side. This small jutting raised point is where the RPGs appear so once you've seen one, you'll know where you're looking.

    Again, don't move. Stay put and kill as many enemies from here as you can while keeping an eye on that raised area. As soon as an RPG appears, kill him and then continue thinning the crowd. If you move forward too soon, you're squad will move further ahead and get taken down. You should only move when you can no longer be productive from this position. Even then, only move up to the railing by the stairs. When you next need to move, only move as far as the ventilation units. You should be able to finish this battle from here.

    After the battle, make your way inside. You'll hop off a ledge and walk through an apartment building. You'll see some wooden stairs that lead up and down. Take the stairs down to find an ammo crate, then go up the stairs to find the way out. Follow your squad as they lead you across a rooftop.

    The roof will cave in and you'll need to survive. Shoot as many enemies below as you can and when you drop down, take cover with your squad behind the nearest piece of cover. In this area, you'll have to watch out for an enemy rushing at you with a knife in hand. He'll hold it over his head so it'll be rather obvious that he's coming at you. If you wait until he's really close before killing him (<5 meters) then you will get an achievement.

    After you've killed everyone in this first room, move up to the right side of the door ahead. There will be an ammo crate here. If you head into the next room and take cover behind the couch, the first of these Edged Weapons Experts will come at you. Kill him. Stay put and start clearing the room. There will be a few enemies that will come in the left side of the room on the balcony.

    If you have to move up, stay left and take cover behind the overturned table. Toss a grenade right and then kill the enemies as they flee the grenade. Be careful at this spot because your flank is exposed on one side which will draw your attention away from those on the balcony. When you've cleared the room, go down the sand and exit the room at the back using the zipline.

    • Achievement: Damn Close

    When you land, cross the bridge to the left. You'll enter a living room with stairs up to the loft. Go up the stairs and hang a right. Follow this around to a bed room. Near the bed will be a collectible, Radioman's tape. Head back down the stairs and go through the door that leads to the writing "Liar's Lair". Follow the arrows and then go through the wooden doors.

    Explore the room and then make your way into the apartment's hallways. When in doubt, climb upwards. Finally, you'll find a door. Go through it to finish the mission.

    Chapter 6: the Pit

    Alright, so now that you have control, there's an achievement you can get here. It might take a few tries but you can get it pretty easily on the first try if you have patience. Just to the right side of the car will be a long wall. Along the right side of the wall is a case of grenades and a shotgun. This achievement is for getting four kills with a shotgun in 10 seconds. Grab the shotgun and then return to the car for cover. At this point, your enemies will have seen you.

    Sit behind the car and wait until the enemies have made it at least as close as the next car over. From there it can be one shot kill or two tops. Wait for a suitably sized group to form. You need at least four for this so you want at least three nearby and one approaching. Once they are in a comfortable position for you, try and kill four quickly. If not, you can just reload this checkpoint or you can come back later since it's the beginning of the chapter.

    • Achievement: Close Combat Carnage

    Your Desert Eagle is a great gun and doesn't require a headshot to kill with a single bullet. The shotgun will be useful either way because it means you don't have to find a rifle immediately. In fact, it might be easier to wait until someone is really close, kill them with the shotgun and then take their rifle so you don't have to venture out for one. Basically, just sit behind this car, make sure that you watch both your left and right flank (but particularly the left), and keep shooting. Eventually Lugo and Adams will find you and provide support from above. Clean up any stragglers.

    When the coast is clear, Lugo and Adams will come down into the pit with you. Collect some ammo and then head for the drawbridge in the distance. Take cover near it and the bridge will come down allowing you to cross (once it's safe). Kill the enemies on the other side and cross. When you get to the other side, grab the sticky grenades from the case. Move up and take cover behind the big rig truck. You'll find a long alley with enemies in it. At the end of it will be a raise turret. If you move up along this alley, be sure to watch to your right because there is a separate path about hallway up from which you can be flanked. Move up when it's safe to flank the gunner. Kill him and your squad will move up with you.

    Adams will work on the door, you need to hop on the turret to protect him. Lugo will help but you can also direct his attacks. To start out with, enemies will start coming out of the shipping container and up along its side. Clear the enemies as they approach and make sure to keep an eye on the ruined crane above. You'll get a couple of people running across the top there including RPGs. When everything is dead, Adams will finally open that door.

    Go through the doors and follow them to a giant hole in the ground. You'll find something rather nasty down here. Just make your way along this hallway. Eventually, you'll come to a row of sitting bodies with bags over their heads. Sitting on a table just before the sitting bodies will be the Interrogators Confession. Go past the bodies and up the stairs at the end of the hall. You'll come to a very dark round room. In the middle will be some stairs. Go up them and towards the light.

    • Achievement: The Horror

    When you regain control, stay in cover. Slide to the right and take out the enemies slightly to the right and across the gap. Kill as many as you can and then slide left. Start making your way around the balcony to the left. There will be a grenade case behind a counter a little ways forward. Don't bother trying to take cover behind the red chairs because you can't. Work your way around and you'll eventually reach a checkpoint. Just after the checkpoint, you will have to enter a side hall but you'll be charged by several men. Let them come to you and kill them. Now enter that hall.

    At the other end of the hall will be a doorway that leads to a large open museum room. There may be a few enemies still coming out of it so wait for them to come out and kill them. Move into this room. There will be some enemies in here but they shouldn't be too tough. As the room turns left, you'll see a turret in the distance behind a nearly intact dinosaur. Use a grenade to take him out from a distance. Be careful when moving up because there may be quite a few enemies just around the corner to the right. These men may also be packing grenades which could force you into the open if you're too far forward. Kill them from the maximum distance and then move into the next hall.

    This next part is a little tough. You'll have to run across the hallway while being shot at by a chopper. I can't say I'm entirely sure why I survived this but I've narrowed it down to one of two things. Either you need to tweak your path slightly left and right as you run or you need to turn slightly to the left as you make it to the end of the hallway before turning right to get further into the building. Vaulting over objects will not help and running as straight as possible will also likely get you killed. I'm fairly certain that weaving is the best way to get across though.

    Chapter 7: The Battle

    Move through this building until you come to a lobby of some kind. Watch the man from above come into the room. He'll be dead. You should probably take his weapon if you can. There's a window here that you need to shoot at to exit the room. It will be marked for you. Leave the building and you'll be outside.

    After you watch the chopper come in and you decide to go down and save Gould, go right and use the lines to rappel down to the lower level. You'll have to make your way through some seriously graffitied alleys. You'll eventually come out to a highway that looks a lot more like a parking lot. Drop down into it and take cover. If you look forward, you should see some enemies near a burning APC and a man standing on a broken bridge to the right.

    Prepare to take them down, starting with the man already on the APC. There's a case of sticky grenades on your side of the orange jeep. Using these might thin the enemy quite a bit and there's enough enemies that you might be able to pick up three of them for an achievement. Once the enemy on the APC is down, it's more important to watch the bridge for enemies before the enemies on the ground. Keep that clear and move forward when you can. Remember that you just picked a pretty good Marksman Rifle.

    Slowly move up to the APC and you'll find enemies coming in from the distance. They'll be dropping in over the walls in the distance. From the APC, try to clear as much as you can leading up to the orange shipping crate on the left side. Take cover behind it and slide far to the left. When you reach the highest point, you can look over it and see the turret. He will pay no attention to you so just take him out. You should also be able to kill a few other enemies in the area before you need to head down to see.

    Move down the shipping crate and go around the corner. Clear any remaining enemies and get over to the bus ahead. Go around the front of the bus and move up using the crates on the right side. Don't go past these crates because there are more enemies way ahead. When you clear out the area directly ahead of you, you'll be safe. At that point, move up and make sure you check for ammo before continuing on. You'll have to go through some more alleys until you come out to a large plaza.

    The plaza will start burning and you need to avoid walking on the burning people. As you walk across to the other side, three enemies will appear. Two of them will be regular enemies but a heavy enemy will appear too. You can just keep shooting him or use grenades. Usually two grenades will work. If you are going to shoot him, go for the head to conserve bullets. It's possible to destroy his mask and get under it but it will still take a lot of ammo.

    Kill him and move ahead. You'll come to another of those choices. You can choose whichever you like. If you let Lugo save Gould, you will have to retread the same space but you will have to fight though. There shouldn't be too many enemies. If you don't, you'll sneak through and just do as Adams instructs you to do. The former option will get you the

    • Achievement: A Man of Action

    While the latter option will get you the

    • Achievement: A Man of Patience

    Chapter 8: The Gate

    After, you'll go through a large door and into a rather nice building. Move through this building and you'll find "the Gate". After the cutscene, you'll take control of a mortar. Use the screen to aim. Move the screen with either analog stick, zoom with the left trigger and shoot with the right. You always want to go for targets with the red box around them. These targets are a primary threat to you. Feel free to destoy any other enemies or vehicles in between these targets though. Soon, you'll be done with this and have to move out.

    Rappel down the lines to your left and then move through the area you just destroyed. You won't actually need to shoot anything until after Walker gets all pissed off.

    You'll come out of the far side of an alley and it will open to this big sand hill. You'll have to fight your way UP the hill and Adams will be sure to point this out. This isn't an easy battle. You'll want to move up but don't go past the jeep on the right side. Instead, just left of the jeep will be an unmarked column (not the one with the 33rd logo on it). Stay here and thin the enemy a little bit. You will move up to the column with the 33rd logo on it but you need to make sure the flanks are safe first. Move up when you can.

    From this position, you should be able to clear almost the entire area. Make sure it's safe before you make your way up to the entrance of the building. Approach the top and a group of men will be standing in the open in front of you. Kill them and make your way in. I found a couple of enemies coming up the stairs to the right when I entered but I'm not sure that happens every time. Kill them but stay on the top floor.

    From here, try to kill a few enemies, particularly at the base of the stairs. Get to the bottom of the stairs and immediately take cover. You want to stay here for the rest of the barrel. Be sure to watch the large flight of stairs ahead and to the right. Not many enemies come down this way but you don't want to be caught by surprise either. Clear the room of enemies and then climb up those stairs.

    Chapter 9: The Road

    Use the ropes to rappel down the building and into a lobby. Walk outside and you'll come to another of those choices. You'll have to shoot one or the other of the two men. There's no way around this. If you try to just walk away, you'll die. If you kill the soldier, you'll get

    • Achievement: Damned If You Do

    and if you kill the civilian, you'll get

    • Achievement: Damned If You Don't

    After you choose, run forward over the dune. When you get to the other side, sprint straight down the dune and take cover on the left side. You'll be attacked by quite a few enemies straight up the middle but there will also be enemies up on the train tracks and on the large dune to the right. Use Lugo to take out these particular targets while you clear the others. Just keep fighting from this position until the sand storm comes.

    When the sand storm hits, you won't be able to give commands and you'll have a hard time throwing grenades. Keep your eyes open. Move up the middle and you'll see an APC on the right side. Just past the APC will be a couple of enemies in the middle of the path. Kill them and then go past the APC. Turn back to face the tail end of the APC to find a single enemy. Kill him and continue through the sand storm. A little further ahead, you'll run into a similar group. Kill them too and the path will turn right. Run up and take cover in the bus.

    Just on the other side of the bus will be two enemies, one of which will be trying to light a flare. Kill them both but only move up a little ways as two more enemies will approach by vaulting over the cover on the right. Kill them and then go straight ahead. You'll take shelter inside of a rather large pipe.

    Chapter 10: Riggs

    Just follow your men through the small camp you find yourself in. When you get inside the second tent, you'll find a table with another Radioman Tape. Grab that and then head through the door of the tent to the left.

    Follow the next waypoint. You'll come out above a battle. You are trying to protect the men in the building across the street by killing the enemies in the street. You'll get some that will come into the street from the side of the other building in the distance. If you slide for to the right near where your squad is taking cover, you should find an RPG-7. Feel free to use this. Kill as many enemies as you possibly can. Just stay here and keep plugging until you're told to move forward or you start running low on ammo and need to find more.

    After the streets have been cleared, head for the front of the building and you'll be invited inside. Go in and meet Agent Jeff Riggs. You'll get flash banged and end up on the floor. Riggs will use you as bait and kill two of the attackers. When you stand up, check the table just to your right for Konrad's Psych Profile. Go through the broken glass doors ahead.

    A few enemies will come at you on this floor through the doors at the back but make sure you watch for the enemy on the balcony above those doors as well. Kill them and then head forward and to the left. Take cover by the gate and clear some of the next room, particularly the small room just to the right. When you can, vault into the room and take cover behind one of the chairs.

    Enemies will start pouring in through the doorway on the far side. They shouldn't prove to be too difficult but watch for the two enemy soldiers on the roof just over that doorway (this is a second set of snipers). Keep killing the regular soldiers and a heavy will come through. Lob grenades and keep shooting to take him down. When he's dead, kill any left overs and head up the stairs that they came down.

    You'll find Riggs in the next room. He'll open a gate to the kitchen. Grab the ammo crate on the right side of the kitchen. Go through the kitchen and up the stairs to the next level. There will be a few enemies on this level but nothing major. Work through this floor slowly until you come to another set of stairs. You'll be in a room that overlooks the Aquatic Coliseum. You'll try to leave but the door will be jammed. Take cover here as enemies will come up behind you.

    Stay here and it shouldn't be a problem. You'll get a bunch of normal enemies that will just walk straight at you. After you've cleared the room once, you'll meet a new special unit with heavy armor and P90's. They will fire fast and take quite a bit of damage. Keep pounding on these guys and they'll go down. While guns might not do much to them, they will get knocked over and be temporarily stunned by melee attacks. This will allow you to kill them with ease. After they are dead, more regular enemies will storm the building. Keep fighting them until eventually Riggs will open the door.

    Follow Riggs down the stairs into the lower levels of the building. This will bring you to a parking garage. Immediately turn left and take cover behind a car. Let a few enemies approach you and take them out. Then move up from the green car to the yellow car just ahead. If it is safe, keep moving up to the white car. Peek around the right side of the car and clear out the enemies there. Move forward and take cover behind the barrier. You'll likely find some enemies in this area as well as a turret in the distance. Kill the regular enemies and then just have your squad attack the turret with you. Eventually, a few shots will get through and kill him.

    Approach the turret and the jeep. Back the back left tire of the jeep will be a grenade crate. From the jeep, turn right and you'll find Riggs. From this path, you can get outside and into the Coliseum.

    Go inside and quietly take down the first enemy you come across. Grab his sniper rifle and quickly take cover behind the railing before you get sniped from across the room. Post up here and take out the two snipers in the distance. When it's safe, just start sniping everything in sight. Shoot into the lower levels. Shoot into the seating area to your right. Whenever you reach a point where people aren't shooting at you, follow this level around to the right side. When you round the corner to the left, you'll find more snipers on the same catwalk but on a different side. Take these two out and then once again try to clear the lower levels.

    When it's safe, go down the stairs at the waypoint. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, peek around the corner into the next room. There will be a few enemies in this room though most will be at a distance. Kill them and watch for the Edge Weapon Specialist coming up the left side of the room. Kill him and any others. Go past them and you'll come to another sort of balcony area. You won't be able to see perfectly but you should be able to see below you pretty well. Kill any enemies you can find including the ones slightly to your left.

    Before going down the stairs, check just to your left for some vending machines and an ammo crate. Now go down the stairs. If you've killed everyone, you can just run along this level until the end and go down a floor. Just before you do, grab the grenades at the top of the stairs. Go down the stairs and then work your way down another hall. At the end will be a crate that explodes. Light that to take out a couple of enemies. Watch out for another Edge Specialist.

    Go past the dead bodies and turn right. Go down the next flight of stairs and take cover. You'll be looking along two different paths. On the left will be a bunch of crates and sand while the right will be part of the floor you are on now. Clear both before you move up. Stick to the sand until you get to the front of the truck. Take cover at the front of the truck but be careful because sometimes an enemy will just decide to come around the corner. Kill any such enemy and then kill the enemies in the distance. Watch out for the turret on the jeep as well. When everything is dead, the chapter will end.

    Chapter 10B: Stealing Water

    This part is on rails and requires you to shoot grenades at enemies to stay safe. You'll get some simple enemies running along the sand to the right for target practice. After the convoy rounds the corner, you'll find some enemies repelling down. Kill them.

    Soon, the convoy will stop in front of a large building. It won't be easy to handle immediately but after a try or two, you'll likely have it. First shoot the wall behind the lower right floor. This will kill the enemy there. Now aim up and hit the turret on the second floor. Now just watch for the enemies as they appear over the building. Try to use just one shot each and aim a little high. Doing so will generally set off extra explosions killing the enemy in the process. The convoy will continue on.

    You'll come to a right hand turn. You'll see a chopper but ignore it for now. Kill the couple of enemies at the corner and then you'll go up the street a little. A jeep will appear. Destroy the jeep and then turn to the chopper. Take that out quickly because another jeep is going to appear on your right and then cross over to the left. At this point, you lose control.

    Chapter 11: Alone

    Move forward past the destroyed trucks until you find Riggs. You'll find a gun and it will have one bullet. At this point, you'll have to decide if you want to give Riggs a merciful death or not. If you shoot him, you will get

    • Achievement: Friendly Fire

    and if you don't shoot him, you'll get

    • Achievement: Unfriendly Fire

    After you've made your choice, move past him and follow the path. Follow path until you drop down. You'll see a chopper drop off some troops. Follow the troops into the mall. Go up the stairs in the mall and you'll come up behind an enemy soldier. Go up behind him and vault into the soldier. This will kill him. Grab the Sniper Rifle against the wall and then shoot the man who is holding Lugo.

    Start shooting the enemies across the way from you. There will be two snipers across the mall and up a level so watch for them. Once you've killed a couple of guys, make sure you watch to your left because you will be flanked by a few soldiers. Take cover behind the barrier with the razor wire. Kill the enemies on the other side of the barrier. You can't vault it so you'll just have to kill them all from here. After the five or so guys are dead, a rush of sand will sweep in and create a bridge over the razor wire directly in front of you.

    Cross the sand and take cover behind a railing. From here, shoot across the mall to support Lugo and Adams. Move further along this level and you'll find a zipline. Don't go across it yet. There's an ammo crate and a shotgun here. Use the sniper to shoot up to the roof and across the gap to the lower level. Once you are done with that, bring what you can for close range weapons. Use the zip line and immediately take cover. Numerous enemies will appear on this level. Kill them from your cover and take close range weapons. Go to the far end of the level and post up at the doorway.

    Before going in, read ahead. Once you enter the next room with the mannequins, a strobe light will start flickering. When this happens, try not to focus on the location of your enemies bodies but on the location of their muzzle flashes. Shoot for those instead. Once you kill the couple of enemies in here, a Heavy will appear. Start shooting him. Every time you hit him a few times, he'll break apart and appear in a different spot. Trippy. The strobe light will start blinking more quickly as you do more damage until you finally kill him.

    Make sure you pick up the ammo crate on the right side of the room. Go up to the door at the end of the room. There's an enemy or two on the other side. Kill them and then grab the grenades from the crate. Move around this level and take the zip line. When you land continue forward into a room with a low ceiling. There will be a couple of enemies in this room. Shoot the glass behind them to hit most of them with sand. Make sure you take out the guy on the right side because the sand usually doesn't reach him.

    At the back of the room are stairs but go up them slow because there's a T intersection at the top of the stairs and if you aren't careful, you'll die quickly. It's far more important that you watch the left side first. Kill enemies coming from that way and then kill the man on the turret to the right. Now take the turret.

    The next section will see you covering Lugo and Adams with the turret as they try to escape. Just listen closely to what their saying and you should have no problem here. Later, you'll be attacked by enemies on the top floor but you can just shoot out the barriers up there to reveal them and then kill them. When you've finally gotten them to the end, they will zip line over to you. You might want to get off the gun for this part so you don't get kicked in the face...

    Chapter 12: The Rooftops

    You'll approach a pool that's been blown to pieces. Go into the pool and drop through the hole in the ground. Go to the end of this ledge and drop off. You'll be near a doorway. Put your suppressor on and then go inside. Turn left and have your squad take out the guy on the ledge. Watch the rooms. More enemies will come at you from that direction. Take out those few and then move through that room with the windows.

    At the far side of the room, move into the hallway and you'll come into a set of long rooms. Move slowly up these hallways and when you can, move left. You want to get as far left as possible and move forward again. This will allow you to flank the enemy in the final room. Get the drop on them and kill them all.

    Against the wall by the basketball hoop will be another Scout Tactical. Grab it and snipe the enemies across on the next building. When they are dead, hop on the zip line to get across. When you land, be prepared to shoot or you'll die. Don't wait.

    Just to the right of the stairs will be a pile of speakers and another Radioman Tape. Go up the stairs. You'll have a chat with the Radioman as you make your way through the apartments of this building. You'll get outside and then turn left. Follow this walkway and grab the sniper rifle. Take out one of the enemies on the far building.

    You'll have to make sure you shoot the people with RPGs first as they can destroy your cover and kill you in one shot. If your cover wears away a little, move to the next cover to the left and keep shooting. RPGs are always a priority. When you've killed them all, go up the stairs to the small platform and take the zip line there to get across. Make your way through the Radioman's house. At the top, you will find the Radioman himself.

    When you have control again, go down the stairs. You'll only really face the special enemies at this point. After the first stairs down, you'll find a few of these enemies. Kill them and if your secondary weapon isn't suitable for mid-range combat, grab one of their P90's. Go around the corner until you come to closed double doors. Stop short and take cover. The enemy will blow the door open. Shoot through the door and try to take out a few. Through the door, you might be able to see a couple of enemies on the left side. Try to take them out before going down the stairs. You want to ensure that the roof is safe enough in front of you that you can come out and immediately turn left. Frequently, there is an enemy just to the left of the door.

    Go through the door, check left and then take cover. Shoot up the stairs on the left side. When it's safe to do so, climb those stairs and take cover. Take out the enemies directly ahead of you. The next set of cover will actually have an enemy hiding directly to your right so when you move forward, make sure that you turn right. Kill him and move up a little more. There will be an Edge Expert somewhere but I'm not sure where. When Lugo says you've got a clear line to the chopper, haul it to the chopper.

    When you have control of the chopper gun, shoot the various enemies on the ground and blow away the barriers on the left side of the roof. Keep shooting until Lugo gets to you but try not to shoot him. When he gets close, some enemies will chase directly behind him so be careful.

    When you get in the air, you'll have to take down the tower. First, shoot the enemies on the helipad, then the few enemies by the two small pools to the left. Walker will direct Adams to go around by the pool. When he does, kill any easy targets and then blow up the speakers below.

    Adams will take the chopper around the glass tower and then up the back side. When you are level with the roof, shoot the turret staring you in the face. The chopper will go over the tent and you'll be able to shoot it from the other side. Take out the turret here as well. Make sure to shoot any foot soldiers here.

    Keep an eye on the tower. The satellite dish will fall and crush some of the glass, allowing you to shoot inside. When that happens, start shooting through the hole because there will be a LOT of soldiers in there. When it's clear, move up a floor until you've cleared all the enemies. At that point, Walker will mention getting a good shot on the generator. Shoot the giant generator on the middle floor to destroy the tower.

    After the tower falls, you'll find yourself in a familiar fight and Walker will say as much. This is the opening scene of the game with the chopper chase. This is slightly tougher though with the addition of rockets. Lugo will point them out for you and just make sure you hit them. Keep up with that while doing what you did the first time and you'll be done with this in no time.