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    Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Chapter 13: Adams

    When you gain control, move towards the boat a little further ahead. Move past the boat and drop down. You'll need to move up towards the crashed chopper site. Watch out for flanking enemies on the right as you move up. Remember that the Desert Eagle is a very powerful and accurate weapon. Chest shots will kill most enemies. There are two important things to think of here. At some point, Adams will go down and you'll have to save him before he bleeds out. Also, at some point, you will need to find more ammo because you've only got 20 shots. There's plenty of ammo around, just make sure you grab some.

    Once you've saved Adams, you'll have to move past the chopper to the plane. After you kill a wave of enemies, a heavy will appear and more enemies will come in with him. Stay near the chopper and there will be two pieces of cover that curve. Behind these two pieces of cover will be crates of grenades. Grab them and use them on the heavy.

    Go up to the plane and enter. Go through, come out, and then turn right. Go over the hill and you'll come to a large yacht in the middle of a sand sea. Take cover behind the first thing you can. It should have some sticky grenades in front of it. Grab those and then start working on the crowd. There's enough cover to keep yourself safe here if you move around a little. Watch your left flank in particular because it's possible for them to get right up on you. Before you move anywhere, make sure the right flank is clear.

    Your first order of duty, however, should be the sniper. Put an attack command on him so that you always know where he is and then wait for him to pop up so you can kill him. With him down, it'll be a lot easier to kill enemies. Watch any forward soldiers and kill them, then focus your sights way down on the left side. Enemies will start coming in heavy on that side.

    Work your way up the left side but keep your eyes on the hatch of the boat on this side. Two enemies will come out as you approach and they should have shotguns. Take them out quickly and watch for a third one inside the boat. There's also a fourth enemy above you on the deck of the boat. This enemy is different than the sniper and should still be alive. He may try to shoot down at you. Get into the boat, kill the third enemy and then get up to the deck to kill the fourth.

    Drop off the deck and move forward. After you pass a little bit of cover, you'll be attacked again. The enemies will mostly come from the path ahead and to the left or from the hole in the boat to the right. Kill the two to the right first and then you can focus on the enemies running around in front of you. Kill them all and then head up and over the dune to the left.

    After you go over the dune, take cover. On the yacht in front of you will be another sniper and enemies will attack from the front right. Set Adams to take out the Sniper or use a grenade to get him. Once he's dead, deal with the stragglers on the right. Kill them and move in that direction. Take cover just before the sand heads downward.

    There's only a few people down there. One is actually about your level on the back of a boat in front of you. Kill him and then watch for the three or so enemies below. They'll likely be in the open (and you've got elevation) so just blast them and head down. Lugo will find somewhere to hide. Move forward and in between some of the boats.

    After a chat with Adams, you'll be outside with little cover. Dash for the yacht in the distance and take cover. It's better to be on the upper deck than the lower but it might not be possible. Definitely watch for an Edge Master. Once you find cover, take out the enemies from the APC.

    If you're on top of the boat, don't take the ammo yet. After you clear this first wave of enemies, a sandstorm will hit and you might want to save the ammo for later (unless you're low). When the sand storm hits, be on the top deck and post up next to the stairs. Just shoot the enemies as they appear and you shouldn't have a problem. The storm will eventually clear and you can clean up anybody who didn't just run straight up the stairs at you. Grab any ammo and grenades you need and then cross the rest of the way to the other side.

    After you chase down Lugo, you will have to get past the civilians. If you don't want to kill them, you can just melee them to get them to disperse. Once they are dispersed, move through the village and get to the far side where Adams will point out your exit. If you shoot the civilians, you will get the

    • Achievement: A Line, Crossed

    but if you just melee them, you will get

    • Achievement: A Line, Held

    Chapter 14: the Bridge

    From where you start, run across the field and into the tunnel. Grab the ammo and grenades on the ground before taking cover. There will be a few enemies at the mouth of the tunnel. Take out the one or two on the right and then start coming out of the tunnel while looking left.

    There will be at least one enemy on the building in front of you and one sitting above the flood lights. Kill both of them and then kill the enemies that stream around the right side of the building. You can kill pretty much everything from the spot you start at. When the area is clear, you'll see a turret on the right side towards the back. Move up the left side and grab the grenades under the building. Throw a couple towards the turret and then come out.

    You'll find a decent sized group here and you can probably still make good use of grenades here. Just make sure you prevent enemies from getting to the turret. Clear everyone out and then stick to the left.

    Go inside the building but go in shooting because there's a few soldiers in there. Kill them all and then go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, take right and you'll see a Code of Conduct on the wall. Adams will blow open the door. Follow him through.

    Before anything else, note that this part is particularly difficult, even on the easiest setting. Don't be discouraged if you have trouble. It requires a little bit of luck. After you have the crazy flash outside, take cover. Grab the RPG and use it on the mortar. Move and turn left behind the sand bags. You'll have enemies on this side. Kill the rather large group and then move up to the back of the jeep ahead and left. From here, move up to the next sandbags on the left. Throw a grenade in the turret nest and shoot a rocket into the nest on the right side of the road. Adams will insist that you cross the street to the right now. As soon as he starts going, go with him and take cover behind the jeep. Throw grenades towards the turret on the right to clear out enemies and kill any enemies nearby.

    Make your way into the turret nest and use the one that points out the back. Clear the enemies behind the nest and then come out yourself. When you do, look up in front of you to see a soldier looking down. Kill him and then take cover directly to your left. A few enemy soldiers will come through the barricade near you so kill them quickly and head through where they came from.

    In the next area, you'll have a heavy appear in strange clothes. Shoot the impersonator and then go through the doors he came from. Immediately look right and kill the few guys here. When you move forward, watch for the ramp on the right side leading up. Kill enemies at the top and move up. Follow this simple path until you get outside. When you get out there, take cover at the corner. There will be a turret nest in front of you and enemies just to the left of it. Throw a grenade into the nest and then clean up the enemies outside the nest to end the chapter.

    Chapter 15: Welcome

    When you gain control, walk into the house and move through it. You'll go up an elevator to find Konrad. When you get to his apartment, you'll pass some glass stairs on the right. Go up these stairs to find Konrad's Letter. Go down the stairs and then up the other set of stairs just ahead and left. At the top, walk towards the giant painting. This is the end of the game and requires one last choice. Check below for your options.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    You will be presented with the choice of shooting Konrad, Shooting yourself, or doing nothing. The last two options return the same outcome and are less than optimal. The first option is the "best" for your character. If you choose the first option, you'll get an epilogue where you are presented with another choice. In this case, you can choose either option. However, listening to the man may be better for your health.


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